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Acquisition Increases Thermo's European Presence

(January 30, 2007) WALTHAM, Mass. — Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. acquired SwissAnalytic Group of Basel, Switzerland. The Swiss company owns Spectronex AG and Flux Instruments AG, with combined revenue in fiscal year 2006 totaling about $22 million.

SMTAI Requests Abstracts

(January 30, 2007) ORLANDO, Fla. — The SMTA International Technical Committee is considering abstracts for conference papers at SMTAI 2007, October 7 – 11 in Orlando. Short course descriptions are also welcomed. Deadline for submission is February 16, 2007, with accepted manuscripts due July 23, 2007.

Acquisition Increases Thermo's European Presence

(January 30, 2007) WALTHAM, Mass. — Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. acquired SwissAnalytic Group of Basel, Switzerland. The Swiss company owns Spectronex AG and Flux Instruments AG, with combined revenue in fiscal year 2006 totaling about $22 million.

SMTAI Requests Abstracts

(January 30, 2007) ORLANDO, Fla. — The SMTA International Technical Committee is considering abstracts for conference papers at SMTAI 2007, October 7 – 11 in Orlando. Short course descriptions are also welcomed. Deadline for submission is February 16, 2007, with accepted manuscripts due July 23, 2007.

An Interview with Circuit Service Inc. CEO Jim Herring

This exclusive video interview discusses CSI's push into China--and how it is helping grow the company's U.S. operation.

A.C.E. Moves into Larger Space

(January 29, 2007) SPOKANE, Wash. — A.C.E. Production Technologies expanded into a new 18,000 sq.ft. office and manufacturing facility, near to its original building in Spokane. The facility previously housed a circuit-board contract manufacturer, and is equipped with electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection.

Design-for-test Lab Validates JTAG Capabilities

(January 29, 2007) RICHARDSON, Texas — ASSET InterTech, Inc., opened its first design-for-test (DFT) laboratory in Silicon Valley to validate the JTAG infrastructure on chip and PCB designs.

A.C.E. Moves into Larger Space

(January 29, 2007) SPOKANE, Wash. — A.C.E. Production Technologies expanded into a new 18,000 sq.ft. office and manufacturing facility, near to its original building in Spokane. The facility previously housed a circuit-board contract manufacturer, and is equipped with electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection.

Design-for-test Lab Validates JTAG Capabilities

(January 29, 2007) RICHARDSON, Texas — ASSET InterTech, Inc., opened its first design-for-test (DFT) laboratory in Silicon Valley to validate the JTAG infrastructure on chip and PCB designs.

Europlacer Brings iineo to U.K. Customer

(January 28, 2007) POOLE, U.K. — AMS Neve Ltd., a professional audio company, installed the iineo pick-and-place machine from Europlacer at its U.K. facility, marking the system's first U.K. installation. AMS Neve will use the placement system to keep pace with growth.

Webcast Probes Accessibility Possibilities

By Meredith Courtemanche, assistant editor - - (January 26, 2007) PALO ALTO, Calif. — Kenneth Parker of Agilent Technologies presented a Webcast on in-circuit testing (ICT) technology, explaining the limitations of traditional test pads, and examined many facets of bead probes — shape, resiliency, implementation possibilities, and the reported benefits to PCB designers dealing with close traces and densely populated formats.

Burton Attains Certifications

(January 26, 2007) DURHAM, N.H. — After conducting an operations and process audit, ITM Consulting certified Burton Industries' Ironwood, Mich., facility with ITM Process Certification and Lead-free Capability Certification.

Collaboration Yields High-mix Systems

(January 26, 2007) FRANKLIN, Mass. — PKC Electronics Oy chose the Electrovert OmniFlex 10 reflow oven, MPM Accela printer, and Electrovert VectraElite wave-soldering system from Speedline Technologies to outfit its new production lines in Finland and Russia. The companies also collaborated to develop a center board support (CBS) system to suit PKC's production flow.

Webcast Probes Accessibility Possibilities

By Meredith Courtemanche, assistant editor - - (January 26, 2007) PALO ALTO, Calif. — Kenneth Parker of Agilent Technologies presented a Webcast on in-circuit testing (ICT) technology, explaining the limitations of traditional test pads, and examined many facets of bead probes — shape, resiliency, implementation possibilities, and the reported benefits to PCB designers dealing with close traces and densely populated formats.

Burton Attains Certifications

(January 26, 2007) DURHAM, N.H. — After conducting an operations and process audit, ITM Consulting certified Burton Industries' Ironwood, Mich., facility with ITM Process Certification and Lead-free Capability Certification.

Collaboration Yields High-mix Systems

(January 26, 2007) FRANKLIN, Mass. — PKC Electronics Oy chose the Electrovert OmniFlex 10 reflow oven, MPM Accela printer, and Electrovert VectraElite wave-soldering system from Speedline Technologies to outfit its new production lines in Finland and Russia. The companies also collaborated to develop a center board support (CBS) system to suit PKC's production flow.

Silver-filled Epoxy Performs Void-free Die Attach

(January 25, 2007) THE WOODLANDS, Texas — Huntsman Advanced Materials introduced ARALDITE 7047, a one-component, silver-filled epoxy adhesive for void-free circuitry and chip-to-board bonding. The epoxy reportedly demonstrates high electrical and thermal conductivity and good bond strength.

Year-end Book-to-Bill Holds Below Parity

(January 25, 2007) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — The December 2006 combined North American rigid and flex circuit book-to-bill held steady at 0.92; the flex circuits ratio saw an increase from 0.86 in November to 0.90 in December. The book-to-bill for rigid circuits remained 0.92.

Valor Names European President

(January 25, 2007) YAVNE, Israel — Valor Computerized Systems, Ltd., appointed Stephan Häfele to president of European operations, in charge of implementing a growth strategy and penetrating new markets.

Foxconn Takes 'Best Internal Processes' by Outsourcing OEMs in VentureOutsource Survey announced today electronics original design manufacturer (ODM) and contract manufacturing services provider Foxconn rated highest for 'best internal processes' by OEM company managers and executives currently outsourcing electronics product design and manufacture.

Silver-filled Epoxy Performs Void-free Die Attach

(January 25, 2007) THE WOODLANDS, Texas — Huntsman Advanced Materials introduced ARALDITE 7047, a one-component, silver-filled epoxy adhesive for void-free circuitry and chip-to-board bonding. The epoxy reportedly demonstrates high electrical and thermal conductivity and good bond strength.

Year-end Book-to-Bill Holds Below Parity

(January 25, 2007) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — The December 2006 combined North American rigid and flex circuit book-to-bill held steady at 0.92; the flex circuits ratio saw an increase from 0.86 in November to 0.90 in December. The book-to-bill for rigid circuits remained 0.92.

Valor Names European President

(January 25, 2007) YAVNE, Israel — Valor Computerized Systems, Ltd., appointed Stephan Häfele to president of European operations, in charge of implementing a growth strategy and penetrating new markets.

Plexus Announces Q1 Revenue of $381 Million and EPS of $0.32

Initiates Q2 Revenue Guidance of $345 - $355 Million and Re-Sets Full Year Revenue Growth Target

Lloyd Doyle Opens Taiwan Demo Center

(January 24, 2007) TAO YUAN CITY, Taiwan — Lloyd Doyle Ltd. has opened a demo center for its IBIS solder-bump inspection system in Tao Yuan City.

Lloyd Doyle Opens Taiwan Demo Center

(January 24, 2007) TAO YUAN CITY, Taiwan — Lloyd Doyle Ltd. has opened a demo center for its IBIS solder-bump inspection system in Tao Yuan City.

Changing Dynamics of the Handset Industry Examined

(January 24, 2007) EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — The mobile phone end market is predicted to slow to single-digit growth in 2007; the changing dynamics of the industry may challenge OEMs to remain in-step with evolving brands, features, and content, according to iSuppli Corporation analysts.

Domestic Soldering Equipment Market Climbs

(January 24, 2007) DUBLIN, Ireland — "North American Reflow Soldering Equipment Markets" identifies several markers of a positive trend in solder equipment sales in North America for 2007. The report suggests that lead-free requirements under RoHS, China RoHS, and other international legislation; an increase in EMS business; and other factors are bringing the reflow market back from an economic stagnancy early in the decade.

NCR Awards Manufacturing Contract to Solectron

NCR Corporation has awarded a five-year contract to Solectron to manufacture the company's ATMs and payment solutions in the Americas and its self-checkout systems globally.

EMA Acquires Forte Division

(January 23, 2007) ROCHESTER, N.Y. — EMA Design Automation acquired the Chronology product division of Forte Design Systems (San Jose, Calif.). The acquisition includes the TimingDesigner product, an interactive timing-analysis tool for high-speed, multi-frequency, and other timing-critical designs. EMA also hired the key product development team from Chronology in the acquisition.

Filter Replaces Multilayers for RF/Microwave

(January 22, 2007) PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — International Manufacturing Services, Inc. (IMS), released the IMF-2345, a member of the IMF series of planar low-pass filters for lower C-band operation (4 – 6 GHz).

Omron Expands Distribution Agreement

(January 22, 2007) HOOFDDROP, The Netherlands — RS Components and Omron Electronic Components Business Europe, with corporate headquarters in Japan, signed a pan-European distribution agreement.

Park Electrochemical Repositions Execs

(January 22, 2007) MELVILLE, N.Y. — Park Electrochemical Corporation appointed Howard R. Elliott to VP of Asian business development and Louis J. Stans to VP of R&D, succeeding Elliot. The internal promotions are designed to capitalize on business opportunities.

Frost & Sullivan Notes Technology Leadership

(January 19, 2007) STRATHAM, N.H. — Frost & Sullivan presented Vitronics Soltec with the 2006 award for technology leadership in the wave soldering equipment market. The company's "5 Steps to Lead-free Implementation" demonstrates a commitment to adaptability and optimized equipment, said Deepa Mathew, research analyst.

EMS Partnership Centers on IC Design

(January 19, 2007) STOCKHOLM, Sweden — ORSoC and Flextronics Design (Singapore) signed a long-term partnership agreement to develop SoC designs, FPGAs, and ASICs.

Cobar Revamps Homepage

(January 18, 2007) BREDA, The Netherlands — Cobar BV launched a new Website,, with more language options, resources, and interactive media.

Bonder Assembles Opto-electronic Applications

(January 18, 2007) TEMPE, Ariz. — The OPTO-BONDER FEMTO, in the FINEPLACER product family from FINETECH, performs automated, sub-micron assembly for power laser bonding, flip chip, MEMS and MOEMS, sensors, chip-on-glass (COG), and die-attach assembly.

