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Mentor and Seica Partner for Data Prep and Testing Big Boards
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The Future of the Customer Experience in Mobility
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Shopping at IPC APEX EXPO: Evolutionary or Revolutionary Products?
01/16/2019 | Andy Shaughnessy, I-Connect007
Executive Forum at IPC APEX EXPO 2019 Focuses on Advancing Automotive Electronics
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Dispatches from CES 2019: The Future in the Kickoff
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CM News

Eight New Contracts Won - NIWOT, Colo. — The Dii Group Inc. announced that Dovatron, its contract manufacturing subsidiary, recently signed eight new programs with seven new customers and one existing customer, amounting to more than $200 million of annualized revenue. Two of the programs are printed circuit board (PCB) assembly in China for Matrox Corp., and PCB assembly and box build for home networking products for Tut Systems. The remaining bu

New Products

Chip Scale Test Contactor - The HP 95000 chip scale, auto-test contactor is designed for use with the HP 95000 tester. The contactor works with the tester to provide 1 GHz performance with less than 1 ns pulse widths for testing direct rambus DRAM. The contacts use 0.75 mm pitch, 1.3 to 1.6 nH self inductance, 0.02 to 0.09 capacitance and 9.3 GHz bandwidth at 1.0 dB for test results from -55 to 150°C with a typical life cycle of more than 100,000 insertions. OZ TEK, Hayward, Calif.

Product Labeling vs. ESD

One of the many potential sources for electrostatic discharge are standard PCB and component bar-code labels that utilize insulative materials able to generate up to 1,000 V or more when removed from the release liner.

Minimize ESD-induced Failures

Commitment at all levels of production is required to gain control of ESD.

Advances in Automated Selective Conformal Coating

Tri-mode applicator technology offers manufacturers both flexibility and dependability.

CIM-compatible Handling Equipment

The key to PCB-assembly optimization, programmable conveyor systems can link computer-integrated manufacturing equipment for maximum yields.

FCIP Delivers Flip Chip Benefits Without DCA Complications

Emerging technologies support adoption of FCIP solutions to meet performance requirements.

The 'Necessaries' of Machine Vision

While RS170 or charge-coupled/infrared (CCIR) cameras are common, the need for more detail and faster acquisition rates is rapidly driving frame grabbers in the direction of higher resolution, progressive-scan cameras.

Guidelines for Lead-free Processing

With legislative directives banning lead in electronics processes afloat in Japan and Europe, it is important to understand how converting to lead-free solders will affect the SMT process as a whole.

How to Choose SMT DC-DC Converters

Until recently, most DC-DC converters were only available as through-hole devices. As more become available as surface mount devices, users need to know how to choose the most appropriate one.

Improved Fault Coverage for Limited Access

Smaller components and boards have forced the creation of new test techniques.

The Role of X-ray Inspection in DFM

The supporting role that X-ray inspection plays for DFM is critical to the SMT process.


In the era of "no-clean" solder pastes, precision cleaning of assemblies has assumed a new dimension.

Soldering Equipment and Materials

Soldering is a critical step in the SMT process.

Publisher's Executive Council Survey

Q: How did you develop the rotary turret design for today's chipshooters?

Component Specifier

As SMT matures and its end products continue to shrink in size but grow in capability, manufacturers are constantly in need of components that satisfy demanding footprint, reliability and placement require-ments. Modern manufacturing techniques are useless if a board's components are out of date, perform poorly or fail to satisfy end-user requirements. To assist manufacturers in this search, SMT Magazine presents Component Specifier, a new product section designed to spotlight state-of-the-a

Cleaning Up The Process

Two companies worked together to develop a process to control flux flow, eliminating buildup and reducing maintenance.

Managing Productivity and Relationships with OEMs

The heart of all OEM/CM relationships is trust derived from the knowledge of their capabilities and demands of the market.

Real-time Cost Estimates Measure

Real-time cost estimating is a useful tool when comparing capital equipment expenditures.

Quality Ensured with In-process Inspection

Integrating AOI systems at key locations in the assembly line has proven to be a cost-effective solution for improving yields.

