Kaga Establishes SDGs Committee

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Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd. established the SDGs Committee, effective April 1. This action is intended to extend its response to CSR and ESG beyond the initiatives it has taken to date and promote sustainability throughout the entire group.

The international community is changing as it seeks to create a sustainable society, as evidenced by the adoption of sustainable development goals (SDGs) at the U.N. General Assembly, among other factors. Given this background, plus the fact that ESG investment in companies that proactively work on ESG issues is increasing every year, companies urgently need to address environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors to ensure sustainable growth.

The SDGs Committee is chaired by the president and COO, and comprise each division’s chief officers, among others. Working groups on the environment, society, and governance are set up under this committee to establish guidelines, measures, and objectives for these ESG issues, as well as to monitor progress and perform other functions. This committee is designated as a body under the direct control of the president, along with the group’s Management Meeting and the CSR Promotion Committee. With the commitment of top management, the committee collaborates with the business divisions to expand SDG initiatives on an ongoing basis.

Going forward, Kaga Electronics will continue contributing to the creation of a sustainable society in line with our corporate philosophy of “everything we do is for our customers” by resolving social issues and achieving sustainable growth as an entity on an even higher level through the company’s business.



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