EDA Revenues Up

(January 18, 2007) SAN JOSE, Calif. — Electronic design automation (EDA) industry revenues reached $1,309 million, up about 16% from $1,122 a year ago, shows the EDA Consortium's market statistics service (MSS) report. Professionals in the EDA companies tracked by MSS rose 11% to 25,018 year-to-year. The statistics cover Q'03 2006 in comparison to Q'03 2005.

Industry Backs IPC Midwest Conference

(January 18, 2007) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — Several manufacturers and suppliers in the PCB and electronics-assembly industry have committed to exhibit at the IPC Midwest Conference and Exhibition, September 23 – 28, 2007, in Schaumburg, Ill.

Another Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Celestica

The law firm of Brower Piven, A Professional Corporation, today announced that a securities class action was commenced on behalf of shareholders who purchased or otherwise acquired the common stock of Celestica

YESTech Ships 500th System to Mexico

(January 17, 2007) SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — YESTech, Inc., sold its 500th inspection system to Panasonic Automotive Systems in Reynosa, Mexico. The facility makes audio systems for automotive applications.

01005 Inductors Suit Compact Mobile Apps.

(January 17, 2007) SMYRNA, Ga. — Murata Electronics North America introduced the LQP02TN-series 01005 chip inductors. The devices reportedly offer high-Q characteristics and stable inductance between 0.4 and 10 nH, with a tolerance of ± 0.3 nH/± 5%.

Indium Expands in Mexico

(January 17, 2007) CLINTON, N.Y. — Indium Corporation chose Multi Dicona as its Sonora, Mexico, distributor.

SMT Software Poised for Growth

(January 17, 2007) SAN ANTONIO — The report, "World SMT Software Market," from Frost & Sullivan finds the SMT software industry set to grow from $312.4 million in 2006 to $558.3 million by 2013. Integration and communication interests on SMT lines will help drive the market.

Digi-Key to Distribute Custom Power Solutions

(January 16, 2007) THIEF RIVER FALLS, Minn. and COUNTY CORK, Ireland — Digi-Key Corporation will distribute switch-mode power supplies from Excelsys Technologies, Ltd., under a global agreement.

Isola Completes Facility Upgrades

(January 16, 2007) CHANDLER, Ariz. Isola Group, S.A.R.L., renovated its Ridgeway, S.C., facility with upgraded clean room, build-up, and automation aspects.

Health Concerns Sideline Plexus Operating Chief

Plexus Chief Operating Officer Paul Ehlers will "assume a diminished role" at the company in the months ahead as he faces a serious medical condition

Cobar Appoints U.S. Reps

(January 15, 2007) LONDONDERRY, N.H. — Cobar Solder Products, U.S. subsidiary of the Cobar Group in Holland, appointed representatives for Wisconsin and New York/New Jersey regions.

Lloyd Doyle Signs Agency Agreement

(January 15, 2007) WALTON-ON-THAMES, Surrey, U.K. — Lloyd Doyle Ltd. signed an agency agreement, making Sigmatek Corporation its representative in Taiwan, claiming that 2007 will be a growth year for bumped-substrate manufacturing in the region.

Mentor Graphics Appoints CIO

(January 15, 2007) WILSONVILLE, Ore. — Mentor Graphics named Ananthan Thandri as chief information officer (CIO). He has a background in information technology and experience in electronic design automation.

Valor Revamps Visual Identity

(January 15, 2007) YAVNE, Israel — Valor Computerized Systems, Ltd., will launch a new visual identity in conjunction with a redesigned Website, reflecting a more contemporary and comprehensive software product.

High Currents and High Temps. Impact SMT/HYBRID/PACKAGING

(January 11, 2007) STUTTGART, Germany — SMT/HYBRID/PACKAGING 2007, April 24-26 in Nuremberg, Germany, will address high-current circuit boards and thermal management as central topics of the conference.

Presentations Discuss Lead-free Findings

(January 11, 2007) HUDSON, N.H. — The SMTA Boston Chapter will host an evening of presentations on lead-free assembly at Benchmark Electronics in Hudson, N.H., on January 23.

Dage X-ray Signs U.K. Agreement

(January 11, 2007) DORSET, U.K. — Blakell Europlacer, Ltd., will distribute Dage X-ray products in the U.K. under a partnership agreement.

Taiwan's Hon Hai to Invest in Vietnam

Hon Hai will be investing $1 billion to build factories in Vietnam.

Click Commerce Offers Warehouse Management

(January 10, 2007) CHICAGO — Click Commerce, Inc., introduced the Click Commerce WMX and WMX On Demand warehouse-management solutions for companies with complex supply chains.

Arrow and Phoenix Sign Agreement

(January 10, 2007) MELVILLE, N.Y. — The North American Components (NAC) business of Arrow Electronics, Inc. will offer specialized electronics components and connection systems from Phoenix Contact as part of a U.S. distribution agreement.

Component Orders Trend Positive

(January 10, 2007) ARLINGTON, Va. — Orders for electronic components rose in December 2006, following a slight drop in November, according to the Electronic Components, Assemblies, & Materials Association (ECA) index. The 12-month average continued an upward trend.

Hon Hai to Invest in Vietnam

(January 10, 2007) TAIPEI, Taiwan — Hon Hai Group is expected to invest $1 billion in a comprehensive manufacturing complex in Hanoi, Vietnam. The site would be Taiwan-based Hon Hai's fourth major production base overseas, joining sites in China, Eastern Europe, and India.

KIC Updates Website

(January 9, 2007) SAN DIEGO — KIC added animation and new product categories to its Website,

Collaboration Joins Sensor, PCB, and MEMS Companies

(January 9, 2007) PITTSBURGH, Pa. and HSINCHU, Taiwan — Virtus Advanced Sensors, which specializes in MEMS-based sensors, entered into a collaboration agreement with several UMC Group companies including PCB manufacturer Unimicron and affiliated MEMS foundry Chipsense, both based in Taiwan.

Indium Makes Staff Changes

(January 9, 2007) CLINTON, N.Y. — Indium Corporation appointed Tim Jensen product manager for advanced assembly materials, and promoted Jordan Ross to product specialist for thermal applications. Both Jensen and Ross will continue to operate out of Indium headquarters in Clinton.

EMI Absorber Targets Mobile Communications

(January 9, 2007) AUSTIN, Texas — The AB-5000 series EMI absorber from the electrical markets division of 3M suppresses radiated noise from emitting devices designed in the broadband radio frequency (RF) range.

Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of Flip-Chip Devices on Metal Backed Flex Circuits

In this paper the scope of geometry and material parameters and their effect on reliability has been broadened, and the effects of metal backed flex-substrate-on-interconnect reliability studied. Nonlinear implicit finite element models have been developed for thermo-mechanical reliability of leaded and lead-free flip-chip devices on metal backed flex and the variation geometry and material parameters on reliability studied.

Benchmark Completes Acquisition of Pemstar

Pursuant to the Agreement and Plan of Merger among Benchmark, Autobahn Acquisition Corp. and Pemstar dated October 16, 2006, each issued and outstanding share of common stock, par value $0.01 per share, of Pemstar has been converted into the right to receive 0.16 of a share of common stock, par value $0.10 per share, of Benchmark.

Craig Hillman to Present on Reliability

(January 8, 2007) COLLEGE PARK, Md. — Craig Hillman, Ph.D., will be special guest speaker at the North American Regulatory Conference for Electronics Products, January 23 – 24, in Shenzhen, China. Hillman, CEO and managing partner of DfR Solutions (College Park, Md.), will cover failure analysis for electronics and risk minimization for lead-free design in telecom applications.

Flux Head Retrofits for Selective Soldering

(January 8, 2007) SHEBOYGAN, Wis. — The Flux Drop-Jet system from Castle Controls & Automation LLC offers a comprehensive flux-control system with storage container and modular controls. The system retrofits into existing selective soldering machines.

XRF Provider Receives Private Equity Investment

(January 8, 2007) WOBURN and BOSTON, Mass. — Innov-X Systems received $27 million as a minority investment from Summit Partners, a private equity and venture capital firm.

EPA Lessens TRI Requirements

(January 5, 2007) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized a legislative decision to lessen the burden of reporting for Toxics Release Inventory (TRI). Qualifying small businesses, those that focus on limiting emissions through recycling, and those that use small amounts of TRI-registered chemicals can use a shorter reporting form, Form A, than in the past.

Web Access Enhances Due Diligence Communication

(January 4, 2007) SAN JOSE, Calif. — Papros, Inc., added an AJAX Web client to its MRPRO software, enabling users across the supply chain to access RoHS, China RoHS, WEEE, and other compliance information for a given product. Product data is deployed across intranets and the internet with an obsolescence-management report for components.

Software Upgrade Expands Inspection Range

(January 4, 2007) SANTA CLARA, Calif. — For use with Medalist 5DX automated X-ray inspection (AXI) systems, Agilent's version 8.4 software includes new algorithms and an additional inspection threshold.

Electronic Equipment Market Steady

(January 3, 2007) EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — The global market for electronic equipment — including wireless, wired, industrial, automotive, consumer, and data-processing devices — will maintain current growth rates from 2006 to 2007, according to iSuppli Corp.'s report, "Electronic Equipment and Semiconductor Forecast — Q1 2007." Global revenue growth for all electronic equipment should equal 6.7%, up just 0.1% from last year.

Reflow Options Showcased in India

(January 3, 2007) AESCH, Switzerland — ESSEMTEC will highlight the capabilities of its RO300FC convection reflow oven with RO-CONTROL software at Componex/ElectronicIndia 2007, February 6 – 8, in New Delhi, India.

Formatting Program Aids China RoHS Labeling

(January 3, 2007) FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. — Total Parts Plus, Inc., created an environmental-compliance management service specific to China RoHS labeling requirements.

Decoding China RoHS

China is on track to implement its own version of the RoHS on March 1, 2007.

CyberOptics, JUKI Join on Optical Sensor

(January 2, 2007) MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — CyberOptics Corporation partnered with JUKI Corporation of Tokyo to develop LNC 60, a 5th generation version of CyberOptics' LaserAlign optical sensor. The product enables simultaneous alignment of components on the six nozzles of each placement head inside JUKI's pick-and-place machines.

Taiwan PCB Fabs Boost China Capacity

(January 2, 2007) TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwan's PCB manufacturers are expanding production capacities in regions of mainland China, including the eastern regions around Suzhou, Kunshan, and Changshu, according to the China Economic News Service (CENS).

