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Latest Articles

Centipede, Topline Partner on Test

(December 4, 2008) SAN JOSE, Calif. — Centipede Systems, manufacturer of connectors and sockets for electrical test, is partnering with TopLine to develop a cost-effective test evaluation tool. Centipede and TopLine will produce evaluation kits for alternative contactor technologies aimed at high-performance burn-in test for semiconductor devices.

Manncorp Debuts Benchtop Production Line

(December 2, 2008) SAN DIEGO, Calif. and WILLOW GROVE, Pa. — The "Starter Lab" turnkey line from Manncorp targets low-cost precision prototyping or low-volume SMT assembly. It also is used by technical schools and colleges. The line includes a precision stencil printer, a computer-controlled pick-and-place unit and a lead-free reflow oven.

Research Report: EMS Rankings in Europe

(December 2, 2008) MONTREAL — Publications released "The European EMS Industry: An Analysis of the Top 50 European EMS Providers," providing an overview of the major European EMS providers. The report serves companies across the electronics supply chain including industry analysts from the financial, management, and government sectors.

Participate in APEX 2009

Henderson Evaluates Computer Sector

(December 1, 2008) LOS ALTOS, Calif. — Modest PC prospects are forecast for 2009, according to the Henderson Forecast Summary from Henderson Ventures. The analyst firm also sees falling average selling prices (ASPs) as one reason for shrinking computer revenues in 2009.

Saki To Acquire MacroScience to Expand AOI and X-ray

(December 1, 2008) Japan and Hong Kong — Japanese AOI manufacturer Saki Corporation signed a sale and purchase agreement with Schmidt Electronics, an Asia-Pacific conglomerate of advanced electronics and IT technology, acquiring a percentage in MacroScience Technology Limited (MSTL). Saki hopes to add X-ray technology to its inspection portfolio via the acquisition.

Avnet Acquires Nippon Denso Industry

Harley Feldberg, global president of Avnet Electronics Marketing, commented, "This acquisition expands our presence and enhances our competitive position in one of the world's largest markets for electronic components." The transaction, which is expected to close by December 29, 2008, should be immediately accretive to earnings and supports Avnet's return on capital goals.

Nepcon China Moves to Shanghai World Expo Venue in 2011

In 2011, the NEPCON China Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Venue (WEV). This new venue will offer exhibitors and visitors unparalleled facilities--unlike any other electronics industry event in the region.

October PCB Results Maintain Level

(November 25, 2008) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries announced that the book-to-bill for rigid PCBs dropped incrementally to 0.95; the overall PCB book-to-bill results for North America in October 2008 rose slightly to 0.96. Rigid PCB orders and shipments declined a bit more than normal in October, due to weakening demand, but year-to-date growth over last year is positive, and the flexible circuit segment showed strong growth in October.

WYTAN to Merge with View Systems

Gunther Than, CEO of View Systems, says, "View's cutting-edge technologies and new products in development paired with WYTAN's manufacturing, assembly expertise and comprehensive engineering experience in the electronics industry will yield a beneficial partnership."

Sono-Tek Presents Ultrasonic Atomization Technology

(November 24, 2008) MILTON, N.Y. — Sono-Tek debuted two ultrasonic systems for dispensing and depositing nano materials on target substrates to the nanotechnology market, targeting use on aerospace, homeland security, energy, biomedicine, and electronics manufacturing applications.

electronica 2008 Highlights

(November 20, 2008) MUNICH, Germany — electronica 2008 attendance was stable this year despite the difficult financial situation facing many exhibitors and attendees, reported event coordinators Messe München International (MMI). Of the 2,800 exhibitors, 58% were international. Around 72,000 people attended.

Simclar Announces Revenue Drop

The decrease was mainly due to the worsening global economic environment which has particularly impacted the telecommunications infrastructure sector which accounts for some 60% of the company's business. In addition, the previously reported production problems in the Mexican facility had an adverse impact on shipments in each of the two quarters.

Essemtec Premiers Pick-and-place for 3D-MID

(November 19, 2008) AESCH, Switzerland — Essemtec developed a system to dispense and place in three dimensions, targeting 3D-MID technology. Molded interconnected device (MID) applications are the current focus of the automotive and medical device industries. In such products, circuits are applied directly onto the surface of injection-molded plastic parts or are integrated as part of products. In a 3D-MID, SMD components typically are on multiple levels.

A.C.E. Opens Selective Soldering Development Lab

(November 19, 2008) SPOKANE, Wash. — To promote better selective soldering results from proper equipment usage and process development for products, A.C.E. Production Technologies established its Selective Soldering Process Development Lab. The company is using knowledge accumulated by its process development engineers for challenging assemblies.

Stoelting Approves Compatibility with ZESTRON Cleaning Agents

(November 19, 2008) MANASSAS, Va. — Stoelting and ZESTRON completed material compatibility testing for cleaning equipment and products, conducted with the CBW Series, the TRITON in-line cleaning equipment, as well as the stand-alone wash system and Liquid Lock. At various concentrations and temperatures, compatibility existed between all wetted parts, which are exposed directly to VIGON and ATRON cleaning agents.

Sanmina-SCI California Facility Receives AS9100 Aerospace Certification

"Earning the AS9100 certification at our Livermore facility highlights Sanmina-SCI's commitment to its defense and aerospace customers," said Jim Cocke, Senior Vice President of Sanmina-SCI's Defense and Aerospace Systems Division.

XDry Adds Staff, Workspace

(November 18, 2008) LAS VEGAS — XDry Corporation opened a new facility in Montreal to support sales and service in the Americas. This brings separate managed warehousing, inspection, and testing facilities for its desiccant dry cabinets together. Coupled with the change XDry appointed a warehouse manager and office manager.

Mouser Launches European Catalog and Websites

(November 18, 2008) MANSFIELD, Texas — Mouser Electronics Inc. debuted a European components and boards catalog initially available in English and German with other languages to follow. The company concurrently took live local Web domains, soon to be launched in local languages.

IPC Releases Free Land Pattern Calculator

(November 17, 2008) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — To help PCB designers work with greater accuracy and efficiency, IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries partnered with PCB Matrix Corp. to include a free Land Pattern Calculator with IPC-7351A, "Generic Requirements for Surface Mount Design and Land Pattern Standard."

Closed-loop Preheater Control for Linear Ramp Profile, Selective Soldering Control

(November 17, 2008) STRATHAM, N.H. — Preheating an assembly prior to selective soldering aids good soldering results, Vitronics Soltec asserts. Preheating must be controlled so that each assembly reaches the specified preheat temperature at a measurable and linear ramp rate. Vitronics Soltec released the mySelective 6748 with closed-loop preheater management feature to control board preheating dwell time and temperature for board- to-board repeatability and optimized process control.

Adeptron Reports Profitable 3Q08 Results

The company reported that third quarter sales increased by $1,456,000 or 18% over the third quarter of 2007 to $9,636,000. Gross margin improved to 15.5% compared to 10.5% for the same period last year.

Kitron's 3Q08 Revenue Up 24% YoY

Kitron's revenue in the third quarter was 24% higher than in the same period in 2007 and amounted to NOK 483.7 million (NOK 390.2 million). The company reports that revenue increased the most within the Defence/Marine, Data/Telecom and Industry segments.

Lean, Mean Dual-Lane Machines

Twenty-first century electronic manufacturing is transitioning from lean to mean, as assemblers demand multiple techniques to reduce cycle times and maximise utilisation, while also boosting flexibility.

Advice for Reducing Material Waste

(November 11, 2008) NEW YORK — David R. Butcher from Industrial Market Trends, Thomas Publishing Company, outlines the industrial manufacturing world's response to energy costs and the price of raw materials. He notes that rising costs on both fronts have made 93% of midsized manufacturers nervous about raw materials costs, and 67% are worried about energy costs.

IPC Releases REACH Guidebook

Seika Intros SAWA Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner

(November 11, 2008) TORRANCE, Calif. — Seika Machinery Inc. launched the SC-5000 tabletop ultrasonic stencil and misprint cleaner as part of its SAWA platform of products. The system features cleaning head, generator, foot pedal, 32 × 32" tray and 30 foam pads.

Sparton Disappointed with 1Q Fiscal 2009 Sales

Richard Langley, Interim CEO and President, stated that, "We are disappointed at the lower than expected sales. We are very pleased with the successful and consistent execution of the sonobuoy contracts this year, as well as the increase in the Aerospace sales and favorable forecast for future sales in the Medical market as well."

Cooper Tools Debuts Soldering Tip Recycling

(November 10, 2008) APEX, N.C. — Cooper Tools created a recycling program for worn-out soldering tips. By recycling the copper and iron from used tips, end users will benefit the environment and preserve natural resources. For every two pounds of worn-out tips turned in for recycling, Cooper Tools offers a voucher toward new Weller tips. Any brand of soldering or desoldering tip is eligible.

ACI Hosts Free Nanotechnology Workshop

(November 10, 2008) PHILADELPHIA — The American Competiveness Institute (ACI) will host "Competing in the 21st Century: The Nanotechnology Edge," November 12 at ACI in Philadelphia. Stephen J. Fonash, Ph.D., founding director of the Penn State Nanofabrication Facility, a national R&D user facility and one of the charter institutions of the National Science Foundation's (NSF) National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN), will speak.

TFI Discusses Success Sharing

(November 7, 2008) ALAMEDA, Calif. — Technology Forecasters Inc.'s Kent Romanoff, environment strategic business advisor, posted a blog on success sharing, a financial arrangement whereby the business that has been engaged to provide a mission-critical product or service shares the risk of failure and the benefits of success with the company that is purchasing these services.

EMS Business to Stay Afloat During Recession

The global electronics contract manufacturing business will not escape the impact of the current economic downturn, but it will continue to expand and even experience a mild rebound in three years, according to iSuppli Corporation.

DuPont Teijin Films Joins Holst Centre Systems-in-Foil Research Program

(November 6, 2008) EINDHOVEN, the Netherlands — DuPont Teijin Films joined the systems-in-foil program of Holst Centre, a research initiative of the Flemish and Dutch research centers IMEC and TNO. DuPont Teijin, as a major substrate vendor, completes the ecosystem of industrial players for its systems-in-foil program line.

October Manufacturing Report: Electronics Sectors Grow

(November 4, 2008) TEMPE, Ariz. — Economic activity in the manufacturing sector failed to grow in October for the third consecutive month, and the overall economy concluded 83 consecutive months of growth, say the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) in "Manufacturing ISM Report On Business." Computer and electronic products was one of only two sectors to show growth. Contraction was reported in other industries such as paper products and fabricated metal industries.

Advisory Board Update: Dr. Hwang Joins RNT Board

(November 4, 2008) HUNT VALLEY, Md. — Reactive NanoTechnologies Inc. (RNT), a developer and manufacturer of a foil to control release of heat energy for advanced joining applications, appointed Jennie S. Hwang, Ph.D., to serve on the RNT Board of Advisors. In this role, Hwang will advise RNT on technical and business matters in the electronics assembly industry.

