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Latest Articles

Incap Inks Partnership with Kenyan Thames Electricals

According to the agreement, Incap will design and manufacture inverters for the customer, with the first production sets being delivered in August. An estimated total of 5,000 to 8,000 units will be delivered to the customer this year with annual revenue from these products estimated reach one million euro.

FCT Assembly to Hold Open House at CA Facility

FCT Assembly will hold an open house at its new CA facility on July 12, walking attendees through a variety of processes, from CAD design though laser cutting. Bob Dervaes, VP of technology and engineering for the solder division, will speak.

Precision Soldering: New Rework and Selective Soldering Options

Malcom Company introduced hot air tools; VJ Technologies debuted an IR preheater series; Seho added process controls as well as a training program; Etek began carrying Purex fume extraction items; and RPS Automation brought fiducial inspection and auto correction to its selective soldering products.

Aqueous Technologies Premiers Automatic Defluxing and Cleanliness Testing System

Trident OneShot is designed to provide automatic cleaning (defluxing), cleanliness testing, and drying of post-reflow circuit assemblies.

Electronic Component Orders Keep Rising

Manufacturers are responding to current and future electronics growth and don't want to slow momentum by getting caught short of electronic component inventory.

Outsourcing Out? Some OEMs Choosing Assembly

For years, the industry focused on convincing OEMs to abandon electronics manufacture in favor of outsourcing. Yet, today, some OEMs are looking to bring electronics manufacture in-house. MannCorp Sales Manager Ed Stone explains the factors that are driving OEMs to invest in electronics assembly operations, rather than using the current outsource mode.

Printed Circuit Board Information Service

This service from Research and Markets offers PCB manufacturers and companies in the PCB supply chain a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the global PCB market.

Orbotech Outlook: Sustained PCB Growth to Be Driven by Underlying Market Recovery, New Consumer Electronics Devices, and Growing China Presence in PCBs

Barclays Capital offers their insights from Orbotech (ORBK) Analyst Day. The following is from Orbotech’s PCB division presentation. Management discussed the fact that Orbotech continues to supply PCB systems to all of the major PCB manufacturers worldwide, including Samsung, LT, Compeq, Hitachi, Unimicron, Daeduck, Multek, Toshiba, LG, AT&S. Together, these PCB suppliers account for ~80% of the PCBs used in handsets.

Participate in a Survey on Electronics Design and Manufacturing in Europe

TFI is investigating electronics design and manufacturing in Europe, with an emphasis on Eastern Europe. Take the survey and answer how EMEA compares to China/Asia for manufacturing, what you see as emerging trends, and more.

New Coating, Dispensing, and Printing Products

These new products include automatic conformal coating inspection; electrically conductive adhesive to replace solders; a line of coating cure ovens; a radiometer for light cure; fine-structure screen printer; a valve actuator; and dispensable TIM.

Apple Rides High-Margin Hardware to Competitive Supremacy

Apple Inc. has become the world’s most valuable technology company based on sales of high-margin hardware like the iPhone, an approach that competitors are finding difficult to duplicate, according to iSuppli Corp.

Test Protocols for Evaluation of New Lead-free Alloys Outlined in New White Paper by IPC Solder Products Value Council

Analytical Procedures for Portable Lead-Free Alloy Test Data provides a set of test protocols for the evaluation of new lead-free alloys on the basis of their physical properties to reduce the time and effort required to characterize an alloy and improve its processes without jeopardizing reliability.

An Image Library of SMT Defects Section 3: BGA PCB Defects, Via-in-pad

These images of SMT defects and attributes were compiled by consultant Tom Clifford. In Section 3, we look at via-fill plating failures; craters, lumps, and odd cover shapes; edge flaking; and other via-in-pad defects on PCBs. They provide resources for training, quality control specs and standards, and research.

New Nozzles, Software, and Equipment for Selective and Wave Soldering

These soldering products include selective soldering equipment, custom nozzles, selective soldering programming software, a compact wave soldering system, and a component lead re-tinning machine.

New in Solders: No-Clean Lead-free Pastes and Eco Solder Recovery

Henkel launched Multicore LF620 no-clean lead-free solder paste; Kester announces its NXG1-HF lead-free no-clean solder paste; FCT Assembly debuted NL9302 no-clean, lead-free, halide-free solder paste; and Seika Machinery Inc. brought on board a Solder Paste Recycling Unit.

SPI Built onto a Screen Printer: Pemtron Demos the System

In this video, Steve Wong, Pemtron, showcases Pemtron’s TROI 3D solder paste inspection (SPI) module built onto the SJ Innotech screen printer, at IPC APEX EXPO 2010.

Video Demos: New IC Placer and Printer Technology from Assembleon

In these videos, SMT tours Assembleon's booth at IPC APEX EXPO, looking inside IC placers, chip shooters, feeders, and the printer and squeegee technology on display.

Premo Plans China Expansion for Power Electronics Apps

Premo will open a new plant to enlarge production this year. The 4,000 sq.m. plant with 500 sq.m. laboratory premises will be operating in Wuxi, China. The company expects to grow at an annualized aggregated rate over 20% the next three years. This will require further capacity especially for applications in power electronics for renewable energies and automotive.

IPC Study: Quality Benchmarks for Small to Medium EMS Industry

IPC Study of Quality Benchmarks for the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Industry for 2009 is designed to provide information to EMS companies interested in comparing their key 2009 operating variables to those of other EMS providers by net sales and type of product. 

Essemtec Forms Essemsol to Focus on Custom Application Development

Essemtec’s new business unit Essemsol combines parts of development and production to shorten the realization time for customer-specific solutions. The business unit incorporates all activities from former Essemsolar (solar applications), Essemsolution and customer-specific dispenser applications.

May Manufacturing Report: Growth Overall, But Supplies Tight

The manufacturing sector grew for the 10th consecutive month during May, driven by continued strength in new orders and production. Employment continues to grow. There are a number of reports, particularly in the tech sector, of shortages of components; this is the result of excessive inventory de-stocking during the downturn.

The Landscape of PCB Technology is Changing Rapidly--How Will AOI Testing Keep Up? Part II

The popularity of HDI is rising. Solder jet printing and cold attachment rival traditional solder printing. Manufacturers are building smaller and smaller quantities--even batches of one! What does this all mean for traditional AOI? Part II of this paper discusses the strengths and weaknesses of AOI given significant changes in PCB materials and manufacturing methods.

On the Show Floor at SMT Hybrid Packaging: Exhibits Preview II

The following dispensing products, inspection systems, pick-and-place equipment, dummy components and test boards, automation and support tools, and other products will be highlights of the SMT Hybrid Packaging show, June 8-10 in Nuremburg.

An Image Library of SMT Defects Section 2: BGA PCB Defects, External Damage

Images in this section include mechanical damage from improper handling, test probes, and other sources. Some mechanical intrusions can lead to electrical failure or degrade reliability.

Medical Electronics Headed for Healthy Future Growth

This issue of the Henderson Forecast summary explores the rising costs of healthcare and the medical electronics market. Medical electronics growth slowed during the recession but is surging back, thanks to improved device design, expanded healthcare coverage in the U.S., and other factors.

Bed of Nails Test Fixture Using a PCB Rather than Wires

In this video, Craig Pynn, SiFO, shows SMT a bed of nails fixture made for in-circuit (ICT) and functional test (FT). The test fixture eliminates the wire bundle for better signal, less human intervention, and faster fixture turn-around with easy replication. SiFO is based in China.

AXI and AOI in One Viscom Inspection System

In this video, Volker Pape, Viscom, demos AXI and AOI combined in one system for comprehensive inspection at IPC APEX EXPO 2010.

IPC Supports RoHS Amendments 197-203 for More Scientific Approach

RoHS Directive proposed amendments 197 through 203 support the use of a rigorous scientific methodology to evaluate additional restricted substances and their alternatives. IPC has taken exception to other proposed RoHS amendments that would ban all brominated flame retardants (BFR) without a scientific evaluation.

Visit the Blakell Europlacer UK New Product Introduction and Process Day

Blakell Europlacer, designer and manufacturer of comprehensive SMT placement systems for the global electronics industry, will host a New Product Introduction and Process Technology Day at its manufacturing headquarters in Poole, Dorset. U.K. on June 23. Activities include expert presentations, a live SMT assembly line, and World Cup viewing party.

New Methods for Supply Chain Management in an Eco-friendly Era

TFI and DCA collaborated for a design-for-environment roadmap service; Assent announced a SVHC declaration tool for managing REACH compliance; and SYSPRO added an inventory optimization module to its management suite.

Attend a Seminar on Solar Energy and Electronics with Dr. Jennie Hwang

SMT Editorial Advisory Board member Jennie Hwang, Ph.D., will deliver a on-day lecture on “Solar Energy in the Electronics Industry” on June 17 in Penang, Malaysia.

Finding and Preventing Counterfeit Components in the SMT Supply Chain

In this video, Paul Romano, Fusion, discusses counterfeit electronics detection and prevention. X-ray images and decapsulated components illustrate his points.

Eco-friendly on the SMT Line

Seika shows us a stencil printer wiper roll recycler and a solder paste recovery system. The wiper roll can be cleaned and reused up to 10 times with the solvent-based ultrasonic cleaner. The paste recovery unit turns spoiled or unused paste into solder bars.

Vacuum Tooling for PCB Protection

Tony Du, Ovation Products, discusses different Ovation tooling for various machine designs and PCB types.

Reduce Flux at Wave Soldering

A retrofit ultrasonic spray fluxer can replace old spray or foam fluxers in wave solder machines. Sono-Tek shows us how the fluxer works at IPC APEX Expo 2010.

Video Interview on Pick-and-Place Feeders: Refurbished or New?

Dee Claybrook, Rapid Tooling, discusses the benefits of refurbishing and repairing pick-and-place feeders. Juki legacy feeders are compatible with the latest systems. Watch this video interview from IPC APEX EXPO 2010, held in Las Vegas in April 2010.

On the Show Floor at SMT Hybrid Packaging: Exhibits Preview I

Technology Forecasters Inc. Initiates European Electronics Design and Manufacturing Study: Learn How to Participate

TFI is launching a thorough investigation of electronics design and manufacturing in Europe to help electronics-industry executives set profitable strategies for Europe, with an emphasis on Eastern Europe. The study will kick off with a one-hour call June 9.

New Products for Process Control in the PCB Assembly Facility: MES/ERP, Barcode Readers, and More

These new products include machine controllers, ERP software, a barcode scanner, laser marker, ESD control, MES, and other line-control products.

Flextronics, Jabil, Celestica, Others Present Business Outlooks

Organic growth versus mergers/acquistions? Lead times improving? How are the end markets? EMS providers Flextronics, Celestica, Jabil, and other electronics supply chain companies shared outlooks at the 7th annual Credit Suisse Electronics Supply Chain Conference. Read the main points summarized by Credit Suisse analysts William Stein, CFA, and Rahul Chadha.

Dispensing Valve Maker VERMES Technik Spins Out of Woellner as VERMES Microdispensing, Essemtec and Promess Hold Stock

VERMES Technik, the manufacturer of fast piezoelectric dispensing valves, has been spun out of the Woellner Group and turned into VERMES Microdispensing GmbH. The two new stockholders are Essemtec and Promess.

Chipworks Teardown of the KIN TWO CDMA Phone

Semiconductor/microelectronics reverse engineering and patent infringement analysis specialist Chipworks performed a teardown of the KIN TWO cell phone. The cellular device is manufactured by Sharp for Verizon Wireless.