Flextronics to Lay off 600 Workers in NE Hungary

The Hungarian subsidiary of U.S. electronics maker Flextronics plans to lay off around 600 workers in northeast Hungary in January, the director of the county labour centre told MTI on Thursday.

November Book-to-Bill Continues Downward Slope

(December 22, 2006) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — The November book-to-bill fell to 0.92 for North American rigid- and flex-PCB production, down slightly from 0.99 in October. The rigid segment posted a book-to-bill of 0.92; flex circuit production reached 0.86, both down from the previous month. The current decline indicates a period of slow growth in all segments of electronics, said Denny McGuirk, president of IPC, who predicts a strong year-end.

TTM's Clay Swain Discusses Tyco Integration, Company Strategy

Senior Vice President of Marketing Clay Swain discusses what TTM is going to do now that it's the fourteenth largest fabricator in the world.

Solectron Announces First Quarter Financial Results

Solectron Corporation (NYSE:SLR), a leading provider of electronics manufacturing and integrated supply chain services, today reported sales of $3.00 billion in the first quarter of fiscal 2007

RiverSide Electronics Receives IPC Lead-free Certification

RiverSide Electronics joins a growing list of companies that have chosen IPC's certification program to demonstrate their lead free process capabilities to their customers.

BiTS 2007 Program Fosters Networking

(December 19, 2006) MESA, Ariz. — The 8th annual Burn-in and Test Socket (BiTS) Workshop — March 11 – 14, 2007 in the Hilton Phoenix East of Mesa, Ariz. — issued an advance program with details on tutorials, keynotes, and presentations. BiTS EXPO runs concurrent with the workshop. Organizers stress that all activities, including receptions, extended breaks, and sessions, will promote informal discussion and networking.

A.C.E. Offers Nitrogen Generators

(December 19, 2006) SPOKANE, Wash. — A.C.E. Production Technologies, in partnership with On-Site Gas Systems, Inc., will offer On-Site nitrogen-generation systems under the A.C.E. brand, incorporating gas generators into the soldering products line.

Everden Joins Europlacer

(December 18, 2006) DORSET, U.K. — Blakell Europlacer Ltd. appointed Richard Everden to its U.K. sales team with regional responsibility for Northern England and Scotland.

China OEMs See Modest Revenue Growth

(December 18, 2006) EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — China's top 60 OEMs are expected to average revenue-growth at 13% in 2006, lower than the 34% experienced in 2005, due to a slowing market of international mergers and acquisitions. Domestic mergers and acquisitions will occur more frequently in the future, according to the "Market Watch: China" report by Byron Wu of iSuppli Corp.

Hart Marketing Nabs Business Award

(December 18, 2006) WEYMOUTH, U.K. — Hart Marketing International (HMI) received the international-business award at the Dorset Business Awards, sponsored by U.K. Trade & Investment. The award recognizes success in accessing overseas markets and increasing international sales.

iNEMI Updates Tin Whiskers Findings

(December 18, 2006) HERNDON, Va. — The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative's (iNEMI) tin whisker user group updated its "Recommendations on Lead-free Finishes for Components Used in High-reliability Products," revising and adding recommendations.

Kimball Electronics Group to Acquire Reptron Electronics

"This acquisition supports Kimball's ongoing strategy to diversify from our automotive base into end markets that also require high quality and reliability. I am confident that Reptron's experience and proven track record of servicing medical and high end industrial customers, combined with Kimball's core competency of durable electronics, will strengthen our ability to serve our combined base of customers."

Quarterly Forum Critiques OEM Strategies

(December 15, 2006) ALAMEDA, Calif.— During the Technology Forecasters Incorporated (TFI) Quarterly Forum, OEMs, EMS providers, and suppliers discussed successful approaches to outsourcing, and analyzed challenges facing OEMs and manufacturing partners. Environmental regulations such as China RoHS represented a considerable challenge without clear solutions.

Samsung Adds Reflow Soldering to Turnkey Line

(December 15, 2006) HORSHAM, Pa. — Dynatech Technology added the Samsung RF30 series reflow soldering systems to its offering of SM series flexible, turnkey placement systems distributed in North America. Samsung uses the RF30 series globally to assemble its own product.

Nordson Completes Dage Acquisition

(December 15, 2006) WESTLAKE, Ohio — Nordson Corporation completed acquisition of Dage Holdings, Ltd., adding the test-and-inspection company to its advanced technology systems segment.

Tin Whisker User Group Publishes Updated Set of Recommendations Help Reduce Risk of Tin Whiskers

The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative's Tin Whisker User Group announces a major update of its publication, "Recommendations on Lead-Free Finishes for Components Used in High-Reliability Products."

BTU Expands in Singapore

(December 14, 2006) NORTH BILLERICA, Mass. — BTU International, Inc., expanded its Southeast Asia headquarters, relocating in Singapore.

SMTA Recognizes Top SMTAI '06 Papers

(December 14, 2006) MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — The SMTA will award winners of best conference, proceedings, and international papers from SMTAI 2006, held in September in Rosemont, Ill. The authors will formally receive honors during the opening ceremony of SMTAI 2007 in Orlando, Fla.

IPC Develops Midwest Show

(December 14, 2006) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries will host the IPC Midwest Conference & Exhibition, September 23 – 28, 2007, at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center, Schaumburg, Ill. The show will focus on electronics manufacturing, announced IPC.

Endicott Interconnect Revamps Website

(December 14, 2006) ENDICOTT, N.Y. — Endicott Interconnect (EI) updated its Website, improving access to technical information and resources.

Rockwell Collins, Amkor, Celestica Earn SMTA Best Paper Awards

To reward exceptional achievement, $1,000 awards and plaques are given for the Best of Conference Paper, Best of Proceedings Paper, and the Best International Paper.

Paste Automates Image Sensor Assembly

(December 13, 2006) IRVINE, Calif. — A non-conductive paste (NCP) underfill and encapsulant, Hysol FP5110, from Henkel, adheres flip-chip image sensor modules to two- and three-layer flexible printed circuits. The paste bonds to polyimide and epoxy adhesive materials.


(December 13, 2006) BRUSSELS, Belgium — The European Parliament, regulatory body of the EU, adopted Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH), chemical-regulating legislation requiring producers to register about 30,000 chemical substances produced or imported above a total quantity of 1 ton/year. Producers must submit a substitution plan to replace about 3,000 highly hazardous substances with safer alternatives. Implementation will begin June 1, 2007.

R&D Tax Grants to Benefit Engineering

(December 13, 2006) WASHINGTON D.C. — The U.S. Congress passed an extension to the R&D tax credit in the closing days of a "lame duck" session. The law provides a research tax credit equal to 20% of the "amount by which a taxpayer's qualified research expenses for a taxable year exceed its base amount for that year," according to the Finance Committee's summary of legislation.

Potting and Encapsulant Epoxy

(December 13, 2006) CRANSTON, R.I. — The 20-2620, a two-component polyurethane compound for various electronic assembly applications, features low-viscosity and room-temperature curing.

DEK Recognized for Stencil System

(December 12, 2006) MELBOURNE, Australia — DEK, through Australia and New Zealand distributor Hawker Richardson, received the Ed Hale Surface Mount Award for its VectorGuard stencil system at the Manufacturing Technology Infocus trade show,Melbourne, Australia this October.

U.K. Outlines WEEE Implementation

(December 12, 2006) LONDON — Science Minister Malcolm Wicks outlined WEEE implementation regulations in the U.K., marking March and July 2007 as dates for readiness and compliance, respectively. Producers will bear the majority of responsibility for proper recycling and disposal of electronics.

Valor Software Available to Beijing University

(December 12, 2006) YAVNE, Israel — Valor Computerized Systems and the Industrial Training Center of TsingHua University in Beijing signed a cooperative agreement to supply software for training students in simulation and optimization of electronics manufacturing processes.

Celestica Updates Guidance for Fourth Quarter

Celestica Inc. (NYSE, TSX: CLS), a world leader in electronics manufacturing services (EMS), today announced an update to its financial guidance for the fourth quarter ending December 31, 2006.

Exemption Request for the Use of Lead in Solders Has Been Accepted

Industry support is needed to help repeal the ridiculous European lead-free regulations.

Ascentech Distributes Solderability Test Equipment

(December 11, 2006) CHESTER, Conn. — Ascentech will distribute testing equipment to determine solderability of component leads and terminations with the MUST System 3, manufactured by Gen3 Systems, Ltd. Ascentech, North American distributor for Gen3 Systems products, will provide sales and service and support for MUST Systems.

UL's New Services for Restricted Substances Help OEMs and Manufacturers Self-declare Compliance to RoHS

UL launches two services designed for organizations seeking to demonstrate due diligence in compliance with the European Union's Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive

Newark InOne Names President

(December 8, 2006) CHICAGO — Newark InOne, a subsidiary of global distributor Premier Farnell plc, named DeWight Wallace president, effective March 1, 2007. Wallace succeeds Paul Tallentire, who will return to the U.K. to head Newark's sister distributor Farnell InOne.

STI Granted Embedded IC Patent

(December 8, 2006) MADISON, Ala. — STI Electronics, Inc. (STI), was awarded a patent for its imbedded component/die technology (IC/DT), which involves the use of integrated circuit (IC) embedded within a laminate substrate disposed on a thermally conductive core, providing a thermal sink. STI applied for the patent on May 23, 2003; it was awarded on October 3, 2006.

Forum Investigates Pros, Cons of Global Business

(December 8, 2006) LOS ANGELES — "Asian-developed and Implemented Technologies and Business Practices You May Have Missed: Equipment, Materials, and Manufacturing Processes," a February 21, 2007, forum developed by Weiner & Associates for IPC Printed Circuits Expo/APEX/Designers Summit, offers four perspectives on international business relationships, and advice on assessing Asian relations.

TTM Closes Oregon PCB Facility

(December 8, 2006) SANTA ANA, Calif. TTM Technologies, Inc., plans to close its Dallas, Ore., facility and transfer PCB production to other sites, primarily in Logan, Utah and Redmond, Wash. The Dallas operation primarily produced commercial PCBs.

Work Cells Suit Odd-form, Final Assembly

(December 8, 2006) PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. — The AOM-700 work cell from PROMATION, Inc., was introduced for pick-and-place of odd-form components. The system picks from a tube- or bowl-feeder system using gantry robots with X/Y/Z axes and an inline conveyor.

