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Latest Articles

Productronica '05 to Feature 'EMS Village'

(October 28, 2005) MUNICH — Productronica 2005, to take place from November 15–18 in Munich, will feature the "EMS Village" — an information and discussion platform for EMS providers and users. It will be located in Hall A6 and will be at its second Productronica show, reflecting the immense significance of the growing industry.

Process Control Tool Helps to Kick Off Production

(October 28, 2005) MORRISON, Colo. — ScanINSPECT VPI from ScanCAD International qualifies each step of the assembly and fabrication process before production. This stand-alone system mixes a high-resolution, color flatbed scanner with a dual lighting system to provide a platform that verifies all of the process components before they reach the manufacturing floor.

Ironwood Releases Latest Short-form Catalog

(October 27, 2005) EAGAN, Minn. — Ironwood Electronics recently released its latest short-form catalog, version 19, which contains such products as Ironwood's 0.4-mm-pitch BGA and QFN sockets with 10+ GHz bandwidth and 500,000 insertions.

PCB Systems Design Suite Targets Global Manufacturing

(October 27, 2005) WILSONVILLE, Ore. — Mentor Graphics Corp. introduced its Expedition Enterprise flow for PCB systems design, enabling large companies to leverage multi-disciplined design team resources while providing global access to intellectual property (IP). The solution also gives companies the ability to integrate design data with corporate PLM, as well as supply chain and manufacturing systems.

Solectron Expands Guadalajara Plant with New Capabilities

(October 27, 2005) GUADALAJARA, Mexico — Solectron Corp. has recently expanded its capabilities in Guadalajara by creating an Enclosure Center and a Technology Excellence Center. The facility will focus on providing PCB assembly manufacturing and enclosures, system integration and design and engineering services to Solectron's customers worldwide.

Die Attach Adhesive Self-fillets During Ramp-up

(October 26, 2005) SAN DIEGO — Advanced Applied Adhesives' AAA1002A self-filleting die attach adhesive exhibits capillary flow during a programmed temperature ramp-up. It is said to achieve 100% area coverage under the die without producing a bulky fillet that can overflow onto the top of thin die before it reaches the cure onset temperature.

IPC's Book-to-Bill Ratio Reaches Positive Heights in September '05

(October 26, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC's North American rigid PCB industry book-to-bill ratio for September 2005 rose to 1.07, while the North American flexible circuit book-to-bill ratio continued high at 1.52. Also, the combined (rigid and flex) book-to-bill ratio in September continued its climb to 1.18. These ratios are based on monthly data collected from PCB producers that participate in IPC's monthly PCB Statistical Program.

Lead-Free Solder: A Train Wreck In The Making

Everyone seems powerless to do anything to head off the catastrophe, yet no one can tear his eyes away from the impending crash

Flextronics Reports a Loss

Net sales for the second quarter ended September 30, 2005 were $3.9 billion compared to $4.1 billion in the year ago quarter

Edge Cards Facilitate Board-to-board Interconnection

(October 25, 2005) SAN MARCOS, Calif. — Sullins Electronics has expanded its existing high-temperature edge card series to now include staggered dip solder and card extender/SMT parts, as well as those featuring right-angle bend terminations.

IPC Honors Members, Company at IPCWorks '05

(October 25, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC–Association Connecting Electronics Industries is honoring 28 individuals and one company at IPCWorks 2005, currently happening from October 24� in Las Vegas, for their contributions to IPC and the electronics interconnect industry.

Free Webinar to Target Tin Whisker Challenges

(October 24, 2005) FRANKLIN, Mass. — Speedline Technologies' experts will address tin whisker challenges and their issues in SMT manufacturing in a free, live Webinar, titled "Tin Whiskers," on November 17th, from 11:00 a.m. to noon EST. Tin whiskers, or the small protrusions of tin that can "grow" from tin-plated surfaces that can cause electrical short circuits, have cause for concern due to the industry's movement to lead-free manufacturing.

Atlanta-based Workshop to Focus on Conformal Coating, Dispensing

(October 24, 2005) CARLSBAD, Calif. — Asymtek, Dow Corning, Emerson & Cuming, Henkel Technologies and Humiseal will hold a conformal coating and dispensing workshop on November 8, 2005, at the Center for Board Assembly Research/Manufacturing Research Center (MARC) at Georgia Tech University in Atlanta. New information on conformal coating and best practices for jetting and other electronic assembly dispensing from both material and equipment perspectives is the aim of the workshop.

Elektrobit to Display Automation Line at Productronica '05

(October 21, 2005) OULUNSALO, Finland — Elektrobit Group plc will exhibit its complete JOT Automation line, featuring a bare board unstacker, laser marker, segment conveyor, high-speed router and a single flat-belt conveyor at Productronica, to be held November 15–18, 2005, in Munich. The functioning line will demonstrate boards being routed into several straight-edged pieces to showcase the high-speed router's capabilities, for example.

Upcoming Pan Pacific Symposium to Present Latest R&D Findings

(October 21, 2005) MINNEAPOLIS — The SMTA's 11th Annual Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium, to be held January 17–19, 2006, at the Hapuna Prince Hotel on the Big Island of Hawaii, will feature a vendor display and technical conference that shares the latest findings in R&D and provides a means for sharing business ideas to improve collaboration globally.

Indium to Show WEEE/RoHS-compliant Offering at Productronica '05

(October 20, 2005) UTICA, N.Y. — Indium Corp. will display its lead-free electronics assembly materials for WEEE and RoHS compliance at the Productronica show in Munich on November 15–18, 2005, and Indium's booth will be located in A3-550.

NEDA and ERA Host Electronics Industry Sales and Marketing Conference

(October 20, 2005) ALPHARETTA, Ga. — The Electronics Representatives Association (ERA) and the National Electronic Distributors Association (NEDA) have teamed to sponsor the 2006 Electronics Industry Sales and Marketing Conference on March 28–31, 2006, in Tampa, Fla. The conference is designed specifically for representatives, distributors and manufacturers to focus on sales and marketing efforts.

New PU and PVA Materials Suit CMP Machinery

(October 20, 2005) CHANDLER, Ariz. — Ceiba Technologies' polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) sponge materials are produced in roller and sheet forms for absorbing fluids and particulate wastes; scrubbing surfaces; and applying uniform coatings. Manufactured to exacting specifications and tolerances that provide lot-to-lot consistency, the PU material is formulated for softness in both wet and dry conditions, combined with abrasion and chemical resistance.

Video Inspection Tool Meshes Optics and Components

(October 20, 2005) CAMBRIDGE, U.K. — The MS500C Micro-Scopeman is a high-resolution integrated video inspection tool for real-time inspection and QA tasks, and is now available from Moritex Europe Ltd. Integrating advanced optics, fiberoptics and CCD components into a CCD microscope system, the MS500C provides a magnified image on a TV or video monitor by pointing at the target.

iNEMI to Debut European '07 Roadmap Efforts at Productronica '05

(October 20, 2005) HERNDON, Va. — The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) will hold the first regional meeting to kick off its latest industry roadmap at Productronica 2005, to be held November 15–18 in Munich. - Co-sponsored by Fraunhofer IZM, IEEE's Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology (CPMT) Society and IMAPS Europe, the meeting is scheduled for November 16th at the New Munich Trade Fair Center.

Content Management Toolset Enables Collaboration at Multiple Sites

(October 19, 2005) OOSTERHOUT, The Netherlands — Adeon Technologies BV launched the CXInsight for Electronics, a project content management system that allows internal and external collaboration between project members across OEM and manufacturing sites.

KIC Announces Homepage Redesign

(October 19, 2005) SAN DIEGO — KIC has redesigned its Website's homepage to provide a straightforward layout where visitors can learn about KIC's solutions. The redesign aims to aid the transition to lead-free production and includes such lead-free highlights as KIC's Lead-free Seminar Series and the KIC Advantage, which provides an overview of KIC and its technologies.

Boundary-scan Tester Validates Features Prior to Prototype

(October 18, 2005) RICHARDSON, Texas — ASSET InterTech Inc.'s DFT Analyzer is said to reduce manufacturing and test costs by validating the boundary-scan design-for-test (DFT) features in a circuit-board design before prototype assembly. It also determines the extent of a design's boundary-scan test coverage, recommending changes that would increase coverage.

In-line Multi-head Dispenser Handles Six Heads

(October 18, 2005) IRVINE, Calif. — MIMOT released an in-line dispenser based on its accurate, positive displacement auger valve. The unite features an overall dispense capacity of 40,000 d/h and can be equipped with up to six dispense heads.

IPC/JEDEC Lead-free Conference to Target Components and Assemblies

(October 17, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC–Association Connecting Electronics Industries and JEDEC will host the 11th International Conference on Lead-free Electronic Components and Assemblies on December 6–8, 2005, in Boston. To help prepare for such issues as new alloys and materials evaluations, inspection changes, tin whiskers, reliability and increased assembly costs, top experts will come together to deliver an educational program and technical conference.

Compact Connectors Provide Mini Docking Capabilities

(October 17, 2005) LISLE, Ill. — The CradleCon connector system from Molex Inc. offers a compact solution for applications using a cradle-docking function, such as digital cameras, audio players, mobile phones and other portable consumer items. The dual-row, 0.50-mm-pitch system is available in various SMT board-to-board options and custom cable versions.

MYDATA to Unveil 'Extended' Placement Machine Version in Europe

(October 17, 2005) STOCKHOLM, Sweden — MYDATA automation AB introduced its MY-Series Extended (E) model to the European market. The model, which initially launched at APEX 2005 in Anaheim, Calif., reportedly handles a range of components at high speed on a variety of board sizes.

Productronica '05 to Aid the Industry's Lead-free Transition

(October 14, 2005) CHICAGO — Productronica 2005, to be held November 15–18, 2005, in Munich, Germany, will aim to help electronics production experts and professionals in their transition to environmentally friendly practices and products. Show attendees will be able to gain firsthand information on the status of lead-free technologies and the latest processes in compliance with the new regulations.

Speedline Receives Patent for Bridge Detection Method

(October 14, 2005) FRANKLIN, Mass. — Speedline Technologies has received U.S. Patent #6,891,967 for its MPM BridgeVision inspection method. Awarded for its innovative analysis technique used to quantify both the amount and geometry of solder paste between printed deposits, the technique uses the solder paste's texture to identify its position relative to the smooth pad and solder mask. This method shows the difference between the gray solder paste and the dark solder mask.

Scalable Handling Solution Targets Servo Gantry Applications

(October 13, 2005) CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A complete, scalable gantry solution for handling applications, Bosch Rexroth Corp.'s IndraMotion includes necessary hardware and software components with predefined motion function blocks to run pick-and-place and loading/unloading machinery. Powered by an IndraControl L40 Motion Logic controller, IndraMotion controls Cartesian gantries with up to three linear axes (X, Y and Z) and three rotary axes (A, B and C) of motion.

Delphi Corp. Files Voluntary Chapter 11

(October 13, 2005) TROY, Mich. — Delphi Corp. announced the company and 38 of its domestic subsidies filed voluntary petitions for business reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in an effort to preserve the value of the company and complete its transformation plan to resolve existing legacy issues and the high cost of U.S. operations.

Recent Lead-free Technology Workshop Delivers

(October 12, 2005) FLEMINGTON, N.J. and IRVINE, Calif. — DEK and Henkel's collaboration on their Hands-on, Lead-free Technology Workshop proved successful, and was held September 22–23, 2005, in Chicago, prior to the Assembly Technology Expo/SMTA International exhibition and conference held September 27–29.

Kester's Chemical Line Sees Price Increases

(October 12, 2005) DES PLAINES, Ill. — Effective October 15, 2005, many of Kester's fluxes, thinners and associated chemical products will see price increases. Several of the raw materials used in Kester's chemical products have risen 64% in the past year and 100% since the beginning of 2004. Chemicals linked to the petroleum industry, such as alcohol solvents and oils have reached a point where Kester must pass these costs along to customers.

Universal Instruments Restructures in Binghamton and Bangalore

(October 11, 2005) BINGHAMTON, N.Y. — Universal Instruments Corp. announced infrastructure and staffing changes aimed at increasing product quality, sales growth and customer satisfaction in its Binghamton and Bangalore, India facilities.

Teradyne Sells Connection Systems Division

(October 11, 2005) BOSTON — Teradyne has reached an agreement to sell its Nashua, N.H.-based Connection Systems division to Amphenol Corporation for $390 million cash. Connection Systems is a supplier of high-speed, high-density connectors, as well as high-performance PCBs and backplane interconnect systems.

Indium's Weiping Liu Joins International Scientific Advisory Board

(October 11, 2005) CLINTON, N.Y. — The American Welding Society, ASM International and the International Brazing and Soldering 2006 organizing committee have invited Indium's Weiping Liu, Ph.D., a research metallurgist, to join the conference's International Scientific Advisory Board.

