Martin Strempel Joins iTAC as Business Development Manager Data Analytics

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Martin Strempel is the new Business Development Manager Data Analytics at iTAC Software AG. Previously, he was responsible for production control at the BMW Plant in Munich and the further development of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). iTAC Software AG offers MES and IIoT solutions for transparent, automated production processes and provides various services for networking, automation and analysis of manufacturing processes. As analytics requirements in the MES environment are becoming more individualized, iTAC is expanding its activities in the analytics division under the leadership of Martin Strempel.

More and more production companies are recording and analyzing their data in order to derive, among other things, predictions and optimizations or new business models. Analytics tools are therefore becoming increasingly important in the MES environment. As an MES specialist, iTAC understands its customers' data in the Manufacturing Execution System and can therefore offer solutions tailored precisely to their needs.

As requirements in this environment are becoming more individualized, iTAC is further expanding its analytics solutions under the leadership of Martin Strempel.

With 15 years of leadership experience, the manager was responsible for the development of forecasting tools at the German Aerospace Center immediately prior to joining iTAC, and before that at the BMW Group, among others. During his time as a group leader at the BMW Group, Martin Strempel was responsible for the complete production control at the plant in Munich. His tasks included the technical management of the plant control center as well as order control, ensuring the quality of order data and the further development of MES solutions. In recent years, Martin Strempel has also focused on applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the production environment.

Generating value with data analytics

"The availability of enormous amounts of data and their precise interpretation means that production decisions can be made on a more informed basis than ever before. Data analytics opens up completely new possibilities for companies to create value. For iTAC, I would particularly like to bring new specific solutions to the market that are even more precisely oriented to the more individualized requirements of our customers," explains Martin Strempel, Business Development Manager Data Analytics at iTAC Software AG. 

Martin Strempel's tasks at iTAC include implementing customer requirements with the iTAC/Dürr analytics tools for streaming and batch analytics and providing pre-sales support to the sales team. In addition, he is responsible for the outsourcing of partner companies and the cooperation with the development team (e.g. introduction of new requirements into the product). Furthermore, his intentions are to develop new marketing and sales targets along with measures to achieve them and manages research projects in connection with the analytics product range.



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