Hon Hai to Open 2nd China Optical Facility

(December 7, 2006) TAIPEI, Taiwan — Hon Hai Group will begin mass production of optical components at Jincheng Foxccon Technology Park — Shanxi province, China — late this month. The company began the expansion necessary to accommodate optical-component production in March 2006.

"CEO to CEO Benchmarking" at IPC's EMS Management Council Meeting

As the only dedicated forum for senior level executives of the EMS industry, the IPC EMS Management Council Meeting is an annual must-attend event for executives.

Dow Epoxy Raises Prices

(December 6, 2006) MIDLAND, Mich. — Dow Epoxy, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, will increase off-list prices in North America for Allyl Chloride and Epichlorohydrin January 1, 2007, or as contract terms allow.

phoenix|x-ray Boosts U.S. Presence

(December 6, 2006) ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — phoenix|x-ray Systems and Services, Inc., opened a service center in St. Petersburg and increased staff to boost U.S. market presence.

Digi-Key, NDK Form Partnership

(December 6, 2006) THIEF RIVER FALLS, Minn. and TOKYO — Digi-Key Corporation and Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd., (NDK) signed a global distribution agreement for NDK's surface mount quartz-crystal and oscillator lines.

ATExpo — Call for Speakers

(December 6, 2006) ROSEMONT, Ill. — Canon Communication's Assembly Technology Expo (ATExpo) — in conjunction with Electronics Assembly Show, National Manufacturing Week, and Quality Expo — is accepting submissions for paper, panel, and half-day workshop speakers through February 1, 2007. The shows take place September 24 – 27, 2007, in Rosemont.

Isola Improves RoHS-compliant Substrate

(December 6, 2006) CHANDLER, ARIZONA — Isola Group s.a.r.l. commercially released an improved generation of IS415, a 200°C Tg product with lead-free compatibility and strong signal integrity. Electrical loss numbers reach 0.009 using the splitpost resonant cavity method. With Bereskin stripline testing loss equals around 0.0135 at 10 GHz.

SMTAI — Call for Papers

(December 6, 2006) MINNEAPOLIS — SMTA International, October 7 – 11, 2007, in Orlando, Fla., is soliciting abstracts for technical papers, as well as potential course descriptions.

Flexible Dual-head Soldering System Intros

(December 6, 2006) PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. — PROMATION Inc. introduced the PRO 6 series of robotic soldering systems, including the 6Td.

Guide Offers Tips on Flex Circuit Design

(December 6, 2006) MINNEAPOLIS — Minco released the "Flex Circuits Design Guide" for use, in conjunction with IPC design standards, in designing and integrating flexible circuits.

Sanmina-SCI Ottawa, Canada Facility Receives Aerospace Standard AS9100 Certification

AS9100 is a set of requirements for quality management systems published by the Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE) that includes all ISO 9001:2000 requirements.

Indium Nabs 4th F&S Honor

(December 5, 2006) CLINTON, N.Y. — Frost & Sullivan awarded Indium Corporation the 2006 Global SMT Solder Paste Customer Value Enhancement Award at a ceremony in San Antonio, Texas. Deepa Mathew, research analyst at Frost & Sullivan, presented the award, citing Indium's select customer group and depth of experience, particularly with lead-free.

Huntsman & UL Partner on RoHS Compliance

(December 5, 2006) THE WOODLANDS, Texas — Huntsman Corporation selected Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) as its RoHS-compliance partner, and will begin the application process to receive the UL RoHS mark. UL created its restricted substances compliance program to help manufacturers demonstrate due diligence when complying with the EU's RoHS Directive. UL provides test services to determine levels of hazardous materials.

TXP's iPhotonics Division Finalizes License Agreement With Siemens for ONT Technologies

TXP Corporation, a global provider of Pre-Manufacturing Services for the electronics and telecommunications industries today announced that it has finalized its license agreement with Siemens Networks Germany granting access to more than 15 patents surrounding its Optical Network Terminal (ONT) technology

Cookson Restructures

(December 4, 2006) JERSEY CITY, N.J. — Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials (CEAM) will reorganize its manufacturing operations in the North America region, incorporating a new manufacturing plant and shifting some production offshore. Implementation will occur over the next 6 – 12 months.

Henkel Acquires Taiwan Solder-sphere Maker

(December 4, 2006) IRVINE, Calif. — The electronics group of Henkel acquired Taiwan-based Accurus Scientific Co. Ltd. The manufacturer produces solder spheres and type 1 – 7 solder powders for electronics packaging and PCB assemblies. By acquiring a company headquartered in Tainan, Taiwan, Henkel expects to gain technical and market support in that region.

Photo Stencil Upholds ISO 9001:2001

(December 4, 2006) COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Photo Stencil completed ISO 9001:2000 recertification, with registration issued by Orion Registrar, Inc. The quality-control standard covers design, manufacture, and sales of stencils, screens, and templates.

IPC — Calling All PCB Designers

(December 4, 2006) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries and its Designers Council will host the Designers Summit, February 15 – 22, 2007, in Los Angeles. The event allows PCB designers to participate in activities and educational sessions, and provides resources on high-speed, advanced technologies, and design for lead-free. The summit occurs in conjunction with APEX and IPC Printed Circuits Expo.

Sarantel and Sanmina-SCI Announce Asian Outsourcing Relationship

Sarantel, a leading manufacturer and supplier of filtering antennas for wireless devices is today pleased to announce that it has signed a memorandum of understanding on outsource manufacturing and distribution with Sanmina-SCI. Sanmina-SCI.

Valor, MYDATA Integrate

(December 1, 2006) YAVNE, Israel — Valor Computerized Systems Ltd., invited by MYDATA, joined the equipment manufacturer's third-party partnership program, further integrating Valor's engineering software with MYDATA hardware. The partnership is expected to optimize MYDATA system usage for parts and panel handling.

Plexus Reorganizes Management

(December 1, 2006) NEENAH, Wis. — Plexus Corp. announced changes to executive management — promoting Paul L. Ehlers and Michael T. Verstegen.

KEMET Releases "Green" Capacitors

(December 1, 2006) GREENVILLE, S.C. — KEMET Corporation introduced RoHS-compliant versions of its commercial-molded radial, and high-voltage radial capacitors, as part of a push for environmentally friendly component lines.

Taiwan's Flex Companies Cluster in East China

(November 30, 2006) TAIPEI, Taiwan — A group of specialized Taiwan-based manufacturers and suppliers of flexible copper-clad laminate (CCL) materials formed a flex PCB industry cluster to expand into the China market. Production plants in China could enable Taiwan-based companies to directly ship products to downstream customers.

Isola Revamps IS620

(November 30, 2006) CHANDLER, Ariz. — Isola Group S.a.r.l. used process changes, without adjusting the chemical make-up, to improve dielectric and thermal performance of IS620, a base material for low-loss, high-speed space.

Jabil Plans to Launch Cell Phone Assembly in Ukraine

Jabil, that has been supplying electronic devices in the US and Europe for forty years, is planning to open an assembly line in Ukraine in spring 2007.

Elprint Establishes Flex-circuit Production

(November 29, 2006) BERGEN, Norway — Elprint announced commercial readiness for flex-circuit manufacturing at its Bergen production site. The company estimates that a single-sided flex board will take equivalent time in production as a two-layer rigid board.

Celestica's Abrupt CEO Departure Raises Questions

Shares of Celestica closed Tuesday's trading session down 4.4% following the abrupt departure of the electronics manufacturing company's chief executive.

Taiwan Industry Intensifies "Green" Manufacturing

The exhibition highlighted Taiwan's eco-friendly material processes, components, products, information management, and implementation services.

Axiom Finalizes Buyout

(November 28, 2006) BEAVERTON, Ore. — Axiom Electronics LLC completed a management buyout from former parent company Ambitech International (Chatsworth, Calif.). Axiom's transition to an independent operation will generate an entrepreneurial atmosphere, according to Robert Toppel, president.

ZESTRON Releases Russian Site

(November 28, 2006) MANASSAS, Va. — ZESTRON America released its Website in Russian, making the site accessible in a total of six languages.

XXX Enables 3-D Inspection

(November 28, 2006) SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — YESTech released a CT tomography option, XXX, for all YTX-3000 systems, enhancing analysis of complex interconnects.

Africa Discusses E-waste at COP8

(November 28, 2006) NAIROBI, Kenya — Like the EU's RoHS, China RoHS, and WEEE, the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal classifies electrical and electronic waste and hazardous substances. The convention, and proposed amendments, will be discussed in the World Forum on E-waste, November 30 in Nairobi, as part of COP8. Several African countries see imports of e-waste, for incineration or landfill disposal, increasing rapidly.

US-Based Axiom Electronics Announces Management Buy-Out

Axiom Electronics LLC announced today the completion of a management buy-out of the company from its former parent Ambitech International of Chatsworth, California.

Kyzen Appoints Manufacturer's Representative

(November 27, 2006) NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Kyzen Corporation appointed Germany-based Peter Jordan GmbH as manufacturing representative for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Inovaxe Names Midwest Rep.

(November 27, 2006) SARASOTA, Fla. — Inovaxe Corp. named CR Tech, LLC, of Grafton, Wis., as manufacturing representative for the Midwestern U.S.

Event Explores Printed Electronics

(November 27, 2006) PHOENIX — Printed Electronics USA 2006 released its roster of speakers and topics for the conference and technical sessions on December 5 – 6 in Phoenix. Organizers expressed interest in examining technical, financial, and other aspects of printed circuits.

October Book-to-Bill Dips Below Parity

(November 27, 2006) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries announced a North American combined rigid and flex PCB book-to-bill ratio of 0.99 for October. The first drop below parity in about two years can be attributed to increased flex circuit shipments in October and August and September shipment increases for rigid PCBs. The rigid PCB industry ratio decreased from 1.01 in September to 0.99, while flexible circuits remained at about 0.91.

Sanmina-SCI Axe 95 in Sweden

This is the second round of lay-offs at the plant within a short period of time. Sanmina-SCI announced in June that 20 employees had to be removed form the plant.


(November 22, 2006) FLEMINGTON, N.J. — John Hartner, CEO of DEK, was appointed to the steering committee of the IPC's SMEMA Council.

VISION Awards Deadline Approaches

(November 22, 2006) NASHUA, N.H. — The annual SMT VISION Awards program celebrates exceptional services and products introduced between January 1, 2006, and December 31, 2006. The deadline to submit for award consideration is December 1, 2006.