Gartner: Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Grew 17% YoY in Q01 2010, Smartphone Sales Grew 48.7%

Among the most successful vendors were those that controlled an integrated set of operating system (OS), hardware and services. Smartphone sales to end users saw their strongest year-on-year increase since 2006. RIM, a pure smartphone player, made its debut in the top five mobile devices manufacturers. Apple increased its market share by 1.2 percentage points. Android’s momentum continued into the first quarter of 2010, particularly in North America, where sales of Android-based phones increased 707% YoY.

Nitrogen Generation from On-Site Gas: Look Inside the N-20

Bob Wolff, On-Site Gas, opens up the N-20 nitrogen generation system, explaining how the system makes nitrogen from the ambient air, for use in electronics assembly processes. This video is from IPC APEX 2010 in Las Vegas.

Check Out the New QX500 AOI System from CyberOptics

Chris Rockwell, CyberOptics, demos the QX500 automatic optical inspection (AOI) system, which offers speed and accuracy. This machine demonstration was filmed on the show floor at IPC APEX EXPO 2010 in Las Vegas.

Solder Recovery from Dross in the EVS Booth at APEX

Bennet Bruntil, EVS, describes solder recovery without an operator chopping and squeezing dross. Solder recovery can save wave soldering 40% in solder costs. Watch the video from the show floor at IPC APEX EXPO 2010.

Video: KIC Manual Virtual Profiling Tool

Brian O’Leary, KIC, demonstrates the MVP profiling product for spot checking thermal profiles in the reflow oven. The Manual Virtual Profiler (MVP) was featured at IPC APEX EXPO 2010 in Las Vegas.

Watch Nordson Asymtek Conformal Coating Dispense Technology

Dan Ashley, Nordson Asymtek, talks about dispensing applications for conformal coating. Spray, bead, and jetting dispense of coatings are discussed, as well as solder paste and underfill dispensing. Watch the Nordson Asymtek dispense heads in action in this video from IPC APEX EXPO 2010.

Video Demonstration: Christopher Associates Shows Panel Cleaner

At IPC APEX EXPO 2010, Michael Moreau of Christopher Associates demonstrates a modular, flexible circuit board panel cleaner. This panel cleaner can remove lint and other contaminants from both sides of a flex circuit panel, one side of a panel with SMT components on the other side, etc.

Season Group Explains Why It Acquired US-based EMS Headquarters

Season Group acquired the assets of DC Electronics, a San Antonio, TX EMS provider, retaining all DC Electronics employees in Season Group USA. Season Group tells SMT why it added U.S.-based electronics assembly to its Asian and Canadian locations.

NexLogic Technologies Open House Showcases Larger Facility

PCB design and assembly house NexLogic moved to a much larger headquarters, more than doubling its manufacturing floor to provide its customers even more capability. Today, the company has four SMT lines: two for prototype jobs and two for production. 

Industrial Automation Electronics Equipment Market to Exceed Expectations in 2010

In spite of general negative sentiment among many vendors in this space, IMS Research predicts strong growth for most automation equipment in 2010 and 2011. Q01 2010 growth will likely have been 25% over that of Q01 2009.

Consumer Electronics Sales Overall Trend Down; LCD TVs, PCs Continue Growth

The percentage of U.S. broadband households purchasing CE continues to decline year over year, falling from 87% in 2007 to 76% in 2009, according to international research firm Parks Associates. LCD TVs and PCs are exceeded sales expectations, which could indicate better revenue streams for savvy consumer electronics OEMs.

Bigger Facility for Macrotron, Enhances eReader Production

EMS provider Macrotron Systems Inc. moved its Fremont manufacturing facility across town to a former Intel building. The facility offers 40,000 square feet for electronics manufacturing and customization, particularly for the company’s Dittobook eReader production.

A Bad Economy Can Actually Help Future Growth

Arnon Tuval, President of ORPRO Vision LLC, discusses the acquisition of Orbotech's AOI division. The change-over was important to both companies--they worked together to meet with customers, making sure the right actions were taken in the move forward. The bad economy actually helped--the company took its time and made sure no opportunities were missed.

Tom Sharpe, SMT Corp., Will Keynote SMTAI with Counterfeit Awareness Message

The SMTA Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony at SMTA International (SMTAI), October 27, 2010, will feature SMT Corporation's VP Tom Sharpe as the keynote speaker.

BPM Microsystems Supports Exar Programmable Power Solutions

Exar’s PowerXR ICs, combined with BPM Microsystems’ universal device programmers, target reduced development time and cost, and are easily reconfigured for real-time design changes.

ECA, NEDA Electronics Industry Associations Announce Merger

The National Electronics Distributors Association (NEDA) and the Electronic Components Association (ECA) have agreed to merge, forming the Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) by January 2011.

Small, Midsized Industrial Manufacturers Expect Better 2010, More Sustainable Products

The main challenge for small and midsized manufacturers in the year ahead will be to manage the increase in demand with capacity, monitoring how much of the uptick is due to inventory replenishment verses customer driven demand, and matching that with throughput and hiring decisions. This report comes from buying consortium Prime Advantage.

Electronics without Brominated Flame Retardants or PVC Arriving on Market

This market overview from ChemSec -- the International Chemical Secretariat shows that legislative and industry initiatives for less hazardous electronics are bringing about technically and economically feasible replacements for brominated flame retardants (BFR) and PVC in a wide range of electronic products. Numerous electronic products without brominated flame retardants and PVC are already on the market, with more on company’s planning timelines.

SMTC's First Quarter Revenue Up 37% YoY

John Caldwell, President and CEO: "We continue to see signs of economic recovery. We experienced wide spread increased customer orders in the first quarter and, thus far, in the second quarter. With this strong order intake combined with a large opening order backlog, we expect continued sequential second quarter revenue growth."

Present at IPC APEX EXPO 2011

Submissions dealing with reliability, head-on-pillow and lead-free repair and rework, as well as new research in growing areas such as photovoltaics and printed electronics are especially encouraged for IPC APEX 2011, April 12-15, 2011 in Las Vegas.

Kyzen and E-Tronics to Hold Technology Day in Hungary

A Defect Phase Diagram for Tin Whisker and Local Film Properties Near Whiskers

Tin whiskers spontaneously grow from electrodeposited Sn-containing films, but the growth mechanism is not well understood. This award-winning APEX 2010 poster evaluates local grain structures, grain boundary mobility and grain orientations around whiskers and correlates these film properties to whisker growth.

Watch Capacity Change on a Siemens SX Placement System

In this video, a Siemens technician adds capacity to a Siemens SX pick-and-place machine at APEX 2010. The many reasons to rent capacity, rather than purchase the maximum throughput/capacity on a system or upgrade traditionally, are discussed. Additional specifications of the SX placement machine are covered.

Williams Says He's Got "Big Shoes to Fill"

Dan Feinberg interviews his replacement as Chair of IPC's Government Relations Committee, DDi Corporation's Mikel Williams. Williams admits he's got some big shoes to fill, but is excited to support IPC in Washington D.C., especially as the organization works with the DoD and investigates "green" movements.

Europlacer Opens New Facility in FL

Europlacer, a designer and manufacturer of comprehensive SMT placement systems for the global electronics industry, moved to a new, larger facility in Tampa.

State of the Component Supply Chain, and EMS Exposure

Credit Suisse analysts William Stein, CFA and Rahul Chadha provide key take-aways on electronics manufacturing services’ supply chain from the annual Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC).

NASA Anti-Counterfeiting Measures Fall Short of Validating Parts Authenticity

In 2009, a NASA probe project was delayed nine months and exceeded its budget by more than 20%, partly because of a counterfeit part. According to BrandWatch Technologies, brand security and product authentication solution provider, the problem extends beyond NASA’s dollars and timelines; risking personal safety, diminishing confidence in U.S. aerospace programs, and impacting the businesses of legitimate component manufacturers.

Ticona Acquires Dupont LCP and PCT Products for Electrical and Electronics Applications

Celanese Corporation (NYSE:CE) enhanced its advanced materials segment with the global Zenite liquid crystal polymer (LCP) and Thermx polycyclohexylene-dimethylene terephthalate (PCT) product lines from DuPont Performance Polymers.

In-Stat Analysis: How Long Will the Apple Garden Last?

Apple, by all accounts, is a very successful high-tech company. The most recent success of the iPad demonstrates Apple’s unique position in the market as a device OEM and content aggregator, which allows it unprecedented interaction and interface to the customer for the device and the content and applications. In the process of developing a complete solution, Apple controls just about every step in the value chain. Jim McGregor provides this analysis on Apple for In-Stat.

Henkel Reports Positive Q1 Results; Sales Up 7.8%

In the first quarter of 2010, Henkel generated sales of 3,512 million euros. In a recovering market environment, this constitutes an increase of 7.8% compared to the figure for the prior-year quarter. Henkel is confident of again outperforming its relevant markets in terms of organic sales growth.

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards: Global Strategic Business Report

This report from Research and Markets analyzes the worldwide markets for flex PCBs by end-use markets and production region (2007-2015). It includes an introduction to flex circuits, including PCB types, materials used to make flexible circuits, and the benefits of using flex over rigid PCBs.

EMS Merger and Acquisition Activity in Q01 Shows Expansion Drive: Lincoln International

There was an increase in Q'01 M&A activity compared to the previous four quarters. EMS companies are expanding well beyond their core manufacturing competencies. Overall, the economic conditions appear to have stabilized, creating created an opportunity for companies to pursue strategic investments within the EMS sector, according to this report from Lincoln International.

Sustainable Energy Partners with Plexus Corp for Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Strategy

Sustainable Energy will use Plexus’s technical and manufacturing expertise to maintain lowest manufactured cost on solar cell inverter modules. Plexus will add manufacturing flexibility to Sustainable Energy’s SUNERGY photovoltaics inverter design production, enabling rapid response to changing demand profiles from different geographical markets.

ThQM Program Saves 47% Production Time with Reflow Profile Verification

EMS providers using ECD’s thermal quality management program ThQM, along with its profiling products, report saving 20-30 minutes per reflow profile at the profile verification step.

SMTA China Awards from Nepcon China 2010

SMTA China presented awards for the best papers/presentations and exhibits during Nepcon China.

Pick-and-Place Takes Over More Functionalities: New Products

With changes in software, nozzles, drive systems, feeders, and other elements, pick-and-place systems can place bare die or LEDs, perform high-speed IC shooter functions, handle large connectors and other oddforms, etc. New products come from Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems, Count On Tools, Universal Instruments, Essemtec, MYDATA, Assembleon, and IPTE.

ADVISORY BOARD UPDATE: Weiner International Associates Appoints Dr. Jennie S. Hwang as Executive Associate

Dr. Hwang has been involved in advancing the latest and emerging technologies in electronics packaging and manufacturing, and is a member of the SMT Editorial Advisory Board.

Etek Europe Launches Used SMT Division

Etek Europe Ltd, supplier of quality SMT equipment and services throughout Europe, launched a new division, Etek Used SMT, selling premium used equipment with a comprehensive warranty.

The IeMRC Announces Funding for New Electronics Research Projects

The Innovative Electronics Manufacturing Research Centre (IeMRC) launched its second 5-year program of support for U.K. electronics research with funding for 12 new projects aimed at addressing key strategic technology issues.

SMTA China Announces Winners of the 2010 Annual Awards

SMTA China held its annual awards presentation at the SMTA China Annual Breakfast Reception, which took place on April 21, 2010 at the Shanghai Everbright International Hotel during Nepcon China.

New Precision Dispensing Tools and Materials

DEK debuted an enclosed print head; Christopher Associates brought out a precision mixer, Ovation released a Gold version of its Grid-Lok fixturing; Asymtek debuted dual simultaneous jetting, and DYMAX introduced a curing wand.

North American PCB Book-to-Bill Still Strong, Growing in March

“In the March data, we can really see the recovery in full swing,” said IPC President & CEO Denny McGuirk. “Rigid PCB bookings grew in double digits and continued to grow faster than shipments, which has kept the book-to-bill ratio strongly positive for the past 10 consecutive months. Both rigid PCBs and flexible circuits are gaining strength.”

