Salcomp Expands Manufacturing Capacity in India

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Salcomp has decided to set up its second Indian factory in the Noida City, close to Delhi. There are three main drivers for expanding manufacturing capacity in India. First, India has become one of the world’s fastest growing smartphone markets. Second, it is important to be close to customers, and following the introduction of import duties on mobile phones and tablets in 2015, many of Salcomp’s existing and potential new customers set up manufacturing operations in Northern India. Third, setting up a new domestic tariff area unit optimizes import duties now that new regulation is effective also for mobile phone components such as chargers, battery packs and headsets.

 “I am pleased to announce that the lease agreement has now been signed for a new factory in Noida. The target is to ramp up the production during coming three months. When the new Noida factory is fully operational, it can produce up to 100 million chargers per annum,” said Markku Hangasjärvi, president and CEO of Salcomp.

Salcomp’s first Indian factory in Chennai will focus on manufacturing chargers for exports as well as charger related components for the Noida plant and Salcomp's plants in China and Brazil. The new Noida plant will focus on manufacturing chargers and other products for the India domestic market. With expanded footprint in India, Salcomp is well-positioned to expand its business scope also to other mobile phone peripherals such as battery packs, headsets and data cables. 

To better service to India based mobile phone manufacturers, Salcomp is also launching four new charger platforms: Yash (5V/1A), Crater (5V/1A), Shakti (5V/2A) and Sher (5V/9V/2A fast charger).  



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