LPKF Promotes Greene

(November 22, 2006) WILSONVILLE, Ore. — LPKF Laser & Electronics announced that the company promoted Jim Greene to vice president of marketing, to help position the company for future growth. Greene will take responsibility for marketing in North America.

Jabil to Acquire Taiwan Green Point Enterprises

"We are thrilled to announce this deal with Green Point Enterprises - a market leader in advanced electro-mechanical manufacturing and services for the mobile product and consumer market,"

EIS Fabrico Hires, Adds Equipment

(November 22, 2006) KENNESAW, Ga. — EIS Fabrico expanded support for customers in Mexico with the addition of specialist Carlos Medrano. Medrano will bring technical, manufacturing service, and engineering knowledge from 25 years experience in flexible materials. As technical marketing specialist, he will manage customer sales and service in the country, and provide technical support to the global sales staff.

Cogiscan Hires Management in Europe

(November 22, 2006) BROMONT, Canada — Cogiscan added Bruno Meier as European sales manager, based near Zurich, Switzerland. Meier will work with direct customers in Europe and support global business partners in that region.

Capacitor Targets Short-circuit Failure

(November 20, 2006) MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — AVX Corporation released a ceramic capacitor to reduce short-circuit failure, with minimum flexure of up to 5 mm, without internal cracks. Terminated with proprietary FLEXITERM technology, the FLEXISAFE capacitors are designed to absorb shock and prevent internal cracking due to board flexure and temperature cycling damage.

Nordson Acquires Dage Holdings

(November 17, 2006) WESTLAKE, Ohio — Nordson Corp., based in Westlake, Ohio, acquired Dage Holdings Ltd. of the U.K., subject to approval from the German Federal Cartel Office. The companies withheld purchasing terms.

Micro-dot Valves Dispense Various Viscosities

(November 16, 2006) FAIR LAWN, N.J. — I&J Fisnar released three distinct dispensing heads to suit tasks varying from high-viscosity fluids to dispensing abrasive materials.

DEK Commits to Alternative Energy

(November 16, 2006) Flemington, N.J. — DEK promoted Darren Brown to alternative energy development manager, as part of a global market initiative for alternative-energy technologies.

Soldering, Critical Issues Examined at APEX

(November 16, 2006) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — More than 50 full- and half-day courses will provide IPC Printed Circuits Expo/APEX/Designers Summit 2007 attendees with practical information on current and future critical issues. The educational courses will take place February 18-19, 22 in Los Angeles, Calif.

Sanmina-SCI Fourth Quarter Revenue Slides 2%

Sanmina-SCI Corporation, a leading global electronics manufacturing services ("EMS") company, today issued non-GAAP financial guidance for fiscal year ended September 30, 2006 and its first fiscal quarter 2007.

Video Stars RoHS-screening Solution

(November 15, 2006) WOBURN, Mass. — Innov-X Systems released an online video demo focused on RoHS screening to help companies learn about handheld, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) RoHS-compliance screening solutions. The product demo features a handheld energy-dispersive XRF (EDXRF) analyzer, specialized RoHS software information, and details about the company's capabilities.

KIC Develops Automatic Profiling System

(November 14, 2006) SAN DIEGO, Calif. — KIC introduced KIC Vision, an automatic profiling system, for a low-cost alternative to manual verification profiling for reflow processes. The company claims that the automatic profiling will maintain production quality and process documentation standards achieved by periodic manual profiling, without interrupting production flow or additional equipment.

iSuppli and Data Garage Merge

(November 13, 2006) EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — U.S.-based market-intelligence firm iSuppli Corp. will merge with Data Garage Inc. of Japan, creating an analysis firm covering electronics industries in Japan and globally.

EVS International Expands

(November 13, 2006) ISLE OF WIGHT, U.K. — EVS International moved to a new facility located in the Porchfield Business Park, Porchfield, Newport, Isle of Wight.

SWEPEX, SMTA Co-locate for Technical Talks

(November 13, 2006) PLANO, Texas — The SMTA Dallas Chapter will co-locate technical presentations with the Southwest Electronics Production Exposition (SWEPEX), November 14 and 15, 2006 in Plano, Texas.

SMTA Elects Board of Directors

(November 13, 2006) MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — The SMTA announced election results for the Board of Directors term, which began late September 2006, reelecting president David Raby of STI Electronics, Inc.

When Removing Hazardous Substances from Electronic Components Makes Sense Technically and Economically

This interview with Joel Deutsch explains the conversion process and how it can solve the lifetime buy dilemma.

The Birth of Unovis

This new player focused on high-end PCB assembly and semiconductor packaging assembly has big plans for its new, global business.

iNEMI Mobilizes for Tin/lead BGAs

(November 9, 2006) HERNDON, Va. — The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) consortium organized "Sn/Pb BGA Availability Task Group" to address the needs of OEMs exempt or out-of-scope from the RoHS Directive. The task group scheduled a workshop to bring together OEMs with the BGA supply base on January 24, 2007, in or near San Jose, Calif.

Asymtek Names GM in China

(November 9, 2006) CARLSBAD, Calif. — Asymtek named Frank Wang to the position of general manager, China. Wang will direct all facilities, operations, sales, and support services for dispensing products and systems in that region. Asymtek has expanded to three offices and two applications labs in the past two years, and other lab is in construction.

Illinois Tool Works Inc. To Acquire Speedline Technologies Inc.

ITW is a $12.8 billion in revenues diversified manufacturer of highly engineered components and industrial systems and consumables.

ITW to Acquire Speedline Technologies

(November 8, 2006) FRANKLIN, Mass. — Illinois Tool Works (ITW — Glenview, Ill.) has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Speedline Technologies, Inc., from KPS Special Situation Funds, according to company press release. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed and are subject to normal regulatory approvals.

Cookson Predicts Corporate and Industry Direction

(November 8, 2006) LONDON — Cookson Group plc discussed company standings and statistics on the electronics industry at large during a meeting for analysts and shareholders. The meeting focused on the transition to lead-free products, expansion in China, raw materials, and other factors that could encourage profitable industry growth.

RoHS-compliant Adapter Eases Upgrades

(November 8, 2006) FRENCHTOWN, N.J. — Aries Electronics introduced a RoHS-compliant version of its SOWIC-to-DIP Correct-A-Chip adapter, which enables users to upgrade to a small-outline wide integrated circuit (SOWIC) from a dual in-line package (DIP) without changing PCB layout.

Flextronics Downgraded by Fitch

The ratings downgrade reflects Fitch's expectations that Flextronics will continue to operate near historically low margin levels

Flextronics Inaugurates Facility in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Flextronics' Ciudad Juarez operations increase the company's existing operations in Mexico, which include an industrial park in Guadalajara and a manufacturing facility in Aguascalientes.

DEK Extends Quality Control Partnership

(November 6, 2006) FLEMINGTON, N.J. — Having completed a solder paste inspection development project, DEK announced it will continue collaborating with vision systems partners for quality control projects.

SMTC Expands in Western U.S.

(November 6, 2006) TORONTO, ON — EMS provider SMTC Corporation expanded operations in the western U.S. with increased presence in San Jose, Calif. Carl Munio and Russ Morrow joined SMTC's western division to guide corporate development. The company also has reconfigured its footprint toward more manufacturing and configure-to-order capacity at the San Jose facility — with assembly, testing, box build, final product integration, and global supply-chain logistics.

Invertible Dust Remover

(November 6, 2006) DERBYSHIRE, England — Electrolube introduced the EADPI invertible Airduster dust and airborne contamination removal for delicate or inaccessible areas of electrical and electronic equipment. The product uses a high-pressure air blast to remove particles.

Solectron Electronics Set for Demerger

The demerger was taken for the company to focus on each of its business, EMS and Electronic Components, independently.

Manncorp Expands San Diego Facility

(November 3, 2006) SAN DIEGO, Calif. — SMT assembly equipment provider, Manncorp, will add 4,000 square feet of space to its West Coast location to meet growing demands for pick-and-place machines, lead-free wave solder systems, and reflow ovens.

Foxconn Plans Massive China Investments

Foxconn, the world's largest contract maker of electronics products, including the iPod and PlayStation 2, plans to invest US$1 billion at a new technology industrial park in Huai'an, China, and is looking to further expand to the nation's interior.

Digi-Key to Distribute Samtec Products

(November 2, 2006) THIEF RIVER FALLS, Minn. And NEW ALBANY, Ind. — Digi-Key Corporation and Samtec, Inc. have signed a global distribution agreement, wherein Digi-Key will distribute Samtec's PCB-level interconnects, cable assemblies, high data rate cables, and flex assemblies.

Fawn Electronics Rebuilds

(November 2, 2006) WILSON, N.C. — Following a fire in December 2005 that destroyed its Elm City, N.C. site, Fawn Electronics Company announced plans to build a new manufacturing site in the Nashville Business Center in Nash County, N.C.

Assembléon Nabs Long-term Deal with PPEM

(November 2, 2006) VELDHOVEN, The Netherlands — Penning an agreement totaling more than 20 million Euro, Zhengjiang Pound Precision Electronics Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (PPEM) has chosen Assembléon as a long-term production technology partner, and will use the company's single-platform, A-series pick-and-place system at its Jurong, China facility.

Eliminating Microvoid Risk Via An Optimized Surface Finish Process

When a large number of them sit together at the PCB interface, they can pose a reliability concern. There seems to be a connection to the immersion silver PCB surface finish.

Plexus Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2006 Revenues and Earnings

Revenues for the full year were a record $1.461 billion, a 19% increase over the prior year. Net income for fiscal 2006 was a record $100.0 million.

Hitachi France Installs Valor Pre-production Suite

(November 1, 2006) YAVNE, Israel — Valor Computerized Systems installed its Trilogy 5000 pre-production engineering solution and Valor Parts Library (VPL) at Hitachi's Orleans (Loiret), France, manufacturing facility, which specializes in assembling complex boards for Hitachi computer product applications.

Trade Visit Examines China's PCB Market

(November 1, 2006) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries has established a trade visit to China to better understand the direction of the Chinese PCB industry, and how it will affect the global market. The mission will run in conjunction with the 2006 International Printed Circuit and Electronics Assembly Fair in Dongguan, China, December 6-8, 2006.

Hon Hai's Third-Quarter Profit Rises to Record on Music Players

The company's net income rose 36% to NT$15.1 billion ($454 million) in the third quarter ended Sept. 30.

Lead-free Solder Wire Incorporates Polymers

(October 31, 2006) LONDONDERRY, N.H. — Cobar Solder Products, a subsidiary of Cobar Group, will offer CobarCore lead-free cored wire solder for lead-free assembly applications.