IDC: Worldwide Electronic Manufacturing Services Will Return to Steady, But Uneven Growth in 2010

The EMS industry contracted by 11% in 2009, less than expected due to a resurgence of consumer spending late in the year. According to a new forecast from IDC, the EMS industry will enjoy a CAGR of 8% for the 2010-2014 forecast period. But the recovery is still on shaky ground, with periods of weakness expected into 2011.

New PCB Design and Device Programming Products

These design and device programming tools enable easier PCB assembly test, less complicated design updates, faster design, and easier integration of oddform components, among other benefits. Products come from ATS, EMA Design Automation, Numerical Algorithms Group, Stratford Digital and LogicSwap, ASTER Technologies, DfR Solutions and ARINC, Zuken, BPM Microsystems, and AVX.

Global SMT Placement Equipment Markets Report

Research and Markets released the “Global Surface Mount Technology Placement Equipment Markets” report. The global SMT placement equipment market includes approximately 40 companies that offer a variety of purchase options to the two main end users of the equipment: original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and contract electronics manufacturers (CEMs). This report discusses gantry and turret pick-and-place systems.

EMS Industry to Steady, But Still on "Shaky Ground"

According to a new forecast from IDC, the EMS industry will enjoy a compound annual growth rate of 8% for the 2010-2014 forecast period. But the recovery is still on shaky ground, with periods of weakness expected into 2011.

A Revision of IPC-4202 Gives Updated Guidance in Flexible Base Dielectric Materials

IPC-4202A, “Flexible Base Dielectrics for Use in Flexible Printed Circuitry,” provides comprehensive data to help users more easily determine the capability and compatibility of flexible base dielectric materials in manufacturing flexible printed circuitry and flexible flat cables.

Winners of 4th SMT China Vision Awards

The SMT China VISION Awards included 15 product awards, as well as recognition for China-based companies, innovation, and versatility. Here are the winners.

Trends in Selective Soldering

In this report, Research and Markets evaluates the key technology and market trends, pricing trends, and industry adoption factors for selective soldering. Some of the major market participants and their core competencies are also discussed.

Best Posters from IPC APEX 2010

Posters showing research on solder joint reliability, nanocrystalline copper deposition in PWB fab, tin whiskers, and PCB laminate properties research took the top prizes from IPC APEX Expo 2010, celebrating research in the SMT industry.

Survey Reveals Caution in Tech Supply Chain released findings from a survey of 586 electronics supply chain decision makers across North America, Europe, and Asia on the current business environment; volumes and expectations, and pricing trends. The survey was sponsored by electronics components distributing company Digi-Key.

New PCB Fabrication Materials

These new materials include eco-friendly FR polymers, ultra-fine PCB substrate yarns, thermally enhanced substrates, halogen-free LCPs, as well as flex circuit materials.

DEK Demos New Technologies, Capabilities at APEX

DEK highlighted its Horizon print platform at IPC APEX Expo in April 2010. The company also showcased on-board printing process controls and features, such as a secure remote support system and line-speed solder paste inspection. Watch all three videos here.

Electronics Manufacturing Companies on the 2010 Fortune 500 List

OEMs, military contractors, chip makers, and contract electronics manufacturers are among the companies in Fortune Magazine's Fortune 500 listing for 2010, as well as parent companies for solder makers, printer companies, testers, etc.

Victron Expands to Mexico EMS Facility

CA-based EMS provider Victron Inc. expanded into a new manufacturing facility in Rosarito, Mexico. The company also plans to open facilities in China and the U.S.

Updates to IPC-6012 and IPC-A-600 Include Spec Changes for New Board Technologies and Processes

The new H revision of IPC-A-600, “Acceptability of Printed Boards,” serves fabricators and assemblers, particularly inspectors and product developers. IPC also released its companion document, the C revision of IPC-6012, “Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards.”

IPC J-STD-001E Industry Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies Updated

IPC J-STD-001E encompasses advanced technologies and provides new and updated criteria for all three classes of construction as well as expanded support for lead-free manufacturing.

What to Expect at NEPCON China 2010

From a celebration of 25 years of SMT in China, to new products in hot sectors, to conference papers, this guide is a starting point for any Nepcon China attendee. Nepcon China takes place April 20-22 in Shanghai.

Top 10 Cell Phone Manufacturers Face Challenging 2010

The Top 10 contract manufacturers of cell phones will experience a difficult 2010 following a year that upended their longstanding business models and dealt them unprecedented losses, according to iSuppli Corp.

IPC Elects New Officers/Members to Board of Directors

Three candidates were elected as board officers and will serve two-year terms covering April 2010 through March 2012. Three other candidates were elected as board directors and will serve four-year terms, covering April 2010 through March 2014.

Federal Electronics To Supply Assemblies For Trident Submarine Nuclear Missile Guidance System

EMS provider Federal Electronics Inc. was selected by Charles Stark Draper Laboratories (CSDL) to build interconnect assemblies for the Trident II (D5) MK6 Life Extension Guidance System (Mk6LE).

New Adhesives, Encapsulants, and Other Non-solder Assembly Materials

ECM introduced rubber-like adhesives; Henkel re-engineered Macromelt encapsulant for medical and auto uses; Creative Materials has silver-filled epoxy adhesives; Fujipoly debuted Sarcon TIMs; Zymet offers reworkable underfill; Dymax put out a new adhesives guide; Cotronics makes a high-purity adhesive to resist high temperatures; and Permabond introduced an instant-attach adhesive.

Best Papers from IPC APEX EXPO 2010

IPC announced the winners of the 2010 Best U.S. and International Papers at IPC APEX EXPO, held last week in Las Vegas. Papers covered challenging rework, drop test on lead-free PCBs, embedded components, and head-in-pillow defects.

WPG/Yosun Merger May Challenge Avnet for World Leading Distributor

The merger of WPG Holdings Limited and Yosun Industrial Corp., both based in Taiwan, could create the world’s largest electronics distributor, according to iSuppli Corp., challenging Avnet and Arrow for the top electronics component distributor spot.

Jack Bramel Receives IPC Raymond E. Pritchard Hall of Fame Award

In recognition of extraordinary contributions to IPC and the electronic interconnect industry, countless hours of volunteer service on IPC standards development committees and exceptional lifetime achievement, Jack Bramel of Jack Bramel & Associates was awarded the 2009 IPC Raymond E. Pritchard Hall of Fame Award.

U.S. Manufacturing Technology Consumption Up 22%

February U.S. manufacturing technology consumption totaled $163.96 million, according to AMT and AMTDA. With a year-to-date total of $291.27 million, 2010 is up 22.3% compared with 2009. Analysis of manu-facturing technology consumption provides a reliable leading economic indicator as manufacturing industries invest in capital metal-working equipment to increase capacity and improve productivity.

WAGO Brings Connector Technologies on North American Tour

WAGO Corporation’s Innovation in Automation Tour (IIAT) 2010 has twin vehicles currently crossing the U.S. and Canada, bringing WAGO’s automation, interconnect, and electronic products for interactive visits and demonstrations. WAGO provides spring pressure connection technology.

Bob Black of Juki Honored with IPC President Award

Juki Corporation’s Bob Black, president and CEO, was awarded the IPC President’s Award during the IPC APEX Expo this week in Las Vegas. The prestigious award is presented to IPC members who have exhibited ongoing leadership in IPC and have made significant contributions of time and talent to the association and the electronics interconnect industry.

iSuppli iPad Teardown Reveals Interface-focused Electronics Design

With more than 40% of its bill of materials (BOM) dedicated to the display, touchscreen and other user interface components, Apple Inc.’s iPad represents a radical departure in electronic design compared to conventional products, according to a teardown conducted by iSuppli Corp. Battery cost and other features are dissected.

DuPont and Raytheon Honored with 2010 IPC Corporate Recognition Awards at IPC APEX EXPO

During the IPC Annual Meeting Luncheon held in conjunction with IPC APEX EXPO, IPC presented the Stan Plzak Corporate Recognition Award to Raytheon Company and the Peter Sarmanian Corporate Recognition Award to DuPont.

ZESTRON America Adds Ion Chromatography Cleanliness Test to VA Technical Center

ZESTRON Corporation installed ion chromatography (IC) at its Technical Center in VA, as part of the cleaning supplier’s “Global Link” Initiative to enhance its Technical Centers, located in the U.S., Malaysia, and in other global locations.

IPC-A-610E Released: Industry Requirements for Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies Updated

IPC released the E revision of IPC-A-610, "Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies." IPC’s most widely-used standard, which provides visual acceptance criteria for post assembly mechanical and soldering assembly requirements, now addresses additional technologies, including flexible circuits, board in board, package on package, depanelization and additional SMT terminations.

Updated Materials Declaration Standard IPC-1752A Addresses Revolving Door of Environmental Regulation Changes

Helping electronics manufacturing companies better manage the growing documentation required to ensure products comply with evolving environmental regulations, IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries has released IPC-1752A, "Materials Declaration Management." The A revision of the standard provides an updated and expanded industry-wide reporting format for material declaration data exchange between companies in the electronic interconnect supply chain.

Fuji America to Include Aegis Software with FUJI Flexa

Aegis Software announced an OEM bundling agreement with Fuji America Corporation, supplier of high-quality automated assembly equipment for surface mount applications. Under this agreement, announced at IPC APEX EXPO 2010, Fuji America will include Aegis NPI software for BOM, CAD, Gerber, and scanned board data conversion with each license of Fuji's line-level management and optimization software Fuji Flexa.

SMT Names Morey Corp. VP 1st SMT VISIONARY Winner

SMT, the source of engineering solutions for PCB manufacturing, awarded its 1st Annual SMT VISIONARY Award to Taymur Ahmad, VP of operations of The Morey Corporation, for his work bringing lean manufacturing strategy and growth to the EMS provider. The SMT VISIONARY Award recognizes leadership during the recession at an OEM, ODM, or EMS provider. SMT launched the VISIONARY reader award as part of PennWell Corporation’s 100th anniversary to celebrate the drive and initiative of SMT’s reader community.

SMT Celebrates 18th Annual SMT VISION Awards with Top Industry Products

SMT announced the winners of its 18th Annual SMT VISION Awards on Monday, April 5, 2010 during the 2010 IPC APEX EXPO at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Convention Center, Las Vegas. SMT recognized winning products and services in 18 categories, showcasing top-notch technology, efficiency, environmental benefits, and quality from the electronics assembly industry’s suppliers. SMT VISION Award winning products represent true value for the surface mount electronics assembly sector, as judged by a panel of industry experts and as assessed by the customers actually using these products.

Chipworks Teardown of the iPad: Few Changes in State-of-the-art Semiconductor Technologies

Reverse engineering and patent infringement analysis provider Chipworks found that Apple has followed the same approach with iPad that it perfected with its iPod and iPhone development by using conservative, lower-cost technology, and focusing its efforts on design and usability. Essentially, the iPad’s very small circuit board makes it a large iPod rather than a small personal computer (PC).

IPC APEX EXPO 2010: Exhibits Preview VII

IPC APEX EXPO is coming up April 6-9 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. This preview includes PCB materials from Rogers, TRI’s test solutions, IPS’s PCB production systems, carts from Bliss Industries, a rework system from Finetech, dross recovery with FCT Recovery, kitting carts from Inovaxe, ZESTRON’s environmentally neutral cleaning products, defect detection from Vi TECHNOLOGY, pick-and-place machines from Europlacer, ASYS process machines and EKRA screen printers, and Aster’s test products.