Florida CirTech Debuts Improved ENIG Processes

(November 3, 2008) GREELEY, Colo. — Genesis Materials Technology (GMT) improved the ENIG resistance of Florida CirTech's water-based AQ2000 LPI solder mask. AQ2000 LPI now is able to withstand the harsh chemical conditions found in the ENIG process. Florida CirTech additionally released a catalyst killer, CK300, to minimize skip and background plating during ENIG processing.

IPC Partners With Auto Industry on IPC-A-610D

(November 3, 2008) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — In response to numerous inquiries from the automotive industry, IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries will host a meeting with European automotive industry leaders including Porsche, Volvo, and Volkswagen to investigate adding automotive-specific requirements for electronics used in cars, trucks, and military vehicles to IPC-A-610D, "Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies."

Henderson Report: Handset Growth to Slump

(October 31, 2008) LOS ALTOS, Calif. — The Henderson Forecast Summary from Henderson Ventures shows mobile handsets suffering from limited new-user pools and economic fears in the consumer sector throughout 2009. Rebounding financial markets in 2010 will fuel near-10% growth.

SMTAI 2009 Call for Papers

(October 30, 2008) SAN DIEGO, Calif. — SMTA is inviting the industry to submit papers for the technical conference of SMTA International (SMTAI), October 4–8, 2009, in San Diego. Abstracts are due to the SMTA by March 27, 2009, for paper presentations, half-day courses, and full-day courses.

Changing the Future

If you know what the future will bring, you can change it. That was the theme of Herbert Meyer's keynote address as he kicked off the IPC Executive Market Technology Forum at the Gaylord Palms Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

Business Objects, Valor Partner for Dashboard Solution

(October 28, 2008) YAVNE, Israel — Software provider Valor Computerized Systems will enable its customers to monitor their manufacturing operations in real-time through dashboards linked directly to the manufacturing floor. The new capability is enabled by integrating technology from Business Objects.

September PCB Book-to-Bill Stays at 0.95

(October 27, 2008) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries announced the September findings from its monthly North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program. "Orders and shipments in September showed the usual end-of-quarter increase," said IPC president Denny McGuirk, "but the growth rate appears to be slowing."

Research Updates on PCBs, RoHS, Economy, and PCs

(October 27, 2008) — Nikkei Business reports on PCB fabricator outlooks; IPC expresses its concerns and expert advisory on RoHS revisions; Christopher Associates speaks on the economic status for manufacturers watching Wall Street; and Publications released "Personal Computers — A Global Industry Outlook."

OK International Debuts Soldering and Rework Systems to Increase Throughput, Control

(October 24, 2008) GARDEN GROVE, Calif. — OK International launched the Metcal MX-5000 Series soldering and rework system with increased power and an enhanced handpiece with energy and tip-saving features. The series targets high-performance hand soldering on complex assemblies.

Quasys Takes Over Datacon Feeder Lines

(October 24, 2008) CHAM, Switzerland — After the transfer of all product rights from BESI/Datacon (formerly Laurier Inc.) to Quasys, the Laurier feeders will now be manufactured by Quasys in Switzerland.

Indium Intros Rosin-free No-clean Cored Wire Solder

(October 23, 2008) CLINTON, N.Y. — Indium Corporation debuted CW-501, a colophony-free (free of rosin), no-clean, cored wire solder for use with lead-free alloys. Indium developed the product by adapting its solder paste alloys, and notes that rosin is an allergen.

MEPTEC/Advanced Packaging Announce Symposium Final Program

(October 23, 2008) SAN JOSE, Calif. — MEPTEC, the MicroElectronics Packaging and Test Engineering Council, and Advanced Packaging have finalized the program for their upcoming symposium titled "Packaging Developments and Innovations: From System Design to Integrated Delivery," to be held on Thursday, November 13, 2008, at the Wyndham Hotel, San Jose, Calif.

DYMAX Acquires Dispensing Company Tridak

(October 20, 2008) TORRINGTON and DANBURY, Conn. — DYMAX Corporation acquired Tridak (Danbury), adding to its lines of standard and custom dispensing/filling equipment. Tridak's products suit dispensing and filling adhesives, pastes, solvents, lubricants, or other materials.

IPC's International Test And Inspection Conference Nov. 10-12

IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries has developed a three-day test and inspection conference. "IPC International Test and Inspection Technology Conference: Reducing Time to Market" will take place November 10-12, 2008 in Santa Clara, California.

Microscan Completes Acquisition of Siemens' Machine Vision Business

(October 17, 2008) RENTON, Wash. — Microscan finalized its purchase of Siemens' Machine Vision business, adding about 60 technology patents and 10 product lines to its precision data acquisition and control solutions portfolio.

IPC and SMTA Release Cleaning Symposium Agenda

(October 14, 2008) ROSEMONT, Ill. — The IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries and SMTA will co-present their cleaning symposium, "High-Performance Electronics Assembly Cleaning" on October 28–29, 2008, at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare hotel. The docket includes keynotes on residues' impacts and on equipment design, and sessions on standards, cleanliness assessment, lead-free cleaning, equipment and material advances, and the role of conformal coating.

Christopher Associates Releases HDI Market Data

(October 13, 2008) SANTA ANA, Calif. — Matthew Holzmann, president of Christopher Associates, presented the keynote address to the IPC's HDI Technology Conference in Dallas, Texas, on the demand for high-density interconnect substrates in North America. With assistance from multiple sources, including Prismark Partners, Holzmann outlined existing and potential markets as well as current market conditions for these products. The major points of Holzmann's keynote are summarized here.

Preview the Upcoming Mexitrónica Show

(October 13, 2008) GUADALAJARA, Mexico — Mexico's National Chamber for Electronics, Telecommunication, and IT Industries (CANIETI) in partnership with ROC Exhibitions Inc. will present Mexitrónica, October 21–23, 2008, at Guadalajara, Mexico. The exposition and conference drew more than 6,000 attendees in 2007. Following are some of the highlights for the conference and show floor.

Scan & Design PCB Reverse Engineering Firm Hands Business Over to Photodata

(October 10, 2008) BRIGHTON and HITCHIN, U.K. — Scan & Design of southern England will transition its business assets and customers to Photodata Test Services Ltd. at the end of this month. The company is closing after more than 10 years providing PCB scanning for reverse engineering of bare boards to CAD databases.

iNEMI: Sustainability Must Be Relative

Arizona State University Professor Brad Allenby challenges the industry to avoid focusing too much on "sustainability," and, instead, understand the total impact of electronic products on the global community, most of which is good.

Study Shows Flip Chip and WLP Growth

(October 7, 2008) AUSTIN, Texas — The growth of flip chip and wafer-level packaging (WLP) is a bright spot in the electronics industry, according to TechSearch International's recently released study, "2008 Flip Chip and WLP Market Trends and Forecasts." The study projects a compound growth rate of more than 14% for flip chip units and 14% for WLPs between 2007 and 2012.

electronica 2008 on China, India, and Eastern Europe in the Global Electronics Market

(October 6, 2008) MUNICH, Germany — Messe München released a white paper to discuss the desirability of China, India, and Eastern Europe to the electronics industry from the perspective of six industry leaders. The white paper, available in advance of electronica 2008, shows how executives regard these regions with respect to low-cost manufacturing, rising energy costs and wages, worker flexibility, regional infrastructure, environmental regulations, and IP security.

IMEC, Taiyo Nippon Sanso Collaborate on Green LEDs

(October 6, 2008) LEUVEN, Belgium and OSAKA, Japan — Nanoelectronics research institute IMEC and semiconductor company Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corp. (TNSC) will jointly develop manufacturing technology for high-efficiency LED devices. This is TNSC's first collaboration with an advanced research center based in Europe.

Sonoscan Announces Advanced Thickness Measurement Method

(October 2, 2008) ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill. — In a joint effort with a large component supplier to the cellular and video industries, Sonoscan developed an acoustic micro imaging technique that accurately measures the thickness of the bondline of the heat spreader adhesive in advanced microprocessor assemblies. The technique remains effective when the bondline is too thin for individual echoes to be separated.

Nextreme Creates Thermal Management Business Unit

(October 2, 2008) DURHAM, N.C. — Nextreme Thermal Solutions opened a thermal and power management products business unit to serve the electronics industry. Nextreme will focus more aggressively on thermal management products for telecommunications and photonics markets with the business.

ECD Plans October U.S. Launch for V-M.O.L.E. Thermal Profiler

(September 30, 2008) PORTLAND, Ore. — Following a quick ramp-up and successful launch in Asia, ECD plans to bring its production verification thermal profiler, V-M.O.L.E., to customers in North America. The system complements ECD's MEGAM.O.L.E. 20, providing a method for assemblers to ensure reflow profiles stay in spec during production, following initial new product introduction (NPI) and process development.

Virtual Industries Intros Compressed-air Tweezer

(September 30, 2008) COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Virtual Industries Inc. debuted its compressed-air-powered STEALTH-VAC vacuum tweezer tools for parts handling. The STEALTH-VAC operates on 30 to 70 psi compressed air or nitrogen.

IPC Midwest Wrap-up

(September 29, 2008) SCHAUMBURG, Ill. — IPC Midwest closed its second annual show last week with higher attendance and an added live assembly line — A-Line — which IPC plans to run again next year. Following are some of the show impressions and announcements heard around the exhibit floor last week.

August PCB Book-to-Bill Holds Steady at 0.95

(September 29, 2008) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries reported the August findings from its monthly North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program, showing that the combined rigid and flex PCB book-to-bill maintained its position at 0.95. The book-to-bill ratio has hovered between 0.94 and 0.96 since May 2008.

From the Show: Mirtec AOI in the U.S.

(September 24, 2008) SCHAUMBURG, Ill. — Today at IPC Midwest, we met with Mirtec USA Inc., the U.S. branch of global inspection provider Mirtec Corp. The company celebrated its four-year anniversary in the U.S. this month, and discussed how their customer base in the U.S. has changed in that short time. When Mirtec USA was formed, the company had three systems sold in the country. Today, there are more than 285 operating here.

From the Show: IPC Midwest Grows in Size and Cooperation

(September 24, 2008) SCHAUMBURG, Ill. — Not all tradeshows are bustling with activity. Sometimes a hurricane or a natural weather disruption can really wreck havoc on an event, but this year's IPC Midwest in the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center met with friendly skies and 80°F weather.

From the Show: Misumi's Configuration Tech Seminar

(September 23, 2008) ROSEMONT, Ill. — On my way to IPC Midwest in Schaumburg, Ill., I made a slight detour to take in the Configuration Tech Seminar hosted by Misumi USA Inc. at National Manufacturing Week (NMW) in Rosemont. The seminar offered a straightforward and useful comparison of stock, configurable, and custom parts that would be of interest to all those EMS providers and original design manufacturers (ODMs) branching out into final product assembly for their OEMs.

