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2020's First Tech-Tuesday Webinars begin with "A Beginner's Guide to Cleaning Circuit Assemblies." The need to remove potentially harmful residues from circuit assemblies has grown in recent years. Many assemblers find themselves investigating new cleaning processes. While some assemblers recall cleaning from several decades ago, others have never experienced the need to clean. This non-commercial webinar will present the current best-practice strategies and methods to eliminate the increasing failure-induced electrochemical migration (ECM) events by removing the residues that produce ECM.

Several topics will be discussed including:

  • Evaluating the need for a cleaning strategy
  • Conventional cleaning best-practices
  • The cost of cleaning
  • Mitigating the environmental impact of cleaning (How to solve one problem without creating another)
  • How clean is clean enough?
  • How to evaluate cleaning processes. What's right for you?

All attendees will receive Mike's book "The Reasons for Cleaning."

This webinar is free but registration space is limited. Reserve your "seat" at the webinar now to guarantee availability.

Webinar Date and Time:

Tuesday, February 25 8:00 AM (PST)

Register for the webinar here:

This webinar will last about one hour. During the webinar, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with each other.



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