IPC APEX EXPO 2010: Exhibits Preview VI

IPC APEX EXPO is coming up April 6-9 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. This preview includes jet printing from MYDATA, 3M electronics products, Protron’s PCB fab and NBS’s EMS offerings, stencils and services from Fine Line Stencil, nitrogen generation from On Site Gas, rework products from Martin and OK International, a diverse offering from Christopher Associates, AOI and SPI from CyberOptics, selective soldering from APS Novastar, and dross processing systems from EVS International.

Presentations of Note at IPC APEX EXPO

Scan through some of the upcoming paper presentations and courses coming up next week, April 6-9 at IPC APEX EXPO in Las Vegas. Presenters come from Indium Corporation, Photo Stencil, UL, and more.

Photo Stencil Expands Malaysian Ops with Laser Cutting Systems

SMT Stencil and tooling maker Photo Stencil expanded capacity and capability at their Malaysian manufacturing facility.

Nikon Forms Nikon Metrology with Metris Assets

Nikon created Nikon Metrology, Inc., a new company that combines Nikon Instruments Inc.’s industrial instruments business with the former Metris business, acquired by Nikon Corp. in 2009. Nikon Metrology, Inc., headquartered in Brighton, will focus on the industrial and manufacturing business markets for precision measuring and industrial microscopy.

Worldwide Electronics Manufacturing Services Vendor Shares

The Worldwide Quarterly Electronics Manufacturing Services report, released by Publications, covers quarterly revenue by region and product segment for all electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and original design manufacturing (ODM) companies in the EMS database, from Q’01 2004 through Q’04 2009.

Update of IPC J-STD-609 Provides Greater Delineation of Lead-free Solders for Marking and Labeling

IPC released the A revision of IPC J-STD-609, "Marking and Labeling of Components, PCBs and PCBAs to Identify Lead (Pb), Lead-Free (Pb-Free) and Other Attributes." This standard presents a marking and labeling system that aids in electronics assembly, rework, repair, and recycling, and now provides additional codes for more precise specification of certain lead-free solders.

SMT Equipment Investments Increase in 2010

This month, Siemens Electronics Assembly GmbH (SEAS) released its research on order bookings for October 2009 through February 2010, showing more than 3× growth over the same period 1 year ago; Universal Instruments Corp. installed an additional line at an existing customer site, which is increasing capacity. BPM Microsystems also announced a major sale to a programming center in the U.K.

Elcoteq's Sales Down 56% for 2009

Net sales declined in both Consumer Electronics and System Solutions compared to the previous year. The decline in net sales was due to the combined effect of the overall decline in electronics equipment demand and the company's weak balance sheet.

Presentations to Attend at IPC APEX EXPO

This is a sampling of the many technical papers and posters that will be presented during the conference at IPC APEX Expo, April 6 through 9 in Las Vegas. These include cleaning topics, soldermask application, test and inspection, solders, new package types and assembly, and more.

IDTechEx Releases Report on Printed, Organic, and Flexible Electronics

"Printed, Organic & Flexible Electronics Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2010-2020" provides detailed ten year forecasts by device type. The market is analyzed by territory, printed versus non-printed, rigid versus flexible, inorganic versus organic, cost of materials versus process cost, etc. It has more than 200 tables and figures. Activities of over 1000 leading companies are given.

New Products for Electronics Test and Inspection

In these new test and inspection releases, Johnstech debuted a configurable test contactor; Glenbrook combined optical and X-ray inspection; Seica added thermal scan to its flying probers; ASSET increased its Intel test coverage; Corelis updated its boundary scan toolset; Sonoscan offers inspection for high-reliability and anti-counterfeiting tasks; and Nordson YESTECH adapted the X1 for batch X-ray inspection.

Analysis: Electronics Industry in the Recession

Henderson Ventures published its Forecast Summary, covering the movement of electronics inventory and end markets during the recession. It also focuses on automotive electronics and electronic equipment. Publications released a yearbook research product on the world electronics industry, with volume one focused on Western Europe.

Raising the Standards in Las Vegas

IPC Vice President of Standards and Technology, Dave Torp, sits down with Editor Steve Gold to update engineers on the latest standards development initiatives, including what standards will be released at this year's IPC APEX Expo. Torp also reviews how standards are developed and who can get involved.

ASQ Joins Lean and Quality Groups in Lean Certification Program

In a move that aligns manufacturing professionals toward a single standard for Lean Certification and workforce development, American Society for Quality (ASQ) is joining with the organizations currently responsible for the Lean Certification program: the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, the Association for Manufacturing Excellence and The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence.

Environmental Management Systems: Why ISO 14001 Now?

Technology Forecasters Inc.’s Pamela Gordon finds many North American companies certifying to ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems. While ISO 14001 is not new, until recently, most technology companies that do not manufacture hardware opted out of the ISO 14001 track, stating that their manufacturing outsource partners were certified. Why now are many non-manufacturing electronics companies and software firms opting in to creating an environmental management system and certifying to ISO 14001?

February PCB Industry Results Show Consistent Growth

IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries released the February findings from its monthly North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program, showing that the combined rigid and flex circuit book-to-bill ratio grew, heavily influenced by the rigid circuit board segment.

Preview the Innovative Technology Center at IPC APEX EXPO

IPC announced the products that will be featured in the Innovative Technology Center (ITC) at IPC APEX EXPO, April 6–8, 2010 in Las Vegas. Assessed by an IPC Review Board of industry experts, the products were selected based on their representation of a new or emerging technology of significant value and relevance to the electronics manufacturing industry. This year’s winners demonstrated innovation in materials, test and assembly technology.

Jabil "Gaining Confidence": Reports Positive Earnings

"Results for the quarter indicate significant year-over-year margin expansion on modest revenue growth. We are gaining confidence that these positive trends may be sustained for the balance of the year," said Timothy L. Main, President and CEO.

Small and Midsized Industrial Manufacturing CFOs Reveal Their Top Concerns of 2010

Prime Advantage released its Group CFO Survey, revealing the top financial concerns of its member companies’ CFOs in 2010. 

Highlights: IPC APEX Expo Presentations

This is a sampling of the many technical papers and posters that will be presented during the conference at IPC APEX Expo, April 6 through 9 in Las Vegas. These include PCB design tutorials, tin whisker growth studies, solar panel discussions, and more.

IPC APEX EXPO 2010: Exhibits Preview V

IPC APEX is coming up April 6-9 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. This preview includes various materials from Taiyo America; inspection technology from CyberOptics; flex cutting services from A-Laser; soldering advances from Vitronics Soltec; DEK's printing technologies; assembly materials from Henkel; Electrolube cleaning products; supply chain solutions from Calumet; fixturing from ECT; Milara's print systems; PCB supports from Production Solutions; XRF from RMD Instruments; and a new cleaning formulation from Kyzen.

Ticona Vectra LCP Adds Dimensional Stability to Housing in Samtec BullsEye System

Samtec Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of a broad line of electronic interconnects, has specified a glass-fiber reinforced Vectra liquid crystal polymer (LCP) from Ticona Engineering Polymers for an injection molded housing used in its BullsEye test point system.

IPC PCB Executive Agent Task Force Sees Two Government Reports Recognize Vital Role of U.S. PCB Industry

Following a year of active engagement with Congress and Department of Defense (DoD) policy makers, IPC and the IPC PCB Executive Agent Task Force members are recognizing two recently released reports from the DoD and the U.S. Commerce Department emphasize the government’s growing awareness of the importance of the U.S. circuit board industry in protecting national security.

New Specialized Soldering Equipment for Selective, Reflow, Rework, and Wave Systems

Seho introduced a process gas cleaning system, Rehm debuted a new cooling zone design, Christopher Associates added a fluxless soldering robot, Seika released a nano rework station as well as a solder paste recycling unit, ACE added a spot preheat with nitrogen, and Miyachi Unitek introduced a weld monitoring system.

Supply of Commodity Parts Remains Tight, Capacity Management Conservative

While the end of 2009 brought improved availability for many commodity electronic components, supply for most parts remains tight, according to iSuppli Corp. Only EMS providers have shown an increase in inventory.

New Solder Pastes Bring Testability, Jettability, and Compliance

FCT Assembly introduced a pin-probable solder paste for easy testing; MYDATA certified a leaded solder paste from AIM for jet dispensing; and Henkel debuted a halogen- and lead-free solder paste.

IPC Urges EU to Incorporate Science in RoHS Recast

IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries released a white paper, Recasting the RoHS Directive: An Opportunity to Solidify its Scientific Basis in Support of Comprehensive Environmental Regulation, urging members of the European Union (EU) Council and Parliament to ensure that the revised RoHS Directive be scientifically based and fully aligned with the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Regulation. Copies of the white paper will be sent to members of the EU Council and members of the EU Parliament’s Environment Committee.

Geotest and Pickering Form Strategic Alliance in PXI Test

Geotest - Marvin Test Systems, PXI and PC-based test equipment provider, created a Strategic Alliance program with Pickering Interfaces, a test supplier for signal switching and conditioning. The Alliance combines Geotest's expertise in digital test, system integration, and automated test equipment (ATE) software with Pickering's catalog of PXI switching and signal conditioning products.

IPC Seeks Input on Best Industry Practices for Intellectual Property Protection

The IPC Intellectual Property Committee will release its first draft of a standard for the protection of intellectual property (IP) designed into printed circuit boards (PCBs) at an open meeting, Tuesday, April 6, 2010, at IPC APEX EXPO in Las Vegas. The draft, “Best Industry Practices for Intellectual Property Protection,” is intended to assist printed board manufacturers in the protection of IP for their customers in commercial, industrial and military/high-reliability markets. Industry members from all segments of electronics manufacturing are invited to attend the meeting to review the draft standard and provide input.

IPC APEX EXPO 2010: Exhibits Preview IV

IPC APEX is coming up April 6–9 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. This preview includes electrical test products from ECT, inspection systems from ORPRO and VJ Technologies, solder paste inspection on-printer from Milara and CyberOptics, Seho’s soldering equipment and FCT’s solder pastes, consumables and nozzles from Count On Tools, rework from VJ Technologies, and process control software from Valor, as well as various PCB assembly machinery from Seika.

New PCBs and Components

These new products include cable/harness assembly support, new components, new PCB materials, oddforms like EMI shields and heatsinks, and pin connectors.

Brady Polyimide Labels Tested to Withstand Precision Cleaning Chemicals for Electronics

Brady Worldwide Inc. and ZESTRON partnered to conduct extensive chemical compatibility testing on Brady’s line of polyimide labels, which are commonly used as printed circuit board (PCB) identification labels. According to the test results, Brady polyimide labels can withstand ZESTRON’s latest cleaning chemicals, enabling electronics customers to apply Brady polyimide labels pre-process during the manufacturing of circuit boards.

New Supply Chain Management Products

These online and software products are designed to enable faster prototype builds, add security to the bill of materials (BOM) for a job, and make locating components easier for SMT assemblers. They simplify requests for quotes (RFQ) and enable reverse engineering of obsolete parts despite missing data.

Global Strategic Business Report on PCBs

Research and Markets released “A Global Strategic Business Report: PCBs,” analyzing the global market for printed circuit boards (PCBs) in US$ million. The major markets analyzed include the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and rest of world (ROW), with forecasts through 2015. It identifies major geographical and technological changes coming for the PCB fab industry.

EMI Builds Products to Promote Health with Medical Certification

Express Manufacturing, Inc. (EMI), an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider, is building a line of products for OEMs to promote health. The company recently obtained ISO 13485 certification for medical device manufacturing and invested in Fuji XPF chip shooters for medical electronics production.

SMTC Reports 16% Revenue Increase in 4Q

Despite a challenging economic environment, in which SMTC's revenue declined from $206.9 million to $179.5 million, the company produced net earnings from continuing operations for the full 2009 year of $2.4 million, increasing $0.8 million or 46% over 2008 results.