Bliss Industries Intros ESD-safe Lift Table

(September 17, 2008) MILPITAS, Calif. — Bliss Industries Inc. debuted the Easy Lift, an ergonomic handling surface for electronic assemblies with 20" of adjustable work surface.

ISO Plans Energy Management Standard

(September 16, 2008) WASHINGTON — ISO project committee PC 242, which is to develop an international standard on energy management, held its first meeting in early September. The future ISO 50001 will establish a framework for industrial plants, commercial facilities, or entire organizations to manage energy.

Automatic Wave Loader Lowers Costs

(September 16, 2008) PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. — PROMATION developed a new platform for its automatic wave loading system that reportedly results in a cost reduction. The SDTF is an edge carry, drop, tilt, and feed automatic wave loading system that has been designed to accept PCBs from a flat line (0°) and then drop, angle, and transfer the PCB into the wave solder machine.

Enthone Acquires Ormecon in PCB Finishes Market

(September 8, 2008) WEST HAVEN, Conn. — Enthone Inc., a business of Cookson Electronics, acquired Ormecon GmbH of Ammersbek, Germany, for an unannounced sum. The purchase adds to Enthone's PWB surface finishes product lines, including new coating technologies.

SMTA Board of Directors Elected

SMTAI: What is the Value of an SMTA Membership?

Indium President Greg Evans believes the SMTA not only features a strong technical training focus , but that the association helps his employees become stronger leaders. Find out why a major assembly materials suppliers continues to support this grass roots organization.

IBM Engineer Looks at Lead-Free Successes, Failures in Quest to Develop Better Supply Chain Practices

As the electronics manufacturing community struggles with high-reliability issues associated with lead-free processes, Matt Kelly, an IBM engineer, hopes his work will be a catalyst for sharing knowledge in a horizontal supply chain.

IEEE 1149.7 Standard Cuts Space, Cost for Embedded Systems

(September 2, 2008) HOUSTON — The IEEE working group for standard 1149 developed a two-pin compact test and debug solution to reduce strict pin-count, package size, and power constraints. Texas Instruments Inc. is driving ratification on IEEE 1149.7.

Nepcon South China: Interview with P. Kay Metal's Hardy Huang (Chinese)

Hardy Huang, the Sales Manager for P. Kay Metal China, sits down with EMS007's Edy Yu to discuss the company's work in China. In addition, the two talk about the IP issue in China and how P. Kay Metal handles these issues.

Nepcon South China: A Different Approach to China's SMT Capital Equipment Business

What happens when an industry veteran recognizes that Chinese equipment makers can become competitive with global brands? China Direct's founder, Todd La Marche, and his colleague, Olivier Grascoeur, explain how their company has bridged that perceived gap.

Nepcon South China: Behind the Scenes at the SMTA China Conference

SMTA China Conference Chairman Michael Wong reveals how the latest conference was put together. His passionate interview also offers a better understanding of the challenges SMTA China is facing and how it is differentiating between technical and vendor presentations.

Nepcon South China: Electronics Assembly Material Needs in South China

EMS007 China Editor Edy Wang chats with Kelly Huang of Indium Corporation about what materials issues South China EMS and ODM customers are facing.

Nepcon South China: Shifting Product Development from R

Yearly product introductions are tough for some companies to achieve, let alone dual product introductions within six months. ECD introduced a product last spring with R&D in mind. This fall, the company is introducing the V-M.O.L.E., a thermal profiling unit that takes what was developed last spring from a lab tool to one that meets performance needs in a high-volume setting. Vice President of Marketing and Sales Grant Peterson takes viewers through his company's NPI process and reasoning.

Dell Offers Information to Supply Chain in Hopes to End Lead-Free Hassles

Dell Senior Manager Dr. Randy Schueller needed to address server board field failures. His research led him to the realization that lead-free HASL, a seldom-used surface finish, was the best way to solve Dell's problems. His 2007 award-winning paper was written not only to document his work, but to help his suppliers better understand why they might benefit from investing in lead-free HASL. Schueller also discusses his company's perspective on immersion silver.

Evolving Technologies Summit Looks at Embedded and Solderless Technologies

Verdant Electronics President Joe Fjelstad relates some of the topics covered in SMTAI’s Evolving Technologies Summit. Are embedded technologies finally becoming commercially viable? Will solderless assembly emerge from the lab into production? Keynote Speaker Fjelstad offers his observations and opinions.

2008 SMTA Hutchins Grant Awarded to PBGA Reliability Student

(August 28, 2008) MINNEAPOLIS — The 2008 Charles Hutchins Educational Grant recipient, Lei Nie, a graduate student in the field of mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland, has been selected by the SMTA Grant Committee for her project entitled "Reliability of Reballed and Reworked Plastic Ball Grid Arrays in SnPb and SAC Assembly Process."

SCS Debuts Adhesion Promotion Technology

(August 28, 2008) INDIANAPOLIS — Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) announced a new adhesion promotion technology, AdPro Plus, developed to improve adhesion of Parylene conformal coatings to various substrates. Strong adhesion of Parylene is critical to enable the coating to provide maximum benefit to the application.

July Book-to-Bill Steady

(August 27, 2008) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries released its monthly North American PCB Statistical Program report, showing that the combined rigid and flex PCB industries posted a 0.94 book-to-bill ratio in July, maintaining a higher rate of activity than the same time last year.

Allied Adds Next-day Kitting Service

(August 27, 2008) FORT WORTH, Texas — Allied Electronics has expanded its value-added services to include next-day kitting service. Customers can now order kitted products, such as Amphenol Industrial 97 Series connectors, and have them shipped within the next business day.

Essemtec Premiers Automated Printer with Sideways-moving Loading Drawer

(August 27, 2008) AESCH, Switzerland — Essemtec AG debuted SP200-AV2, a new model of its automated stencil printer SP200. The printer is an advanced version of the previous-generation system and reportedly offers increased robustness, precision, and ease of use.

electronicIndia 2008 to Showcase Over 1,000 Exhibitors

electronicIndia 2008 is scheduled for September 2-5, 2008 in Bengaluru, India. The major unique selling proposition (USP) of the exhibition is that it is a complete electronics show.

Seica, Corelis Partner for Test Integration

(August 26, 2008) STRAMBINO, Italy and CERRITOS, Calif. — Seica Inc. and Corelis Inc. formed a partnership to deliver and support an integrated system based on Seica's Pilot flying probe system and boundary scan products from Corelis. Seica Pilot and Corelis ScanExpress system integration is the partners' initial offering.

Solar Cells Fueling Electronics Industry's Future?

Celestica Manager of Advanced Process Development, Irene Sterian, organized an Alternative Energy symposium during SMTAI that drew strong interest. Presentations were given from industry companies already making their presence felt in the photovoltaic field. Find out what transpired and why keynote speaker Jeff Doubrava, of Prismark, believes electronics manufacturing companies must not ignore the solar market when making plans for the future.

Will the Indian Plasma TV Market Survive?

Sony has stopped selling plasma TVs in India, while other TV producers cut prices just to boost sales.

Indium Corporation Announces Promotions

Indium Corporation announces the promotions of Anita Brown to Marketing Communications Manager for its worldwide operations and Andy Seager to the position of Sales Channel Partner Manager.

Industry Says 'No Way' to Fay at SMTAI in Orlando

Despite the worst efforts of Tropical Storm Fay, which included cancelled flights at Orlando International Airport, SMTAI proved that a strong international conference can overcome just about any obstacle.

From the Show: SMTAI Exhibits Floor

(August 20, 2008) ORLANDO, Fla. — SMT checked in with many of the busy exhibitors at SMTAI in Orlando to find out what products they carry to suit the high-reliability/high-mix southeastern U.S. market, as well as the many national and international attendees walking the show floor.

Advanced PCB Industry Report 2007–2008

(August 15, 2008) MONTREAL — This report details the global activity in PCB production, with particular focus on China. Advanced PCB manufacturers, including those producing high-density interconnect (HDI) boards, embedded memory, and other formats. It lists top producers and development trends in key end-use industries.

Fein-Lines: Copper Dissolution Interview, Part III

Dan Feinberg concludes his interview with Michael Carano, Global Business Development Manager of Cleveland, Ohio-based OMG Electronic Chemicals, tackling the topic of copper dissolution with lead-free solder--an issue that is certainly not new to the industry.

A Video Mulligan: The SMTA/CCA Annual Golf Get-Together

Players from both the SMTA Los Angeles/Orange County Chapter and the IPC CCA converged on Seal Beach in California for a day of fun, friends and favorite charities. Watch this exclusive coverage of this one-of-a-kind networking event.

Cal-Comp's Net Earnings Decline 7% in 1H08

Thailand-based EMS company Cal-Comp Electronics saw its after-tax profits decline 7% on year to 1.24 billion baht (US $36.77 million) in the first half of 2008, according to the company.

Essemtec Flex/Film Placement Machine Gains Twin Vacuum Table

(August 14, 2008) AESCH, Switzerland — Essemtec developed a dedicated twin vacuum table for its FLX2011-MKL placement machine to facilitate handling of flex boards and film substrates. The table also is able to double productivity.

IIT Develops Prototyper for Double-sided PCBs

(August 14, 2008) POST FALLS, Idaho — Integrated Ideas & Technologies Inc. launched a prototype assembly tool that allows manufacturers to assemble double-sided surface mount PCB assemblies at their desks. The AssemblyPro fixture is designed to complement the IIT Desktop stencil, eliminating use of screen printers.

Woody to Keynote Day Two of IPC/SMTA High-Performance Electronics Assembly Cleaning Symposium

Industry-leading associations IPC and SMTA announce that Linda Woody will keynote day two of the jointly sponsored High-Performance Electronics Cleaning Symposium at the Crowne Plaza Chicago in Rosemont, Illinois on October 28-29, 2008.

HP Senior Engineer Discusses Lead-Free Issues, SMTAI Symposium

Dr. Gregory Henshall discusses lead-free alloy questions and an SMTA International symposium that will address some of these issues, including new solder alloys and long-term reliability concerns.

Plexus to Close Massachusetts Plant

Plexus Corporation announced its intention to close its Ayer, Massachusetts manufacturing facility. The company plans to transition products manufactured in this facility to other Plexus facilities, primarily in Neenah, Wisconsin.

Inovaxe to Demonstrate INOKIT at SMTA International 2008

Inovaxe announces that it will demonstrate INOKIT software in booth 819 at the upcoming SMTA International.

The Gold Record: SMTAI Solar Symposium to Shed Light on Industry's Future

Celestica’s Manager of Advanced Processes, Irene Sterian, speaks with Steve Gold about a Solar Symposium she is leading in Orlando, Florida on August 18, 2008. Sterian believes it is critical for industry leaders to participate in this unique event, especially as the electronics and photovoltaic industries converge.

Virtual Industries to Showcase Key Technologies and Products at SMTA International 2008

Virtual Industries announces that it will exhibit TV-1000 TWEEZER-VAC, DTV-2000 TWEEZER-VAC and VSPT series of small parts tips in booth 326 at the upcoming SMTA International 2008.