Wohler Technologies Policy on RoHS & WEEE

Will Wohler, President & Founder of Wohler Technologies, Inc., speaks out against the RoHS & WEEE Directives...

Siemens Establishes Singapore Hub for Asia Manufacturing

By Gail Flower, Editor-in-Chief - (October 10, 2005) SINGAPORE — In September 2005, Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems delivered its first high-speed Siplace placement machine produced at the company's new SMT manufacturing plant in Singapore

Pb- and N2-free Solder Uses Extended Heat Profiles

(October 10, 2005) LONDONDERRY, N.H. — Cobar introduced the SAC4-XM7S solder paste for lead-free and nitrogen-free processing. The paste, which remains stable and active during extended heating at elevated temperatures, does not require a nitrogen blanket and is said to offer a robust printing window.

Geotest Expands Regional Sales Team

(October 10, 2005) IRVINE, Calif. — Geotest-Marvin Test Systems has added Bob Szpila to its sales team as western regional sales manager, overseeing the company's sales force in the western and Rocky Mountain states.

SMTA Honors Members at SMTA International

(October 7, 2005) MINNEAPOLIS — During the annual SMTA meeting at SMTA International, the association honored members who have shown exceptional service to the SMTA and the industry.

PennWell Acquires Small Times Magazine

(October 7, 2005) TULSA — PennWell Corporation has acquired Small Times Magazine, which covers the nanotechnology, MEMs and microsystems markets.

Kyzen to Showcase Cleaning Solutions at Medical Design Show

(October 7, 2005) NASHVILLE — Kyzen Corporation will showcase its Metalnox M6440, Metalnox M6434 and Aquanox 4630 cleaning solutions at the MD&M Medical Design and Manufacturing show scheduled for November 2-3, 2005, at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Neal Bender Joins IPC as Membership Director

(October 7, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries has named Neal Bender membership director responsible for developing, implementing and directing IPC's membership recruitment and retention programs.

SMART Group Publishes Lead-free Experience Report

The report, produced by Bob Willis, SMART Group technical director, is available free-of-charge...

Bench Top CNC Terminal Inserter Intros

(October 6, 2005) MOUNT KISCO, N.Y. — Zierick Manufacturing introduced a fully automatic CNC insertion system. Measuring 3' x 3' x 2' high, the bench top Model 9700 XY Positioning System is suitable for production lines and the needs of contract manufacturers. Its modular tooling is said to reduce downtime between terminal changeovers.

SMART Group Publishes Lead-free Experience Report

(October 6, 2005) BUCKS, England — The SMART Group, with support from LEADOUT, a European-wide lead-free projects, developed the Lead-free Experience3 to assist small- and medium-volume producers. The third-annual Lead-free Experience offered engineers a hands-on experience with all aspects of lead-free materials and production equipment.

EMS/ODM Growth Slow Compared to 2004

(October 5, 2005) ALAMEDA, Calif. — Growth within the electronics and outsourcing markets is slowing, but top-line growth should continue in most segments, claimed Technology Forecasters Inc (TFI) analyst Matt Chanoff, during TFI's annual Five Year Forecast at the Quarterly Forum in Toronto.

OK to Launch Lead-free Solutions at Productronica '05

(October 4, 2005) MENLO PARK, Calif. — In response to ever-increasing global demand for lead-free hand soldering, rework and fume extraction systems ahead of the WEEE and RoHS deadlines, OK International will launch a new range developed under the single OK International brand specifically for lead-free processes. Through the on-stand "Lead-Free Kiosk," customers will be able to meet OK's lead-free process experts to help resolve any hand soldering and rework application issues.

High-volume Selective Solder System Highlighted

(October 4, 2005) WILLOW GROVE, Pa. — The Automation Group of Tyco Electronics showcased its Harmony-SPX, a multi-axis Cartesian Robot designed to selectively solder thru-hole and odd-form components into surface mount and mixed-technology PCBs at last week's Assembly Technology Expo in Rosemont, Ill.

IPC Works with IT and Computer Industries to Develop Quality and Manufacturing Process Standards

"IPC is a perfect match for our efforts as they represent all levels of the electronics supply chain. Because of its long history of standards-setting activities

PROMATION to Display Select Offerings at SMTA/IMAPS Dallas

(October 3, 2005) KENOSHA, Wis. — PROMATION will have a mini display booth at this year's SMTA/IMAPS Vendor Days, to be held October 11, 2005, at the Richardson Civic Center in Dallas. At the exhibit, DG Marketing's Kent Donaldson, Bob Powledge, Dan Greaves and John Van Meter will be available to offer advice on PROMATION's automated solutions.

ZESTRON Appoints New Southern States Sales Rep

(October 3, 2005) ASHBURN, Va. — ZESTRON America has signed Dallas-based EMI Systems to be the sole provider of ZESTRON's products and services in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mexico. This appointment aims to meet increased customer demand and continued market growth.

Stencil-free Jet Printer Reduces Production Errors

(October 3, 2005) STOCKHOLM, Sweden — MYDATA automation AB's MY500 stencil-free jet printer uses Jet Printing Technology to shoot volumes of solder paste at 500 dots/s, or 1.8 million dots/h. Because the MY500 does not require stencils, operators can change the print program in seconds and control the volume of solder paste deposits for each pad.

Solectron Drives Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing to its Suppliers

First Annual Award Judges Include Lean author, Jim Womack and Toyota Production System Expert Chichiro Nakao-San

Advanced SCARA Robots Offer High-speed Operations

(September 30, 2005) ELK GROVE, Ill. — Toshiba Machine's TH550 and TH850 SCARA robots are said to offer high-speed operations, high payload capacities and low-profile form factors.

Schoch Named VP Sales for Elcoteq Americas

(September 30, 2005) IRVING, TX — Elcoteq Network Corporation appointed Mitchell Schoch to vice president sales and marketing, Elcoteq Americas. Schoch's appointment is part of the company's focus on implementation strategy to continue profitable growth, diversification of Elcoteq's customer base and expansion of its service offering.

IPC Releases New Book-to-Bill Ratios and IMS/PCB Business Report for August 2005

The North American rigid PCB industry book-to-bill ratio for August 2005 returned to the positive range at 1.01

Tombstone Troubleshooting

The issue of tombstoning has risen to prominence because, while components and assemblies have become much smaller over the last decade

Automated Device Programming System Featured at ATExpo

(September 29, 2005) REDMOND, Wash. — Data I/O showcased its PS588 high-speed offline production programming system for high-volume, high-mix device programming at ATExpo, September 27-29, 2005, in Rosemont, Ill.

Kester Opens Facility in China

(September 29, 2005) DES PLAINES, Ill. — Kester announced the opening of a new manufacturing and technical center in Suzhou, China, outside of Shanghai. The China facility will meet the demands of China's growing electronics assembly market.

Ionic Contamination Test System Features Bluetooth

(September 29, 2005) INDIANAPOLIS — Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) introduced the SCS lonograph SMD IV ionic contamination test system. The SMD IV uses an ultra-pure alcohol/water extraction media and a dynamic testing method to test components quickly and without destruction.

IPC Supports EPA's Efforts to Streamline TRI Reporting

"IPC certainly appreciates EPA's efforts, but we're a bit disheartened that the EPA's proposals will not provide the manufacturing sector, including the electronics industry with

Flextronics to Build New Facility in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

The service offering at this facility will include product Configure-to- Order (CTO)/Build-to-Order (BTO), product completion and pack-out, mechanical services and logistics, such as repair and distribution

Jabil Revenue Increases 20%

Net revenue for the fiscal year increased 20 percent to $7.5 billion compared to $6.3 billion for fiscal 2004

Technology and Business Consulting Firm Debuts

(September 23, 2005) DALLAS — TechBiz Consulting LLC assists companies with technical problems encountered in electronic design and manufacturing, as well as small business challenges that may arise. The company plans to launch its official opening at SMTA International Conference and ATExpo in Rosemont, Ill., September 27, 2005.

PROMATION Enhances Corporate Website

Hover-Davis to Offer Cogiscan-based Intelligent Feeding Solutions

(September 23, 2005) ROCHESTER, N.Y. and BROMONT, Quebec — Hover-Davis and Cogiscan announce the second phase of their long-term strategic partnership. Under a global OEM reselling agreement, Hover-Davis will offer Cogiscan RFID hardware and software applications that mix with their tape feeders, label feeders, and Direct Die feeders. Hover-Davis will now be able to provide intelligent feeding solutions that can seamlessly integrate with existing equipment and information systems.

Vitronics Soltec Names New President

(September 23, 2005) STRATHAM, N.H. — Effective September 20, 2005, Vitronics Soltec has appointed Erik Tobiason as its new president, following five years of serving as president of Graphics Microsystems Inc. (GMI), a Dover Diversified Company. Tobiason began his career with Dover as vice president of engineering and R&D of GMI. Prior to joining GMI, he held positions in engineering and technology management with front-end semiconductor companies in the Silicon Valley.

Outsourcing in Europe is Focus of TFI Forum in Munich

(September 22, 2005) ALAMEDA, Calif. — Technology Forecasters Inc. (TFI) will hold a special Quarterly Forum for Outsourced Manufacturing and Supply Chain event on November 2–4, 2005, in Munich, Germany. To be hosted by Avnet Electronics Marketing, the event will include a new report based on TFI's extensive European interviews and research on the EMS industry based in that region.

Color Polyimide Labels Suit Lead-free and Standard Processes

(September 22, 2005) WESTMORELAND, N.H. — Polyonics Inc.'s 1- and 2-mil color polyimide labels are coated with a permanent, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive and a high-opacity, medium-gloss topcoat available in six tinted colors — pink, yellow, orange, blue, green and violet. They are thermal-transfer-printable and scan with both visible and IR scanners.

YESTech to Debut New AOI System Series at ATExpo '05

(September 21, 2005) SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — YESTech will introduce its new F1 series automated optical inspection (AOI) systems at the upcoming Assembly Technology Expo (ATExpo), to be held September 27–29 in Rosemont, Ill. The new F1 provides advanced automated inspection of solder and lead defects, component presence and position, correct part, polarity and thru-hole parts.

Henkel to Display Environmental Product Suite at Productronica '05

(September 21, 2005) IRVINE, Calif. — The global transition to lead-free is propelling the electronics group of Henkel to exhibit its comprehensive lead-free product range at Productronica 2005, to be held November 15–18, in Munich. Henkel's lead-free offering will include a range of product and material sets, to be shown at booth A3.153 in Hall A3.

Praxair to Feature Panasonic Robotic Welding at Upcoming Show

(September 20, 2005) BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. — Praxair Distribution, Inc. will feature a robotic welding system from Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America at the National Factory Automation Show, to be held October 17–20, 2005, at the National Trade Center in Toronto. There, Praxair will display its gas- and wire-delivery systems for cutting and welding applications using Panasonic robotic welding systems.

MYDATA to Show 01005 Component Handling at Productronica '05

(September 20, 2005) STOCKHOLM, Sweden — MYDATA Automation AB will demonstrate high-speed 01005 component placement at the approaching Productronica trade show in Munich on November 15–18, 2005. The latest version of the Agilis 3.7 feeder and new high-precision tools grant MYDATA's placement machines with the ability to handle 01005 chips at high speeds.

Indium Names New French Distributor

(September 19, 2005) UTICA, N.Y. — Indium Corp. of America has appointed CHIMIE TECH SERVICES SA (CTS) as its newest European distributor, covering France. CTS is responsible for sales and service of Indium's solder pastes, wave solder fluxes, solder wire and solder preforms portfolio, and has experience in supplying consumable materials and equipment for the manufacture of active and passive components.

Cooled Industrial Camera Available

(September 19, 2005) SAN DIEGO — The MegaPlus II EC11000, an actively cooled industrial camera, is now available from Redlake MASD LLC. It separates and isolates the camera's primary electronics from the sensors cooling path. A fan-optional design allows it to operate in cooling modes with or without a fan accessory attached.

RoHS Compliance Course Demos IPC-1752 Implementation

(September 16, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — To help companies through the RoHS transition, IPC–Association Connecting Electronics Industries will host "Ensuring RoHS Compliance Through Materials Declaration Tools: Implementing IPC-1752," on November 9, 2005, in Northbrook, Ill.

Technology Forecasters Hosts Outsourcing Workshop

(September 15, 2005) ALAMEDA, Calif. — Technology Forecasters Inc. (TFI) will host a TFI Global Pricing Workshop titled, "Mitigate the Risk of Global Manufacturing Outsourcing and Protect Your Margins," on October 5, 2005, in San Jose, Calif.

Samsung Certifies Zetex for RoHS Compliancy

(September 14, 2005) HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. — Samsung Electronics recently certified Zetex Semiconductors as an Eco-Partner Affiliate Company, meaning that Zetex's environmental management system has met Samsung's Green Procurement Program requirements in full. Aiming to create a completely green supply network, the Program requires that suppliers fully comply with the looming RoHS Directive.

