Innovative Microscopes Announces New Stereo Microscope Line

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Innovative Microscopes is introducing a new line of stereo microscope for outstanding high-performance, reliability and sturdiness while being economical. Innovative microscopes are ideal for all electronic production lines. Every aspect of use has been taken into account during the design process providing an effortless user experience across the electronics industry.

With four models to choose from, each microscope is equipped with high-performing quality optics. A sturdy articulating arm, adjustable brightness ring light and focus mounts. Depending on which model you choose, each eyepiece has an inclination between 35° to 45° for comfortable observation. All microscopes come with a 0.5 objective lens to increase working distance.

Chris Nguyen, president of Integrated Manufacturing Solutions, a contract manufacturer of circuit boards located in Vista, California, explains, "I've spent years working with various microscope companies and explaining my ideas to come up with an ergonomic and sturdy frame for better reliability on the production floor. After years of waiting for a new design to hit the market, I decided to construct a microscope incorporating my ideas to enhance productivity. Chris goes on to say that most microscopes on the market today have too much movement and is unreliable in catching potential problems during inspection of the printed circuit boards."

All the while Nguyen insisted that these scopes needed to be cost effective. "Most start-ups can't afford to purchase more than 1 scope at a time. I wanted to design a product that was reliable; cost effective while maintaining high-quality optics."

About Innovative Microscopes

A north San Diego County based company, Innovative Microscopes provides high quality and economical stereo microscope solutions. We design, manufacture and distribute our microscopes and accessories. Our products include a range of stereo microscopes. A new digital microscope is schedule to be released in September 2016.

With over 28 years combined experience in the electronic manufacturing industry, its founders are former VP of operations, Director of NPI, material manager and Production manager. Integrity, reliability, quality, and superior customer service is their main focus. Learn more about Innovative Microscopes at the company's, click here.



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