MEPTEC Keynote Predicts End to Moore's Law

(October 30, 2006) SAN JOSE, Calif. — William Bottoms, Ph.D., will keynote the MicroElectronics Packaging and Test Engineering Council (MEPTEC) symposium "IC Packaging and Test Roadmaps: Device Trends Impact on Packaging and Test Technology and Supply Chain," on November 16, 2006, in San Jose, Calif. Bottoms' keynote will accompany four focus sessions on aspects of supply chains and roadmaps.

R.I.T.'s CEMA Receives Solder System

(October 30, 2006) ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A.C.E. Production Technologies donated a KISS 102 selective soldering system to the Center for Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly (CEMA) at the Rochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T.) in Rochester, N.Y.

Handbook Specifies Design Standards

(October 30, 2006) ST. LOUIS — The second edition of Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing for Design, Manufacturing, and Inspection, by Georg Henzold, covers international design standards and revisions for geometrical product specifications.

Classes Shed Light on Vision Systems

(October 30, 2006) NATICK, Mass. — Cognex Corporation will offer "Cognex University," a national, company initiative created to illustrate vision system applications through seminars, workshops, and training sessions.

Celesica Reports $7 Million Mexico Loss in Third Quarter

Celestica's Mexico plant continued to operate at a loss in the third quarter, dampening the company's overall financial results.

MPI Installs Aegis Factory-wide

(October 27, 2006) PHILADELPHIA — Microboard Processing Incorporated (MPI) installed Aegis Industrial Software Corporation's NPI/MES product suite in its factory, upgrading from an Aegis system with new production introduction (NPI) and paperless documentation software.

DEK Fine-tunes Americas Operations

(October 27, 2006) FLEMINGTON, N.J. — DEK USA has reformed corporate focus onto four core printer support products — understencil paper rolls, PRO and PRO EF understencil cleaning chemistries, replacement stencil blades, and pre-saturated cleaning wipes.

PennWell Launches Online Job Service

(October 27, 2006) TULSA, Okla. — PennWell Corporation will operate PennTechJOBS, an online employment service meeting the recruitment needs of engineers in electronics, optoelectronics, nanotechnology, semiconductors, and other high-tech industries.

X-ray System Inspects Hidden Features

(October 26, 2006) SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — YESTech released its YTX-6000 inline automated X-ray inspection (AXI) system, said to fully inspect hidden features such as solder joints or components under radio frequency (RF) shields. Algorithms are used to perform PCB, package, and other electronic assembly inspections.

Agilent Rearranges Financial Team

(October 26, 2006) SANTA CLARA, Calif. — David Cooper, senior vice president finance and treasurer, will leave Agilent Technologies, Inc., effective Nov. 3, 2006, to join, Inc., as its chief financial officer (CFO).

Agilent Licenses Test Target Technology

(October 26, 2006) SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Agilent Technologies will license Medalist bead-probe technology, a methodology for placing solder beads directly onto PCB signal traces, to Medalist 3070 and i5000 in-circuit test (ICT) customers, as well as to vendors of other ICT equipment.

Flextronics: Developing in Emerging Markets (India and Ukraine)

Flextronics' Vice President of Global Procurement details his company's expansion strategy in developing markets using India and the Ukraine as examples.

Thermal Material Suits Silicone-sensitive Apps.

(October 25, 2006) ELKTON, Md. — W.L. Gore & Associates introduced the GORE POLARCHIP thermal interface material (TIM) family dedicated to silicone-sensitive applications. The family includes soft silicone-free thermal gap pads and reportedly eliminates outgassing and oil migration (bleeding) problems associated with silicone.

Partners Release Fiber Laser Marking System

(October 25, 2006) BRANFORD, Conn. — Lasercut, Inc., with partners El.En. Group and Lasit, released a 20-W pulsed fiber laser marking system that is said to etch metals and plastics to a reliability rating of 100,000 hours. The companies have collaborated since 2003.

Optimal Electronics and B-Global Team

(October 25, 2006) AUSTIN, Texas — Optimal Electronics Corporation of Austin, Texas, formed a strategic partnership with B-Global Technology of Penang, Malaysia. The companies are collaborating for support, business development, and future product development.

SMT Welcomes Advisory Board Members

SMT Magazine welcomes Laura J. Turbini, Ph.D., and Harald Wack, Ph.D., to its Editorial Advisory Board. The Board offers insight on the industry, future trends, and market technology; members write columns such as "Speaking of Process Optimization," "Speaking of Cleaning," and more. Turbini and Wack will join 10 other industry experts that analyze the SMT industry from every possible angle.

Flextronics Announces Record Sales and Earnings

Net sales from continuing operations for the second quarter ended September 30, 2006 were a record high $4.7 billion, which represents an increase of $894 million, or 23%, over the year ago quarter.

Drop-in Cleaner Removes Flux

(October 24, 2006) MANASSAS, Va. — As a drop-in replacement for high- and medium-pressure batch or inline systems, the ATRON AC 205 acts as a mild cleaner to remove flux residues. The monothanolamine-free, alkaline, aqueous-based cleaning agent from ZESTRON AMERICA reportedly leaves solder joints and pads bright, and is compatible with aluminum and epoxy surfaces.

Celestica's Eighth Annual "Partners In Performance" Awards Honour Supplier Excellence In 2005

"Celestica's responsive global supply chain helps our customers to quickly meet changing market demands," said John Boucher, Chief Supply Chain and Procurement Officer, Celestica.

Boundary-scan Solution Addresses Faults

(October 23, 2006) SANTA CLARA, Calif. — With the introduction of IEEE 1149.6 for advanced digital networks, JTAG Technologies has created a support program to run "dot6" testing. The 1149.6 standard updates 1149.1 ("dot1") specifications, which allowed a certain amount of erroneous pass-fail indications.

Workstation Enables Post-AOI Sorting

(October 23, 2006) KENOSHA, Wisc. — PROMATION added a workstation to its family of post-AOI sorting and rework equipment. The ENC-700F aids in inspection and touch-up on failed boards post-AOI.

Swedish EMS Eyes Russia

The Swedish EMS provider EDC is now looking at the Russian market to possibly cover the losses from the shrinking order books for the Swedish market.

Indium Hosts Global Tech. Summit

(October 20, 2006) CLINTON, N.Y. — The 4th annual Global Technology Summit at Indium Corporation was held September 11 – 15, in Clinton, N.Y., bringing together more than 40 technical support and applications engineers from Asia, Europe, Mexico, and the U.S.

Sunburst J-STD-001 Certified

(October 20, 2006) ERIE, Pa. — Contract manufacturer (CM) Sunburst Electronics fulfilled requirements to become a J-STD-001 facility, expanding operations into military and other high-reliability electronic markets.

Nan Ya Orders Camtek AOI

(October 20, 2006) Migdal Ha'Emek, Israel — Taiwan-based Nan Ya PCB ordered nine Camtek automated optical inspection (AOI) systems, delivered Q'03 and Q'04 2006.

Hwang Lectures on Lead-free

(October 20, 2006) LAS VEGAS — SMT Editorial Advisory Board member Jennie Hwang, Ph.D., will share lead-free development knowledge and real-world production know-how in seven half-day tutorials to take place in Las Vegas, November 6 – 9.

Jabil Mexico is Working Hard to Climb the Value Chain

As a result of the increase in the skills and capabilities of its Mexican workforce Jabil is seeing higher value work return to Mexico from Asia, as they meet the demands of their NAFTA Customers

MATELEC 2006 Promotes International Industry

(October 19, 2006) MADRID, Spain — MATELEC, Salón Internacional de Material Eléctrico y Electrónico, will promote commercial development, industry evolution and consolidation, and sustained growth and demand, at the 13th meeting of the exhibition in Madrid, Spain, October 24 – 28, 2006. MATELEC acts as a forum for technology and service introductions, and trends analysis.

Software Upgrade for Verification Service

(October 19, 2006) HUDSON, N.H. — CeTaQ Americas introduced a software upgrade for the company's mobile testing unit and its CmController5 Compact, a universal measuring and analysis tool for machine capability analysis (MCA) testing.

Taiwan PCB, SMT Industries Focus on IC Substrate Manufacturing

TPCA Chairman T.J. Tseng says the island's PCB sales continue to be strong--of mainland China's total turnover for this year, Taiwan-invested PCB makers in the region comprise 35 percent of mainland China's industry.

Digi-Key Expands with Winbond America, CR Magnetics

(October 18, 2006) THIEF RIVER FALLS, Minn.; SAN JOSE, Calif.; and ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Digi-Key Corporation will expand an existing distribution agreement with Winbond Electronics Corporation America to include Europe. The distributor will also begin selling CR Magnetics Inc. globally.

ODMs: Chip Spending 2006

(October 18, 2006) EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — Taiwanese original design manufacturers (ODMs) will dominate purchasing in semiconductor chips in 2006, primarily for PC manufacturing, says iSuppli report "ODM Semiconductor Spending Analysis." Quanta, Asustek, and Wistron — the top three spenders worldwide — are all based in Taiwan. All three also reportedly use the majority of chips purchased to make PCs, notably laptops.

Design Software Revision to Launch at Z-DAC

(October 18, 2006) MUNICH, Germany and WESTFORD, Mass. — Zuken's version 9.0 of PCB and packaging design suite CR-5000 includes the integrated high-speed design and analysis environment Lightning. It will launch at Z-DAC '06, the European Annual Customer-to-Customer Technology Conference, October 24 – 26, 2006, in Ulm, Germany.

Benchmark Electronics Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Pemstar

Based on Benchmark's closing price of $28.93 on October 16, 2006, the transaction values Pemstar at $4.63 per common share, or approximately $300 million including the assumption of Pemstar net debt. The merger is expected to be a tax-free exchange of common shares.

Benchmark to Acquire Pemstar

(October 17, 2006) ANGLETON, Texas — Benchmark Electronics, Inc., and Pemstar Inc. signed a definitive merger agreement, expected to be a tax-free exchange of common shares. The transaction puts Pemstar's value at $300 million, including assumption of the company's net debt. Pemstar reported fiscal year 2006 revenues at $871 million.