Conformal Coating Workshops Head to Canada

(September 14, 2005) CARLSBAD, Calif. — Asymtek, Dow Corning, Dymax, EMI and Humiseal collectively will offer conformal coating workshops in Montreal and Toronto, Canada on October 11 and 13, 2005, respectively. Each one-day training program will teach attendees about the various types of available coatings, including silicone, acrylics, urethanes, UV-curable coatings and adhesives. The most recent automated equipment options for mask-free conformal coating will also be covered.

New Optimization Software to Debut at Productronica '05

(September 14, 2005) STOCKHOLM, Sweden — MYDATA Automation AB will debut its new MYPlan optimization and scheduling software, which is said to reduce production and changeover times, at Productronica 2005 in Munich, Germany from November 15–18, 2005. Features include an intuitive user interface, a built-in TPSys Editor and an integrated Web interface.

VoIP Subscriber Rush Spurs Equipment Boom

The number of residential VoIP subscribers worldwide will rise to 197.2 million in 2010, up more than 40-fold from 4.8 million in 2004

ANSYS, CoCreate Integrate 3-D CAD and Digital Simulation

(September 13, 2005) SOUTHPOINTE, Pa. — ANSYS, Inc. announces the availability of a direct connection between its ANSYS Workbench simulation environment and CoCreate's 3-D CAD software, where solid models created in CoCreate's Designer Modeling can be transferred directly to ANSYS' simulation environment. The integration also establishes an association with the 3-D CAD model so that changes made within Designer Modeling are updated within ANSYS Workbench.

Solectron's CFO Resigns; Senior VP to Assume Interim Role

(September 13, 2005) MILPITAS, Calif. — Solectron Corp.'s executive vice president and CFO, Kiran Patel, is leaving Solectron to become the CFO for Intuit Inc. Warren Ligan, Solectron's current senior vice president and corporate controller, will be assuming Patel's role on an interim basis while a search of internal and external candidates is conducted.

Aegis, FUJI Sign Software Integration Protocols Agreement

(September 13, 2005) PHILADELPHIA — Aegis Industrial Software Corp. has finalized an agreement with FUJI to share integration protocols to FUJI's FujiTrax software, enabling FujiTrax to seamlessly integrate to the Aegis MES systems for line monitoring, feeder setup and verification and traceability. Aegis now can offer FUJI and multivendor customers a singular Total Traceability and MES solution involving FUJI NXT and other FujiTrax-compliant lines.

Electronic Interconnection Files from SiliconPipe - No. 3

Performance per Unit Power ... Entering the era of the GHz/W metric

SMTA's Boston Chapter Schedules September Meeting

(September 12, 2005) FRANKLIN, Mass. — The SMTA Boston Chapter has scheduled its monthly meeting for Tuesday, September 20, 2005, at Speedline Technologies in Franklin, Mass. Topics include lead-free solder paste printing process accuracy requirements and an SMT stencil printer and dispenser manufacturing overview.

High-speed Photocouplers Help Reduce Component Count

(September 12, 2005) CAMAS, Wash. — Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas' S08 photocouplers line includes 1-, 15- and 25-Mbps devices in single-channel models, and 10-Mbps devices in both single- and dual-channel models. Each reportedly uses the industry-standard footprint and incorporates optimal noise immunity, high heat resistance and improved isolation characteristics.

Indium to Showcase Lead-free Offering at ATExpo '05

(September 9, 2005) UTICA, N.Y. — Indium Corp. of America will be exhibiting their lead-free materials portfolio at the Assembly Technology Expo (ATExpo) on September 26–28, 2005, in Rosemont, Ill. Indium's exhibit at booth #5631 will feature Indium5.1, a lead-free, no-clean solder paste with "response-to-pause" printing, and NF260, a reworkable, lead-free, no-flow underfill.

ZESTRON to Take Part in New England Lead-free Seminar

(September 9, 2005) ASHBURN, Va. — ZESTRON America is slated to take part in a lead-free seminar to be held on November 2, 2005, and hosted by MPS Associates in Westford, Mass. In collaboration with Speedline Technologies, REsys Inc., Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) and Alpha Metals, ZESTRON will deliver its knowledge on lead-free-related cleaning issues.

Four-in-One EMS Solution Targets HMLV Production

(September 8, 2005) CRANSTON, R.I. — A fully integrated manufacturing solution that combines four key electronics production processes: fiber interconnect, copper interconnect, mixed-technology PCBA and high-level assembly and test is available from Federal Electronics. The solution targets OEMs seeking high-mix, high-complexity, low-volume production of electronics components and assemblies.

iNEMI to Sponsor Upcoming RFID Forum

(September 8, 2005) HERNDON, Va. — The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) consortium will sponsor a forum targeting RFID technology on October 4, 2005, at the Sun Microsystems facility in Newark, Calif. Some organizations are making investments to implement RFID; however, others argue that RFID is equivalent to an expensive barcode and may never reach the promised return on investment.

ATExpo to Feature Cleaning Optimization Paper Presentation

(September 7, 2005) AUSTIN, Texas — Austin American Technology's Steve Stach and Kyzen Corp.'s Mike Bixenman will co-present a paper entitled, "Optimizing Cleaning Energy in Batch and In-line Cleaning Systems — Phase Two" in technical session SMT2 at the Assembly Technology Expo (ATExpo) on Tuesday, September 27, from 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. in Room 5.

Controller Automates Wind Tunnel Testing

(September 7, 2005) NORWOOD, Mass. — WTC-100 from Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) is a fully automatic controller for laboratory wind tunnels that are used to thermally characterize PCB components, heat sinks and card racks. Two independent sensors simultaneously measure air velocity and temperature to provide a wide range of wind-tunnel test conditions.

Indium Names New Applications Engineers

(September 1, 2005) UTICA, N.Y. — Indium Corp. of America has appointed three new applications engineers, Jim Hisert, Dan McCall and Ed Briggs, each to be located at Indium's Clinton, N.Y.-based corporate headquarters.

DEK Adds New Technology to Tooling Options Portfolio

(August 31, 2005) FLEMINGTON, N.J. — DEK has expanded its advanced tooling options range, signalled by the introduction of smaller, cost-effective Grid-Lok technology, and extending the choices available to customers sourcing tooling for DEK printer platforms. The new Grid-Lok tooling system features reduced dimensions, moving to 4 × 12" tooling modules.

Newark InOne Posts Website-based WEEE Guide

Surface Mount Power Resistors Handle up to 12 W

(August 30, 2005) RALEIGH, N.C. — The HPC series surface mount power resistors reportedly can handle up to 12 W at 85°C. Available in 5-, 10- and 12-W ratings, the resistors range from 0.1 Ω to 100 KΩ in a 0.5 × 0.5 × 0.5" package size in tape-and-reel and bulk packaging from Stackpole Electronics, Inc. (SEI).

Kester Takes Lead-free Seminar Series to Texas

(August 29, 2005) DES PLAINES, Ill. — Kester's lead-free seminar series, titled "Project 2005: Achieving Lead-free RoHS Assembly," is heading to Dallas, Texas, and will be held on September 13, 2005. Designed to assist the electronics industry in transitioning to lead-free soldering and RoHS compliancy successfully, the seminars address key lead-free assembly issues and give technical, practical information to transition in a timely fashion.

IPC Posts July '05 Book-to-Bill Ratio, Business Report

(August 29, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — July 2005's North American rigid PCB industry book-to-bill ratio declined to 0.99, while the North American flexible circuit book-to-bill ratio continued to climb to 1.71, according to IPC–Association Connecting Electronics Industries' monthly PCB Statistical Program. Combined, the industry book-to-bill ratio increased to 1.16.

The Need for Speed - Electronic Interconnection Files from SiliconPipe - No. 2

Faster electronics have been the circuit designer's objective for many years

Finetech Germany Unveils Website in Chinese

(August 26, 2005) PHOENIX — Finetech GmbH and Co. KG has launched a new Chinese version of its Website, located at The Website aims to serve as resource of updated information on Finetech's rework technologies and products, and the site is available in both Chinese and English.

Speedline Posts Highest Bookings Since '00

(August 26, 2005) FRANKLIN, Mass. — Speedline Technologies' second-quarter 2005 bookings rose 44% over the first quarter, reaching their highest level since 2000. At the end of July, the backlog had climbed 68% vs. the end of the first quarter.

iNEMI Task Force Addresses Lead-free Issues

(August 25, 2005) HERNDON, Va. — The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) has published recommendations for safeguarding high-reliability products' dependability as the supply chain converts to lead-free components and materials. iNEMI's High-reliability RoHS Task Force is calling for continued SnPb-compatible components availability for exempted products, and for standardized mitigation practices and testing methods to minimize tin whiskers.

Designers to Join Up in Texas-based Event

(August 25, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — Through a full week of learning and networking opportunities to enhance professional skills and credibility, PCB and assembly designers can attend the "IPC Lead-free Initiative for Electronic Assembly" training on November 14–15; Designers Learning Symposium on November 16 and IPC Designers Certification on November 17–19, all to be held in Dallas.

Allied Electronics Introduces 'RoHS Knowledge Center'

CheckSum Opens Shanghai Facility

(August 24, 2005) ARLINGTON, Wash. — In-circuit test (ICT) systems supplier CheckSum has opened a new office in Shanghai, China, where sales and technical support staff will serve OEMs and contract manufacturers using CheckSum test systems throughout Greater China.

Shielded SMD Inductors Provide EMI Protection in Filtering

(August 23, 2005) ROMOLAND, Calif. — The low-profile DR363 and DR364 Series surface mount inductors from Datatronic Distribution, Inc., provide protection against challenging EMI problems in high-current applications. Available in a wide range of inductance values, they feature a seated profile as low as 3.0 mm above the board, making them ideal for high-density circuit board designs.

Traceability Labels Aid Board Clean-up

(August 22, 2005) BEVERLY, Mass. — Computer Imprintable Label Systems' (CILS) labels allow manufacturers to track products through solder baths and cleaning for long-term traceability. For lead-free components, the labels fully comply with the Directives, and withstand the chemicals used in the new cleaning processes, retaining valuable data contained either in the barcode or serial numbers.

Upcoming Webinar to Target Lead-free Wave Soldering

(August 22, 2005) FRANKLIN, Mass. — To address misconceptions about equipment requirements for lead-free wave soldering, Speedline Technologies' SMT manufacturing experts will talk about such issues in a free, live Webinar, titled "Lead-Free Wave Soldering," on September 15th, 2005, from 11:00 a.m. to noon EST.

Good Connections - The Electronic Interconnection Files

The truth is that the theoretical bandwidth potential of electronic interconnection technology actually significantly exceeds common expectations

iNEMI to Hold First Meeting for 2007 Roadmap Following SMTAI

(August 19, 2005) HERNDON, Va. — The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) will begin preliminary work on its next industry roadmap in Chicago, where the Product Emulator Groups (PEGs) will hold their first industry-wide meeting on September 30th, immediately following the SMTA International (SMTAI) conference. Several iNEMI initiatives also will be presenting papers at the conference.

Productronica '05 to Acknowledge Growing Interest for Shrinking Components

(August 19, 2005) CHICAGO — Productronica 2005, to be held November 15-18 in Munich, Germany, will inaugurate MicroNanoWorld, an industry platform for microtechnical production to address the central role played by nanotechnology. During the past two years, global market demand for such technology has more than doubled to $68 billion, still representing a market with further potential growth.

Surface Copper Probe Enhances Benchtop Coating System

(August 19, 2005) ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill. — Oxford Instruments Coating Measurement (OICM)'s SRP-4 surface copper probe integrates with the CMI701M benchtop system, reportedly adding functionality and cost savings to the CMI701M's coating thickness measurement performance. The SRP-4 features replaceable, interchangeable tips, eliminating the expense of replacement probes, and allowing for quick adjustment for new measurement applications.

Water-soluble Solder Paste Ideal for Lead-free

(August 17, 2005) LONDONDERRY, N.H. — Cobar Solder Products' S63-OA water-soluble solder paste is said to offer extended shelf and stencil life, delivering activity and results under thermal load in lead-free reflow soldering processes.

Indium Names Global Account Specialist for Inside Sales

(August 17, 2005) UTICA, N.Y. — Indium Corp. of America announces that Kevin Collins has joined their inside sales department as the global account specialist. To be based at Indium's Clinton, N.Y. headquarters, Collins will be responsible for assuring that customer needs are identified and addressed using specific account strategies.

IPC, CCA to Sponsor Lead-free 'Boot Camp'

(August 17, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — On July 1, 2006, the RoHS Directive will go into effect, banning several substances including lead and lead-bearing solder. California's mirroring laws take effect in early 2007, and China passed similar legislation last month. Lead-free is significantly impacting the supply chain — keeping track of the evolving regulations, customer requirements and compliance documentation is a lot of work for any company.

