HANZA and Free2move Forms Partnership on IoT Device Manufacture

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HANZA Holding AB has signed a cooperation agreement with Free2move regarding industrialization and manufacturing of the company's current and future products.

"It is both exciting and strategically important for HANZA to participate in shaping the future of applications in the IoT," says Thomas Lindström, SVP, Head of Business Solutions. "HANZA is now moving into a new future customer segment and will also also evaluate the technology for use in our own modern and cost effective manufacturing solutions."

Free2move operates in the fast-growing area Internet of Things (IoT), which is a collective term for the development so that "things" (such as machinery, vehicles, household appliances, clothes and people) are connected by means of sensors and processors. Free2move offers products and services in the Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) by intelligent sensor networks that wirelessly collect, analyze, monitor and control different devices. The solutions enable companies to operate more efficiently and reduce costs while you are in control and can secure their assets.

"In a fast-growing, new area of technology, it is crucial to focus on the product and the business," says Anders Due-Boje, CEO Free2move. "Therefore HANZA is an important partner, who manages industrialization, efficiency and production. HANZA also has its factory near our development center, which provides a higher quality control in the rollout of our new system platform 2Connect."

HANZA will also evaluate different IoT solutions as part of the service offering MIG. Production of IoT products will begin before the summer and is expected to reach mass production in autumn, 2016. 


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