VJ Electronix to Display Vertex Series-CT X-Ray System in Orlando

VJ Electronix announces that it will showcase its Vertex Series-CT X-Ray System in booth 825 at the SMTA International 2008.

IPC Launches Online Exhibits

(August 5, 2008) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries introduced the IPC Midwest Online Exhibit Hall — Beyond the Show Floor. The virtual exhibit hall takes visitors beyond the show floor with special features that provide relevant industry information in an easy-to-access and navigate format.

Christopher Associates Intros Low-cost Solder Dross Recovery

(August 5, 2008) SANTA ANA, Calif. — North American distributor Christopher Associates debuted the KDS-101 benchtop solder dross recovery system from Koki Tec Corporation (Saitama, Japan). The KDS-101 reportedly offers a safe, simple, and inexpensive method to recover purified solder from dross in all soldering operations, especially PCB fabrication and assembly.

Valor Intros Software Collaboration with EMS Providers

(August 5, 2008) YAVNE, Israel — Valor Computerized Systems Ltd. is launching an initiative promoting the development of software for improvement of electronic design and manufacturing, titled "The Valor Innovation Circle."

Semicon West 2008: ECI Expands Packaging Presence, Enters Solar Market

ECI President and Chief Executive Officer, Marianna Rabinovitch, discusses her company's Semicon West 2008 advanced packaging product offerings and the company's push into the photovoltaic market.

Photo Stencil Names Interim CEO

(August 4, 2008) COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Photo Stencil announced the resignation of CEO Keith Favre, and the appointment of its chief operating officer (COO), Todd Woods, as interim CEO.

Industry Veterans Form Solar Group

(August 4, 2008) DANBURY, Conn. — Marc Chason; James J. Hickman, Ph.D.; and Gene H. Weiner formed Quantum Solar Group LLC to help members of the PWB, SMT, and electronic assembly industries and their suppliers of chemicals, materials, and equipment understand the burgeoning photovoltaic industry and the new commercial opportunities provided through variations of familiar processes and technologies.

Auto Electronics Focus of electronica 2008

(August 4, 2008) MUNICH, Germany — electronica 2008 will be a world showcase for automotive electronics, with an expected 1,200 automotive electronic exhibitors, an automotive conference, and discussions on the "Ultra Low Cost Car (ULCC)" concept.

Semicon West 2008: DEK Introduces New Wafer Coating Process

DEK has introduced a new printing machine that aims to compete with the more costly dry film lamination process. Jeff Schake, Senior Advanced Technology Specialist, explains to Steve Gold the system's advantages--including that the entire wafer backside coating process utilizes standard equipment.

China Invests in Zambia's Copper Belt

(July 31, 2008) LUSAKA, Zambia — Chinese investment in Zambian copper mines and smelting plants has led much speculation into the availability and cost of this raw material used in copper-clad laminates (CCLs), lead-free solders, bonding wires, PCBs, and other essential electronics production materials.

Report: 2008 Worldwide Component Distribution

(July 31, 2008) MONTREAL — In 2006, the market for electronic components supplied through distribution grew in all regions of the world. For 2007, although this growth continued, it was not reflected in all countries. It was, as a whole, a difficult year for the distribution market, asserts market analyst firm Publications.

Test Socket Targets Small Pad Sizes

(July 31, 2008) ROSENHEIM, Germany — Multitest released a new generation of test socket, nanoKelvin, available in standard and plunge-to-board design without limitations for its Kelvin capability.

India to Develop $10 Laptops

The India Ministry of Human Resources Development plans to develop a very low-cost access, low-power device designed to link Indian technology and other institutes.

Intel's Barrett Sees No Slowdown in World PC Market

Intel Corporation expects no slowdown in global demand for personal computers despite economic problems in the U.S. and in other countries, Intel Chairman Craig Barrett said on Wednesday.

Asymtek Executives Discuss New Product, Manufacturing Methodology at Semicon West

John P. Byers, President of Asymtek, and Greg Wood, Vice President, Sales, discuss their latest product release and what measures the company is taking to remain competitive while manufacturing equipment in Southern California.

REACH Out of Reach?

Like a bolt of lightning, the results of a recent survey from IPC on REACH Preparedness in the North American and European Interconnect Industry are striking--revealing that more than 40% of manufacturing and purchasing personnel have no understanding of the REACH regulation as it affects their companies.

Stadium Asia Achieves Medical Manufacturing Approval

Stadium Asia has achieved a significant manufacturing approval for the medical market at its China manufacturing facility. ISO 13485:2003 focuses on maintaining product safety, risk management, inspection and traceability, documentation and validation of processes for sterile medical devices.

Advisory Board Update: Hwang Joins Committee on Forecasting Future Disruptive Technologies

(July 28, 2008) WASHINGTON — Jennie S. Hwang, Ph.D., was appointed to the newly established Committee on Forecasting Future Disruptive Technologies, organized by NRC, National Academies, and the U.S. DoD.

Semicon West 2008--Jabil Opening New Markets

The Vice President of Global Business Units for Jabil, Tony Allan, speaks with EMS007 Editor Steve Gold about entering the medical market and what high-mix, low-volume means to his assembly operations.

Rigid PCBs Down, Flex Up in June

(July 25, 2008) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries found that the monthly North American PCB Statistical Program data shows the rigid PCB book-to-bill ratio dipping again to 0.94, while the flex industry ratio climbed again to 1.02. The combined industry ratio fell to 0.95.

BPM Improves Flashstream Programming

P. D. Circuits Discusses Supply Chain Challenges

David Wolff, President and Founder of P. D. Circuits Inc., discusses the company's 'from the ground up' approach to managing supply chain data.

First 'Meet the Bloggers' Event Held at Semicon West 2008

Indium Corporation used Semicon West as a place to bring bloggers and their readers together. This video interview with Director of Marketing Communications Rick Short details the merits of blogging and what happens when cyberspace is replaced by a physical meeting place.

DEK Names President

(July 22, 2008) WEYMOUTH, U.K. — DEK International appointed Michael Brianda to the position of company president, with immediate effect. Previously serving as global sales & marketing director, Brianda has been with DEK for 12 years.

Entry-level Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner Series

(July 22, 2008) CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Smart Sonic launched a line of lower-cost ultrasonic stencil cleaners, designed for SMT assemblers cleaning low volumes of stencils. The Series 500 stencil cleaners target more consistent cleaning of fine-pitch stencil apertures and reduced stencil damage caused by manual cleaning.

Up Close with Paul Walter of Dage at Semicon West

Steve Gold speaks with Paul Walter, Managing Director of Dage Corporation, at Semicon West about current market conditions and how EMS suppliers must rely on finding innovation and new products to overcome obstacles.

Ticona Intros Eco FR Polyesters

(July 21, 2008) FLORENCE, Ky. — Ticona Engineering Polymers, the engineering polymers business of Celanese Corporation, added two Riteflex thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPC-ET) grades to its portfolio of XFR halogen-free flame-retardant polyesters for use in eco-friendly applications.

KRA Increases Value-added Capacity, Capabilities

(July 21, 2008) DENVER — Distributor K.R. Anderson Inc. (KRA) increased value-added capacity and capabilities through its Andfab Division. The company added staff and equipment to the fabrication services business.

ACI Adds Samsung Stencil Printer

(July 18, 2008) HORSHAM, Pa. — Samsung and Dynatech Technology have added the Samsung SMP400 stencil printer to the American Competiveness Institute's (ACI's) EMPF demonstration factory. The six-sigma capable printer joins the Samsung SM421 advanced flexible mounter with STF100S feeder.

Corelis Finalizes Transition to EWA

(July 18, 2008) HERNDON, Va. — The appointment of George B. La Fever as Corelis president and CEO finalizes the transition of the boundary scan/JTAG/in-system test system provider Corelis Inc. into EWA Technologies Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the EWA corporate family of high-technology companies.

ACI Provides Navy's Benchmarking and Best Practices

(July 18, 2008) PHILADELPHIA — Scientific R&D providers the American Competitiveness Institute (ACI) received a five-year, $100 million contract from the U.S. Navy's Office of Naval Research (ONR) to manage and operate the "Benchmarking and Best Manufacturing Processes Center of Excellence."

Elcoteq Cuts 2008 Forecast

The main reasons for the change in the forecast are the weaker than expected development in manufacturing volumes in the Personal Communications Business Area and a temporary decrease in volumes during the third quarter due to changing customer structure.

EMRISE Wins Navy's Testing Equipment Contract

(July 17, 2008) RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. — EMRISE Corporation, a multi-national manufacturer of defense and aerospace electronic devices and communications equipment, received the initial production release and plans immediate shipment of the first $300,000 of its Halcyon telecommunications test equipment under the terms of a previously announced $800,000 supply contract with the U.S. Department of the Navy.

Survey: Green Initiatives in the Supply Chain

(July 17, 2008) FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — A survey conducted by market intelligence firm IDC showed that manufacturing, wholesale, and distribution industries are demonstrating growing commitent to the environment. The analysts found that, from surveying 250 decision makers at small and midsize enterprises, commitment toward the adoption of applications that would support more environmentally friendly supply chain initiatives is on the rise.

Michael Brianda Appointed DEK President

DEK International has announced that Michael Brianda has been appointed to the position of company President. Previously serving as Global Sales and Marketing Director, his new role sees him continue an impressive career trajectory that began at DEK over 12 years ago.

Semicon West 2008 Report--Flextronics Pushing into Solar Market

In this video interview with Steve Gold, Flextronics Industrial Division President E.C. Sykes sheds light on the push into providing equipment for the photovoltaic manufacturing market.

Manncorp Debuts "Hi Output" Turnkey Assembly Line

(July 16, 2008) SAN DIEGO, Calif. and WILLOW GROVE, Pa. — Manncorp is offering an automated turnkey line for mid- to high-volume flexible SMT assembly. The Hi Output Line assembly line includes a four-head pick-and-place system, in-line automatic stencil printer, an eight-zone reflow oven, and pass-through conveyor system.

Sono-Tek Ends Q'01 Up 31%

(July 15, 2008) MILTON, N.Y. — Sono-Tek Corporation announced sales for the three months ending May 31, 2008, increased 31%. Sales increased versus last year in spite of softness in some markets.

Krayden Offers LED Products

(July 15, 2008) DENVER — Distributor Krayden Inc. added a line of Dow Corning products for LED lighting manufacturers, including LED protection and assembly products, LED packaging products, and LED thermal management. Dow's products for LED assembly range from adhesives and encapsulants to conformal coatings.

Free E-Book a Practical Guide to Lean Manufacturing

BR Publishing has launched its latest e-book, Survival is not Mandatory: Everything a CEO Needs to Know about Lean, by Steven Williams of Plexus Corporation. This book, is now available as a free PDF e-book download to anyone who wants one. Once downloaded, the e-book can be printed, e-mailed to friends or saved on hard drive for future use.