Agilent, Speedline to Team on Lead-free Research Experiments

(August 16, 2005) PALO ALTO, Calif. — Agilent Technologies and Speedline Technologies are collaborating in the lead-free process development and characterization of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs). With this, Speedline will use Agilent's lead-free-ready inspection systems in a series of experiments to document best practices associated with the transition to lead-free manufacturing.

Universal Appoints New President

(August 15, 2005) STRATHAM, N.H. — Vitronics Soltec's president since 1999, Jeroen L. Schmits, will leave his position to assume the recently vacated Universal Instuments (UIC) presidency, effective August 23, 2005. A replacement for Schmits at Vitronics Soltec has yet to be named.

JPSA's Sercel, von Dadelszen Publish Chapter in New Laser-beam Shaping Book

(August 15, 2005) HOLLIS, N.H. — Jeffrey P. Sercel, president of J. P. Sercel Associates, and co-author Michael von Dadelszen, Ph.D., have authored a chapter in the recently published book, Laser Beam Shaping Applications, edited by Fred M. Dickey, Scott C. Holswade and David Shealy. The chapter authored by Sercel and von Dadelszen, Chapter 3, is titled "Practical UV Excimer Laser Image System Illuminators," pp. 113-155.

Agilent to Divest Semi-related Businesses, Boost Shareholder Value

(August 15, 2005) PALO ALTO, Calif. — Agilent Technologies Inc. announces actions to enhance its company focus and to create value for its shareholders. Such actions include divesting the semiconductor products segment to Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) and Silver Lake Partners for $2.66 billion; to sell its stake in Lumileds to Royal Philips Electronics for $950 million, plus Lumileds' repayment of $50 million of debt; and spinning off its SOC and memory test businesses in 2006.

New Simulation Solution Software Version Available

(August 15, 2005) SOUTHPOINTE, Pa. — ANSYS, Inc. has launched version 10.0 of its complete ANSYS software suite, which offers coupled physics technology, such as fluid structure interaction (FSI). ANSYS 10.0 builds upon and is compatible with the existing ANSYS 9.0 software suite.

Solder-pallet Material Withstands High Temperatures

(August 12, 2005) POSTVILLE, Iowa — WaveMax 5000, a thermoset composite material for durable, high-temperature solder pallets, is now available from Norplex-Micarta. It provides mechanical strength continuously at 260°C, and easily withstands exposures to temperatures approaching 360°C, such as those produced during wave soldering and IR reflow. It may also be used for long-term, high-temperature lines running 24 hours/day.

Kester to Offer Lead-free Assembly Technology Courses

(August 12, 2005) DES PLAINES, Ill. — Kester University will host two new courses on RoHS/Lead-free training on August 30–31, 2005, at Kester's Des Plaines, Ill. facility, giving attendees the latest updated information and practical experience to effectively implement RoHS/lead-free assembly. Practical demonstrations of lead-free SMT assembly technology also will give attendees the essential knowledge to transition to lead-free and ensure their products' reliability.

Asymtek Signs on New Chinese Distributor

(August 11, 2005) CARLSBAD, Calif. — Asymtek has added Shanghai-based sales rep team, Shanghai Kankun Trading Co., to market their automated fluid dispensing systems throughout China. Kankun provides Asymtek's customers with on-site equipment service, training, applications support and spare parts. They also offer lab resources, including equipment demonstrations and the latest technical data on dispensing.

FEINFOCUS, INNOV-X Systems Form Alliance

(August 11, 2005) STAMFORD, Conn. — FEINFOCUS, a COMET North America business unit, announces a technology alliance with INNOV-X Systems, a high-performance portable X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzers manufacturer, where the two companies will join forces to introduce products to the markets worldwide.

Kester to Offer Lead-free Wave Soldering, Rework Training

(August 10, 2005) DES PLAINES, Ill. — Kester will host a Kester University course on RoHS/Lead-free training on August 25–26, 2005, at the Des Plaines, Ill. facility. Together with lead-free wave solder and rework process assembly practical demonstrations, attendees will leave with the knowledge required to transition to lead-free while ensuring their products' reliability.

Dage Opens East Coast Demonstration Center, Applications Lab

(August 10, 2005) HAVERHILL, Mass. — Dage Precision Industries has opened its new East Coast demonstration center and application lab through its alliance with Circuit Technology Center, allowing Dage to showcase its digital X-ray inspection technology in Circuit Technology Center's Haverhill, Mass.-based facility.

Surface Mount Ferrite Beads Ideal for Wireless Products

(August 10, 2005) SMYRNA, Ga. — Murata Electronics North America's BLM03BB series 0201 surface mount ferrite beads meet FCC EMI regulations, minimize attenuation in high-speed signals and are ideal for Bluetooth and WLAN modules, power amplifier modules for cell phones, PDAs, laptops and other applications with limited board space.

IPC Announces Keynote Speaker for Management Council Meeting

(August 9, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — Grant Aldonas, formerly undersecretary of commerce for international trade for the Bush administration, will deliver the keynote address, "The Dynamics of U.S. and China Trade Relations: A View from the Front Lines," at the IPC Management Council Meetings on October 18, 2005 in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Universal, Selettra Plan to Prolong Partnership

(August 8, 2005) BINGHAMTON, N.Y. and ARESE, Italy — Universal Instruments (UIC) and Selettra have extended their distribution partnership, further uniting sales and service expertise and products for the Italian electronics market. Based around UIC's AdVantis platform, the companies are now developing this relationship to incorporate the UIC product portfolio.

Test Points Offer Loop Design to Connect Test Probes

(August 8, 2005) DENVILLE, N.J. — Components Corp.'s 100% RoHS-compliant TP-107 Series low-profile, surface mount PCB test points easily, quickly and accurately identify faults via a forming process. This process consists of forming the flat wire design in a spiral wrap at the mounting base, doubling the mounting base's surface area to enable a rugged connection when adhered to the solder pad.

Seminar Addresses Handheld and Computing Devices Manufacturing

(August 8, 2005) CARLSBAD, Calif. — Asymtek and Emerson & Cuming (Billerica, Mass.) will host a seminar for handheld and computing devices manufacturing on August 19, 2005, in Taoyuan, Taiwan. The workshop will address how technology evolutions affect material selection and processing for handheld and computing devices manufacturing.

iNEMI Innovation Leadership Forum Tackles Industry's Future

(August 5, 2005) HERNDON, Va. — The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) will assemble the iNEMI Innovative Leadership Forum at its Herndon, Va., headquarters, September 15-16, 2005, to launch an initiative aimed at stimulating innovation and manufacturing research for the electronics industry.

Henkel Names New Material Sets Executive

(August 4, 2005) IRVINE, Calif. — Henkel Electronics Group has appointed Dr. Michael Todd as technical director of research, development and engineering for material sets, a position designed to enhance the material set development of Henkel's next-generation products. Dr. Todd's leadership will help to further streamline development and testing, enable customers to accelerate product cycles and meet increasing time-to-market demands.

75-ml Cartridges Fit Existing Manual Dispensing System

(August 4, 2005) SALEM, N.H. — ConProTec Inc.'s new 75-ml cartridges fit the MIXPAC handheld cartridge dispensing system for two-component adhesives. The MIXPAC system consists of a manual or pneumatic dispensing gun, a cartridge and a static mixer to dispense two-component adhesives in a 1:1 volumetric ratio.

IPC Announces Fall Management Council Meetings

(August 3, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries' upcoming Management Council Meetings, to be held October 18, 2005, in St. Petersburg, Fla., are forums where industry leaders can meet with peers, customers and suppliers to solve common challenges and hear the latest industry information.

Measurement Gauges Provide Readings for Difficult Surfaces, Textures

(August 3, 2005) ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill. — Oxford Instruments Coating Measurement's (OICM's) 200 Series coating thickness measurement gauges incorporate a scanning option, allowing for continuous measurement over large areas with one measurement. This feature calculates an average measurement, giving an accurate reading for thickness over uneven or textured substrates and eliminating the need to take multiple readings.

SMTA Online Workshop Offers Compliance Blueprint

(August 1, 2005) MINNEAPOLIS — The SMTA offers "Developing a Plan for WEEE/RoHS Compliance," an online overview for companies to develop a WEEE/RoHS Compliance protocol. The workshop, scheduled for Wednesday, August 10, 2005, at 1:00 p.m. EST, will also present examples to help companies better understand the Directives.

COMET Opens New North American Service Center

(August 1, 2005) STAMFORD, Conn. — COMET North America recently opened its new Service and Repair Center at its Stamford, Conn. headquarters. The new facility aims to ensure high-quality test, repair and maintenance for all COMET X-ray tubes, RF products and FEINFOCUS microfocus X-ray systems, with 24-hour turnaround time for the initial evaluation and analysis of a damaged X-ray tube or module.

Connectors Save PCB Space in Sensor Applications

(July 29, 2005) LISLE, Ill. — The EZ-Conn connectors from Molex Inc. on 1.50-mm pitch are ideal for industrial sensor applications, such as air and water pressure sensors used in pick-and-place assembly machines, base press controls and other automation equipment.

IPC Posts June 2005 Book-to-Bill Ratio

(July 29, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — Based on monthly data collected from PCB producers that participate in IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries' monthly PCB Statistical Program, the June 2005 North American rigid PCB industry book-to-bill ratio declined, yet remained positive at 1.01, while the flexible circuit book-to-bill ratio increased to 1.51. Combined, the industry book-to-bill ratio increased to 1.13, reflecting the flexible circuit bookings increase.

Omron Reports Q1 Consolidated Financial Results

(July 28, 2005) TOKYO — Omron Corp. has reported earnings for the first quarter, which began on April 1, 2005 and ended on June 30, 2005. Net sales totaled JPY 138.4 billion, operating income was JPY 9.0 billion, gross income totaled JPY 5.1 billion and net income totaled JPY 5.1 billion.

ZESTRON Cleaning Agent Passes SIR-Testing

(July 28, 2005) ASHBURN, Va. — ZESTRON's water-based cleaning agent to remove all types of flux residues, VIGON A 200, recently passed extensive Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) Testing, conducted in accordance with J-STD 001. This test involved cleaning an IPC B24 test comb structure with VIGON A 200 in a spray-in-air process.

Adhesive Transfer Film for Electronic Bonding Available

(July 28, 2005) WINDSOR, Conn. — Scapa North America's Unifilm U800B is an unsupported acrylic adhesive transfer film for end-use applications requiring high temperature resistance. It offers tack and peel balance, and is said to maintain shear properties at temperatures over 200°C.

CeTaQ Names New Technical Solutions Manager

(July 27, 2005) HUDSON, N.H. — CeTaQ Americas has appointed James Mairs as its new technical solutions manager, conducting machine capability analysis testing and measuring in the field and expanding customer service capability as the company grows.

Indium Appoints Sales Rep for Northwest U.S.

(July 27, 2005) UTICA, N.Y. — Indium Corp. of America has appointed Lusher Electronic Technology Sales (L.E.T.S.) NW as its newest representative for sales and service in the Northwest U.S., including Oregon, Washington and Idaho. In that region, L.E.T.S. will sell Indium's line of solder pastes, rework fluxes, wave solder fluxes, flip chip and liquid fluxes, underfills, conductive epoxies, solder spheres, solder preforms, solder wire, solder ribbon and bar solder.

CPS Names New VP of Marketing, Technical Sales

(July 27, 2005) CHARTLEY, Mass. — CPS Corp. has promoted research and development senior scientist, Mark Occhionero, Ph.D., to vice president of marketing and technical sales. In his new position, he will coordinate sales activities, press opportunities and the development of new products and applications.

Aegis Mixes Universal Platform Optimization Engine

(July 26, 2005) PHILADELPHIA — Aegis Industrial Software Corp. has incorporated Universal Instruments Corp.'s (UIC) optimization engine within Aegis' offline programming environment, providing Genesis/Advantis/GSM platform optimization and library management to support the many options and configurations of these platforms with current and forward compatibility.

IPC RoHS Directive Webcast Guides Attendees

(July 26, 2005) NASHUA, N.H. — "Only 246 working days to 1, July 2006!" a slide informed attendees during the IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries' Webcast, The RoHS Directive on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances, presented by Steve Andrews of the UK Department of Trade and Industry. Andrews gave attendees an overview of the RoHS Directive and an update on RoHS maximum concentration values. By Michelle M. Boisvert, SMT Managing Editor

Continuously Configurable Cell Meshes SMT, Microelectronics Manufacturing

(July 25, 2005) ELGIN, Ill. — Panasonic Factory Solutions Company announced the availability of its Integrated Process Assembly Cell (IPAC), a continuously configurable, modular platform that mixes high-volume SMT manufacturing with advanced microelectronics in one machine.

