Survey Results: Five Tips to Stay Safe at Work

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Face masks, gloves, arrows on the floor, social distancing, working in shifts, working remotely—our work environment has been vastly altered over the past three months. How has it affected you and the people around you the most? Are you open to these changes or do you find yourself resisting the changes?

In our most recent I-Connect007 survey about the changes to work environment, we asked, “What are the most significant changes you’ve implemented in your business based on the lessons you’ve learned?” Because every business has its own model for success, we expected a variety of answers.

More than half of respondents, though, said their companies have modified their work environment to keep employees safe and able to work most efficiently. It’s not easy, readers told us, but it’s definitely worth it.

The survey's comments provided some of the best insights. Here are the top five changes that respondents said their companies were implementing to keep employees safe at work, edited slightly for clarity:

  1. We practice safe distancing at work, and wear masks for closer contact.
  2. We’re adding shifts to reduce congestion, and non-manufacturing personnel are working from home with adjustments to workflow/tools.
  3. We screen employees daily to be sure they aren’t sick.
  4. We clean work areas and practice better personal hygiene at work.
  5. We keep personal protective equipment available at all times for employees.

We regularly survey industry professionals to help ensure that our content focuses on the issues and challenges that readers face every day. As always, we appreciate your feedback.



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