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February 2014


SMT Assembly, Part 1: It might be a short month, but we’re not short on features—contributed by leading industry experts from Shea Engineering Services, Nordson ASYMTEK, DEK, and Universal Instruments Corp.

June 2013


This month, SMT Magazine features articles by industry experts on high-reliability issues facing a range of sectors: mil/aero, medical, counterfeit components, and more!

November 2015

THE DATA FACTOR(Y): Looking at the Industrial Internet

This month we explore how the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), data, and  analytics can help electronics assemblers take their manufacturing processes to the next level.

April 2014

Assembly III

In Part 3 of our assembly process series, SMT Magazine uncovers what happens after the soldering process in an issue devoted to cleaning and coating. 

May 2013

SMT Assembly Processes Part II

SMT Assembly Processes Part II: The Soldering Technology Edition. This is the 2nd part of our two-part series on assembly processes.

December 2015

Making the Connection: Associations

The spotlight this month is on industry associations, their goals, pivotal roles in technology advancements in EMS and SMT industries, and how they are helping their members on their journey to manufacturing success.

May 2014

Test & Inspection

Be it X-rays, drop shock performance or tweaking test fixtures to meet today's needs, we've got it covered in this issue...

April 2013

SMT Assembly Processes Part I: Stencil Printing

SMT Assembly Processes Part I: Stencil Printing. This is the first part of our two-part series on assembly processes.

January 2016

Medical Electronics

We examined the medical market to learn what impact it has on the electronics industry and where it might be in five years. This issue also covers key trends driving medical electronics and the challenges and opportunities in the industry.

June 2014

Thermal Management

SMT Magazine turns up the heat this month with features focused on thermal management from AT&S, Dow Corning and Heraeus Precious Metals.

March 2013

Legislation and Environmental Issues

Our March issue includes several articles on the subject of Legislation and Environmental issues.

February 2016

What's New?

This issue of SMT Magazine features the latest technology and process developments happening in the SMT, PCB assembly and EMS industries, and what to expect in the future.

July 2014

Tin Whiskers

This month, our resident SMT experts take on the phenomenon of tin whisker, from a comprehensive breakdown of its formation to risk management. Don’t miss this issue!

February 2013

Coating and Cleaning

Coating and Cleaning are the two focuses in this month's edition of SMT. Learn how to make good decisions in this issue.

March 2016

Strategies for Increasing Profit

The March issue features strategies for building the highest yield on the lowest cost possible to provide the greatest value to your customers.

August 2014

Printed Electronics Assembly

Printed electronic circuits have been in development for years, but PEC has only recently achieved commercial acceptance. And most technologists have more questions than answers about PEC.

January 2013


The January issue contains an interesting mix of feature articles chosen to help you manage your business.

April 2016

Process Engineering

This month, SMT Magazine features strategies for improving process engineering to achieve an efficient, reliable, and reproducible assembly and manufacturing processes.

September 2014


This month, a few of our feature contributors examine the impact of automation on PCB assembly, from quality concerns to cost savings, while others take on the role of robots. Don’t miss this comprehensive coverage of automation for PCB assembly.

January 2015

Structural Electronics and 3D Printing

It’s a new year, and we’re celebrating by focusing on a new, up-and-coming technology that could have a real effect on our industry: structural electronics.

May 2016

Reducing Handling Errors

This month, SMT Magazine features strategies to help reduce handling errors and improve efficiencies in your assembly lines.

October 2014

Alternatives to Soldering

This month, experts from Lockheed Martin and Verdant Electronics present their perspective on cutting-edge alternatives to soldering. Other contributors include CML EurAsia and Jabil Circuits.

February 2015

Tin Whiskers

This month, SMT Magazine is jam-packed with feature contributors who take on those pesky tin whiskers, with articles from our expert contributors.

November 2014

Rework & Repair

This month, experts from OK International / Metcal, Ersa GmbH, and BEST Inc. weigh in on rework & repair topics ranging from challenges for mobile devices to new technology for rework systems and more!

March 2015

Thermal Management

Industry experts from Indium, Mentor Graphics, and Alpha Circuit are on hand this month to guide us through issues related to thermal management, including latest trends, alternative approaches and streamlining PCB thermal design. 

December 2014

Outlook for 2015

Our year-end issue takes a look forward to 2015, with features from Mentor Graphics, Sanmina, Alpha Circuit and IMI, that discuss the supply chain, SMT advancements and more. 

April 2015

Soldering Technologies

This month, experts from Indium, Inventec, Vitronics, Micronic Mydata and BEST Inc. weigh in on soldering technologies and solutions, from reliability issues to position accuracy machines and alternatives to polyimide tape, and more!

October 2013

Lead-Free Developments

Lead-free Developments: It’s been over seven years since RoHS became the law of the land in Europe but many OEMs & EMS companies still find themselves facing increasing challenges related to lead-free processes.

May 2015

Paste Printing & Component Placement

This month, experts from Flextronics, Ericsson AB, MTEK Consulting AB, and Speedline Technologies contribute to our features focusing on paste printing and component placement. 

November 2013

Rework, Modification & Repair

No one likes to repair packages. Rework & repair of advanced packages is becoming increasingly complex, not to mention costly. Explore how to repair large area and column grid array assemblies. 

June 2015

Test & Inspection

This month, feature contributors from Keysight Technologies, XJTAG, Göpel and Sonoscan shed light on the trends and challenges of test and inspection.

December 2013

Our Columnists Speak

At the end of each year, our contributors look back at the year that was, and make predictions about the upcoming 12 months.

July 2015

Supply Chain Management

This month, SMT Magazine tackles the supply chain—from various approaches to making it work for you, to what history has shown about its many iterations, and how some suppliers are setting the bar very high for the future of supply chain management.

September 2013

Test & Measurement

This issue features Julie Silk's article "Brittle Failure in Pb-free BGA Solder Joints"

August 2015

The War on Process Failure

This month, we take on those pesky process failures—from soldering defects and device cleanliness, to challenges of mission-critical product and the link between head-in-pillow defects and warpage. 

January 2014


It’s all about reliability this month, with features from Trace Labs, Nihon Superior, Cisco BFK Solutions, Steve Williams, and more!

August 2013

High Density Packaging

With packages becoming denser all the time, how does this affect the PCB assembly process? In this issue, our expert contributors explain the ins and outs of high-density packaging.

September 2015

Cars: The Driving Force in the Electronics Industry

In the "Cars" issue of SMT Magazine we highlight the latest technological advances in automotive electronics and illustrate how this sector is driving the electronics assembly, testing and inspection industries.

March 2014

Assembly II

In Part 2 of our assembly process series, we help make the connections! This month, solders, soldering & solderless technology are the focus, with features from Flextronics, the Aerospace Corp., and an IPC APEX EXPO preview!

July 2013

Thermal Management

The July issue of SMT Magazine is hot! Hot! HOT!

October 2015

Cycle Time Reduction

In this issue, we offer strategies and technologies that will help electronics assemblers reduce cycle times in their processes to improve their efficiencies and increase their productivity.

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