IPC, JEDEC to Host Upcoming Lead-free Conference

(July 25, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries and JEDEC – the Solid State Technology Association are slated to host the 9th International Conference on Lead-free Electronic Components and Assemblies August 17-19, 2005, in Singapore.

Heraeus CMD to Showcase Lead-free Solutions

(July 22, 2005) WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. — At the upcoming Assembly Technology Expo exhibition, to be held September 27-29 in Rosemont, Ill., Heraeus' Circuit Materials Division (CMD) will be focusing on its capabilities to help the semiconductor and SMT industries transition to lead-free assembly processes.

Indium, ACI to Present Hands-on Lead-free Seminar

(July 22, 2005) UTICA, N.Y. — Indium Corporation and the American Competitiveness Institute (ACI) have joined forces to present a lead-free training program. The seminar is slated for September 13-15, 2005, at the National Center of Excellence in Electronics Manufacturing Technology in Philadelphia.

Upcoming Seminar to Address PCB Miniaturization

(July 21, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — The demand for smaller, thinner and lighter PCBs is becoming quite a challenge, and manufacturers are finding it a daunting task to meet current industry requirements. To help, a one-day seminar on September 22, 2005, in Schaumburg, Ill., sponsored by the IPC PCB Suppliers Council Steering Committee and hosted by Motorola, will bring the supply chain together to trade information on manufacturing the ever-shrinking circuit board.

AOI Standard Completed

(July 21, 2005) LOVELAND, Colo. — Members of the 7-32 Automated Inspections sub-committee of the IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries completed the final draft of the AOI Standards Document this week at a meeting in Loveland, Colo.

SMD Trimmers Comply with RoHS Directives

(July 21, 2005) SCHAUMBURG, Ill. — The RoHS-compliant G32 Series 3-mm, single-turn cermet trimmers from TOCOS are said to provide flexibility for circuit boards. They are available in both gold-plated J-hook and gull-wing terminal configurations, and their design meets the EIS, EIAJ, IPS and VRCI standard SMD footprint.

Dynatech Names New Central Regional Sales Manager

(July 21, 2005) HORSHAM, Pa. — Dynatech Technology, Inc., the North American distributor for Samsung Techwin SMT equipment, has appointed Joseph Cumbey as Central regional sales manager. To be based in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas area, he will be responsible for Dynatech United States' manufacturers' representatives and customers in the Midwest, and for reps and customers in Eastern Mexico.

Arrow Expands Critical Environmental Data Online

(July 21, 2005) MELVILLE, N.Y. — Arrow Electronics, Inc. has expanded its Component Information Services, an online toolset that provides engineering, procurement and supply chain professionals with data to research and select electronic components that meet particular product design goals. The new enhancements provide a broader, richer data set for European Union (EU) environmental regulations (RoHS and WEEE) compliance.

Low CTE Die Attach Material Available

(July 20, 2005) IRVINE, Calif. — Henkel Electronics Group's Hysol QMI600 is a silica-filled, low-viscosity, non-conductive die attach paste that provides a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and high modulus to match existing mold compound properties, enabling wirebonds in same-size die stack packages to survive thermal cycling.

Hover-Davis Appoints New Distributor

(July 20, 2005) ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Hover-Davis Inc. recently has appointed Sincotron Finland Oy as its distributor for the areas of Finland and the Baltic States. Sincotron Finland distributes machines, material and services for manufacturing, and provides SMD placement, inspection, microelectronics, soldering, dispensing, screen printing, testing, software, profiling, tools and consumables services.

UIC Executive Appointment Strengthens Asian Presence

(July 19, 2005) BINGHAMTON, N.Y. — Effective June 27, 2005, Universal Instruments Corp. (UIC) appointed Eric Kan to vice president for Asia, aiming to extend their presence in the expanding Asian marketplace. Asia, particularly China, has been of high strategic importance to UIC's future growth strategy. This appointment will increase the level of local executive authority for the company in Asia, safeguarding and driving its future development.

Conveyor Provides Gentle Handling to Soft Products

(July 19, 2005) ALLENTOWN, Pa. — FlexLink's new conveyor chain reportedly is gentle to soft products and offers increased efficiency and service life in environments containing dust and particulates. The chain features smooth surfaces and link interfaces for improved gentleness and minimum dust generation in product handling, minimizing dust intrusion to the conveyors.

New Blog Creates Forum for Manufacturing, Assembly Issues

(July 18, 2005) FRANKLIN, Mass. — Speedline Technologies now hosts a new blog (, where knowledge-in-process leaders from Speedline will comment on the top issues of semiconductor manufacturing and PCB assembly with insight, technical know-how, and personal observations.

Resistors with Visible Solder Fillets Facilitate Inspection

(July 18, 2005) PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — IMS' partial wrap termination resistors family offers an exposed solder fillet to facilitate visual inspection of the termination joint of the flip chip resistor. The flip chip resistor delivers high-frequency performance to 40 GHz. Ohmic values range from 10 Ω to 2 KΩ.

Libra, Engent Team to Provide Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

(July 18, 2005) MENTOR, Ohio — Libra Industries (Libra) and Norcross, Ga.-based Engent, Inc. have formed a strategic alliance, allowing Libra to bring Engent's next-generation microelectronics and process development capabilities to market through its well-established sales and marketing channel.

Dage Celebrates SEMICON West Success

(July 15, 2005) FREMONT, Calif. — Dage Precision Industries, the industry leader in bond testing and digital x-ray technology, has successfully introduced the World's First High-Speed Bondtester, the Dage Series 4000HS at the SEMICON West 2005 show in San Francisco, California on July 12-14, 2005.

FocalSpot Debuts X-ray Inspection System in Europe

(July 15, 2005) SAN DIEGO — FocalSpot, Inc. has debuted its Verifier HR X-ray inspection system to the European market. The Verifier HR high-resolution X-ray system reportedly addresses a broad range of failure analysis and manufacturing/rework quality-assurance applications, providing fast, intuitive inspection of PCBs up to 400 x 457 mm.

Indium to Highlight Lead-free Materials at SMTA Shows

(July 13, 2005) UTICA, N.Y. — Indium Corp. of America will be exhibiting their lead-free electronic assembly materials at two SMTA shows — the West Penn show on August 5, 2005, in Pittsburgh, Pa., and the Capital show on September 7, 2005, at Johns Hopkins University in Laurel, Mass.

Machine Capability Testing Helps IPC-9850 Compliance

(July 13, 2005) HUDSON, N.H. — Machine capability analysis (MCA) testing helps pick-and-place equipment manufacturers and users comply with the new IPC-9850 performance standard, according to Michael Sivigny, CeTaQ Americas' general manager. MCA testing, a third-party, objective evaluation methodology, uses special vision algorithms, highly accurate glass plates and components for independently measuring Cp and Cpk indices on production equipment.

SMTA Finalizes International Conference Program

(July 12, 2005) MINNEAPOLIS — SMTA International, to be held September 25-29 in conjunction with the Assembly Technology Expo in Rosemont, Ill., will feature over 135 technical papers, 30 tutorials and workshops, an Emerging Technologies Summit, special symposiums on contract manufacturing and lead-free soldering technology and free daily events.

IPCWorks '05 to Call Las Vegas Home

(July 11, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — This year's IPCWorks, including technical conference sessions, professional development courses, a designer certification program and standards development meetings will take place October 20-27, 2005, at a new venue in Las Vegas. This year's theme, "What's in Your Future?" will focus on lead-free, using materials declaration information to improve recycling, embedded technology and new materials.

Power Resistors Withstand Harsh Conditions

(July 11, 2005) BOONE, N.C. — TT electronics' W20 Series wirewound enameled resistors are ideal for applications that require high surge capability. Lead-free vitreous enamel coating allows the resistors to withstand the harsh environments and high temperatures found in industrial applications.

Assembléon Nabs SMT Product of the Year Award

(July 8, 2005) PALO ALTO, Calif. — Frost & Sullivan recently awarded Assembléon with the 2005 SMT Product of the Year Award, recognizing Assembléon's A-series product line, which reportedly can place almost all components in a machine. The end-of-line A-series allows the user to scale up production without taking out the machine or adding new ones, and offers placement speeds up to 150,000 cph.

Flux Tool Facilitates Rework

(July 8, 2005) LONDONDERRY, N.H. — Cobar Solder Products' Flux Pen is a tool for applying different types of liquid flux to tiny chip components and individual solder joints. Its fine tip allows flux application in small areas in densely populated assemblies. It reportedly cuts down on waste, prevents over-fluxing, reduces possible cleaning time and prevents contamination.

IPC to Host Lead-free Legislation Webcasts

(July 8, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — With the July 2006 deadline looming less than one year away to meet RoHS compliance, IPC —Association Connecting Electronics Industries is helping the industry to aid the transition in meeting these compliance requirements through a Webcast series.

ASYS Acquires Screen-printer Supplier EKRA

(July 7, 2005) BÖNNIGHEIM, Germany — To strengthen its market position, ASYS has acquired screen-printer supplier EKRA to include EKRA GmbH, EKRA Asia PTE Ltd. and EKRA America, Inc., effective July 1, 2005. EKRA will be integrated as a fifth business unit of ASYS Automatisierungssysteme GmbH. By adding to the existing ASYS screen-printer portfolio, ASYS aims to provide customers with integrated and innovative solutions.

ECD Now Shipping Thermal Profiler Software

(July 5, 2005) MILWAUKIE, Ore. — ECD has introduced profiling for oven recipes with its Xpert 3 AutoM.O.L.E. software, which works with the SuperM.O.L.E. Gold thermal profiler to automate convection reflow oven process development. Xpert3 distills recipe development into three steps: 1. Create signature; 2. Plan target and 3. Set and verify.

IPC's SPVC Determines Best Lead-free Solder

(July 5, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — The IPC Solder Products Value Council (SPVC) has created a lead-free testing program to aid in the transition to lead-free by researching which solder is the ideal choice. For three years, the SPVC invested an equivalent of one million dollars in volunteer time, equipment and supplies to create "Final Report — Round-robin Testing and Analysis of Lead-free Solder Pastes with Alloys of Tin, Silver and Copper."

Smart Sonic Restructures with Company Split

(July 5, 2005) CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Effective July 1, 2005, Smart Sonic Corp. created a new company, Westlake Village, Calif.-based SMT Detergent Corp., that is responsible for the manufacture and sales of the 440-R SMT Detergent, a stencil cleaning chemistry that has been verified by the U.S. EPA's Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program for environmental safety, user safety and cleaning efficiency.

Geotest Names New Marketing Project Specialist

(July 1, 2005) IRVINE, Calif. — Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, Inc., an electronic test equipment supplier for aerospace, semiconductors, telecom, medical, industrial and military applications, has added Anthony Nardone to its marketing team as marketing project specialist.

Brush Ceramics Augments Manufacturing Capacity

(July 1, 2005) TUCSON, Ariz. — Brush Ceramic Products Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Brush Wellman Inc. and a customized beryllium oxide ceramics manufacturer, has increased manufacturing capacity in their Arizona facility to keep up with increasing product demand.

IPC Appoints New Board Member

(July 1, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries has appointed Shane Whiteside, senior vice president and COO of TTM Technologies, as the IPC Board of Directors' newest addition. He fills the empty spot left by Stan Gentry of Noble Industries, Ltd., who resigned in April 2005. Whiteside will complete the two-year term, covering calendar years 2005 and 2006.

OK International Appoints New President

(June 30, 2005) MENLO PARK, Calif. — OK International's (OK) vice president of engineering, Mark Cowell, has been promoted to president, succeeding Michael Gouldsmith, who will remain as chairman and will assist Cowell in various activities.

BP Microsystems Names New Australia, New Zealand Distributor

(June 30, 2005) HOUSTON — BP Microsystems has appointed Melbourne, Australia-based test and test automation solutions supplier Redback Test Services to represent its full line of device programmers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Redback aims to assist local PCB assembly by improving quality and throughput with the service of commercially available programming solutions tailored to customer requirements.

IPC Posts Book-to-Bill Ratios for May 2005

(June 30, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC's North American rigid-PCB industry book-to-bill ratio for May 2005 remained positive at 1.04, while the North American flexible-circuit book-to-bill ratio bounced back to near parity at 0.98. The combined rigid and flex book-to-bill ratio increased to 1.03, but is less relevant to analysts due to divergence between the rigid PCB and flexible-circuit industry segments in growth rates and book-to-bill patterns.

FEINFOCUS Wins Business Development Award

(June 29, 2005) STAMFORD, Conn. — FEINFOCUS, a COMET business unit, was recently awarded the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Award for Business Development Strategy Leadership, awarded since they have successfully created a competitive niche in their industry.