PROMATION, OMTEC Partner for Custom Handling

(July 14, 2008) PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. — Handling solutions provider PROMATION and OMTEC, a manufacturer of pop-up ball transfer solutions, partnered to create a progressive line flow solution for a premier computer manufacturer. The solution required PROMATION to design and build a moderately priced system that would accept and transfer carriers weighing up to 80 lb between assembly stations.

iNEMI Roadmap Workshop Seeks Participation from the Industry

The foundation of all iNEMI activities is its roadmap, and this is an initiative in which anyone in the industry may be involved -- membership is not required. The 2009 Roadmap is currently in development and iNEMI is hosting a roadmap workshop in Shanghai on July 28, 2008.

IEC Electronics Receives $3.7 Million Military and Defense Order

IEC Electronics Corporation reports that it has received an order from one of its military and defense customers valued at more than $3.7 million. Deliveries will commence during the company's fourth quarter ending September 30, 2008 and will be completed by April 2009.

REACH: Going Beyond The EU

RoHS, the EU Directive on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances, was a European requirement that became a de facto international standard for electronic parts and products. Even with many exemptions including some major product categories, the supply chain changed and RoHS became the international norm. A similar occurrence will happen for REACH.

Audio Interview: Matt Holzmann's JPCA Show Wrap-up

In this week's Gold Record, Matt Holzmann shares his observations on the new PCB fabrication and assembly equipment unveiled at JPCA.

LaBarge Awarded $2.7 Million Contract From BAE Systems

LaBarge, Inc. has been awarded a $2.7 million dollar contract from BAE Systems to continue to produce the Ethernet Switch Unit (ESU) for its A3 Bradley Combat Systems vehicles. The ESU functions as a router and a switch for electronic data sent to devices in the vehicle's local area network (LAN).

PMCI Presenting SMTAI EMS Tutorials

(July 8, 2008) ORLANDO, Fla. — Powell-Mucha Consulting Inc. (PMCI) will present tutorials focusing on EMS branding and strategic planning at the upcoming SMTA International Conference in Orlando on August 21.

KIC Intros Nine Thermocouple Profiler

(July 7, 2008) SAN DIEGO — KIC introduced a new profiler model to the KIC Explorer platform. The KIC Explorer 9 channel uses the modern KIC Explorer hardware and features a total of nine thermocouples using standard type-K TC connectors.

Dynasil Acquires RMD Assets

(July 7, 2008) WEST BERLIN, N.J. — Photonics supplier Dynasil Corporation of America acquired the stock of Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc. and specific assets of RMD Instruments LLC for approximately $20 million including $12.5 million of cash and 4.6 million shares of Dynasil common stock.

Water-free Defluxing Agent

(July 7, 2008) MANASSAS, Va. — ZESTRON America introduced a solvent-based defluxing agent for water-free and low-temperature cleaning applications. ZESTRON DS 100 is designed to remove flux residues at low temperatures from electronic assemblies, ceramic hybrids, power modules, and leadframes in self-regenerative closed-loop cleaning systems.

Lead-Free Lesson...Definitely Not Free

As the electronics industry struggles though its second year of RoHS and the lead-free mandate, it is clear that definitive answers to many of the more significant challenges of lead-free are not yet here. In fact, targets continue to move as newer problems make their presence known.

Dan Hoz Appointed as Valor CEO

The new leader will be expected to grow the company organically while also developing acquisition strategies.

IPC Conducts Online Survey on Industry's Readiness for EU REACH Regulation

The IPC -- Association Connecting Electronics Industries is conducting a survey to gauge industry's readiness when it comes to the EU REACH regulation.

Decrease in EMS Division Sales May Pull Down IPTE Overall 2Q Sales and Profit

IPTE expects a decline in sales and profits in the second quarter of 2008. Turnover was already down between 10 and 15 percent in the first quarter, the company said.

Henkel Launches Research and Failure Analysis Center with Shanghai University

(July 1, 2008) IRVINE, Calif. — To promote electronics material advancement in the burgeoning China region, Henkel and Shanghai University, in conjunction with several leading research universities, entered into an agreement to form a Shanghai Region Joint Electronics Research and Failure Analysis Center.

May Book-to-Bill Slips Below Parity

(July 1, 2008) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC found that the combined rigid and flex PCB book-to-bill ratio fell below parity, breaking a trend of climbing ratios. The flexible circuits segment experienced some growth, ascending to 1.01

Nextreme Awarded "Green" Grant

(June 30, 2008) DURHAM, N.C. — Nextreme Thermal Solutions received a grant from the North Carolina Green Business Fund to enhance the efficiency of its thin-film thermoelectrics used to convert waste heat into electricity in electronic systems.

Report: R&D Globalization

(June 30, 2008) CERRITOS, Calif. — More than two-thirds of U.S. companies expect to deploy some R&D personnel in India this year, according to a report by Amritt Ventures. China ranked next among emerging economies with over 40% of respondents reporting plans to deploy R&D personnel there.

Epoxies, Etc... Brands UV-cure Materials

(June 30, 2008) Cranston, R.I. — Epoxies, Etc... announced the IllumaBond brand group for its UV-curable adhesives, potting compounds, coatings, and any other electronics assembly materials cured with UV technology.

ASK Chooses PDR at NEW

(June 27, 2008) CRAWLEY, WEST SUSSEX, U.K. — U.K.-based ASK Technology selected PDR, through its distributor Parkheath, as their vendor of choice for BGA rework systems.

Cleaning Equipment, Products Test Compatible

(June 27, 2008) MANASSAS, Va. — Austin American Technology Corporation (AAT) and ZESTRON America completed extended compatibility experiments for cleaning equipment and products.

Gold-plated Bellows for Test

(June 27, 2008) CEDAR GROVE, N.J. — Servometer — PMG LLC introduces Gold Plated Bellows Contacts, an alternative to spring-loaded test pins for next-generation high-frequency test applications.

Unitech PCB, Taiflex Produce Solar Cells

(June 27, 2008) TAIPEI, Taiwan — To fend off sales recession in the PCB market, Unitech Printed Circuit Board Corp. and Taiflex Scientific Co., Ltd., both Taiwanese makers, ventured into production of solar cells to drive up profit performance, according to China Economic News Service (CENS).

VECAP Update on Brominated Flame Retardants

(June 27, 2008) BRUSSELS, Belgium — The brominated flame retardant industry releases its third annual report on the Voluntary Emissions Control Action Programme (VECAP). The key findings in the report include that about 90% of packaging residues of brominated flame retardants (BFRs) are controlled effectively in Europe, via regulated disposal.

Understanding the Requirements of a Mass-Imaging Platform: The Impact of Interconnect Miniaturization

As the frontiers of feature size and interspace between devices become increasingly challenging, the industry must reevaluate the performance of the toolsets used in the SMT arena.

TTM to Provide PCBs and PCB Assemblies for Military Thermal Weapon Systems Program

TTM Technologies, Inc. announced that it has received a contract valued in excess of $8.0 million from BAE Systems for printed circuit boards and printed circuit board assemblies used in the Thermal Weapons Systems Program.

Leading EMS Companies Endorse Innovative Test and Design Approach

ELCINA, in association with National Instruments, recently concluded a workshop on Test and Measurement in Electronic Manufacturing in Kanchipuram, India. The workshop provided a platform to share domain knowledge and best practices in the Test and Measurement domain.

Participate in SMTA Events

(June 24, 2008) MINNEAPOLIS — The SMTA is requesting papers for presentation at Pan Pac and the Symposium on Avoiding, Detecting, and Preventing Counterfeit Electronic Parts. The association's Boston chapter also will be hosting a technical presentation and demo.

HP Selects Flextronics for High-volume Notebooks

(June 24, 2008) SINGAPORE — Flextronics' computing segment has been chosen by HP to design and manufacture a high-volume consumer notebook computer for its notebook business unit of the personal systems group.

Flextronics Chosen as Manufacturing Partner of BTI Systems

BTI Systems, a provider of packet enabled fiber optic systems to expand network fiber capacity, has announced that it has selected Flextronics as its global partner to manufacture its Packet Optical Edge systems.

P.D. Circuits Expands China Operations

(June 23, 2008) HAMPSTEAD, N.H. — P.D. Circuits Inc. completed Phase 2 of the development of its China PWB Supply Chain operations. In the second year of expansion, the company added approved manufacturing sources and staff.

Basel e-Waste Conference Convenes

(June 23, 2008) BALI, Indonesia — Representatives from 170 countries kicked off a five-day informal meeting on Bali to discuss how to manage the trans-boundary traffic of hazardous waste. Indonesia's Environment Minister Rachmat Witoelar opened the conference, which will focus on the impacts of hazardous waste on human health and livelihoods.

Accu-Cure UV Offers Cool Curing Control

(June 23, 2008) CHICAGO — Accu-Cure UV curing units from A.W.T. World Trade are engineered for high-speed curing of PCBs and other flat and rigid panel substrates. By minimizing the level of heat transmission, the Accu-Cure UV's computer-designed cooling system protects substrate and belt.

Berwind Acquires Specialty Coating Systems

(June 20, 2008) INDIANAPOLIS — Specialty Coating Systems Inc. (SCS) was acquired by Berwind Corporation of Philadelphia. Berwind purchased SCS from Bunker Hill Capital L.P. (BHC), which had acquired the company in December 2005 from Cookson Electronics for $55.5 million.

Ascentec Acquires Datum Dynamics

(June 20, 2008) SHERWOOD, Ore. and PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — Ascentec Engineering acquired Datum Dynamics USA of Portsmouth, boosting its Northeast operations. The process tooling company supplies PCB assembly tooling and fixtures, and will join Ascentec's PCB process tooling services portfolio.

Vietnam Poised to Become the Next EMS Hub

Frost & Sullivan reports that Vietnam's low cost of labor, availability of a trainable local population and favorable government policies are attracting global EMS/ODM companies to set-up operations in the country.

Cookson Launches NPI Stencils Initiative

(June 19, 2008) SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N.J. — Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials is launching its "First-Time-Right" new product introduction (NPI) stencils Initiative for ALPHA "Engineered Products." The stencil product line will target assemblers and prototyping houses aiming to reduce their NPI cycle times.

Report: Global Portable Electronics

(June 19, 2008) MONTREAL — Continuous technological development, digital options, and declining price points are among reasons for the growth of portable electronic products globally, according to "Global Portable Electronics Market," by Publications.

Teknek Opens Design Firm

(June 18, 2008) RENFREWSHIRE, Scotland — Teknek is setting up a product design company, Meso, which will be operated and overseen by two Glasgow School of Art graduates.

Short Stories: Impressions from Nepcon Vietnam, Semicon Singapore

This new occasional series of personal travelogues offers first-hand impressions of both the inaugural Nepcon Vietnam and the lastest Semicon Singapore.

