Patriot American Solutions Purchases Stencil Cleaner from Austin American Technology

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Patriot American Solutions, a leading EMS provider for the commercial, defense, and medical industries, has announced the purchase of an Austin American Technology X30 Stencil Cleaner.

The use of the X30 Stencil Cleaner from AAT can be utilized as a multipurpose cleaner, saving the user both time and money.

“At Patriot, we pride ourselves on having the most cutting edge technology available,” commented Bill O’Connor, President, Patriot American Solutions. “The X30 was an obvious addition to our production floor to bring value to our customers.”

As electronic manufacturing services have dwindled in the U.S., Patriot American Solutions has developed a model aimed at bringing superior service to design companies and original equipment manufacturers. The key to what is being done for Patriot customers is bringing EMS services close to the customers’ markets and design centers. It is a model of continuous learning and investment in people and equipment. It is focused on bringing increasing value to customers with each expenditure by strengthening partnerships that will result in rapid order-to-ship responses, the flexibility to handle small lot sizes, and excellent quality.



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