CM News

Software Order Placed - HERZLIYA, Israel — SCI Systems Inc. placed a $3.8 million order for combined Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd. and Fuji Machine Manufacturing Co. Ltd. software and services. Tecnomatix will receive $2.1 million, with $1.7 to go to Fuji. The order is comprised of Tecnomatix UNICAM software for assembly planning, production monitoring, documentation and for interfacing with non-Fuji PCB assembly equipment, and a jointly developed

New Products

1210 Fuses - The PolySwitch microSMD product family includes six resettable fuses ranging from 0.05 A at 30 V to 1 A at 6 V. It is said to be designed for overcurrent protection in computer, consumer electronics and industrial process control applications. The products in the group are the microSMD005, microSMD010, microSMD035, microSMD050, microSMD075 and microSMD100 devices. The devices were designed to the industry-standard 1210 (3.2 x 2.5 mm) footprint. Raychem Corp., Menlo Park, C


The discovery in the pyramids of metals joined by soldering proved that this technique is not modern.

Publisher's Executive Council Survey

First of all, how did your appointment to the IPC Board of Directors come about?

Component Specifier

As SMT matures and its end products continue to shrink in size but grow in capability, manufacturers are constantly in need of components that satisfy demanding footprint, reliability and placement require-ments. Modern manufacturing techniques are useless if a board's components are out of date, perform poorly or fail to satisfy end-user requirements. To assist manufacturers in this search, SMT Magazine presents Component Specifier, a new product section designed to spotlight state-of-the-

Assessing CM Quotes

OEMs must not only evaluate price when considering outsourcing, but the comprehension, accuracy and trust of the potential partner, as well.

CM News

Flextronics Acquires Finnish CM - SAN JOSE, Calif. — Flextronics International Ltd. entered into an agreement to acquire Kyrel EMS Oyj, a Finnish contract manufacturer. Kyrel has offered services since 1983, and has long-established relationships with customers in the telecom industry, including Nokia and Alcatel. The company has two operations in Finland and one in Luneville, France.

Selecting the Right ERP and MES Software System

To avoid choosing the wrong software system for your company, a careful evaluation of your company's needs and the supplier's offerings is a must.

High Expectations Force Action

In this issue, our roundtable participants grapple with issues pertaining to the growing needs of their OEM customers.

New Products

Thin-film Fuses - The Accu-Guard Series of thin-film fuses have current values from 150 mA to 5 A in sizes including 0603, 0805, 1206 and 0612. Featuring accurate current ratings and fast response time, the fuses are reportedly ideal for telecommunications applications, battery chargers and packs, hard disk drives, LCD screens and digital video camera equipment. The fuses are sold on tape-and-reel packaging and are compatible with high-speed automated assembly equipment. AVX Corp., Myrt

Quality Verification with Real-time X-ray

One can look at trends in packaging and assembly and predict that geometries will continue to shrink and PCBs will become more complex.

Lasers Offer a Tracing Alternative

Many industries have precise traceability requirements to which PCB assemblers must adhere. Laser marking offers assemblers a cost-effective alternative.

Get a Jump on the Lead Ban

The inside tract on what to expect over the coming years.

Program ICT for the UUT

The goal of in-circuit test is to ensure that the PCB is operational and ready for system assembly, i.e., the integrity of all units under test — connections, components and functional circuits — on the board must be checked.

How Heat Generation in Stencil Printing Affects Solder Joint Quality

The challenge of stencil printing in the midst of ongoing miniaturization is achieving repeatable solder paste deposition from print to print and pad to pad; this requires an understanding of paste rheology characteristics and the influences of temperature.

Soldering Application

Reflow with no-clean ovens and real-time thermal managers can maximize throughput and increase yield.

The User Benefits of a Supplier Partnership

Equipment suppliers have become a resource for process control expertise, even in the reflow operation.

Improved Performance Properties for Adhesives

Adhesive suppliers must meet the demands that improved designs in assembly equipment place on their products.

Two-dimensional, Closed-loop Inspection of Stencil Printing

Traditionally, post-print "paste on pad" inspection has been used to determine if the area of deposition on the board exceeds (or lacks) acceptable limits in either direction.

Trends in Wavesoldering Technology

The fundamental mass-joining technology has evolved to meet industry demands for better, faster and cheaper assembly.

Environmental Impact of Lead-free Solders

Although the movement to regulate and eliminate lead-bearing solders has picked up speed worldwide, there has been little published research on the environmental effects of the available lead-free formulations.