Rockwell Collins Honors AVX

(June 17, 2008) MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — AVX Corporation received the 2008 "Resistor/Capacitor Commodity Supplier of the Year" award from Rockwell Collins. The honor is based on quality, delivery, total cost of ownership, lead time, and customer service.

Manncorp Updates Benchtop Stencil Printer

(June 17, 2008) SAN DIEGO, Calif. and WILLOW GROVE, Pa. — Manncorp debuted an improved version of its Model 5500 benchtop stencil printer, which includes true vertical separation of the stencil from the PCB prior to the lifting of the stencil frame, designed for ultra-fine-pitch solder paste printing.

Agilent Intros High-density Matrix Modules

(June 17, 2008) SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Agilent launched new modules for its 34980A multifunction switch/measure unit. They are designed for aerospace/defense, consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, communications, semiconductor, and automotive industries routing low-frequency signals between stimulus, DUT, and measurement equipment when designing high-pin-count tests.

Prism Electronics Highlights the Changes in the EMS Industry

Commenting on the event David Bance said: "Outsourcing in electronics manufacture is changing and some recent trends are reversing, including off-shoring manufacture among smaller OEMs. Manufacturing is now being brought back closer to home.

GW Equity Announces Sale of Houstech to Private Investor

GW Equity, announced the sale of its client Houstech Inc., a Houston, Texas-based company specializing in the assembly of PCBs, to a private investor based in Houston.

Avnet Receives KEMET's Sales Award

(June 16, 2008) PHOENIX — The Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas business region of Avnet Inc. received KEMET Corporation's "Top Sales Growth" award, recognizing Avnet for achieving the highest percentage of sales and highest gross sales for KEMET year-on-year in the Americas during fiscal year 2008.

Webinar Targets Controlled Medical Device Manufacturing

(June 16, 2008) CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Camstar Systems will host a Webinar for medical device manufacturers on June 26, outlining how manufacturers can extend their SAP ERP and manufacturing applications into the plant floor with Camstar's packaged composite solution.

Exhibition Space at SMTAI 2008 Going Fast

The SMTA announced that booth space is limited for SMTAI 2008. The exhibition will be held in Orlando, FL, August 19-20, 2008 at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort and Convention Center.

Zuken Ramps Up Support of FPGA Technology

(June 13, 2008) MUNICH, Germany and WESTFORD, Mass. — Zuken released a simulation kit for Altera's low-cost Cyclone III FPGA family of products, bolstering support of programmable devices in board designs. The kit is free to download for users of Zuken's CR-5000 advanced modular and robust electronics systems and PCB design suite.

SMTA, Koh Young Present on Solder Paste Measurement

(June 13, 2008) BOSTON — The SMTA Boston Chapter will host a technical presentation, titled "Advanced Solder Paste Measurement Techniques and Equipment" and live demonstrations on Koh Young solder paste measurement equipment, July 8th at Textron Defense Systems in Wilmington, Mass.

Catalyst Enhances Service Offerings; Acquires RAMP Industries

The deal enhances Catalyst's service offerings and gives the company better access to RAMP's customer base, Catalyst Chief Executive Officer James Matthews said in a prepared release.

La Barge Receives $1.5 Million Contract from Northrop Grumman

LaBarge, Inc. has received a $1.5 million contract from Northrop Grumman to continue to produce electronic assemblies for the AN/ALQ-135 radar jammer system.

Celestica Announces the Winners of its 2007 Total Cost of Ownership Supplier Awards

The awards honor suppliers who embrace Celestica's innovative approach to supply chain management and best support Celestica in the delivery of end-to-end product lifecycle solutions that accelerate its customers' success.

Zestron Qualifies Stencil Cleaner for Global Customer

(June 10, 2008) MANASSAS, Va. — A leading global contract manufacturer recently evaluated numerous cleaning agents to significantly improve its current stencil cleaning process. Upon an extended on-site cleaning evaluation, VIGON SC 200 was tested and confirmed to exceed the customer requirements.

CIMTEK's China Office Doubles in Size

(June 10, 2008) BOSTON — With more than a 60% increase in the customer base at its China quality lifecycle management (QLM) solutions facility, CIMTEK has doubled its staff to meet the growing demand for global quality control.

Digi-Key Named Atmel's Distributor of the Year

(June 10, 2008) THIEF RIVER FALLS, Minn. — Digi-Key Corporation has been awarded Atmel Corporation's Distributor of the Year Award for outstanding performance in 2007. A presentation was made at Atmel's annual sales conference.

Report: China's IC Market

(June 10, 2008) DUBLIN — Research and Markets released an overview of the Chinese market for ICs, with focus on four key emerging markets: Shenzhen, Suzhou, Tianjin, and Chengdu. The report includes the three IC segments: design, manufacturing, and packaging & testing.

VISION Squeegee Blade Debuts

(June 10, 2008) GREELEY, Colo. — Fine Line Stencil brought its SMT VISION Award winning Slic Blade product to market in the U.S. The squeegee blades are created with solid, electroformed nickel to increase precision and fine-pitch print accuracy.

European Workshop to Review Drafts of 2009 iNEMI Roadmap Chapters

The deadline is approaching to register for iNEMI's European workshop for the 2009 Roadmap, scheduled for June 18, 2008 at IMEC headquarters in Leuven, Belgium. The European workshop is one of three being held worldwide to solicit industry input and feedback.

Mouser Distributes Teridian ICs

(June 9, 2008) MANSFIELD, Texas — Mouser Electronics Inc. signed a global distribution agreement to carry Teridian Semiconductor, a supplier of mixed-signal integrated circuits used in energy, automation, networking, and secure access systems.

ACI Hosts Lead-free Workshop

(June 9, 2008) PHILADELPHIA — The American Competitiveness Institute (ACI), along with SMT and Indium Corporation, will host the free workshop "RoHS and Lead-free Updates, a Day with Dr. Ron Lasky," June 25 at ACI's campus in Philadelphia. The workshop will cover an update on the EU's RoHS law and critical issues in lead-free assembly.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches EDS X-Ray Microanalysis System

(June 9, 2008) MADISON, Wis. — Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. unveiled the Thermo Scientific NORAN System 7, an advanced EDS X-ray microanalysis system. NORAN System 7 is equipped with a high-throughput pulse processor, spectral imaging capability, and a sophisticated software suite.

Environmental Responsibility: Step-Up the Eco-Efficiency of Your Entire Process

The European Union's (EU) integrated product policy has shifted emphasis from management of site-specific environmental impact to minimizing the environmental impact of each product throughout its lifecycle.

Low-cost Regions Lead Electronics Output

(June 6, 2008) MONTREAL — Electronics manufacturing in the U.S., Japan, and Western Europe accounted for less than 50% of electronics output for the first time in 2006 as the migration of volume manufacturing to low-cost locations continues, according to market analysts at Publications.

Zestron Selects Gen3 Contaminometer

(June 6, 2008) MANASSAS, Va. — Zestron America sourced and took delivery of the Gen3 Systems CM-60 contaminometer for final testing and verification after PCB defluxing with Zestron high-precision cleaning agents.

SMTA Calls for Papers on Counterfeit Parts

(June 6, 2008) MINNEAPOLIS — SMTA and CALCE of the University of Maryland will host the "2nd Annual Symposium on Avoiding, Detecting, and Preventing Counterfeit Electronic Parts," September 9–10, 2008 at the University of Maryland, and are requesting papers on solutions to the counterfeit problem.

FINE LINE Adds Electroformed Laser-cut Stencils

(June 6, 2008) COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — FINE LINE STENCIL, a division of FCT Assembly, announced ElectroLaser electroformed laser-cut stencils, made using a hybrid technology with laser-cut apertures and electroformed nickel surfaces.

Genesis Electronics--How to Maneuver the Road to Success

Scott Mauldin runs his Tampa, FL-based business like he drives his car. The president of Genesis Electronics Manufacturing Inc. occasionally glances in the rearview mirror, but he also looks out over the hood to see what lies ahead.

VJ Electronix Appoints Director, Global Sales and Marketing

(June 5, 2008) LITTLETON, Mass. — VJ Electronix named Ronald Lindell as its director of global sales and marketing. Prior to joining VJ Electronix, Lindell served as the North American and global sales manager for the assembly test division of Teradyne.

From the Show: SMT/HYBRID/PACKAGING Goes Automotive

(June 5, 2008) NURNBERG, Germany — The highlight of SMT/HYBRID/PACKAGING 2008 was a demonstration line for automotive electronic assembly that moved a PCB assembly through its paces from bare board through to conformal coating steps.

From the Show: SMT/HYBRID/PACKAGING's International Integration

(June 5, 2008) NURNBERG, Germany — Long considered to be the second largest electronics tradeshow by Germans — second only to biannual Productronica — but a smaller local event by the rest of the world, SMT/HYBRID/PACKAGING 2008 succeeded in changing that perception.

Juki Releases High-speed Dispense System

(June 5, 2008) MORRISVILLE, N.C. — Juki Corporation introduced the KD-2077, a new model of its high-speed dispensing system for a wide range of components. The KD-2077 features three standard dispense heads for dispensing at 0.1 sec./shot.

IEC Expands Business; Completes Acquisition of Val-U-Tech

IEC Electronics Corp. announced it has completed the acquisition of Val-U-Tech Corp., a privately held manufacturer of wire harness assemblies located in Victor, NY for approximately $10 million.

NEPCON Malaysia to Feature 536 Participating Companies from 30 Countries

The ninth edition of NEPCON Malaysia will showcase a comprehensive range of products and services for the electronics manufacturing industry and feature 535 companies from 30 countries.

Laird Deploys Ansoft Simulation Tool

(June 3, 2008) ST. LOUIS — Laird Technologies Inc. implemented Ansoft Corporation's HFSS advanced 3D simulation tool for rigorous design tasks on complex mobile devices and advanced antenna systems.

FINE LINE, LPKF Partner for Laser-cut Stencils

(June 3, 2008) COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — FINE LINE STENCIL, a division of FCT Assembly, introduced a line of laser-cut stencils in partnership with LPKF. The laser-cut stencils accommodate designs with aperture pitches down to 0.4 mm.

Universal Brings AdVantisX to Asia

(June 3, 2008) BINGHAMTON, N.Y. — Universal Instruments introduced the newest platform in the Advantis pick-and-place series, AdVantisX, to the Asia market, for customers interested in low-cost, repeatable performance.

MYDATA Acquires German Distributor

(June 3, 2008) BROMMA AND STOCKHOLM, Sweden — MYDATA has acquired its German distributor Royonic, an established partner to the equipment manufacturer in the German SMT market. The acquisition is part of MYDATA's strategy to develop and expand business in Germany.

Creative Materials Launches Reworkable Adhesive

(June 2, 2008) TYNGSBORO, Mass. — Creative Materials Inc. introduced a flexible, reworkable, electrically conductive adhesive that adheres to most silicone and fluorinated substrates. The product, named 102-32, boasts good low-temperature performance and broad application.

atg/LM Intros Octal-density Grid Tester

(June 2, 2008) WERTHEIM, Germany — atg Luther & Maelzer GmbH, in cooperation with the Capital Equipment Group (CEG) of Everett Charles Technologies, launched the LM800 Picomat universal grid tester for bare boards. LM800 Picomat is an octal density (35 mil) universal grid tester for high-technology PCBs.