YESTech Opens Singapore Office to Support Growing AOI, X-ray

(June 29, 2005) SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — YESTech has opened its Singapore office to provide sales, training and technical support to YESTech's growing Southeast Asia customer base. The office also will provide training and sales for the YTV Series AOI systems and YTX Series X-ray inspection systems.

ZESTRON Now Meets RoHS and WEEE Directives

(June 29, 2005) ASHBURN, Va. — ZESTRON is now fully prepared to meet the RoHS and WEEE guidelines. For over 15 years, ZESTRON has actively been avoiding the use of any hazardous or dangerous raw materials that could be deemed harmful, and ZESTRON's cleaning agents are free of all hazardous materials, including lead.

Elcoteq Opens Texas-based Engineering Service Center

(June 28, 2005) IRVING, Texas — Elcoteq Network Corporation, global EMS provider for the dommunications technology industry, has opened its Engineering Service Center (ESC) in Richardson, Texas. The ESC's mission is to provide an ongoing source of assembly and new product introduction (NPI) manufacturing support to strengthen its position in the market.

Lead-free Material Selection Guide Available

(June 28, 2005) FRANKLIN, N.H. — Polyclad Laminates, Inc., a business of Cookson Electronics, has published the Lead-free Material Selection Guide, providing comprehensive solutions for selecting lead-free-capable laminate base materials, while also defining a "best practice" methodology to determine selection criteria for lead-free or Sn/Pb assembly applications.

Multilayer Capacitors Offer Low ESR

(June 27, 2005) MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — AVX Corp.'s SQ Series multilayer capacitor (MLC) chips are suited for RF/microwave applications that range from 10 MHz to 4.2 GHz. A fine-grained, high-density and high-purity dielectric material keeps moisture out and heavy internal palladium electrodes make them ideal for applications with high-current-carrying capabilities and high quality factors.

Teradyne's HPC Group Earns High PCB Manufacturing Scores

(June 27, 2005) NASHUA, N.H. — Nashua, N.H.-based Teradyne, Inc.'s Connection Systems Division announces that its High Performance Circuits (HPC) group has demonstrated competitive benchmark scores for PCB manufacturing capability, quality and relative reliability.

Indium Employee Earns SMTA Certification

(June 24, 2005) UTICA, N.Y. — Indium Corp. of America technical engineer Adrian Low is the ninth engineer at Indium to receive SMTA certification. To receive SMTA certification, participants must have several years of SMT experience, as well as having completed educational requirements in a technical discipline. The course includes a series of workshops and concludes with two days of competitive testing.

Device Tester Offers Small Footprint

(June 24, 2005) CANTON, Mass. — Designed for testing microelectronic devices, MEMS, photonics and other small components, the 5848 MicroTester from Instron provides precise load and displacement measurement capabilities for semiconductor die shear and pull tests, tensile testing of fine wires and fibers, flex testing of circuit boards and substrates and peel tests of thin films and substrates.

Vectorless Test Tool Available

(June 23, 2005) NORTH READING, Mass. — Teradyne Assembly Test Division's FrameScan FX advanced vectorless test tool detects open pins on components and connectors assembled onto PCBs. It uses an enhanced in-circuit capacitive coupling technique that tests for open pins by applying an AC signal to an un-powered PCB node, and measures the voltage coupled to a plate positioned in close proximity to the component or connector being tested.

HCM Chooses Universal Placement Platform

(June 23, 2005) SALISBURY, Md. — Salisbury, Md.-based Harvard Custom Manufacturing, Inc. (HCM) has selected Universal Instruments' AdVantis placement platform for its high-mix manufacturing requirements. HCM already has installed one complete AdVantis line, with another scheduled for final installation this summer.

Industry Icon Passes Away

(June 22, 2005) ATLANTA — Ron Daniels, Circuitnet editor and principal consultant at ITM Consulting, died suddenly at home during the night of Sunday, June 5, 2005. An industry icon with knowledge and expertise spanning circuit boards, hybrid modules and semiconductor packages, Daniels started 35 years ago at Westinghouse Defense Systems Center in engineering positions, moving on to Atlanta, Ga.-based Proto Systems as the director of quality.

Soldering Materials Ideal for Lead and Lead-free

(June 22, 2005) IRVINE, Calif. — Now available from Henkel Corp., Multicore TTC-LF allows soldering irons to be re-tinned when conventional methods such as sponges, pads or rosin-cored solder wire are not effective. Applicable for both lead and lead-free applications, TTC-LF is a lead-free-grade solder powder and flux formed into the shape of a thick disk for cleaning and de-wetting soldering irons.

Electronic Evolution to Set Up Facility in Mexico

(June 21, 2005) RENO, Nev. — Circuit board assembly manufacturer Electronic Evolution Technologies, Inc. (EET) has signed an agreement for providing outsourced manufacturing support in Mexico by the Tucson, Ariz.-based Offshore Group. EET will occupy 17,000 sq. ft. at the Group's Bellavista Industrial Park, and will eventually employ between 50 to 100 direct-labor workers.

DEK to Showcase Mass Imaging Solutions at SEMICON West

(June 21, 2005) FLEMINGTON, N.J. — DEK will exhibit their mass imaging solutions for semiconductor packaging at SEMICON West 2005, to be held July 12-14, 2005, in San Francisco, Calif. A demonstration of the company's backside wafer coating process, which allows high throughput on a cost-effective mass imaging system, and is capable of exceeding the ±12.5 µm Total Thickness Variation (TTV), will be shown on DEK's Micron-class Galaxy printer platform.

COMET Names X-ray Solutions Business Manager

(June 21, 2005) STAMFORD, Conn. — COMET North America has appointed Jeremy Simon as business manager of the COMET X-ray Solutions division for the Americas. Based out of COMET's newly expanded headquarters in Stamford, Conn., Simon is responsible for key account management, strategic development and customer support in the X-ray solutions business.

Free Webinar to Target Fine-pitch Printing

(June 20, 2005) FRANKLIN, Mass. — As technology continues to move toward smaller components such as 0201 chips, chip scale packages and micro BGAS, it is becoming crucial to meet fine-pitch requirements. To aid the transition, SMT manufacturing experts from Speedline Technologies will address these issues in a free, live Webinar, titled "Fine-pitch Printing," on Thursday, July 21, 2005, from 11:00 a.m. to noon EST.

Next-gen Barcode Software Intros

(June 20, 2005) STOCKHOLM, Sweden — MYDATA automation AB released MYLabel 3.0, the latest version of its barcode and inventory management software. Designed to track individual reel, stick or trays used in SMT production lines, MYLabel stores vital production data, such as tape pitch, orientation, batch code and quantity in a central database.

IPC SMEMA Listserv Facilitates Networking

(June 20, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries introduced the IPC SMEMA Executive Listserv, offering Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association members an e-mail forum for global networking. The forum allows members to share information, opinions and solutions to common challenges.

Lean Manufacturing Systems Streamline Workspace

(June 17, 2005) WARSAW, N.Y. — Unidex introduced its integrated Lean Manufacturing Assembly Systems, which provide material handling consultation, systems integration design and equipment manufacture of lean manufacturing systems.

DesignAdvance Systems Joins Interoperability Program

(June 17, 2005) PITTSBURGH — DesignAdvance Systems has joined the Cadence Connection program of Cadence Design Systems, which promotes open interoperability between Cadence technologies and other companies' design tools. DesignAdvance's CircuitSpace software integrates with the Allegro PCB Editor, offering interactive PCB component placement to reduce time-to-design.

MVR International Launches RoHS Resource Website

Indium to Show Semiconductor Solutions at SEMICON West

(June 16, 2005) UTICA, N.Y. — Indium Corp. of America will be exhibiting their latest semiconductor- and power-semiconductor-based products at the SEMICON West exposition, to be held July 12-14 in San Francisco, Calif., focusing on semiconductor, power semiconductor and specialty solder materials, including their reworkable lead-free no-flow underfill.

Integrated Drive Boosts RF Design, Manufacturing

(June 16, 2005) STAMFORD, Conn. — COMET North America's Integrated Drive is said to precisely align capacitors, motors and couplers for high-precision RF "match-box" network design, eliminating the need to source and integrate components from multiple suppliers.

NEDA Industry Summit Draws Attendee Interest

(June 15, 2005) ATLANTA — On June 9th, representatives from more than 80 companies met in Chicago for the NEDA Industry Summit: Negotiating the Economic, Legal and Logistic Challenges of RoHS and Lead Free Compliance, following up to the one held in January 2005 to keep the industry informed of important issues.

Siemens EA Appoints National Service Manager

(June 14, 2005) NORCROSS, Ga. — Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems, Inc.'s Electronics Assembly Systems Division (EA) has promoted Nick Bruck to its national service manager for the Americas position, replacing Ryan Bymaster, who has taken a position in Siplace Product Management and will be relocating to Munich, Germany.

Zero-defect Software Eases Placement Machine Setup

(June 14, 2005) EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands — A new version of Assembleon's zero-defect set-up assistance software, SVS-Pro 3.1, is said to further simplify its SMD placement machine setup, particularly in applications where the production line is configured to process smaller production batches.

End-to-end Transfer Conveyor Available

(June 13, 2005) KENOSHA, Wis. — PROMATION, Inc.'s ASC-700 end-to-end transfer conveyor is available in 500- and 800-mm lengths to meet most interconnecting requirements. A retractable hand crank for width adjustment allows this conveyor to handle PCBs from 50- to 450-mm wide.

A Look at the High-speed Interconnect Market

(June 13, 2005) NASHUA, N.H. — The high-speed interconnect market continues to heat up in Asia, notes a recent joint executive briefing meeting of Quantum Performance Group and BPA. Japan's flexible circuit makers can produce a 25-µm line and space single-sided flexible circuitry with a yield of more than 80%, with the majority of these targeting chip-on-flex (COF) applications. By Michelle M. Boisvert

IPC Unveils New Supplier Declaration Standards

(June 13, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — For over a year now, global efforts by IPC, iNEMI and RosettaNet have been underway to simplify and standardize how the industry collects, tracks and discloses product material content information. From these efforts has come a family of supplier declaration standards.

DEK Steps Up Production, Expands Capacity to Meet Demand

(June 10, 2005) FLEMINGTON, N.J. — Over the last 18 months, demand for DEK's mass-imaging line has reportedly continued to rise dramatically, together with manufacturing capacity and productivity. Anticipating future market and customer needs, DEK has been able to quickly expand its capacity and enhance its productivity.

New RoHS Manual Gets Down to Details

(June 10, 2005) CHICAGO — Newark InOne, a subsidiary of global Premier Farnell plc, now offers a downloadable RoHS Legislation and Technical Manual on its RoHS Express Website, which was launched in May 2005 to provide design engineer and component buyers with a continuously updated, in-depth source of RoHS-related information and news.

Libra Industries Commemorates 25 Years

(June 9, 2005) MENTOR, Ohio — What began as a one-man company 25 years ago has grown to employ over 150 people in two Ohio-based manufacturing plants. Libra Industries started in 1980 as a distributor for industrial diamond-cutting tools. At the time, Rod Howell, president, noticed a trend toward outsourcing PCBAs from the local market. Howell concentrated on the EMS industry, becoming the first ISO-certified EMS provider in Ohio.

SMTA International to Present Lead-free Compliance Panel

(June 9, 2005) NASHUA, N.H. — At the annual SMTA International conference to be held September 25-29, 2005, in Rosemont, Ill., a free panel discussion, titled "Lead-free Compliance: Crisis or No Crisis? Everything You Need to Know," will be held on Wednesday, September 28th, from 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.

Inductors Offer COTS Alternative to Mil Spec Products

(June 8, 2005) GOWANDA, N.Y. — Gowanda Electronics introduced the SMRF 1010, a series of surface mount RF inductors said to provide a cost-effective solution to Mil Spec (military specification) products. The SMRF 1010 COTS inductors are designed for applications in military communications, as well as crystal oscillators and wireless networks that used Mil Spec products traditionally.

Aegis Chosen for Plant Development Operations

(June 8, 2005) PHILADELPHIA — Aegis Industrial Software is helping transition four separate facilities of Hamilton-Sundstrand into one high-tech facility in Puerto Rico. Aegis will provide all the software for new product introductions (NPI) and complete MES requirements.

Smart Labels Conference Covers RFID Market

(June 8, 2005) BALTIMORE — The 4th annual Smart Labels USA conference on June 27 through 30, 2005, in Baltimore, Md., will feature the latest on RFID smart label technology. Hosted by IDTechEx and Labels & Labeling, conference attendees will gain knowledge from early RFID adopters using RF tagging in several markets, as well learn how to manufacture RFID smart labels, integrate RFID systems into label and packaging processes and implement RFID systems using case studies.

