Precision Graphics Finds Precision, Efficiency with NOVAtime Solution

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NOVAtime Technology, Inc. has streamlined time tracking, leave requests, and payroll for Precision Graphics Inc. with the NOVAtime 5000 SaaS solution and NT7000II smart clock with barcode scanner.

Precision Graphics Inc. is a premier electronic manufacturing solutions provider with over 45 years of experience in design, layout, and manufacturing of printed circuit board assemblies. Located in central New Jersey, in the heartland of the NY-NJ-PA business corridor, Precision Graphics keeps values of family-oriented, American-made quality to deliver products that meet and exceed expectations.

Prior to utilizing NOVAtime, Precision Graphics was using a time and attendance system that distanced managers from the workforce management process—timesheets would go directly from the employee to the Office Manager, and thus managers had no visibility into their employees’ time. Additionally, time off requests were submitted on paper and payroll was a manual, non-integrated process. This all changed once Precision Graphics implemented the NOVAtime workforce management / time and attendance solution.

Employee punches, now entered through the NT7000II smart time clock with barcode scanner, are tracked via NOVAtime’s web-based SaaS solution. Automated workflow routes timesheets from the employee to the manager and finally to the payroll administrator. This has resulted in a shift in company culture; managers have more input into their employees’ time and better insight for decision making. Susan Allan, Human Resources Manager at Precision Graphics, says, “Managers can accurately track employee time and view employees’ time off. Managers are empowered—they can look out for discrepancies, pay attention to overtime, generate reports, and then, if needed, work with employees to better align with company policies.”

Employees have also seen benefits of the system. They are now able to view their accrual balances and history, including earnings and usage, without having to contact their manager or human resources. Employee can also easily request time off directly through the system workflow.

One of the greatest advantages is that NOVAtime presents a fully integrated solution with Precision Graphics’ Ascentis payroll solution. Ms. Allan states, “NOVAtime has markedly cut payroll processing time. You just upload the report and the time is there.” NOVAtime is an Ascentis company and the system integrates with Ascentis HR and Payroll to present a true all-in-one HCM experience.

NOVAtime delivers outstanding service and an innovative solution that streamlines the entire time collection, leave request, and payroll process. Allan concludes, “What better way to bring Precision Graphics into the 21st century than with NOVAtime and Ascentis?”



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