Call for Papers: APEX 2009

(June 2, 2008) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries invites researchers, academics, technical experts, and other industry leaders to submit abstracts for the 2009 IPC APEX EXPO, to be held in Las Vegas, March 29 through April 2, 2009.

EFD Debuts Vacuum Pickup for Manual Assembly

(June 2, 2008) EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. — EFD, a business of Nordson Corporation, released the ProcessMate PM100 vacuum pickup system to safely lift and position small or delicate parts in benchtop assembly processes.

Balver Zinn Offers Cobar Lineup in Germany

(May 30, 2008) BREDA, Holland — Cobar solder paste, fluxes, other soldering chemicals, as well as technical support, are now available directly through the Balve, Germany, installation of its parent company, Josef Jost GmbH & Co.KG (Balver Zinn), in addition to Cobar Europe's existing distribution network.

IPTE Debuts In-line Test Handler

(May 30, 2008) GENK, Belgium — IPTE added to its multifunctional test handler line, introducing the Multi Test Handler for parallel operation for test or flash programming. The system offers reportedly flexible automation settings to integrate with existing test equipment at line rates.

SMTA Chooses San Diego, CA to Host SMTAI 2009

The SMTA has announced that the highly respected SMTA International Conference and Exhibition will be held in San Diego, CA, October 4-8, 2009. The SMTA Board of Directors felt that to meet the needs of all members it was important to periodically have a presence on the West Coast.

Endicott Interconnect Technologies Hosts IPC Technology Interchange Event

Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. (EI) hosted an IPC sponsored event entitled, "Will You Be Ready?: An Endicott Technology Interchange," on Wednesday, May 14, 2008.

SMTAI Hits Both U.S. Coasts

(May 29, 2008) MINNEAPOLIS — The SMTA will bring its SMTA International Conference and Exhibition (SMTAI) to San Diego, Calif., October 4–8, in 2009, moving from the 2008 Orlando location. The plan for the immediate future will be to alternate SMTAI between the East and West Coasts.

JTAG Releases ICT-integration Module

(May 29, 2008) EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands — JTAG Technologies, an Aeroflex technology partner, launched the JT 2147/AGP boundary-scan interface for use with Aeroflex high-performance in-circuit test (ICT) platforms.

Connectronics Romania Expands, Opens New Plant

Connectronics Romania, a part of the Belgian Connect Systems Group, has opened a new production plant in Oradea. The new plant can accommodate more than 1,000 employees.

MSI Reportedly Considering Sale of OEM Motherboard Business to Flextronics

Micro-Star International (MSI) is reportedly considering the sale of its motherboard manufacturing business to Flextronics, while keeping its brand motherboard business.

April Book-to-Bill Continues Positive Track

(May 27, 2008) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC's combined (rigid and flex) industry book-to-bill ratio reached 1.01 in April 2008, representing a steady positive in 2008, which began in January with a 0.97 book-to-bill ratio. The book-to-bill numbers are holding steady at a higher level than 2007, confirmed Denny McGuirk, IPC president.

NEPCON Tradeshows Begin in Vietnam

(May 27, 2008) BANGKOK, Thailand — In early May, Reed Tradex, a member of Reed Exhibitions, opened the first NEPCON event in Vietnam, joining the series of NEPCON events in Asia. NEPCON Vietnam is purported to be the country's only electronics manufacturing technology trade exhibition and conference.

Mara Technologies Increases Capacity, Adds Assembleon Machines

Electronics manufacturing solutions provider, Mara Technologies Inc., has bought four additional Assembleon pick-and-place machines as a base for its latest expansion.

Datapaq Data Logger Boasts 12 Channels

(May 23, 2008) CAMBRIDGE, U.K. — Datapaq's Q18 data logger provides 12 channels in a narrow footprint. It is said to use robust standard thermocouple (TC) connectors, for maximum ease of use and minimum cost of ownership for users.

DEK Upgrades Horizon Family

(May 23, 2008) WEYMOUTH, U.K. — DEK released a host of performance and productivity improvements across its entire Horizon product line. Upgrades affect accuracy, verification, and productivity, according to the company.

EMRISE Receives Harsh-environment Contract

(May 22, 2008) RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. — EMRISE CORPORATION received a $700,000 follow-on production order for electronic subassemblies from an existing international customer for use in a harsh-environment offshore drilling application.

Nordson Corporation's 2Q Sales Grow 22% to $294 Million

"Nordson again experienced volume growth in every region where we operate. The largest increases came in Asia Pacific, the U.S. and Europe, where our strong local positions enable us to provide customers with leading technological solutions and unsurpassed support," continued Campbell.

ACE Debuts Nitrogen Peel-Off Jet

(May 21, 2008) SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — ACE Production Technologies Inc. introduced a nitrogen peel-off jet that can improve fine-pitch selective soldering results. It is said to mitigate wettability and bridging issues that occur with lead-free solders in wave and selective soldering systems.

PartnerTech: Contract Manufacturers Free Up Energy and Capital for Medical Device Companies

Medical device companies often want to focus on the development, sale and marketing of new applications. To revitalize this process, while ensuring that capital is not tied up unnecessarily, the companies may outsource production to contract manufacturers like PartnerTech.

Zetex Launches Bipolar Gate Drivers

(May 20, 2008) HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. — Zetex Semiconductors released the ZXGD3000 series of bipolar gate drivers, a lower-cost device that is designed for faster charging and discharging of gate capacitances than gate driver ICs.

Indium Promotes Santhanasamy

(May 20, 2008) CLINTON, N.Y. — Indium Corporation promoted Damian Santhanasamy to senior technical engineer. Based in Johor, Malaysia, Santhanasamy provides technical support to target accounts in Malaysia and Thailand.

Laird Nabs GM Award

(May 20, 2008) ST. LOUIS — Laird Technologies Inc. received the General Motors 2007 "Supplier of the Year" award for its significant contributions to GM's global product and performance achievements. The 16th annual award, themed the "Best of the Best," was presented during ceremonies in Jacksonville, Fla.

2008 Sees UMDs Rising

(May 20, 2008) SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Ultra mobile devices (UMDs) will grow by 72.6% in 2008, encompassing ultra mobile PCs, mobile Internet devices, a percentage of high-end smartphones, and a percentage of high-end personal media players (PMPs). The technology sector is growing as other areas, such as desktop PCs, slow in the face of macro-economic downturns, reports In-Stat.

Ovation Appoints MacRaild President

(May 20, 2008) BETHLEHEM, Pa. — Ovation Products added Neil MacRaild to the company as president. He will lead Ovation in product line expansion and growing its sales channels and global presence.

IPC Initiates Scientific Dialogue on Proposed RoHS Expansion

IPC is urging all technical experts from member companies, and other stakeholders in the electronics industry, to participate in a special meeting June 18, 2008, in Brussels to discuss concerns about RoHS expansion.

Global Innovation Selects Cimnet ERP

(May 19, 2008) INDIANAPOLIS — EMS provider for high-end commercial and military OEMs Global Innovation Corp. chose Cimnet Systems to provide ERP solutions to optimize its engineering operations.

IPC Counters RoHS Expansion Discussion

(May 19, 2008) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC sent a call for all technical experts in the electronics industry to participate in a special meeting on June 18, 2008, in Brussels to discuss their concerns about a proposed RoHS expansion. Plans call for representatives of the European Commission to attend.

Asymtek Launches Spectrum S-822 Dual-Shuttle Dispenser

(May 19, 2008) CARLSBAD, Calif. — Asymtek, a Nordson company, introduced the Spectrum S-822 dispensing system with dual-shuttle stages to increase the productivity achieved in CSP underfill and other advanced electronics applications. The S-822 is a stand-alone system with controlled precision dispensing capabilities.

LaBarge's Tulsa Electronic Manufacturing Facility Generating Strong Sales

Ron Falk, general manager of LaBarge Inc. in Tulsa, has been in the electronic manufacturing services industry for 27 years and said their recent growth has been amazing, and running the opposite direction from most of the industry.

Zoiss Keynotes SMTA Harsh Environments Workshop

(May 16, 2008) MINNEAPOLIS — Edward J. Zoiss, director of R&D for Harris' Government Communications Systems and the Defense Communications and Electronics organizations will keynote the AIMS workshop, August 18 and 19 in Orlando.

EoPlex Expands for Antenna Manufacture

(May 16, 2008) Redwood City, Calif. — EoPlex Technologies disclosed $4 million additional funding to build its first full-scale production plant for the manufacture of advanced cell phone antennas. The investment brings the total for EoPlex's C-round to $12 million.

Ten Minutes After

The IPC Printed Circuits Expo, APEX and the Designers Summit 2008 had barely opened on its first day before Charlie Capers became the unofficial first purchaser of the week. Find out what Trilogy Circuits purchased, why they purchased it and how small businesses approach spending at a trade show.

KIC Trying New Sales Approach

Freddie Chan, KIC International Sales, Inc.'s Vice President, Asia Operations, explains how his company is employing a new strategy for placing thermal profilers in reflow ovens. The company provides data that allows buyers to decide whether the price they are paying for a new oven is actually worth it according to the data procured.

Chinese Domestic Equipment Copies Can't Replace High End

The second floor of Nepcon China's main hall contains lower priced equipment, everything from pick-and-place and reflow ovens to AOI and screen printers. One printer even reportedly cost $2,500. Is this a threat to companies like Speedline? Not so, says Asia Vice President Kho Lik Wai. He explains that though these products are improving, they cannot compete for higher-end, higher volume customers.

Tyco Electronics Sells RF Unit

(May 13, 2008) PEMBROKE, Bermuda — Tyco Electronics Ltd. entered into a definitive agreement to sell its radio frequency (RF) components and subsystem business to Cobham Defense Electronic Systems, a subsidiary of Cobham plc, for $425 million in cash.

1-Source, ChipChecker Offer Anti-Counterfeit Service

(May 13, 2008) HONG KONG — Under a mutual interest in mitigating the growing problem of counterfeit and defective parts, 1-Source and ChipChecker teamed up to provide a suite of material management services for wholesale buyers of electronic components, the L-15 inspection and third-party testing service.

Competing in a Crowded X-Ray Inspection Field

Less than a year after its acquisition by Nordson, YESTech introduced a new 3-D x-ray inspection system. X-ray inspection is becoming more popular as both a test protocol and among inspection suppliers. YESTech President Don Miller offers his insights into the marketplace, why x-ray inspection is becoming easier to accept among contract manufacturers and how key differentiators separate vendors.

Nihon Superior Singapore Celebrates 20 Years

(May 12, 2008) OSAKA, Japan — Nihon Superior Co. Ltd. will celebrate subsidiary Nihon Superior Trading (S) Pte. Ltd.'s 20th year of business, marking the occasion on May 24 in Singapore.