VJ Electronix Names Product and Applications Leader

(June 7, 2005) SHIRLEY, Mass. — VJ Electronix, Inc. has recently appointed Al Cabral to lead Product Management and Applications, where he will be responsible for developing new applications and products that meet and exceed global industry demands. He will report directly to Don Naugler, general manager.

Vitronics Soltec Revamps Website as Soldering Resource

(June 7, 2005) OOSTERHOUT, The Netherlands — Vitronics Soltec has re-launched its Website ( to include a new design and resources with interactive features for soldering knowledge in electronics manufacturing.

CSA Acquires Innovative Test Solutions

(June 6, 2005) ST. LOUIS — Customer Service Associates (CSA), Agilent Technologies' strategic sales and support partner for electronics manufacturing test in the U.S. and Canada has acquired Innovative Test Solutions (ITS) of Colorado.

Linear-motion Miniature Slides Offer Compact Solution

(June 6, 2005) BETHLEHEM, Pa. — SKF Motion Technologies' Type LZM miniature slides are well-suited for linear-motion applications that require short strokes and minimal space for system components. Available in four basic sizes (7, 9, 12 and 15) with widths from 17 to 32 mm and lengths from 26 to 165 mm, their stainless-steel composition resists corrosion.

Dr. Jennie Hwang to Lead Six-part Lead-free Series

(June 6, 2005) SAN JOSE, Calif. — Covering the assembly line from preparation to production to reliability, Dr. Jennie Hwang will present a series of lead-free courses from June 27 through June 29, 2005, in San Jose, Calif.

OK International Names Individual to Head Lead-free Initiatives

(June 3, 2005) MENLO PARK, Calif. — OK International announces that Paul Brackell is their new global product manager for conduction soldering and array package rework. Having initiated a worldwide program to support conduction and convection soldering and rework equipment users, Brackell heads an international team that consists of two market development managers, a product support manager for conduction and convection soldering products and an application engineering specialist.

Slide Switches Conserve Board Space

(June 3, 2005) TORRANCE, Calif. — Copal Electronics' CAS series slide switches allow designers to replace jumper-pin and wire arrangements with a compact, surface mount switch. Measuring 5.4 x 2.5 x 2.5 mm for the SPDT configuration, DPDT and dual-SPDT versions are also available.

Cookson SCS Materials and Services Become RoHS-compliant

(June 2, 2005) INDIANAPOLIS — Specialty Coating Systems (SCS), a business of Cookson Electronics, announces that their Parylene conformal coating services and raw materials, or SCS Parylene dimers, are now RoHS-compliant.

Lead-free Products Portfolio Now Available

(June 2, 2005) FLEMINGTON, N.J. — DEK's new lead-free products and services offering, titled DEK Lead-Free, focuses on maximizing productivity and process capability for customers who screen-print with lead-free solder pastes. Products within the brand include stencils optimized for lead-free solder paste behavior, specially designed squeegees and cleaning materials, lead-free stencil storage, and a dedicated lead-free Printer Caddy.

TXP Expands Opto-electronics Testing Capabilities

(June 1, 2005) RICHARDSON, Texas — Texas Prototypes, Inc. (TXP) announces that its Photonics Division has expanded its opto-electronics testing capabilities to include long-haul/metro/access optical test-bed systems, 40-Gb error-rate test systems, TOSA and ROSA accelerated aging systems, temperature-cycling and thermal-shock chambers, among others.

Dielectric Capacitors Perform in Harsh Environments

(June 1, 2005) MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Featuring fused monolithic construction, AVX Corp.'s CYR10 and CYR15 multilayer glass dielectric capacitors provide a high-Q factor and low dissipation that varies little with frequency and temperature excursions.

Fabrinet Acquires Three JDS Uniphase Plants

(June 1, 2005) SAN FRANCISCO — Fabrinet has recently closed its acquisition of three JDS Uniphase manufacturing sites in Mountain Lakes and Ewing, N.J., and Fuzhou, China. This acquisition serves to strengthen Fabrinet's position in the Chinese market with an approximately 225,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing center, as well as enhances its engineering and manufacturing technology base.

OK International to Implement Single-brand Strategy

(June 1, 2005) MENLO PARK, Calif. — OK International plans to consolidate its Metcal, Techcon Systems and Impell product lines under the single OK International corporate brand, spurring workbench-focused new product research and development programs and higher levels of localized application support.

Celestica Names New President for Europe

(May 31, 2005) TORONTO, Ontario, Canada — Celestica has recently appointed James Rowan to president for Celestica Europe. He will be responsible for heading up Celestica's European operations and ensuring that these operations are strategically aligned to meet their OEM customers' changing needs.

OSP Process Ideal for Mixed-metals

(May 31, 2005) WEST HAVEN, Conn. — The ENTEK PLUS HT organic solderability preservative (OSP) process from Enthone, Inc., a business of Cookson Electronics, maintains solderability through nine lead-free reflows, delivering high-reliability BGA solder-joint strengths. It maintains eutectic process capability for mixed metal processing, such as electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG).

Reputable Placement Equipment Captures Market Share

(May 31, 2005) BINGHAMTON, N.Y. — Universal Instruments has achieved four consecutive quarters of market-share gain in the combined chip-placement sector, according to proprietary figures recently released by an industry market-monitoring organization. Universal's secured market share is due to their high-speed chip placement platform products, having doubled since mid-2004.

Micro Borescopes Offer Video and Digital Capabilities

(May 27, 2005) TREVOSE, Pa. — A series of Micro Borescopes from Lenox Instrument Company, Inc. feature a focusing eyepiece and fiberoptic bundle for hi-resolution viewing of electronic components, medical devices and cast and machine parts, as well as security and covert applications with limited access and a small footprint.

IPC Releases Book-to-Bill Ratios for April 2005

(May 27, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC—Association Connecting Electronics Industries announces April 2005's findings from its monthly PCB Statistical Program. The North American rigid PCB industry book-to-bill ratio remained positive at 1.03, while the flexible circuit book-to-bill ratio fell to 0.87. The combined (rigid and flex) industry book-to-bill ratio dropped to 1.00.

In-circuit Tester Verifies PCBA Quality

(May 25, 2005) PALO ALTO, Calif. — Agilent Technologies' Medalist i5000 in-circuit tester (ICT) provides test functionality in modular, scalable configurations, allowing operational flexibility for electronic manufacturers looking to verify PCBA quality. The tester is claimed to reduce typical bits-to-production cycle time to five to seven days for a medium-complexity PCBA.

Indium's Dr. Lee to Present at ECTC and IPC Soldertec

(May 25, 2005) UTICA, N.Y. — Indium Corp. of America's Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee, vice president of technology, will present at two upcoming conferences — the Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., to be held May 31, 2005, and IPC Soldertec in Barcelona, Spain, to be held June 7-10, 2005.

Lead-free Solder Paste Reduces Voiding Defects

(May 24, 2005) CITY of INDUSTRY, Calif. — The Multicore WS300 lead-free solder paste from Henkel Technologies offers print definition with long open and abandon time capabilities. The paste resists humidity and slump and can reduce voiding defects. Other benefits include a lack of visible PCB residue for three days after reflow and slump resistance. Available in lead-free alloys 96SC (SAC387) and 97SC (SAC305), the pastes target fine-pitch, high-speed printing applications.

Manz Automation Expands in Response to Growth

(May 24, 2005) NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. — Manz Automation AG has moved its manufacturing and engineering operations to a new, 65,000-sq.-ft. facility in Reutlingen, Germany, to provide increased production and administrative capabilities and more room for an additional 80 employees.

Henkel Promotes Semiconductor Materials Specialist

(May 23, 2005) CITY of INDUSTRY, Calif. — Henkel's electronics group has promoted Nigel Hackett to global director of business development for its semiconductor packaging product range. Having been with Henkel for five years, and with Dexter for 15 years prior to its acquisition by Henkel, Hackett will be strategically responsible for identifying, implementing and integrating new development initiatives within the global semiconductor business.

New RF Connectors Address SMT Applications

(May 23, 2005) NEW ALBANY, Ind. — Samtec has added three new RF connector series to its standard product line. The MMCX Series micro-mini connectors are available as jacks and plugs and with a choice of thru-hole, surface mount and edge-mount terminations. For board-stacking applications, the thru-hole option is also offered in a ganged variation for terminating two, four, six or eight connectors to the board simultaneously.

AIM Appoints New Sales Manager for Mexico

(May 23, 2005) CRANSTON, R.I. — AIM has recently named Sergio Medrano as its new sales manager for Mexico, and he will be based out of AIM's Cd. Juarez, Mexico production facility. His responsibilities will include managing the sales efforts for AIM's full line of solder assembly materials throughout Mexico, excluding the Baja territory.

TURI To Host Lead-free Implementation Workshop

(May 20, 2005) LOWELL, Mass. — To help companies better prepare for the July 1 RoHS deadline, the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) will host "Implementing Lead-free Electronics," on May 26, 2005, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., at General Dynamics in Taunton, Mass.

New Machine-control Software Version Available

(May 20, 2005) STOCKHOLM, Sweden — MYDATA automation AB's new machine-control software, TPSys 2.4.3., is its newest version of TPSys, the company's Linux-based machine control software designed for high-mix production. New features in version 2.4.3 include faster assembly speed and a new, patent-pending calibration method.

EMI Validates Lead-free Assembly Processes

(May 20, 2005) SANTA ANA, Calif. — Express Manufacturing Inc.'s (EMI) SMT assembly processes recently were evaluated and proven to meet all IPC 610 rev. D section 5 requirements for lead-free workmanship standards by CE Analytics, an independent analytical lab of Cookson Electronics.

EMA Design Automation, PartMiner Join Forces

(May 20, 2005) ROCHESTER, N.Y. — EMA Design Automation and PartMiner, Inc. have joined forces to bring together Cadence Design tools and PartMiner's CAPS electronic component database.

Vishay Completes Siliconix Merger Transaction

(May 18, 2005) MALVERN, Pa. — Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has effected a merger with Siliconix Inc., as a result of which Siliconix has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Vishay. In the merger, each share of Siliconix stock, other than the shares owned by Vishay and its subsidiaries, was converted into 3.075 Vishay shares, subject to the rights of Siliconix's remaining stockholders to seek appraisal under Delaware law. Cash was paid in lieu of Vishay fractional shares.

Digi-Key, Renesas Sign Distribution Agreement

(May 18, 2005) THIEF RIVER FALLS, Minn. — Digi-Key Corp. and Renesas Technology America, Inc. have signed a distribution partnership agreement to carry Renesas' semiconductor products, giving Digi-Key customers access to advanced Renesas solutions for embedded systems. System LSI products, such as microcontrollers (MCUs), microprocessors (MPUs), development kits and development software, are the initial inclusions.

Tin Whiskers Workshop Presents Latest Findings

(May 18, 2005) HERNDON, Va. — iNEMI will conduct a tin whiskers workshop on May 31, 2005, as part of IEEE's Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

IPC/APEX Survey Reports Attendee Interest

(May 17, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries released survey results from the 2005 IPC Printed Circuits Expo, APEX, Designers Summit and ECWC 10. Based on responses from 640 attendees, the report shows that 74% had a "high interest" in electronics assembly, manufacturing and test; 47% in bare boards; and 25% in design. Interest in bare boards has grown 20% over 2004 attendee responses, claims IPC.

AOI and X-ray Systems Hit Chinese Market

(May 17, 2005) SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — YESTech introduced a line of automated inspection solutions, including the inline YTV 2050 automated optical inspection system, YTV 1000 benchtop AOI system and the YTX-3000 high-res X-ray inspection system at NEPCON China in Shanghai last month.

Dispensing System Slated for SEMICON Release

(May 16, 2005) FRANKLIN, Mass. — Speedline Technologies will exhibit the XyflexPro+ Dispensing System at SEMICON West 2005 in San Francisco, Calif., July 12-15. The system features advanced composite gantry design structure and a linear drive system that uses motion-control drive technology.

KIC Expands Solder Paste Library

Tombstoning Reduction Via Phased-reflow Soldering

A drop-in replacement for standard lead alloys, whereby a small amount of Sn62 wets both sides of the termination before the Sn63 melting point is reached. The lower melting point on sn62 tack solders parts to the board and virtually eliminates this common defect.

Summit Unveils New 100% Tin Reflow Process

(May 13, 2005) THOMASTON, Conn. — Summit Corp. of America is providing lead-free plating of strip and wire for connectors, lead frames, and electronic devices for the telecommunications, appliance, automotive, computer, semiconductor, and electronics industries, employing its Reflow Metallization process developed in-house. The company can also plate any metal or combination of metals in continuous strips, while meeting the lead-free legislation international standards.

Alcohol-based Liquid Flux Ideal for Lead-free

(May 13, 2005) DES PLAINES, Ill. — The 959T alcohol-based, no-clean liquid flux for lead-free wave soldering applications is now available from Kester, and is also backward-compatible with tin/lead wave soldering operations.

