Robots Move Parts to the Right Places in Scanfil’s Factories

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Roughly two years ago, Scanfil started a programme called SMART. The aim of the programme is to improve Scanfil’s competitiveness significantly through automation and the use of data.

One of the biggest successes has been the introduction of Automated Intelligent Vehicles (AIV), which move right parts to right places in Scanfil factories and makes our internal logistics processes more efficient. With the AIV’s we have been able to reduce the non-value-added tasks from our employees to enable them to focus on more demanding tasks. We have standardised the logistics process and material movement routes inside the factories by leveraging the technology’s possibilities for layout optimisation.

As an example, we have AIV’s running tasks from our semi-automated material incoming registration process to our dynamic warehouse locations. We are utilising intelligent software solutions for picking to the production lines from the warehouse locations, and again, after the manufacturing process, AIV’s are transferring the goods to the next process phases.

The use of AIVs is a part of a five-year programme (2019 – 2024) and one of ten solutions now in the implementation phase. The vision is to create a network of connected factories which are transparent and optimised and in their supply chain and operations.



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