KEMET Cuts Costs, Reduces Staff

(October 17, 2006) GREENVILLE, S.C. — KEMET Corporation will cut costs in its Monterrey, Mexico, facilities by reducing employment by about 400 people. The company states that a combination of normal attrition, release of temporary employees, and a reduction-in-force of roughly 120 workers, will comprise the cost-cutting initiative. Severance and related costs will total approximately $800,000

Cobrush Applies Flux in Tight Spaces

(October 16, 2006) LONDONDERRY, N.H. — The Cobrush flux applicator from Cobar Solder Products comprises a compact polypropylene body with a transparent cartridge, a bristle applicator tip similar to a paint brush, as well as a cap to prevent flux evaporation.

Paste Improves Stacked-die Assembly

(October 16, 2006) SAN DIEGO — A family of self-filleting die attach adhesives, AAA3300 from Advanced Applied Adhesives (AAA), offers properties comparable to die-attach film, in a paste. The self-filleting die attach adhesive is said to enable thin-die assembly at improved yields with conventional assembly techniques.

TFI EMS Forecast Notes Narrow Profits

(October 13, 2006) ALAMEDA, Calif. — Technology Forecasters, Inc. (TFI), projects healthy growth with narrow profits for the EMS industry in the "Five Year Forecast of EMS and ODM Industries by Market Sector and Geography." Average annual growth should top 6% per year in global electronics production. Average net profitability showed no rise in the past year. Markets expansion should induce OEMs to outsource a greater percent of their total production.

It's a Wrap: Mexitronica--Best Show in Years!

The Mexican electronics industry is back on its feet. PCB007's Steve Gold provides some closing comments.

Indium's French Connection

(October 12, 2006) UTICA, N.Y. — Indium Corporation added Accelonix Group as a distributor for France — expanding sales efforts for the European region. Accelonix will sell semiconductor packaging assembly materials, engineered solder, wafer- and chip-bump materials, solder pastes, fluxes, underfills, and other materials.

ESSEMTEC Places 4th in Regional Award

(October 12, 2006) AESCH, Switzerland — The semi-annual Swiss Venture Club (SVC) Award Ceremony recognizes companies presenting essential and sustainable economic success and notable performance. ESSSEMTEC was rated 4th out of more than 100 regionally-anchored companies in central Switzerland. As one of six finalists, the company received an award at the KKL Luzern ceremony late September.

Remote Monitor Links PDA, Thermal Info

(October 12, 2006) SAN DIEGO — KIC will run test marketing of a PDA process monitor that transfers real-time thermal process data from any KIC 24/7 on a reflow oven to an authorized PDA. The company believes PDA-based monitoring will improve data and process management, and reaction times associated with thermal issues.

Mexitronica Gets Off to a Strong Start

Several of the speakers we spoke with championed the need for education in Mexican electronics producing regions.

Simclar Announces Results for Second Quarter 2006

The company expects to report revenue for the quarter ended June 30, 2006 of $30,520,000, net income of $790,000, and earnings per share (basic and diluted) of $0.12.

Dynatech, Samsung Sign Agreement

(October 11, 2006) HORSHAM, Pa. — Dynatech Technology, Inc., will add sales and services for Samsung Techwin's SMT placement system lines in North America. The agreement is part of a steady progression since the companies first partnered in SMT assembly.

Implementing Lead-free Workshop Tackles Assembly Problems

(October 11, 2006) NASHUA, N.H. — Manufacturers facing challenges with lead-free assembly and a host of associated system changes — certification, failure analysis, traceability — can attend Implementing Lead-free: A Hands-on Workshop, October 16 – 19, hosted by SMT Magazine and the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Center for Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly (CEMA) in Rochester, N.Y.

Horizon 02i Leads DEK Family

(October 11, 2006) FLEMINGTON, N.J. — DEK's next-generation Instinctiv printers combine options from established platforms to reportedly enhance cycle time, flexibility, and yield. The company released the Horizon 02i as the first in the Instinctiv family.

Reflow System Controls Temperatures

(October 11, 2006) NORTH BILLERICA, Mass. — BTU International, Inc. created the Pyramax 125 Air reflow system, which features forced impingement technology, 24" process capability, and operating temperatures which reach 350°C for a range of electronics manufacturing applications, notably lead-free.

The EASi Line Message

(October 11, 2006) ROSEMONT, Ill. — The Electronic Assembly Suppliers' Initiative, known as the EASi Line, at the Assembly Technology Expo, September 24 – 28, 2006, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill., is an exciting way to learn about the SMT process, because not only do engineers on the line explain each step as it happens, but you also get to leave the line with a prize.

Omron, Scientific Technologies Merge

(October 10, 2006) FREMONT, Calif. — Japanese automation provider Omron Corporation and North American Scientific Technologies (STI), which produces automation safe-guarding products, merged with shareholder approval. Omron acquired Scientific Technologies' safety products group (SPG); STI sold its automation products group (APG). The transaction value equaled $110.8 million.

Enthone Acquires Chinese Electroplating Entities

(October 10, 2006) WEST HAVEN, Conn. — Enthone, Inc., a business of Cookson Electronics, acquired Shenzhen Hua-Mei Electroplating Technology Co., Ltd.; and Hua-Mei Tianjin Electroplating Technology Co., Ltd. in China. The entity created by the acquisition will conduct business as Guangzhou Cookson Trading Company, Co., Ltd.; the October 1, 2006, sale brought Enthone from 51% ownership of the companies to 100%.

KEMET Honored at CARTS Europe

(October 9, 2006) GREENVILLE, S.C. — In recognition of a technical paper presented at the 2005 Capacitor and Resistor Technology Symposium (CARTS) Europe, three KEMET Corporation employees received honors from the 2005 CARTS delegates and program committee. Winning papers from 2005's symposium — held in Prague, Czech Republic, in October 2005 — were presented at CARTS Europe held September 25 – 28, 2006, in Bad Homburg, Germany.

MEM Ventures Acquires Artetch

(October 9, 2006) WEST SUSSEX, U.K. — Martin Morrell of MEM Ventures Limited acquired all share capital in Artetch Circuits. Artetch's Richard Wood-Roe, managing director; and Richard Evans, financial director, will support the handover in consultant roles.

Flextronics Details Global Expansion Strategy at European Supply Chain Convention

When deciding where to add manufacturing infrastructure, Flextronics' largest concern, O'Kelley said, is materials supply and pricing.

APEX Keynotes Look to Space, Future

(October 6, 2006) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — Buzz Aldrin, Ph.D. and American astronaut, and three PCB industry guides will give their interpretations of the future at the IPC Printed Circuits Expo, APEX, and Designers Summit, February 20 – 22, 2007 in Los Angeles, Calif.

Photo Stencil Promotes Two Members

(October 6, 2006) COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Photo Stencil, a company of Eagle Electronics, LLC, promoted Mike Burgess to vice president of sales and Val Quinones to director of sales. Both will continue to focus on customer service in these positions.

Gail Flower to Keynote SWEPEX

(October 6, 2006) PLANO, Texas — SMT Magazine editor-in-chief Gail Flower will provide a keynote address at the Southwest Electronics Production Exposition (SWEPEX), November 14 – 15, 2006, in Plano, Texas. At the November 15th luncheon, Flower will interpret the progression of the SMT industry as a "dance," spinning "upside down and round."

GlobalTRONICS 2006 Notes RoHS Importance

(October 5, 2006) SINGAPORE — GlobalTRONICS, October 10 – 13 in Singapore, will emphasize the effect of the RoHS Directive on electronics manufacturing. Pooling design service, technology, and manufacturing service providers, the show will allow all aspects of SMT assembly to be represented and educated on environmentally friendly electronics manufacturing.

Pick-and-Place Head Targets High-throughput

(October 4, 2006) Hampton, N.J. — Ultra-low-mass, two-axis, and compact, IntellePro, Inc.'s IPROBE is a pick-and-place head targeted for high-throughput manufacturing that uses multiple, ganged heads. The product requires a 20-mm center and has a mass of 300 gms.

Zuken, Rio Partner on Chip to PCB Design

(October 4, 2006) MUNICH, Germany; WESTFORD, Mass.; and YOKOHAMA, Japan — Zuken and Rio Design Automation, with some collaboration from Magma Design Automation, will work in a cooperative sales and technical development program to generate an optimized design environment from chip to package to PCB.

Submicron X-ray Detects Below 1 µm

(October 4, 2006) WUNSTORF, Germany — The microme|x submicron, high-resolution system from phoenix|x-ray Systems and Services enables manual and semi-automated solder joint inspection of BGAs, CSPs, MLFs, and QFPs. The X-ray inspection machine offers detail-detection below 1µm, with a total magnification of up to 13.300×.

Transition Automation Hires VP

(October 4, 2006) NORTH BILLERICA, Mass. — Alden D. Lewis joined Transition Automation, Inc., as vice president of sales. Lewis will expand the squeegee systems company's sales department and help to integrate R&D developments into large-scale SMT production operations.

MW Associates Expands Team

(October 3, 2006) NAPLES, Fla. — MW Associations, a marketing agency serving the electronics industry has added Susan Woods to its management team.

Service Notifies of Part Changes

(October 3, 2006) ROCHESTER, NY — EMA Design Automation announced the availability of products and services for component event management. Provided by PCNAlert, the offering brings end-of-life and other supply chain related notices to PCB designers.

Book-to-Bill Strong, Should Continue

(October 2, 2006) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — The North American rigid circuit book-to-bill ratio for August 2006 rose to 1.06, while the flexible book-to-bill ratio grew to 1.05, shows a recent release from IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries. The combined industry book-to-bill, encompassing rigid and flex circuits, was 1.05.

Awards Recognize Industry Products

(October 2, 2006) CHICAGO — In a September 27th ceremony during SMTA International, 19 Global Technology awards were presented to companies within the electronics manufacturing industry. Attentiveness to lead-free manufacturing and assembly automation garnered specific praise.

ATExpo Concludes Three-Day Rosemont Run

One of the major announcements was the decision by the SMTA to split from ATExpo and start their own event next year.

Morey Corporation Invests in Innovation

(September 28, 2006) WOODRIDGE, Ill. — Expanding on its engineering and test capabilities, Morey Corporation will break ground on its 26,300-square-foot, two-story technical research center — the Richard R. Morey Innovation Center. The facility, which will be built in 2007, will be located adjacent to the company's headquarters.

Titan Optimizes PCB Plant

(September 28, 2006) AMESBURY, Mass. — Titan Global Holdings, Inc., will implement an optimization plan in its Mass.-based Titan East PCB plant. The process criteria will be based on a similar program implemented in the Titan West advanced circuit board production facility, located in Fremont, Calif.

