MIRTEC, Optel Software Implement Full AOI-MES CFX Integration at VIRTEX

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IPC's Connected Factory Exchange (CFX) standard defines communication between processes and devices for Industry 4.0. MIRTEC and Optel Software worked together to develop a CFX based interface between MIRTEC’s AOI machines and Optel Software’s MES system. The goal was to implement full AOI process control at test it at their mutual customer site, VIRTEX plant in Dallas, TX. The resulting CFX interface is vendor independent and will allow MIRTEC to interface with other MES systems, and Optel Software to interface with other AOI machines, with no changes.

Brad Heath, CEO of VIRTEX, explained his company’s objectives: “Optel and MIRTEC have been long time partners with VIRTEX.  We wanted the ability to control our production routing at the AOI operation using IPC’s CFX protocol thereby allowing us to validate all process parameters and capture detailed inspection results for our production reports. Since most of our customers have extremely high-reliability applications, we wanted Optel’s MES to prevent any defective serial numbers from advancing through the production routing until the defect has been resolved. MIRTEC and Optel Software completely met our requirements.” 

“In the most simplistic of terms, Industry 4.0 is a trend toward automation and data exchange within the manufacturing process”, stated Brian D’Amico, President of MIRTEC’s North American Sales and Service Division. “Test and Inspection is an integral part of a Digitally-Connected Smart Factory in that these systems are specifically designed to collect actionable data that may be used to reduce defects and maximize efficiency within the manufacturing process.  The challenge is to collect data from each machine within the manufacturing line and make that data available to the rest of the equipment within the line.  CFX is an ideal solution that can effectively eliminate M2M connectivity issues that have plagued the industry thus far.  It has been a pleasure working with both Optel and VIRTEX personnel on this CFX integration project.  We look forward to our mutual success moving forward.”



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