Asymtek Signs OSTEC Enterprise to Distributor Network

(May 13, 2005) CARLSBAD, Calif. — Asymtek has recently signed Moscow, Russia-based OSTEC Enterprise Ltd., a sales representatives team, to market their automated fluid dispensing systems in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Libra Industries, SMT Hong Kong Sign Agreement

(May 12, 2005) MENTOR, Ohio — Libra Industries has signed an agreement with SMT Hong Kong, calling for Libra to act as a North American distributor and sales representative of SMT Hong Kong's China-based electronics manufacturing services.

Hover-Davis, Cogiscan Form RFID Smart Feeder Partnership

(May 12, 2005) ROCHESTER, N.Y. and BROMONT, Quebec, Canada — Hover-Davis and Cogiscan announce that through their long-term strategic partnership, they are introducing a new generation of smart feeders. The feeders are said to enable customers to perform machine setup validation for feeders and components; eliminate human errors and reduce changeover time; track feeders and components on and off placement machines; and enable inventory control and traceability in real-time.

Jurong High Tech Employs Thermal Process Management

(May 11, 2005) SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Singapore-based EMS provider Jurong High Tech has implemented KIC's thermal process tool line in hopes to exceed customer requests for lead-free manufacturing and full thermal process traceability.

Tape Feeders Compatible with Siplace Machines

(May 11, 2005) ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Hover-Davis, Inc. has released a series of Siemens Siplace-compatible tape feeders with 12/16-, 24/32-, 44- and 56-mm feeder ranges. Each feeder is compatible with Siemens' Siplace placement machines and touts a reversible index drive and capabilities aimed at reducing changeover time.

IPC Technical Conference Call for Papers Open

(May 11, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC—Association Connecting Electronics Industries is officially announcing its call for papers for its IPCWorks 2005 technical conference, to be held October 27, 2005, in Las Vegas, Nev. The theme this year is, "What's in Your Future?" and conference topics will center around lead-free, using materials declaration information to improve recycling, embedded technology and materials.

Valor Notes 22% Revenue Increase for First Quarter

(May 10, 2005) YAVNE, Israel — Marking continued growth for the first quarter of 2005, Valor Computerized Systems exceeded its expectations with a 22% increase in revenues compared to the same quarter last year. Sales increased by 27% and maintenance revenues rose by 13% in the first quarter of 2005, reports the company.

DEK Appoints New Americas General Manager

(May 10, 2005) FLEMINGTON, N.J. — DEK has recently appointed Neil MacRaild to the position of Americas general manager. Having already served in various roles in his previous ten years at DEK, he most recently was the Americas general manager for DEK's line of recurring revenue products, which includes stencils, screens, tooling and consumables.

COMET Marks 40th Anniversary in Vacuum Capacitors

(May 10, 2005) FLAMATT, Switzerland — COMET, an X-ray, RF and Dosimetry solutions supplier, is celebrating 40 years in vacuum capacitors, serving the vacuum-capacitor market from its global headquarters in Flamatt, Switzerland, since 1965.

Cobar BV Achieves ISO/TS 16949 Certification

(May 10, 2005) BREDA, The Netherlands — Cobar BV, a global supplier of fluxes, solder pastes and soldering materials, announces that the company has been certified to ISO/TS 16949, a milestone important to the company's automotive electronics manufacturers.

Via Plating Solution Cuts Time-to-Market

(May 9, 2005) GARBSEN, Germany — The ProConduct via plating system from LPKF Laser & Electronics plates PCB thru-holes without chemical plating baths. Using conductive polymer paste, the system plates vias from 0.4 mm for double-sided and multilayer boards.

Lead-free Pastes Combat Voids

(May 9, 2005) TOKYO, Japan — Nihon Almit Co. has introduced two lead-free solder pastes aimed at eliminating voids. Manufactured according to IPC TM-650 and IPC J-STD 005 standards, the pastes are available in Ag3.0/Cu0.5, Ag3.9/Cu0.6 and Ag3.5/Cu0.7 chemistries.

Partnership Targets Mexican Market

(May 9, 2005) CLACTON-ON-SEA, U.K. — Pickering Interfaces has appointed LogicBus as its distribution partner in Mexico to serve existing electronics manufacturing sites, as well as companies moving into the region. LogicBus will provide sales and service representation for the company's entire product line.

New Machine Design Components Catalog Available

(May 6, 2005) CHICAGO — Industrial Motion Control LLC (IMC) has published a comprehensive, 260-page color catalog, featuring more than 1,000 products under its Camco and Ferguson brands, including index drives, overload clutches, parts handlers, walking beam drives, precision link conveyors, servo-mechanical drives and accessories.

Indium's Dr. Lasky to Present Lead-free Assembly Workshops

(May 6, 2005) CLINTON, N.Y. — Ronald C. Lasky, Ph.D., Indium Corp. of America's senior technologist, is slated to present two IPC Professional Development Seminars, or workshops, this summer. His workshop, "Best Practices in Implementing Pb-Free Assembly," has been well-received throughout the world, having presented it throughout Europe, Asia and the U.S. Two upcoming dates for his workshop are June 13 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and June 15 in Boston, Mass.

Heraeus Acquires Ultra-fine-pitch Solder-powder Technology

(May 6, 2005) WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. — Heraeus' Circuit Materials Division has acquired the ultra-fine-pitch solder powder technology and business from Potsdam, Germany-based Welco GmbH. With this acquisition, Heraeus is continuing to offer special high-quality materials for the joining technology in the semiconductor and SMT industries.

Private Equity Provider Acquires FlexLink AB

(May 5, 2005) GÖTEBERG, Sweden — FlexLink AB has been acquired by ABN AMRO Capital, a private equity provider in Europe. FlexLink was acquired by a management buy-out from EQT, a private equity funds group that had originally acquired a 90% interest in FlexLink from AB SKF in 1997.

iNEMI Members Back RoHS Parts Numbering

(May 5, 2005) HERNDON, Va. — iNEMI, the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative, announced that most of its OEM and EMS members support the use of unique part numbers for RoHS-compliant components. The consortium took the position that demonstrating and certifying compliance will be complicated further by the industry's design and manufacturing supply chains, as well as the incompatibility between current tin/lead and RoHS-compliant lead-free manufacturing processes.

Advanced Manufacturing Solutions on Display at NEPCON East

(May 5, 2005) BOSTON, Mass. — Concord, Calif.-based Digitaltest is exhibiting their latest advanced manufacturing solutions at the NEPCON East exhibition, currently being held May 4-5 in Boston, Mass., at booth #3043. Along with these solutions, Digitaltest offers a worldwide field service, parts service, applications support and training network.

Guide to Help OEMs Needing an EMS Provider Available

(May 3, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — As a way of helping OEMs with their strategic outsourcing decisions, IPC—Association Connecting Electronics Industries is offering a "how-to" guide, titled, "How to Begin the Process of Selecting an EMS Provider."

Enthone Opens Shanghai Technical Service Centre

(May 3, 2005) KOWLOON, Hong Kong — Enthone Inc., a business of Cookson Electronics, has opened its Technical Service Centre in Shanghai, China, with the plan to reinforce and accelerate its existing market presence throughout China. Also, the Centre hopes to enhance the Company's overall capabilities to provide immediate technical support, applications engineering, analytical services, sales and product warehousing throughout Northern China.

Certification Label Introduced for Machine Performance Verification

(May 3, 2005) HUDSON, N.H. — CeTaQ Americas has introduced a new label certification system to verify machine performance specifications. The new labels will be affixed to every machine that undergoes CeTaQ's Machine Capability Analysis (MCA) testing.

Kimball Electronics to Purchase Aegis Software Modules

(May 2, 2005) PHILADELPHIA — Kimball Electronics Group, an EMS company with divisions worldwide, will procure Aegis NPI and MES software modules for all of its divisions, with the goal of integrating all operations at their headquarters in Jasper, Indiana. Another goal is to expand the software interface to their divisions worldwide, creating a seamless, Web-centric platform for all operations control, programming and data interface.

Cookson, Speedline Partner on Lead-free 'Checklist'

(April 29, 2005) JERSEY CITY, N.J. — Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials Group and Speedline Technologies are collaborating on the development of a comprehensive "Lead-free Implementation Checklist" to assist electronic assemblers in gearing up for the lead-free transition. The list provides important details that should be confirmed for assembly equipment, materials, shop-floor segregation, training of personnel, process validation, process refinement and yield enhancement.

Dual-axis Averager Ideal for Rotary Applications

(April 29, 2005) NATICK, Mass. — MicroE Systems' Mercury 3000Si dual-axis averager is comprised of two 8.4-mm-tall, high-performance Mercury encoder sensors, a SmartSignal dual-interpolator module and a rotary glass scale. The system eliminates eccentricity errors through an advanced signal-averaging algorithm. Processing and programmable interpolation to x1024 occur within the unit's FPGA.

IPC Releases March 2005 Book-to-Bill Ratio, Business Report

(April 29, 2005) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC—Association Connecting Electronics Industries announces the March 2005 findings from its monthly PCB Statistical Program. The North American rigid PCB industry book-to-bill ratio for March 2005 continued at 1.04, while the flexible-circuit ratio fell to 1.07. These ratios are based on monthly data collected from PCB producers that participate in the PCB Statistical Program. The combined industry book-to-bill ratio in March 2005 was 1.05.

Premier Acquires New Semiconductor Test Operations

(April 28, 2005) TEMPE, Ariz. — Premier Semiconductor Services, LLC/LP has acquired Cirrus Logic's Austin, Texas-based semiconductor test operation, where Cirrus Logic's employees will become Premier employees and form the basis for the new Premier test facility. Also included in the transfer will be equipment such as testers, handlers and probers.

New Software Enables Barcode Traceability

(April 28, 2005) SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — YESTraX barcode traceability software from YESTech, Inc. enables traceability from AOI systems to offline review/rework stations, creating a serialized barcode that can be assigned to rework images, as well as SPC data. The SPC software will generate quality reports, archive data and reportedly improve quality control.

Indium to Exhibit at IMAPS Garden State

(April 28, 2005) CLINTON, N.Y. — Indium Corp. of America will be exhibiting at the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS) Garden State Chapter's Spring Packaging Symposium, to be held May 11, 2005, at the Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, N.J.

SMTA Opens Call for Papers for 2006 Pan Pacific Symposium

(April 27, 2005) MINNEAPOLIS — The SMTA-sponsored 2006 Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium, to be held January 17-19, 2006, in Hawaii, is announcing that the Call for Papers is now open. This annual event focuses on critical business markets and technologies of microelectronics packaging, interconnection, microsystems, nanotechnology and assembly.

Online Guide Helps with Achieving EMC with Thermal Design

Reports Spotlight EMS, Environmental Directives

(April 26, 2005) ALAMEDA, Calif. — Technology Forecasters Inc. (TFI) released three reports from their Q1 event in Guadalajara, Mexico. The reports tackled issues such as the future of the EMS industry, the role of the original design manufacturer (ODM) in the computer industry and environmental compliance.

CeTaQ Unveils New Informational Website

(April 26, 2005) HUDSON, N.H. — CeTaQ Americas, CeTaQ GmbH and CeTaQ Asia have launched a new Website ( to provide information about their own measurement technology for equipment and process capability analysis.

Scan Modules Expand Boundary-scan Application Areas

(April 25, 2005) EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands — The new DIMM 2128 family of digital I/O scan modules (DIOS) from JTAG Technologies reportedly enhances testability of complex PCBs. Covering all standard DIMM connector pinouts and a wide range of operating voltages, the DIOS modules contain programmable logic and a built-in, 10-MHz oscillator, allowing implementation of embedded test instruments such as counters, function generators and timers.

Speedline Enhances Distribution in Pacific Northwest U.S., Canada

(April 25, 2005) FRANKLIN, Mass. — Speedline Technologies announces a business partnership agreement with Issaquah, Wash.-based Powell Industries, hoping to enhance Speedline's solutions and services network in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S., and British Columbia, Canada.

Controllable Wind Tunnel for PCB Testing Available

(April 25, 2005) NORWOOD, Mass. — The CWT-PCB controlled wind tunnel from Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) is for laboratory testing of heat and air flow on multiple PCBs. Its test chamber can accommodate up to six PCBs with 0.5" card-to-card spacing, or three PCBs with 1" spacing. It can fit with various fan trays for a broad airflow range, or with heating elements to allow for elevated air temperature testing.

FKI Logistex Updates Horizontal Carousel Line

(April 22, 2005) KENILWORTH, N.J. — FKI Logistex has upgraded its horizontal carousel line with new software and hardware improvements, offering increased flexibility in the design, specification and maintenance of the systems, and providing an enhanced set of operating controls. These carousels are typically used for product picking in warehouse- and distribution-center operations, and in buffering applications for manufacturing operations.

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