Britta Schulz Interim Member of Management Board at LPKF

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The Supervisory Board of LPKF has appointed Britta Schulz as interim member of the Management Board. The internal solution in place until a new CEO has been appointed underlines the trust that the Supervisory Board has in the strategy pursued by LPKF Management. With Britta Schulz, a true “LPKF veteran” is filling the Management Board post that became vacant on May 1.

The Supervisory Board considers Britta Schulz to be the perfect candidate to best serve the interests of the company and its shareholders and provide CFO Christian Witt with the support he needs until a new CEO is appointed. Britta Schulz comes to the Board position highly motivated and excited. Both Christian Witt and Britta Schulz have commercial/business professional backgrounds. 

“I appreciate the trust placed in me and look forward to an exciting time in a dual function as Head of the business unit DevelopmentQuipment and member of the Management Board,” says Britta Schulz. The manager started her career at LPKF 25 years ago. Since that time, she has garnered a great deal of respect – in the “LPKF family” as well as among customers and suppliers. In 1996, she joined LPKF – already a high-tech company at that time. In various positions, the commercial assistant acquired extensive know-how in circuit board and laser technology and became skilled in entrepreneurial thinking and personnel management. She assumed responsibility for Sales and Marketing in the Development segment in 2004 and has been heading up this business segment with great success since 2010. 

“It’s important for me to support the company with my expertise and to advance it internally and globally. Thanks to my years of experience at LPKF and in the industry, I know which topics and trends are on the agenda, both in the areas of research and production of electronic components and in our Laser Plastic Welding and Photovoltaics business units. I know the processes at our company and at customer and supplier companies as well as our global sales organizations.”

For Britta Schulz, there is no question as to how she can combine the two task areas as head of a business segment and member of the Management Board in a personal union: “Organizationally, we will ensure that despite my dual role during this time, all processes will continue running optimally and all decision paths will be as short as they usually are. That is a big challenge for everyone, but it will work because I have an outstanding team that I can always rely on completely.”



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