Peters Partners to Develop University Professors

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Peters, coatings supplier for electronics, is becoming a cooperating partner for the young academics programme initiated by the Wissenschaftsministerium NRW (Ministry of Sciences, North Rhine-Westfalia) which assists with the entry into a university professorship. In this project young scientists perform teaching activities such as lectures and seminars at the university while also doing practical research together with a cooperation partner of the regional economics.

Dr. Christian Schmitz has done his doctorate at the Duisburg Essen University in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Niederhein on the subject of "Near-Infrared Curing Systems.“ During the next three years he will now commit himself to coating development and statistical test planning at Peters in close cooperation with our Research & Development department. The University's AI based high-throughput machine will also be included into the planning and research activities. This machine is able to produce, apply, cure and test up to 120 coating samples per day, thus considerably optimising and accelerating the development of a coating.

We are looking forward to a constructive and trustful working relationship and welcome Dr. Schmitz!

Picture (from left to right): Prof. Dr. Bernd Strehmel, Professor for Coating Chemistry, Dr. Schmitz' doctor's advisor and mentor within his career programme, Prof. Dr. Hans-Hennig von Grünberg, President University Niederrhein, Ralf Schwartz, Managing Director at Peters and Dr. Christian Schmitz



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