Sumitomo Creates Fine-pitch COF Process

(May 12, 2008) TOKYO — Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. (SMM) is preparing for full-scale production of chip-on-film (COF) boards made using a new method that can accommodate a wiring pitch as narrow as 20 µm. The decision to boost production capacity in COF aims to respond to today's increasingly higher-definition LCD televisions, SMM reports.

PROMATION Upgrades Buffer Software

(May 12, 2008) PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. — PROMATION Inc. released an enhanced software interface for its SCBL-77 vertical buffer system with last-in/first-out and first-in/first-out (LIFO/FIFO) capabilities.

An Innovative Approach to Thermal Profiling

A new thermal profiler, ECD's Mega M.O.L.E. 20, promises to optimize reflow oven profiling for engineers while making life very simple for operators. While selling higher technology solutions in China has been difficult due to the focus on cost, ECD Vice President of Sales & Marketing Grant Peterson believes current market conditions will help his company's cause.

Xtreme Beats the Heat

Brian Toleno, Director Technical Service for Henkel Corporation, discusses the company's PowerstrateXtreme dispensable (PSX-D) thermal interface material--an IPC Innovative Technology Center winner--other company offerings and the IPC Printed Circuits Expo, APEX and the Designers Summit's move to Vegas.

ZESTRON Expands Asia/Pacific Staff

(May 9, 2008) MANASSAS, Va. — ZESTRON added to its sales and technical support organization in the Asia/Pacific, hiring Tiow Ping Sim as South Asia sales manager.

Indium Expands Pacific Sales

(May 9, 2008) CLINTON, N.Y. — Indium Corporation added Sherwin Kobak as regional sales manager in the Pacific region. Sherwin, based in Portland, Ore., is responsible for the sales growth of Indium's soldering products throughout northern Calif., Ore., Wash., Idaho, British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

Kyzen Presenting Globally

(May 9, 2008) NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Kyzen Corporation will present research information and exhibit cleaning products at shows around the U.S. and internationally, including Sweden and Canada, in May 2008. Charles Pitarys and Mike Bixenman will give talks as Kyzen representatives.

VJ Electronix Hosts Open House, SMTA Forum

(May 8, 2008) LITTLETON, Mass. — VJ Electronix will open its doors for an open house, coinciding with a technical presentation on advancements in BGA rework and X-ray inspection. The event is scheduled for 5:30 to 9 PM, Tuesday, May 20, 2008.

High-Mix U.S. EMS Chinese Subsidiary Facing Changing Market

Circuit Service Inc.'s China subsidiary, Changzhou CSI, is facing several challenges in a toughening Chinese market. Senior Manufacturing Engineer Michael Serio, a Changzhou resident, offers his opinions on the pace of business in China and the "marriage" of two vastly different cultures on the Nepcon show floor.

Samsung Techwin, Valor Partner

(May 6, 2008) YAVNE, Israel — Samsung Techwin and Valor Computerized Systems Ltd. established a technology partnership for integration of Samsung Techwin's pick-and-place machine interfaces into Valor's software products.

Live EDGE 2008 Launches With Tree Ceremony

(May 6, 2008) CHICAGO — Premier Farnell plc and its companies Newark, Farnell, Premier Electronics, CPC, Farnell-Newark, and MCM launched its international competition Live EDGE — Electronic Design for the Global Environment, now in its second year. This year's competition includes a full-time student category, as well as open field.

Jisso North America Coming to Atlanta

What is Jisso and why is it important to our industry? Technical Editor Bob Neves interviews Denny Fritz, Energy Consultant for MacDermid, about Jisso North America, scheduled for this month in Atlanta, GA. Task Groups are to discuss coordination of roadmaps, standardization of technology, the status of embedded components and optoelectronics and sensible environmental regulations.

Essemtec Provides LED-on-Flex Line

(May 5, 2008) AESCH, Switzerland — Essemtec launched a batch manufacturing solution for customers producing sensor strips on flex PCBs with LED components. Pick-and-place LEDs and UV curing of the adhesive occur on a FLX2010-based module.

Nordson Intros UV Cure Products at RadTech

(May 5, 2008) WESTLAKE, Ohio — Nordson Corporation is debuting several UV curing technologies at RadTech UV/EB. They include low- and high-power systems, cooler operation and environmental safeguards, and technology to protect heat-sensitive substrates.

Flextronics Shares Investigational Findings on PoP and Large Format Assembly

Jenson Lee, Staff Engineer with Flextronics, delivered two papers at the SMTA China East Conference, held in conjunction with Nepcon China 2008. His first paper dealt with package-on-package as it relates to the hand-held and mobile devices market, the other with large format assembly--a process still in its infancy in China.

Corelis/EWA Name President and CEO

(May 2, 2008) CERRITOS, Calif. and HERNDON, Va. — George B. La Fever will take the helm as Corelis president and CEO, finalizing the transition of Corelis Inc. into EWA Technologies Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the EWA corporate family of high-technology companies.

TFI Upgrades ODM Forecast, Lowers EMS

(May 2, 2008) ALAMEDA, Calif. — Technology Forecasters Inc. (TFI) issued a mid-year update to its five-year growth predictions for electronics manufacturing, with the actual 2007 data replacing estimates. TFI revised downward the forecasts for total available market (TAM) and EMS sector growth, and revised upward the forecast for ODM sector growth.

SMTAI Program Boasts 100 Tech Papers

(May 2, 2008) MINNEAPOLIS — The SMTA announced the program for its 21st annual SMTA International (SMTAI) conference, August 17–21 in Orlando, Fla. This year's program allows the attendee to choose from 24 courses, 100 technical papers, four focused symposia, and numerous free offerings throughout the conference.

NPL's New Approach Predicts Lead-Free Solder Joints Lifetime

NPL has developed a new approach to the gathering of materials data necessary for FEA modelling of lifetime prediction for new lead-free solder joints.

Blending Eastern and Western Engineering for New Product Development

Chris Harvey, Electrolube's Technical Sales Manager, Far East Asia Export, reveals to Steve Gold how his company takes a different approach to R&D globally. Find out how the company blends Western creativity with Eastern market demands and engineering talent.

TRUMPF Opens New Laser Factory in Connecticut

(May 1, 2008) FARMINGTON, Conn. — TRUMPF Inc. opened its new laser building, the Laser Innovation & Technical Excellence (LITE) Building, for research and manufacturing of new lasers and expanding production of laser resonators.

IPC, Jisso Sponsor Advanced Interconnect Seminar

(May 1, 2008) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC — and the Jisso International Council (JIC) are sponsoring a technical seminar, "Implementing Advanced Interconnect Technology Solutions," May 21–22, 2008, in Atlanta. Hosted by Georgia Institute of Technology, the event will provide information on the latest trends in interconnection technologies, led by speakers from JIC and the industry.

Lite-On Transfers Displays to Wistron

(May 1, 2008) TAIPEI, Taiwan — Lite-On Technology's Board of Directors approved the transfer of its digital display business to Wistron for around NT$9.2 billion. The transaction mostly involves the transfer of sales, assets, liabilities, inventory, equipment, IP, long-term investment, accrued warranty, and personnel.

Embedded ESD Technology Partnership Ready to Ramp Up

Steve Gold sits down with Lex Kosowski, President and CEO of Shocking Technologies; Robert Carter, Senior Marketing Manager with Oak-Mitsui Technologies; and George Dudnikov, Senior Vice President of Sanmina-SCI to discuss their quest to commercialize a new technology that embeds ESD protection into printed circuit boards.

Walking the Walk with Lean Manufacturing

Steve Williams, the Printed Circuit Board Commodity Manager for Plexus Corporation, gives some insights into lean manufacture, why it is important and how he sees it implemented (or not) among his suppliers.

Living in a Lead-Free World

Phil Zarrow and Jim Hall of ITM Consultants speak with Steve Gold about the courses they taught at APEX--including a new course that addressed what OEMs wanting leaded assemblies must watch out for in an increasingly lead-free electronics manufacturing world.

Essemtec Forms JV with Reprint

(April 29, 2008) AESCH, Switzerland — Essemprint (UK) Ltd., a joint venture of Essemtec and Reprint, will take over product rights for the SP900/Spectrum lines. The company targets functionality improvements and cost reductions in printing systems.

Unimicron Expands Taiwan Capacity

(April 29, 2008) TAIPEI, Taiwan — Unimicron Technology Corp. will spend approximately NT$4 billion ($131.6 million U.S.) on expanding its Taiwan PCB fabrication plant's capacity, according to the China Economic News Service (CENS). Unimicron cited environmental and tax laws in China as pressures undermining expansion on the mainland.

ASSET Develops Tools Ahead of IJTAG Standard

(April 29, 2008) RICHARDSON, Texas — Anticipating ratification of a final internal JTAG (IJTAG) standard, ASSET InterTech Inc. is developing and will bring to market open embedded instrumentation tools based on the preliminary IEEE standard, P1687 IJTAG.

Laird Opens India Production

(April 29, 2008) CHENNAI, India — Laird Technologies Inc. opened its first manufacturing facility in India with a dedication ceremony. U.S.-based Laird, a unit of the U.K.-based Laird Group PLC, employs over 14,000 employees in more than 40 facilities located in 14 countries. The Chennai facility will host 1,000 to 1,200 employees.

Straight Shots from a Solder Soldier

Indium Senior Technologist Dr. Ronald Lasky offers his candid opinions on key solder issues. Find out what Dr. Lasky thinks about lead-free solder reliability, the need for a SAC 305 replacement, and why halogen-free might become the biggest industry issue of 2008.

ACE Develops Lead Tinning System

(April 28, 2008) SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — ACE Production Technologies Inc. introduced the LTS200 lead tinning system, which converts components from tin/lead to lead-free, or vice versa, for high-reliability or RoHS-compliant products.

March Book-to-Bill Returns to Parity

(April 25, 2008) BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — IPC announced that March findings from its monthly North American PCB Statistical Program showed the book-to-bill climbing back to parity at 1.00. Shipments and bookings are up roughly 10% from March of last year.

EMS Splits from Scanfil

(April 25, 2008) SIEVI, Finland — Following similar moves by other EMS companies Nam Tai, BenQ, and Elcoteq, the board of directors at Scanfil will carry out a split of the contract manufacturer's business, with its electronics contract manufacturing business becoming a wholly owned sub-concern, Scanfil EMS Oy.

Misumi Intros Engineering Blog

(April 24, 2008) SCHAUMBURG, Ill. — Misumi USA, Inc. launched an engineering blog on its Website, The blog focuses on the latest mechanical component trends for assembly automation.

Hankuk Valence to Distribute Valor

(April 24, 2008) SHENZHEN, China — Valor Computerized Systems Ltd. appointed Hankuk Valence, a Korea-based electronics manufacturing solutions provider, to distributed its process engineering and manufacturing monitoring and control platforms in Korea.

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