Environmentally Certified Technologies

Currently viewed by industry as "the bad guys," regulating agencies such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have a plan to improve their image and help manufacturers attain their goals.

Understanding Placement Rate: A Common-sense Guide

Although there are currently no industry standards for specifying placement rate, the authors offer advice on how to determine a machine's realistic cph and how some machines perform closer to their advertised rates than others.

BGA/CSP Issues

This month, experts in the area of ball grid array (BGA) and chip scale package (CSP) technology discuss current and future BGA and CSP issues.

CSP On-board Assembly: Implementation and Qualification

The objectives of these studies are to develop optimized assembly processes, demonstrate the production assembly processes developed and provide reliable solder connections.

CM News

GISSMO System Implemented - CONCORD, Mass. — Manufacturers' Services Ltd. implemented a global materials and supplier information system known as GISSMO. The move is a part of the company's strategy to build a supply-chain solution that will allow it to serve customers in a real-time environment.

New Products

PCB Magazine - The 700 Series PCB magazine incorporates a belt-driven precision spindle system that reportedly allows for quick and easy setup to PCB width as well as parallelism of the side panels. The color-coding and consecutive numbering system on the side panels, along with the width scale, are said to help facilitate width adjustment. A transport safety lock keeps the PCBs from sliding out of the magazine during transport and can be automatically unlocked in a loading station. The

Troubleshooting BGAs

Solder-bump-array technology, as on BGAs and CSPs, offers many advantages (and some disadvantages) that must be understood to prevent serious problems.

An Image Library of SMT Defects Section 4: BGA PCB Defects, Dimensions, Poke-thru

These images of SMT defects and attributes were compiled by consultant Tom Clifford. In Section 4, we showcase copper splash, over-etched and thin traces, solder on copper, and other defects. Some of these can cause electrical shorts.

IPC-A-610D for AOI: Integrated Verification Enables IPC-compliant PCB Inspection

IPC-A-610 is the universally accepted standard for electronics assembly defects. In this article Peter Krippner, Viscom AG, describes how IPC-A-610D is incorporated into post-reflow AOI systems to improve defect detection, reduce false calls, and eliminate missed defects during SMT assembly.

SMT Preventive Maintenance: Stop 5 Major Problems with Pick-and-place Nozzles

Quality nozzles and feeders are the core of pick-and-place. In this article, Zachery Shook, Count On Tools, describes five major issues associated with improper nozzle maintenance and/or the use of poor quality nozzles in the pick-and-place process.

Trust but Verify. Why Take the Risk? Detection of Counterfeit Components by K-Shell XRF Technique

Steve Glass, RMD Instruments, warns that counterfeit electronic components discovered by the defense industry has doubled since 2008. He busts a few myths about counterfeiting, such as “all counterfeit components come from China” and “counterfeits are so crude they can easily be detected.”

Insights behind Foxconn/Hon Hai Employee Suicides: Recommendations for Electronics Companies

Pamela J. Gordon and Fanny Lee, TFI, investigate the electronics industry’s role in the Foxconn suicide problem, and offer advice for OEMs considering implementing or changing their multi-national outsourcing strategy. Can electronics be manufactured at an effective cost and worker-satisfaction rate? Ultimately, it depends on both the customer and the manufacturer.

What Is Halide-free and What Does It Mean to Me?

With halogen-containing substances possible additions to the list of substances banned from electronics, many manufacturers are asking how this materials restriction will affect them and their processes. John Vivari, Nordson EFD, explains what halogens and halides are and why they matter, as well as where these elements appear in the electronics manufacturing bill of materials.

Is Cleaning Critical to PoP Assemblies?

Cleaning is a critical process in the electronics manufacturing industry. Effective cleaning improves product reliability by ensuring optimal surface resistance and preventing current leakage that can lead to PCB failure. This paper addresses the cleanliness level of PoP assemblies, including underneath PoP components and in between packages.

Manufacturing Representatives & EMS: Keys to a Solid Partnership

Ask a manufacturer's rep or an EMS sales manager about successful EMS-rep sales relationships and you'll most likely get a negative response. The EMS industry is littered with bad breakups. Usually, the root cause is the fact that neither party fully understood what they were getting into. What drives a good relationship?
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