Exception EMS' On-Demand Fast Turnaround Service Sees Major Growth

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Exception EMS has seen an increase in its On-Demand service of 50% during the last 12 months. With new customers across a variety of sectors, the business has invested in a third SMT line to support the growth within its dedicated On-Demand manufacturing facility.

Garry Myatt, Sales Director at Exception EMS, said, “Businesses continue to face huge time challenges when bringing new designs to market, coupled with technical innovation and ever increasing component miniaturisation. To support this we’ve invested heavily in a team of skilled personnel who both understand the difficulties of the process but also the technical aspects of bringing a new product to market.  Our investment in key manufacturing processes is crucial to our success and growing order book in this area.”

With continued requests to quote within 3 days, and increasingly meeting challenges of delivering within 48 hours of materials release, Exception EMS has added several new clients to its roster in the last year including a UK telecoms giant.

About the Exception EMS

The company is headquartered in Calne in the UK. It has been on a continuous path of investment to satisfy the needs of the worldwide electronics industry.  The CEM business, both in the UK and via its international partners has an electronics manufacturing heritage stretching back over 60 years. Exception serves customers across a variety of sectors including aerospace and defence, transport, oil and gas, automotive, communication architecture, medical, marine, semiconductor, and renewable energy.



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