Sparton Navigation and Exploration Launches Next Generation AHRS with the AHRS-M2

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Sparton Navigation and Exploration, a business unit of Sparton Corporation, announced the release of the revolutionary AHRS-M2. The AHRS-M2 is a next generation Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) that delivers industry leading heading accuracy. The AHRS-M2 is a fully temperature compensated, micro-sized, light weight, low power AHRS product with a revolutionary built-in adaptive-calibration mode.

Sparton AdaptCalTM utilizes a proprietary calibration algorithm that provides continuous, automatic, 3D adaptive in-field calibration with hard and soft magnetic interference compensation. Instead of requiring the traditional, and complex, “12-point” calibration, the AHRS-M2 learns while in use, continuously calibrating the platform’s magnetic properties.

The AHRS-M2 is ideal for SWaP-C requirements as it weighs 7 grams in a small form factor and has a low power consumption of 60 mW and using only 16 mW in Sleep Mode.

Also new with the AHRS-M2 are the state-of-the-art AdaptNav IIITM sensor fusion algorithms that allow the system to provide accurate attitude and heading outputs. This feature includes full 360° tilt compensation in real-time even when subject to highly dynamic operating environments and transient magnetic interference.

“The AHRS-M2 is a game changer,” said Jim Lackemacher, Group Vice President of the Engineered Components and Products Segment. “No other MEMS-based inertial sensor system provides the accuracy and performance in this size and weight. But it’s the adaptive-calibration capability that is truly revolutionary and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this advance in technology.”

Features of AHRS-M2:

  • AdaptCalTM provides continuous, automatic, 3D adaptive in-field calibration with hard and soft magnetic interference compensation
  • Integrated AdaptNav III™ provides real-time noise characterization and active gyro drift compensation for superior heading, pitch, and roll performance in electrically and mechanically noisy environments
  • Static Heading Accuracy, 0.2° RMS
  • Small form factor, weighs 7g
  • Very low power consumption, 60 mW, and Sleep Mode functionality, 16 mW
  • Powerful user programmable sensor customization apps via NorthTek™ Forth interpreter
  • High resolution, low noise magnetometers
  • Advanced sensing technology (tri-axial magnetometers and MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes)
  • Magnetic and True North heading, pitch, and roll measurement
  • Full 360° rollover capability using quaternions or rotation matrix
  • “Figure of Merit” real time heading error indicator
  • In-field calibration point selection and distribution indicator
  • Quality of in-field calibration indicator
  • Centripetal acceleration correction
  • Supports multiple communication protocols

About Sparton Corporation

Sparton Corporation, now in its 117th year, is a provider of complex and sophisticated electromechanical devices with capabilities that include concept development, industrial design, design and manufacturing engineering, production, distribution, field service, and refurbishment. The primary markets served are Medical & Biotechnology, Military & Aerospace, and Industrial & Commercial. Headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, Sparton currently has thirteen manufacturing locations and engineering design centers worldwide. 



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