Henkel Names Global Product Manager

(September 28, 2006) IRVINE, Calif. — Jason Brandi was appointed to global product manager for phase change and thermal adhesives within the electronics group of Henkel. The company noted the increasing importance of thermal management as part of the promotion.

Valor Introduces Lifecycle Management Toolset

(September 27, 2006) Israel — Valor Computerized Systems Ltd. announced vShare as a product life cycle management toolset that supports design for manufacture (DfM) collaboration between PCB design and engineering teams across global supply chains.

SMTAI Panel Summarizes Future Technologies

(September 27, 2006) CHICAGO — The lure of free beer and pretzels rarely fails to invoke a crowd. The Emerging Technologies panel at SMTAI drew attendees to explore trends in packaging, nanotechnology, lead-free, the EMS industry, RFID, and wireless technologies. The panel was an opportunity to discuss the various, and sometimes disparate, rapidly developing technologies that affect the surface mount industry.

Future Directions in Packaging at SMTAI

(September 27, 2006) CHICAGO — SMT's panel at SMTAI focused on the possibilities and trends opening up in the packaging realm, and the relevant surface mount technologies that accompany them. SMT editor-in-chief Gail Flower moderated the panel, with managing editor Michelle Boisvert to co-chair. The main point that could not be emphasized enough was the effect of 3-D packaging on the industry.

Siemens, Factory Logic Team for Lean Integration

(September 27, 2006) AUSTIN, Texas — As part of an OEM agreement, Siemens Automation & Drives (A&D) will integrate Factory Logic's Lean Operations Suite into its SIPLACE manufacturing solutions. This venture targets manufacturers and OEM suppliers looking to integrate lean capabilities on the factory floor.

SMTAI Heads for Warmer Shores

(September 26, 2006) CHICAGO — The SMTA International Conference, currently taking place in Chicago, Ill., will move from the windy shores of the Great Lakes to the warm and breezy peninsular state of Florida.

Jabil Reports Record Fourth Quarter & Fiscal Year 2006 Revenues

We expect to open fiscal 2007 with another record quarter of revenue in the range of $3.1 to $3.3 billion and expect fiscal 2007 revenue growth of approximately 20 percent.

Prices on Raw Materials Rise

(September 25, 2006) CHANDLER, Ariz. — Isola Group, S.a.r.l., announced prices in North America will increase in Q'04 2006, a measure used to cover rising costs for raw materials.

Plexus to Expand Capacity and Capabilities in Malaysia

The new facility will be Plexus' third plant in Malaysia and will provide an additional 364,000 square feet of manufacturing space for the company.

EMS Provider Adds Test Machines

(September 22, 2006) MONCHENGLADBACH, Germany — Schlafhorst Electronics expanded its test field by adding a SPEA-made flying-probe tester, type 4040 Hi-line. Schlafhorst operates manufacturing sites in Mönchengladbach, Germany and Lubsko, Poland.

SMT/HYBRID/PACKAGING Calls for Tutorials

(September 21, 2006) NUREMBURG, Germany — SMT/HYBRID/PACKAGING 2007, an exhibition and conference on system integration in microelectronics, is accepting applications for tutorial presentations in several packaging and assembly fields.

Industry Voices Call for U.S. RoHS

(September 21, 2006) CHICAGO — While EU member states adjust to RoHS guidelines, many members of the SMT industry in the U.S. are calling for similar standards domestically. Whether influenced by environmental concerns, component availability issues, global trends, or simply a desire to see laws on manufacturing and disposal standardized across all 50 states, several government, consumer, and industry groups have put forth proposals for RoHS- and WEEE-based documents in the U.S.

ESD Flooring Company Covers Shanghai

(September 20, 2006) Cleveland, Ohio — ICS Garland Inc. opened an office in Shanghai, China, which will be under the direction of Nina Tan, COO, ICS Garland. The company will operate manufacturing and marketing for electrostatic discharge- (ESD-) control flooring systems for the Asian region. The high number of electronics facilities manufacturing in China makes the area lucrative for an ESD flooring company, said Tan.

Lithium-ion Battery Woes Continue

By Meredith Courtemanche, assistant editor - - (September 20, 2006) TOKYO — A World Travel news release came into the Pennwell offices today, warning that both Korean Air and Australian Quantas Air have banned Dell and Apple laptops on flights. While this might be difficult for business travelers married to their portable offices, it raises more concerns for manufacturer reputation and marketability. Since the Dell recall was announced last month, ramifications have spread.

"Federal RoHS Legislation Is Imperative", Warns Newark InOne, As EU Law Takes Hold

"Increasing and varying state-by-state rules are already causing unnecessary complexity for electronic manufacturers and distributors who must try to track and meet them all."

Cadence Design-in Targets Memory

(September 19, 2006) SAN JOSE, CA — Cadence Design Systems, Inc., created the Allegro double data rate 2 (DDR2) design-in intellectual property (IP) portfolio with Altera of San Jose, Calif., and Micron, based in Boise, Idaho, to optimize DDR2 interfaces on PCBs.

Wire Dots Replace Glue on PCBs

(September 19, 2006) Haverhill, Mass. — Flextac Wire Dots create a wire-tacking system that replaces quick-set glues to attach jumper wires or pads for engineering change orders (ECOs) to PCBs. The CircuitMedic product consists of precut, thin, flexible polymer film membranes with an electronics-grade, permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive coating on one side.

Synova Opens 2nd U.S. Micromachining Center

(September 18, 2006) LAUSANNE, Switzerland — Synova will open its second U.S.-based micromachining center (MMC) in Boston, Mass., for high-precision electronics manufacturing. Set to open in January 2007, the center will operate in tandem with a West Coast site, under construction in Silicon Valley. Synova will use the facility as a competence center for demonstrations, sample tests, and application development.

Protean's Heimsch to Chair EMS Session

(September 18, 2006) READING, U.K. — The director and brand strategy specialist of Protean Marketing, Rich Heimsch, will participate as an industry expert at the 2006 European Supply Chain Convention (ESCC), October 4 – 5 in Cologne, Germany.

PROMATION Opens Texas Facilities

(September 15, 2006) KENOSHA, Wis. — To expand capacity of its automation segment, PROMATION, Inc., completed a move into two production buildings.

Elcoteq and Andrew Broaden Partnership

(September 14, 2006) IRVING, Texas — Elcoteq SE and Andrew Corporation signed a global, long-term manufacturing supply agreement that is expected to increase Elcoteq's 2007 net sales by about 80 million euros. Elcoteq will consolidate and manage the supply chain of Andrew's European filter business. The company will also facilitate Andrew's manufacturing and assembly in Mexico, on a turnkey basis.

Prototype PCB Reaches 16 Layers

(September 14, 2006) BERGEN, Norway — Elprint released the results of a test development to create a 16-layer board in its facility. Additional tests will be run to determine design rules for production.

AAA Names Reps

(September 14, 2006) SAN DIEGO — CAPLINQ Nederland became Advanced Applied Adhesives' (AAA's) representative in the Middle East, North Africa (MENA), and Europe, replacing the now-defunct Norel. Located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, CAPLINQ was founded by Christopher Perabo, who previously held a field applications engineer post with Henkel's Semiconductor Materials division.

Tyco's Rhythm Solders Odd Forms

(September 14, 2006) HARRISBURG, Pa. — The Rhythm selective soldering system from Tyco Electronics presents solder from the underside of the board without additional tooling or accessories. This system is said to provide an effective entry point to solder thru-hole and odd-form components into surface mount and mixed-technology PCBs.

PartnerTech Acquires Hansatech Group

Aiming to further strengthen its presence in Europe, PartnerTech AB has acquired a 100 percent stake in The Hansatech Group in UK.

Zuken Updates Programs

(September 12, 2006) MUNICH, Germany and WESTFORD, Mass. — Zuken released its latest version of CADSTAR 9.0, a desktop PCB-design solution, along with updates to CADSTAR 3D, a version that enables 3-D design.

Valor Acquires Software from EO Tech

(September 12, 2006) YAVNE, Israel — Valor Computerized Systems Ltd. acquired numerous technologies from EO Tech GmbH (Switzerland), including software technologies that apply to inspection and test, workflow management, and quality control. EO Tech engineers will also join Valor's operations.

Kester Finalizes EasySpheres Agreement

(September 11, 2006) DES PLAINES, Ill. — Kester and EasySpheres have finalized a marketing and distribution agreement for Ultra-Spheres and TSF interconnect fluxes. Kester products will be inventoried and sold through the distributor.

Partnership Generates Board Manufacture Interface

(September 8, 2006) LAKE FOREST, CA and LAS VEGAS — Direct Logix and PROMS, Inc., announced a technology partnership that led to the creation of a fully developed, bi-directional interface between applications from the information management and manufacturing solutions suppliers.

MicroFETs Conserve Space, Energy

(September 8, 2006) SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — Fairchild Semiconductor created 11 MicroFET MOSFETs for high-volume portable products. Thermally enhanced, compact, and low-profile, the power switches integrate proprietary Power Trench technology into a 2- × 2- × 0.8-mm molded leadless package (MLP). The line was designed to conserve space in compact, dense end-products.

Solectron Wins Multi-Year Manufacturing Contract from Sun Microsystems for StorageTek Products

"Over the years, Solectron has become a valued partner in helping to deliver on attributes that differentiate Sun from the competition, which is among the key reasons we chose Solectron for this contract."

SAW Oscillator Meets Jitter Requirements

(September 7, 2006) FORT MYERS, Fla. — The Model CVS575 622.08-MHz voltage-controlled SAW oscillator (VCSO) meets low-jitter-generation requirements for telecommunications applications. Crystek Corporation designed the surface mount VCSO for high-performance PLLs.

Intel Restructures

(September 7, 2006) SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Intel provided an overview of its restructuring plan for the long-term future, detailing reductions in workforce, merchandising expenses, capital, and materials to stay competitive in new markets and applications. Intel warns against focusing solely on the competition with AMD, which is "only a piece of this," according to Chuck Mulloy, corporate spokesman for Intel.

Richard L. Appleby Joins Elcoteq as Director of Americas Operations

Appleby's expertise includes management of operations, including manufacturing of desktop, workstation, and notebook computers, original design manufacturing (ODM), New Product Introduction, and supply chain.

IPC, CPCA to Hold Symposium

(September 6, 2006) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC?Association Connecting Electronics Industries, and the China Printed Circuits Association (CPCA) co-announced the third annual Global Board Technology Symposium, "Working Together to Advance Industry Capability," October 13 – 14, 2006, in Shenzhen, China.

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