Banner Year for HB-LED; OLEDs and LEDs Also Fare Well

EPIC, the European Photonics Industry Consortium, released “LEDs: The 2009 Market Review.” The report, which is distributed exclusively to EPIC members, tracks the response of the lighting and display industries to one of the most difficult economic crises in recent years. HB-LED and OLED unit production figures as well as revenues have been summarized for major players around the world for the two-year period of 2008 and 2009.

Bob Willis Intros Online Training Service for SMT Production Teams

Bob Willis, a consultant who has been providing electronics assembly training over 20 years, will launch a new Website-based training service.

EMS Provider Lightspeed Expands to New Manufacturing Facility

Lightspeed Manufacturing has moved from its old factory in Methuen, Mass. to a new 60,000-sq-ft modern manufacturing facility at 135 Ward Hill Avenue in Haverhill, MA. Lightspeed is a contract manufacturer of printed circuit electronics assemblies that has experienced continued growth.

IPC APEX EXPO 2010: Exhibits Preview III

IPC APEX is coming up April 6–9 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. This preview includes cleaner chemistry from Kyzen; test systems from Digitaltest, atg, and Seica; selective soldering systems from Juki and Seica; cleanliness test systems from Gen3 and Ascentech as well as Austin American Technology; process control from ProWorks and Microscan; reflow profiling from KIC; halogen-free solder from Indium; assembly systems from Siemens and Juki; and spray fluxing from Sonotek.

New Cleaning Products Are More Compatible, Cleanliness Tests More Accurate

Zestron and Heraeus optimized cleaning processes for new lead-free and leaded solder pastes; Seika introduced a printer wiper roll cleaner that eliminates waste; Zestron added 5-liter refills for its Bath Analyzer; GEN3 Systems and Ascentech debut a line of cleanliness testers; and Kyzen developed a pH-neutral aqueous cleaning product.

New Edition of IPC Market Data Update Shows Continuing Recovery in Electronics Supply Chain, Production

IPC released the winter 2010 edition of Electronics Industries Market Data Update, which offers proof of a continuing economic recovery. The IPC Index of North American Electronics Industry Performance rose dramatically from -18.3 in the third quarter of 2009 to -5.5 in the fourth quarter. The Index is a new business indicator that reflects trends in sales performance from all key segments of the electronics interconnect supply chain.

Yale Scientists Develop Magnetic Lead-free Solder

Yale University scientists have developed a magnetic solder that can be manipulated in three dimensions and selectively heated. The alloy is tin/silver with iron additives that allow magnetic manipulation for selective heating, reflow location, and added strength.

MOREY Provides Telematics Hardware Design for Automotive X PRIZE Competition

The X PRIZE Foundation will partner with IL-based EMS provider MOREY Corporation to benefit the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE, a $10 million competition designed to inspire a new generation of viable, safe, and fuel-efficient vehicles.

NBS Deploys RFID Intelligent Feeders System

EMS provider NBS installed and deployed a radio frequency identification (RFID) driven intelligent feeder and materials management system throughout the company’s Santa Clara manufacturing facility. This sophisticated traceability technology will enable NBS to electronically track, monitor, match and record components to printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) while in process, eliminating limited manual logging practices.

SMTA Announces Best of Conference Papers

"Emerging Competitors in Emerging Markets: What Patent Applications Reveal" and "New Packaging and Interconnect Technologies for Ultra Thin Chips" take top honors at SMTA's annual Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium.

Reflow Profiling: KIC's Brian O'Leary Shows New Methods, New Understanding

Reflow profiling has gained importance as SMT assemblers struggle to meet the lower-temperature reflow needs of components, and the higher-temperature needs of lead-free solder alloys. Profiling can involve a lot of guess work, wasted boards, and lost time. KIC, along with the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), studied the most accurate way to profile a BGA, and achieved nonlinear results. The methodology and design of experiment described here, from Brian O’Leary’s presentation to the SMTA Boston Chapter, can be applied to other profiling situations.

IPC APEX EXPO 2010: Exhibits Preview II

IPC APEX is coming up April 6–9 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. This preview includes test systems from Acculogic, the Sentinel print inspection module from DEK, box build and stencil fab services from ITT, cleaning systems from Aqueous, a range of SMT equipment from Essemtec, halogen-free solder paste from Henkel, convection reflow from BTU, new soldering equipment modules from Pillarhouse, Assembléon’s new assembly line equipment, solder materials from Cobar, and closed-loop stencil cleaners from Smart Sonic. Over the next several weeks, SMT will bring you new product previews and highlights of the exhibit floor.

New Members of IPC Government Relations Steering Committee

IPC’s Government Relations (GR) Steering Committee added two members with the recent election of Mark Osborn, president, Colonial Circuits Inc.; and Irene Sterian, manager of advanced process development, Celestica. With upcoming GR committee meetings at IPC APEX EXPO in April and IPC Capitol Hill Day in June, the new members will help address the critical issues currently under consideration by the group.

STI Electronics Will Update IPC-A- 610 and J-STD-001 Training and Certification Program to E Revision

STI Electronics Inc., an organization providing training, electronic and industrial distribution, consulting, laboratory analysis, prototyping, and small- to medium-volume PCB assembly, won a contract with IPC to update the existing IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 training and certification programs from the D to the soon-to-be-released E revision of the standards. 

IPC January PCB Book-to-Bill Shows Growth

IPC released the January findings from its monthly North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program, showing both rigid and flex PCBs in positive territory, with a combined book-to-bill ratio of 1.05. “The best news from our January PCB surveys is the huge growth in orders compared to January of last year,” said IPC president Denny McGuirk.

New Products for PCB Assembly Test

These new test products include functional test with temperature calibration and a new test handler from Multitest, LXI test matrices from Pickering Interfaces, ESD testers from Transforming Technologies, a test system manager from QualiSystems, new boundary scan applications from JTAG Technologies, a test socket from Aries and test socket spacer cutting from A-Laser, Agilent characterization systems, and cleanliness test upgrades from Specialty Coating Systems.

SMTA Accepting Applications for Board of Directors

The Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) is currently seeking committed individuals for its Board of Directors.  Candidates should have valuable skills and ideas to continue our mission of helping members succeed in electronics assembly and related business operations.

Endicott Interconnect's Case Study: Medical Application

Endicott Interconnect developed a solution for the catheter that includes producing the flexible substrates, as well as providing the flip chip assembly on the flexible substrate.

RadiSys, IFTEST to Provide Customized COM Express Carrier Boards for Medical and Industrial Applications

RadiSys Corporation (NASDAQ:RSYS), global provider of application-ready software and hardware platforms, will partner with IFTEST, which joined the RadiSys Alliance Partner Program (RAPP) as a Gold member, to deliver customized COM Express carrier boards for the medical and industrial markets. RadiSys’ COM Express processor modules enable breakthrough processing performance, while IFTEST provides custom carrier design services, including production, verification, and testing.

IPC Research Reports Indicate One-third of North American EMS Companies Likely to Expand Capacity in 2010

IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries released new findings on North American EMS industry plans for capacity expansion and new equipment purchase in 2010. A clear positive shift can be seen in the North American EMS industry’s intentions for capacity expansion and new equipment purchase compared to one year ago.

NBS Adds 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) from VI Technology

EMS provider NBS acquired four VI Technology post-print automatic solder paste inspection (SPI) systems for its advanced manufacturing facility in Santa Clara. Its deployment and use of structural test verification technology identified the value of adding the new equipment.

Germany-based Auto Electronics Maker Preh Invests in SIPLACE SX

The globally operating Preh GmbH, headquartered in Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale, develops and manufactures complex driver control and vehicle sensor systems as well as controllers and assembly systems for the automobile industry. The manufacturer has expertise in software, electronics, plastics, and surface technologies. The company decided to invest in SIPLACE SX placement machines for Bad Neustadt after it recently purchased SIPLACE machines for the Preh factory in Trofa, Portugal.

Global Market for Ultracapacitors Will Grow 20% Through 2014

iRAP Inc. released report ET-111 “ULTRACAPACITORS FOR STATIONARY, INDUSTRIAL, CONSUMER AND TRANSPORT ENERGY STORAGE – AN INDUSTRY, TECHNOLOGY AND MARKET ANALYSIS.” iRAP states that the global market for ultracapacitors will grow from an estimated $275 million in 2009 to $725 million in 2014, at an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of over 20% through the forecast period. The report defines ultracapacitors, the major markets that need ultracapacitors, and provides market predictions.

Viasystems' PCB Segment Reports 18% Increase in Net Sales

Net sales in the PCB segment for the fourth quarter were $100.6 million, an 18% increase over the third quarter of 2009. The increase was driven primarily by strengthening demand in the automotive and industrial and instrumentation markets, in which PCB segment sales increased 12% and 31%, respectively.

Aqueous, Technical Resources Corp., Kyzen to Co-host Free Cleaning Seminar

Aqueous Technologies Corporation, provider of batch defluxing systems, and Technical Resources Corporation announce that they will host a one-day free seminar on the subject of cleaning/defluxing. The seminar, “Conductive Crystals, White Residues and Decreased Reliability: The Rush to Clean No-Clean” will take place Tuesday, March 16, 2010 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Palm Beach, FL.

Honeywell Increases Price for Nylon 6 Resins

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) Resins and Chemicals announced a price increase of 6 cents per pound over the current price of nylon 6 resins, effective with shipments March 1, 2010, or as contracts allow. This increase covers all fiber-grade and neat nylon polymer for spinning and compounding applications.

Reports on China's Component Making Industries released several reports on the chip industry in China. These include analysis with market drivers, key enterprises and their strategies, as well as technologies and investment status, risks and trends. The reports cover electronic components, optoelectronic devices, semiconductor discretes, and other electronic devices.

IPC APEX EXPO 2010: Exhibits Preview I

IPC APEX is coming up April 6–9 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Over the next several weeks, SMT will bring you new product previews and highlights of the exhibit floor. This preview includes a new boundary scan program, loaded selective soldering system, tilt/rotate capability to improve conformal coating, halogen-free solders that meet high reliability and performance targets, updated vapor-phase rework, a new vision system for inspection, and advanced pick-and-place technologies.

New Conformal Coatings, Encapsulants, Adhesives, and Other Assembly Materials

Master Bond debuted a clear conformal coating, a structural adhesive, and a temporary bond adhesive; Rudolph Bros introduced a easy-to-use conformal coating; Fujipoly has new thermal interface gel sheets; Christopher Associates now carries a potting compound for solar junction boxes; and DYMAX offers a spot-curing system and compatible adhesives.

iPhone and Competitive Products to Spur NAND Flash Undersupply in 2010

Rehm Thermal Systems Opens Reflow Applications Center in GA

Rehm Thermal Systems moved into a new Applications Center to serve their North America marketplace. Located in the Atlanta suburb of Roswell, the new facility is designed to provide the means to characterize users’ convection and condensation reflow processes.

Celestica Closes MN Facility, Liquidates Equipment Via X-Line

X-line Asset Management, disposition and auction services provider to the global marketplace, will be conducting a global webcast and online auction for the Celestica Arden Hills, MN EMS facility, which has halted production. All remaining assets from the facility located at 4300 Round Lake Road West will be sold via auction starting March 4th. This facility focused on high mix, medium- to low-volume, high-complexity electronics manufacturing and served customers in aerospace, defense, industrial, medical and telecommunications markets.

LPKF Expands Production Capacities for Laser Systems

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG will double the production capacities for cutting and structuring lasers in Garbsen by the end of the first quarter, and boost capacities further in the second quarter.The company is expanding its laser production to satisfy the continuous demand for laser systems used for electronics production in Asia.

