AKUA Selects PTI as Contract Manufacturing Partner

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AKUA LLC and Practical Technologies Inc. (PTI) have entered into a contract manufacturing agreement to manufacture electronic conveyance devices and sensors at PTI's Baltimore facilities.

AKUA takes best-of-breed IoT devices from leading vendors through a rigorous security evaluation, and identifies and mitigates risks to the supply chain. The company then applies any additional security-related processes and firmware control found necessary to secure the device within the IoT environment. Final product integration and testing are done at PTI, which ensures customers receive products built with the highest level of quality control, and at a cost-competitive price.

"PTI's strong process control and turnkey manufacturing experience make them the perfect partner to produce IoT devices for customers who require the highest levels of assurance in their supply chains," said AKUA CEO Neil Furukawa. "And with ourMaryland roots, we think PTI's ability to bring high-tech manufacturing jobs back to the Baltimore area is a real plus."

"PTI is pleased to be working with AKUA on their secured logistics devices. We think their security features offer unparalleled leading-edge technology with vast supply chain applications. We're excited to be their partner in serving AKUA's global customer base," said PTI President, Dilip Dalvi. "With current worldwide initiatives seeking to take advantage of IoT technologies to solve logistics and customer quality challenges, data protection is an essential part of the total solution."

AKUA's security-controlled firmware and added software capabilities meet the needs of customers who require the highest levels of security assurance. AKUA's strong cyber security expertise and PTI's thirty years' experience manufacturing ISO-registered, high-reliability and mission-critical electronics create the ideal partnership to deliver trusted devices to supply chain markets.

About Practical Technologies Inc. (PTI)

PTI is a full-service electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company located in Baltimore, MD, with over 25 years of experience building products for communications, medical and various other industries, as well as the military.



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