Philips Purchases Additional IPTE Test Equipment for LCD

For the fourth year in a row, Philips in-vested in IPTE N.V. test equipment for its LCD TV production facilities world-wide. Moreover, by bundling all Philips’ needs, Philips General Purchasing (PGP) has helped Philips maintain top product quality and productivity, while benefitting from major volume and standardization cost reductions.

GIA: Global PCB Market to Reach $76.2B by 2015

GIA released a comprehensive global report on the printed circuit board (PCB) market. The world market for PCBs is projected to register about $76.2 billion by the year 2015. Though tempered by the economic recession in the last two years, the market is expected to register a substantial increase in its revenue post recession, supported by growing demand in automotive electronics and the rapidly growing Asian market.

New High-performance Printers, Stencils and Stencil Care, and Dispensing Products

These new products include printer upgrades and options from DEK and Sony; a high-precision valve for dispensing from Tridak, a double-layer stencil from DEK; and a stencil cleaning and care kit from Ascentech.

IPC Standard Helps Define How Clean Is Clean

How clean is clean when it comes to printed circuit boards and assemblies? While John Perry, IPC technical project manager, can enumerate a litany of complex variables that come into play with an answer to that question, a new cleaning standard, IPC-5704, Cleanliness Requirements for Unpopulated Printed Boards, defines the recommended requirements for the cleanliness of unpopulated single, double-sided and multilayer PCBs.

South Africa Electronics Show: NEW SA Launches in March

South Africa will host an electronics exhibition promising to focus the attention of the global electronics industry on all things South African. Having long required an event to support its innovative electronics industry, March 9–10 will see electronics professionals from around the world assemble at Johannesburg’s Sandton Convention Centre in South Africa for the inaugural NEW SA exhibition. The tradeshow will feature exhibitors, trade associations, technical seminar programs, and more.

Sparton Achieves Profitability for Second Consecutive Quarter

The company reported second quarter operating income of $1.3 million and net income of $3.2 million, or $0.33 per share, versus an operating loss of $1.2 million and a net loss of $2.8 million, or $0.28 loss per share, for the second quarter of fiscal 2009.

Mid-Range iPad to Generate Maximum Profits for Apple, iSuppli Estimates with Virtual Teardown

The mid-range, 3G-wireless version of Apple Inc.’s upcoming iPad is expected to carry a combined bill of materials (BOM) and manufacturing cost of $287.15, making it the most profitable member of the iPad product line on a percentage basis, according to a virtual teardown generated in part by leveraging iSuppli Corp.’s Mobile Handset Cost Model tool.

EMS Firms Challenge PV Solar Module Manufacturing Value Chain

Alfonso Velosa, Gartner analyst, considers the major advantages EMS providers bring to solar module manufacturers, such as multi-faceted scalability and familiarity with low-margin operation.

LXI Consortium Elects Board and Officers for FY2010

The LXI Consortium recently held its annual elections for the Board of Directors, officers and committee chairs.

The 2011 iNEMI Roadmap Needs Industry Input

Work on the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative’s (iNEMI’s) 2011 Roadmap begins this month with the North American kick-off of the roadmap’s Technology Working Groups (TWGs).  The meeting, hosted by iNEMI member Agilent Technologies, is scheduled for February 23-24 in Santa Clara, Calif. iNEMI is also scheduling a webinar on March 19 to review information from European medical and automotive markets.

Datest Receives ITAR Registration

Datest Corp., in-circuit testing (ICT) solutions provider, received the official International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registration from the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs. This registration documents Datest Corp.’s dedication to adhering to the regulations that control the export and import of defense-related articles and services on the United States Munitions List.

APEX Events: 2010 IPC Designers Day

AIMS Harsh Environments Symposium Call for Abstracts

The SMTA and Auburn University (Auburn, AL) will jointly host the AIMS (Automotive, Industrial, Military and Space) Harsh Environment Electronics Symposium October 25-26, 2010. Dr. John Evans, Conference Chairman and the program technical committee invites industry and academia to submit an abstract to participate in the program. The symposium will focus on harsh environments with an emphasis on military and space.

New PCB Design Products

These new products include circuit design software, free evaluation kits, better user functionalities, and a Website that connects designers and suppliers.

Koh Young Expands in Seoul

Koh Young Technologies Inc., solder paste inspection (SPI) and automated optical inspection (AOI) systems provider, is relocating and expanding its Seoul headquarters to a new, larger building in February.

Global Business Outlook Keynote at IPC APEX Preps Industry for Recovery

Complacency with having survived the trials of 2009 is a naïve posture that, in 2010, will lead to continued struggles, warns Walt Custer. The noted industry analyst and president of Custer Consulting Group will join IPC director of market research Sharon Starr for the Global Business Outlook: Where Do We Go Next? keynote session at IPC APEX EXPO on Wednesday, April 7 in Las Vegas.

Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems Concludes SIPLACE SX Road Show

Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems (SEAS) completed its five-stage SIPLACE SX Road Show of North America in January of 2010. More than 200 visitors from 60 different companies attended the show. The SIPLACE Team performed more than 100 live placement system gantry upgrade demonstrations during the four-month tour.

Electronic Contract Manufacturing Returns to Growth, but Uncertainties Remain

Although the global electronics contract manufacturing industry is set to return to growth in 2010 after a painful 2009, the market still faces major uncertainties this year, according to iSuppli Corp.

AdoptSMT Opens New UK Office With More Services

AdoptSMT, European vendor of pre-owned electronic assembly equipment and consulting specialist for the SMT production line, opened a new U.K. facility near Gatwick airport and the M23/25. The location will provide a range of AdoptSMT’s services and products, including operations and support and other technical services to the U.K. market.

North Shore Components Expands Counterfeit Avoidance Programs

North Shore Components, a broad line distributor of electronic and electromechanical components, expanded its counterfeit detection services with the addition of the Insight 200 motorized 3-axis scanning acoustic microscope inspection system and theLTS-200 robotic lead tinning system (ACE Production Technologies).

High-tech Consortium Will Develop Sustainable Pick-and-place Technologies

Royal Philips Electronics subsidiary Assembléon has started a research project to develop a new generation of sustainable pick-and-place solutions for the electronics assembly industry. The goals are to pick & place components sustainably and minimize the environmental impact of the machine in its design phase. The Dutch government has provided a substantial financial subsidy to the project.

Pick-and-Place Products for High-mix Environments

Siemens announced the SIPLACE SiCluster Professional software to optimize placement machine set up; Manncorp introduced 7700-FV prototyping/low-volume pick-and-place system for OEMs; and Assembléon debuted the YS24 high-mix, dual-sided pick-and-place machine from Yamaha.

Altech UEC Chooses Universal Genesis Pick-and-Place

IPC Releases December Book to Bill

 IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries announced the December findings from its monthly North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program, showing strong booking increases from December 2008 for rigid PCBs. Flex circuits did not fare as well, as the flexible PCB book-to-bill ratio dropped below parity.

UK EMS Provider ACW Opening US Manufacturing

ACW Technology Ltd., an independent U.K.-based provider of electronics manufacturing services (EMS), is setting up its first manufacturing facility in the United States. ACW Technology Inc will operate from a 30,000 sq. ft. facility in Durham, NC, opening in Q'02 2010. Jeffrey Benes will join ACW as VP and GM to head up the new operation.

Agilent, DeMille Research Inc. to Offer CAD Translation, Test Development Tools for Agilent Medalist In-circuit Testers

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) and DeMille Research Inc (DRI)., which provides software solutions for in-circuit test (ICT), signed a value-added reseller (VAR) agreement that allows Agilent to offer DRI's TestSight Developer software to its Medalist i3070 and Medalist i1000 ICT customers.

New Adversaries, New Challenges Changing the Focus of the U.S. Department of Defense: IPC APEX EXPO Keynote Highlights Role of the Electronics Industry

The changing global security landscape calls for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and its suppliers to respond in innovative ways to successfully carry out challenging mission responsibilities.  What does this mean for the global electronics base?  Jeff Wilcox, VP for engineering, Lockheed Martin, will provide insight for IPC APEX EXPO attendees in his keynote address, “Achieving Strategic Balance: Integrating Global Security Solutions in the New Operational Landscape,” Tuesday, April 6, 2010, in Las Vegas.

IPC Publishes EMS Industry Wage/Salary Study

IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries published IPC Wage & Salary Report for the North American EMS Industry 2008-2009. The 60-page report aggregates the results from 129 U.S. and Canadian EMS facilities that participated in the Association’s biennial wage and salary survey in the final months of 2009. Mean and median wages, salaries, bonuses, and commissions are reported for 31 specific positions, including technical, administrative, management and sales positions.

KIC, Rochester Institute of Technology Study to be Presented for SMTA Boston

KIC and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) recently completed a study dealing with reliable non-destructive methods for profiling BGAs. Brian O'Leary, national sales manager for KIC Thermal Profiling, will present their findings to an SMTA Boston meeting February 9, 2010 in Boxborough, MA.

IMTS Partners with SME for 2010 Emerging Technology Center

Showcasing innovative technological developments for the manufacturing industry, IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show 2010, September 13-18 in Chicago, will present the Emerging Technology Center (ETC) in partnership with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). The theme for the 2010 ETC is "Knowledge-Based:" applying knowledge-based management across the full spectrum including technology, manufacturing, people, and business.

Syrma Technology Joins Wireless Industry Consortium DASH7

Syrma Technology, an EMS partner and specialist in design and manufacturing of custom RFID tag solutions, joined the DASH7 Alliance. The DASH7 Alliance is a newly formed wireless industry consortium with the shared goals of making wireless devices based on the ISO 18000-7 (DASH7) standard more accessible to greater numbers of people and organizations, emphasizing DASH7’s low-power and scalability, and cultivating a global network of DASH7 ecosystem partners.

Present at SMTA International 2010

The SMTA International Technical Committee invites participants to submit an abstract for the 2010 SMTA International (SMTAI) conference, taking place October 24 to 28 in Orlando. Short course descriptions are also being solicited.

Reuters: Foxconn Shares See Biggest Fall in Over 9 Months

Reuters reports that shares of cellphone maker Foxconn International Holdings Limited (2038.HK) recorded their biggest percentage fall in over 9 months after a profit warning, but many analysts remained upbeat about the firm's prospects.

New Cabinets, Automation Tools, Depaneling Products and Other Services for Assembly

These products for odd-form and final assembly, as well as in-line automation, include lead clippers and component handlers, storage cabinets that meet MSD and ESD standards, singulation systems to depanelize PCBs, laser cutting services for thin metal parts, and more.

Milara, Mirae Partner to Manufacture Combined Printer and Pick-and-Place System

Milara Inc., a vendor of fully and semiautomatic stencil printers for SMT and wafer applications, partnered with Mirae Corporation of Korea, combining technologies to produce a fast printer and pick-and-place system. The solder paste printing and component placement system, called the P3, will be launched at IPC APEX 2010 in Las Vegas.

SMTA Announces Webinars and Webtorials for February 2010

In response to industry-wide budget cuts and travel restrictions, SMTA has committed to increasing its online programming to better accommodate member needs for technical exchange.

Listen to IPC Executive Summit Highlights: Market Opportunities and Management Issues

Live recordings of selected presentations from IPC’s October 2009 Executive Summit are now available as synchronous audio with presentation slides. Delivered by some of the industry’s most renowned subject-matter experts, the 30- to 60-minute presentations provide updates on major market opportunities as well as key management issues.

Lazer-Tech, Bare Board Group form Alliance for Offshore PCB Option

Lazer-Tech Ltd formed a strategic alliance with Bare Board Group of Largo, FL, to provide their customers with a viable offshore solution for higher-volume PCB orders.

Acculogic Manufacturing Test Systems Division Opens CA Office

Acculogic’s Manufacturing Test Systems Division, a global leader in electronic test and production solutions, recently opened a new testing services and support satellite office in Laguna Hills. The office will provide technical support, training, and contract services for Acculogic’s installed base of flying probe and boundary scan systems on the West Coast.

New Inspection Products

These new products include vision sensors and systems, improved AOI machines, measurement and surface analysis products, programming environments, and other inspection tools.

AT&S and Solland Solar Build Prototype Line for Back-contacted Photovoltaic Modules

As part of an ongoing technology partnership, AT&S and Solland Solar will build a prototype line for photovoltaic modules with Sunweb back-contacted solar cells. The technology uses processes and materials that are standard in the printed circuit board (PCB) industry but are not yet applied in photovoltaics. Construction of the prototype line marks a milestone toward commercial availability later in 2010.

Global Surface Mount Technology Placement Equipment Markets

Research and Markets released its latest Global Surface Mount Technology Placement Equipment Markets report. Surface mount technology (SMT) placement equipment forms an integral part of an SMT assembly line, which traditionally consists of several individual process machines. An SMT assembly line brings together several types of equipment such as placement equipment, inspection equipment, test equipment, screen printers, solder and adhesive dispensers, reflow ovens, rework and backload units, cleaners and conveyors. The global SMT placement equipment market includes approximately 40 companies that offer a variety of purchase options to the two main end users of the equipment: original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and contract electronics manufacturers (CEMs).

Workshops on Lean, Best Practices from Lean Enterprise Institute

A comprehensive lineup of workshops from the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) will show executives and managers how to apply lean business concepts to improve supply chain, logistics, service and administrative processes, as well as practice the new lean leadership behaviors  needed to sustain the improvements. In addition, the workshop "Leading the High Velocity Organization" by Steven Spear, a senior lecturer at MIT and author of Chasing the Rabbit, will help executives and managers adopt the best practices of today’s most competitive companies.

The Gold Record: CES 2010 From a Manufacturing Perspective

In this video edition, I-Connect007 OEM Editor Dan Feinberg discusses his Consumer Electronics Show highlights: Faster processors, 3-D home entertainment, tablet mania, battery life and more.

NBS Adds 5th SMT Line

EMS provider NBS acquired and installed an additional SMT line at its headquarters facility in Santa Clara. This is the company’s fifth fully automated line.

Call for Papers: International Conference on Soldering and Reliability

The SMTA Technical Committee invites industry professionals to submit abstracts for the 2010 International Conference on Soldering and Reliability, being held this May in Toronto, ON, Canada. Abstracts are due by January 29, 2010. Following on the very successful 2005 and 2006 International Conferences on Lead-free Soldering, and the SMTA International Conference on Soldering and Reliability held in Toronto since 2007, this conference will bring together the community of soldering and reliability experts. 

Fein-Lines: CES 2010 Wrap-Up

Dan Feinberg offers a wrap-up of CES and gives his opinion on show improvements, as well as a few things that still need some work. He focuses on the "geekier" and exciting new offerings at the show this year, including 3-D and tablet PCs.

Adept Wins $3.2M Order for Intelligent Robotics from Test Automation Equipment OEM

Adept Technology Inc. (Nasdaq:ADEP), a provider of intelligent vision-guided robotics and global robotics services, received a $3.2 million order for high-precision robots from a major international manufacturer of test automation equipment. The order is expected to be fulfilled and recognized as revenue in Q’03 FY 2010. The company selected Adept as its automation partner to provide high-speed robot systems for complex, precision handling operations.

IMEC Joins Green Touch Consortium to Reduce Energy Consumption of Communication Networks

Research consortium imec will take part in the Green Touch Initiative, a new consortium initiated by Bell Labs, the research arm of Alcatel-Lucent. The Green Touch Initiative is committed to inventing the technologies that will be at the heart of the next generation of sustainable networks. The consortium has set itself the goal of creating technologies necessary to achieve a 1000-fold improvement in the future power consumption of the Internet and other communication networks (e.g. corporate networks) by 2015.

Odd-form Components and Equipment for Electronics Assemblies

These new products include cables, connectors, a through-hole insertion system, device cooling hardware, and a report on the odd-form/connector industry, as well as a component order calculator, and more.

Google Nexus One Carries $174.15 Materials Cost, iSuppli Teardown Reveals

With its new Nexus One, Google Inc. has taken many of the latest smart-phone innovations and combined them in a single product that manages to be both cutting edge and cost competitive, according to a teardown conducted by iSuppli Corp.

Manncorp Debuts Turnkey SMT Assembly Lines for OEMs

 Manncorp introduced seven new electronic assembly turnkey lines with throughput rates ranging from prototyping to 10,500 CPH. The lines are described at and target OEMs and others who are considering turning away from outsourcing by bringing PCB assembly in-house for the first time. The systems also suit existing assemblers who wish to upgrade to latest-generation equipment.

Celestica Acquires Invec Solutions to Bolster After-market Services

Celestica Inc. (NYSE, TSX: CLS) has acquired Invec Solutions, provider of warranty management, repair, and parts management services to companies in the information technology (IT) and consumer electronics markets.

The Best (and Worst) of CES, Part II

A Consumer Electronics Show exhibition update. Is the future 3-D? Or are tablet PCs the next big electronics thing?

IPC Issues Call for Nominations for Corporate and Individual Awards

IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries will recognize volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to IPC standards development and other vital IPC activities, based on industry nominations. Industry members are encouraged to highlight the special achievements of their companies and their colleagues by nominating them for one or more awards. Awards will be presented at IPC APEX EXPO the week of April 5, 2010, at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Convention Center, Las Vegas.

Gene Weiner Appointed to University Advisory Council

Gene Weiner of Weiner International Associates was appointed to the Advisory Council of Post University’s MBA program. 

Nordson Acquires German Distributor GLT mbH

Nordson Corporation has acquired German distributor GLT mbH based in Pforzheim, Germany. GLT has been a distributor of the company's Nordson EFD brand dispensing systems and related products in Germany since 1977.

Integrated Ideas & Technologies Expands for Laser-cut Stencils

Integrated Ideas & Technologies Inc. will expand into a second facility. The new 8,000 sq.ft. facility will be used mostly for JIT (Just in Time) inventory for clients of the Metal Fabrication division.

ZESTRON Promotes Greener Cleaning Chemistries and Technologies

To conduct business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, ZESTRON America, a provider of high-precision cleaning products and services, is expanding its focus on greener cleaning chemistries and technologies in 2010.

IPC Solder Products Value Council Issues Report on Take Action Limits for SAC Lead-free Solder Processes

Following a two-year study on the effect of impurity limits on the performance of lead-free solder, the IPC Solder Products Value Council (SPVC) has announced the publication of a white paper, “Take Action Limits (TAL) for SAC305 Lead-Free Soldering Processes Utilizing Solder Baths/Pots.” The paper provides electronics manufacturers with better-defined limits to guide them on a more efficient use of solder, aiming to improve yields.

IMEC Looks to 2010 with Optimism

Luc Van den hove, CEO of IMEC, shares the research organizations ideas for 2010 from semiconductors and R&D perspective. Though he says the economic downturn did not significantly delay the semiconductor roadmap, lessons from previous recessions should be applied in ways that fit today's environment.

In-Stat: Google Nexus One Among the Biggest Mobile Announcements of 2010

Google is expected to announce today the most anticipated phone since the advent of the iPhone. The announcement would be timed to preempt many of the significant announcements planned for this week’s annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. In-Stat market researchers examine the launch and its impact on the cellular handset manufacturing industry.

New Rework and Repair Products

The rework and repair process requires a specialized set of tools, from hand soldering equipment to board heaters, coating removal systems, handling tools, and other equipment. These new products prevent damage during rework, enable rework of encapsulated components, provide training on solder tip maintenance, and otherwise improve the rework and repair process.

EMS News: NOTE Divests Skelleftea Ops to Optronic

As part of the previously announced structural measures in NOTE’s Telecom customer segment, it has reached an agreement regarding the sale of the operations of NOTE Skellefteå. The acquirer is Optronic, a Swedish optoelectronics services provider that focuses on integrated production and development.

Underfill's Effect on Lead-Free Area Array Devices

Find out how underfill systems can enhance the reliability of lead-free area array devices in this interview with Brian Toleno, Henkel's Director of Technical Services.

Microvia Reliability Failure Modes

With the move to HDI, more and more microvia failures are rearing their ugly heads. Paul Reid, Program Coordinator with PWB Interconnect Solutions, Inc., discusses the root causes for these failures and solutions with Editor Ray Rasmussen.

Holiday Demand Tapers, November PCB Book-to-Bill Dips

IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries saw a slight industry decline in the November findings from its monthly North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program. The combined (rigid and flex) industry book-to-bill ratio in November 2009 slipped slightly to 1.07, but remains strongly positive.

Focusing on Fine Pitch Stencil Printing

Indium Technical Support Engineer Chris Anglin discusses a first-time focus on blade angle for better control of the print process and looks at how to get the entire print process under control.

Confusion Over Lenovo's Rumored R&D Center in Taiwan

(December 28, 2009) TAIPEI, Taiwan — Steve Chuang, China Economic News Service (CENS), among other Asia-based news services, have reported that China-based notebook PCs maker Lenovo will set up an R&D center in Taiwan and increase its procurements from Taiwanese suppliers in the future, citing Ma Jianrong, the brand's director of government affairs division. However, these stories are refuted by other news agencies, such as Bloomberg.

Crane Acquiring RF Component Maker Merrimac Industries

Crane Co. (NYSE: CR), a diversified manufacturer of highly engineered industrial products, and Merrimac Industries Inc. (AMEX: MRM), designer and manufacturer of RF microwave components, assemblies and micro-multifunction modules (MMFM), signed a definitive agreement for Crane to acquire Merrimac in Q’01 2010 for an estimated $52 million. Crane will pay $16.00 cash per share of common stock of Merrimac and associated common stock purchase rights.

IPTE Divests Automation; Restructures Contract Assembly

IPTE NV (Euronext Brussels: IPTE) sold its automation division to Huub Baren and Vladimir Dobosch. The contract manufacturing division will operate under the name Connect Group. It will be managed by CEO Luc Switten and independent director Erik Dejonghe, who has been chairman of the board since June 2009. Only Connect Group, a market leader in its sector in the Benelux, will remain listed on Euronext Brussels.

SMTA's Silver Anniversary Highlights

Why is the SMTA important? TechLead Corporation's Dr. Charles Bauer has helped the association evolve over the last quarter of a century. He discusses the organizations milestones and why the SMTA is so special to its members.

ASYS and EKRA Americas to Merge

(December 22, 2009) ATLANTA — ASYS Inc. and EKRA Americas Inc. will merge under the name of ASYS Group Americas Inc. as of January 1, 2010. The regional headquartes for the Americas will be in Suwanee, GA. Personnel and offices will remain in Marlborough, MA; Hillsboro, OR; San Jose, CA; Mexico; and Brazil. The combined company will continue to sell automation products for the SMT, hybrid, semiconductor packaging, and solar markets.

Blackfox and Datest Corp. Form Strategic Alliance for Test Training

Blackfox Training Institute and Datest Corporation formed a business partnership aimed at providing EMS customers with improved access to Blackfox training services.

Elecsys Posts 44% On-Year Sales Drop in Fiscal 2Q09

The decreases were primarily caused by reduced bookings from existing customers and delays in new customer bookings during the preceding quarters in late fiscal 2009 and early in fiscal 2010.

Blakell Europlacer Adds New Products to Its UK Distribution Product Portfolio

Blakell Europlacer Ltd., a designer and manufacturer of comprehensive SMT placement systems for the global electronics industry, added a range of new products to complement its existing product lines, distributed exclusively within the U.K.

Lead-free System Reliability - Principle and Practice Webinar with Dr. Jennie Hwang

On the tenth anniversary of lead-free implementation in the electronics industry, this webinar series from Blackfox provides holistic coverage of lead-free reliability by presenting historical product performance, as well as forward-looking assessments in future performance requirements.

SMTAI 2009 Best Papers

The SMTA announced the Best Papers awarded from SMTA International (SMTAI) 2009. The winner from SMTA International 2009 for Best of Conference is Paul Vianco, Ph.D., Sandia National Laboratories for his Opening Session presentation entitled "Pb-Free Solder and Beyond — Trends and Challenges 'A View from the Bottom'."

Corelis Expands to Europe

Boundary-scan test and measurement tools supplier Corelis Inc. appointed a new business unit under the name Corelis Europe to directly handle all business operations in the European market. Corelis Europe is based in Germany and is led by Andreas Bayer. Bayer has led A.R. Bayer DSP Systeme GmbH for the past 15 years, concentrating on custom DSP and FPGA design services for the telecom, industrial, and medical industries.

Solders, Metallizations, and Conductive Inks

These new solders, metallization formulas, and other conductive materials meet current SMT industry needs for finer-pitch paste print, and lead- and halogen-free PCB assembly.

Asustek Reduces Pegatron Holding to 25%, Values EMS Provider at $2.9B

Reuters reports that the netbook PC maker Asustek (2357.TW) will reduce its holding in Pegatron, its fully owned contract electronics manufacturing (CEM) subsidiary, to 25%, in a move to reduce any conflict of interest between the two sides. Asustek will reduce number of shares issued by 85%, with each Pegatron share valued at about T$40.60. Pegatron has had trouble competing with other EMS providers due to its attachment to OEM Asustek, Reuters suggests.

ITM Publishes Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Report

ITM Marketing released a report providing a comprehensive analysis of the automated optical inspection (AOI) system offerings for the electronics assembly industry.

FINE LINE STENCIL to Install LPKF ScanCheck System in San Jose Facility

Stencil product manufacturer FINE LINE STENCIL, a division of FCT Assembly, will install an LPKF ScanCheck system in its San Jose, CA stencil facility. The LPKF ScanCheck system can be used to examine stencils and masks made with any technology including laser cut, chemical etch, or electro-forming. The system checks for three parameters and detects apertures that are missing, placed incorrectly, or are the incorrect size, based on the Gerber artwork files. Accurate stencil apertures can prevent printing defects in SMT assembly.

ESI Embraces Embedded Trace Technology

As semiconductor and HDI technology converge, ESI is pushing into a new embedded trace technology that could prove to be a key enabler in the not-too-distant future. Find out more about this initiative from General Manager, Jeff Albelo.

Qualcomm's Viterbi Receives IEEE Medal of Honor

Global technical professional association IEEE announced that IEEE Life Fellow Andrew J. Viterbi, co-founder of Qualcomm Incorporated and developer of wireless technologies that became the international standard for third-generation cellular phones, has been named the 2010 IEEE Medal of Honor recipient. The Medal of Honor, IEEE’s highest award, will be presented June 26, 2010, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as part of IEEE’s annual Honors Ceremony.

"Mr. Reliability" On SAC and SnAg Lead-Free Solder Joint Reliability

Werner Engelmaier, "Mr. Reliability," discusses his recent paper, "Solder Creep-Fatigue Model Parameters for SAC and SnAg Lead-Free Solder Joint Reliability Estimation," in detail with EMS007 Editor Steve Gold.

Juki's Japan Headquarters Move to Tama City

Juki Corporation completed construction of its new headquarters and R&D facilities in Tama-shi, Tokyo. The expanded facilities combine the company’s headquarters and R&D functions to speed process development and enhance operational efficiency.

International Environmental Standards for the Industry

Walter Jager, Director of Engineering at Intertek, discusses the ECD standard (IEC 62430) which specifies requirements and procedures to integrate environmental aspects into design and development processes.

Dispensing Systems and Associated Materials Cure, Storage Products

These new products enable higher accuracy and better process control when dispensing underfills, adhesives, encapsulants, and other surface mount materials. They include dispensing systems, jetting systems, valves, component mixers, a materials curing system, and other products.

Smartphone Shipments to Reach 235M Units Next Year

Global shipments of cellphones (excluding white-brand models) are forecasted to grow 12% to 1.33 billion units in 2010, including 235 million smartphones, after holding steady in 2009, reports Quincy Liang of China Economic News Service (CENS). The prediction was made by the Topology Research Institute (TRi), a private market-research firm in Taiwan.

Advisory Board Update: Dr. Jennie S. Hwang Presents for National Science Council of Taiwan

Jennie S. Hwang, Ph.D., SMT Editorial Advisory Board member and the first Asian-American woman elected to the U.S. National Academy of Engineering (1998), was invited to visit Taiwan by the National Science Council of Taiwan. During her 10-day visit this November, Dr. Hwang delivered keynote speeches at Hsinchu Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Taiwan University, and National Central University. She spoke on renewable energy and global competitiveness.

Marketing on a Worldwide Scale

Roberta Foster-Smith, Nordson Asymtek's Manager of Global Marketing Communications, reveals how differentiating the marketing approach is key and why what might work well in one region of the world might not make sense in another.

DEK and Stencil Franchisee AGI Demonstrate Advanced Printing Technology

 Showcasing the latest expansion of its global stencil network, DEK and new franchisee AGI Corporation opened the doors of their manufacturing operation to local customers in the Americas. Attended by both leading EMS and OEM electronics firms and Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, the DEK-AGI Open House was designed to highlight the company’s stencil production expertise. 

Lenovo Reaquiring Mobile Phone Unit

Personal computer maker Lenovo Group said Friday it is joining the race to develop products that link phones and PCs by buying back a mobile phone business that it sold last year, reports the Associated Press (AP).

IDC Releases EMS Industry Forecast 2009-2013

Michael J. Palma, senior research analyst in the semiconductors team at IDC, published the “EMS Industry Forecast 2009–2013: Hints of Recovery” report. This IDC update provides IDC's electronic manufacturing services (EMS) industry forecast from 2008 through 2013. It includes forecasts for the EMS and original design manufacturing (ODM) sectors, product segments, and regions. This update also reviews the state of the industry and core forecast scenario and assumptions.

Henderson Forecast: Computer Equipment

Though the recession has virtually decimated the computer industry, Henderson Ventures analysts predict double-digit computer industry gains by 2011. This year, the traditional Q’04 holiday bump in sales is expected to reappear, after being waylaid last year by the onset of the financial crisis.

PCB Fab Partnership: Electronic Interconnect Collaborates with Flex Interconnect Technologies

PCB design, engineering, and manufacturing provider Electronic Interconnect (EI) will engage in a cooperative agreement with Flex Interconnect Technologies (FIT — Milpitas, CA) to jointly provide a wider range of PCB products. EI specializes primarily in rigid PCB types, while FIT provides design and manufacturing to final assembly of flexible circuits, rigid-flex, and HDI flex.

PCB Fab Merger: DDi Corp. Agrees to Acquire Coretec Inc.

DDi Corp. (NASDAQ: DDIC) and Coretec Inc. (TSX: CYY), providers of technologically advanced printed circuit board (PCB) engineering and manufacturing services, entered into a definitive agreement, pursuant to which DDi will acquire Coretec for approximately CDN $25.2 million (U.S. $23.5 million). DDi sees Coretec’s military/aerospace electronics presence in the U.S. as lucrative for the combined North American companies.

Aqueous Technologies Secures Four Machine Orders from productronica

Cleaning equipment provider Aqueous Technologies Corp. received orders for four defluxing and cleanliness test machines as a result of attending productronica 2009 in Munich this November.

October 2009 PCB Orders, Shipments Still Indicating Growth

IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries announced the October findings from its monthly North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program, with flex and rigid PCBs both showing positive book-to-bill ratios despite lower volumes.

Diversifying Markets Help Rehm Push Forward

Many EMS suppliers are trying to diversify their product portfolio. Solar is a sector that has really drawn a great deal of interest. Rehm CCO Marc Dalderup details his company's 2009 activities, including a push into solar and a commitment to EMS reflow oven technology.

Products for PCB and Package Fabrication

These products and services include micromachining, via drilling, imaging, PCB singulation, and parts sourcing, all for the fabrication of advanced PCBs, substrates, and other structures. Laser platforms, microwashers, laser-free systems, routers, and other approaches are featured. A parts sourcing service brings together bare PCB tooling and fabrication from international partners.

Webinar Available on REACH

PTC and Tech-Clarity presented a webcast, "Prepare Your Products - and Your Business - for REACH," which reviews recent developments with the REACH regulation, how products and businesses will be impacted, and how leading companies are responding to the REACH challenge despite limited time and resources. Speakers are Jim Brown, president, Tech-Clarity and John Fox, director, product and market strategy, PTC.

AOI and SPI: Can Inspection Equipment Makers Successfully Do Both?

Several inspection companies debuted new models at productronica 2009 in Munich, Germany, with traditionally solder paste inspection (SPI) companies entering the automated optical inspection (AOI) market, and vice versa. While inspection companies have steadily pushed for optical inspection earlier in the SMT assembly line (pre-reflow), this move was markedly widespread, with Koh Young, Mirtec, Marantz, Viscom, and others looking to capture market share outside of their core inspection sector.

Manufacturing Environment, Automation, and Final Assembly Products

The following products help manufacturers assemble quality products at high yields, preventing contamination, ESD shock, defects caused by vibration, and other problems. Robotic tooling for increased automation in assembly are also included.

Conformal Coating Webinar Available for Download

DYMAX Corporation recently hosted a webinar, “Conformal Coating at the Speed of Light: UV Conformal Coating from Start to Finish.” The webinar focuses on cost savings of UV and how to qualify and maintain an effective UV conformal coating process.

Pushing the PCBA Inspection Envelope

Having released a new machine earlier this year at NEPCON China, VI Technology did not rest on its laurels. Chief Commercial Officer, Jean-Yves Gomez, elaborates on his company's newest equipment release. He also offers his perspective of how the EMS sector is doing.

November EMS Indicators Report Released

Charlie Barnhart & Associates LLC released its Leading Indicators report for November 2009. The report includes latency factors, such as global cost of labor, corporate costs by EMS type, and mark-up percent by volume/sector. Hysteretic factors include geographic pacing, sector pacing, capacity utilization by geography, and solution cycle by EMS type. Finally, probability factors covered include risk constants by geography.

TT Electronics Targets Medical Equipment Manufacturers

TT electronics’ component divisions — AB Mikroelektronik, BI Technologies, IRC, OPTEK Technology, Semelab, TT ims and Welwyn — are highlighting a range of products and services for the medical market. From passive components to optoelectronics and semiconductors, TT electronics’ products are being specified for a number of applications in medical equipment. In addition to components, TT electronics also provides complete solutions through advanced manufacturing services for medical systems, including design support, application engineering assistance, and advanced testing for medical electronics.

Stories From The Trenches: How a Circuit Board Guy Entered the Solar Cell Industry

In a Joint Chapter Technical Meeting, iMAPS New England, with ACerS NE and SMTA Boston, will host Don Cullen, managing director of photovoltaics at MacDermid. Cullen will give the talk on his move to the photovoltaics industry, and the industry's future as part of the electronics sector, January 19, 2010, at Courtyard Marriott Marlborough, MA.

IPC Study on the EMS Industry Forecasts Growth Through 2013

Despite economic setbacks in 2008 and 2009, the world market for electronics manufacturing services (EMS) will continue to grow, according to a report released by IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries. The comprehensive EMS study, 2008-2009 Analysis and Forecast for the EMS Industry, presents data and analysis on the EMS industry examining critical trends and providing forecasts, including the potential for market expansion.

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