Bestronics to Manufacture PATHION's Energy Storage Systems

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PATHION Inc. has selected Bestronics as its lead manufacturer for high performance, safe, and reliable energy storage systems (ESS) under the name "PATHION Power". The product lineup features modular storage platforms with integrated advanced lithium-ion batteries. Its highly sophisticated internal controls optimize cell life and provide for safety via advanced mechanical and electrical design.

"We are excited to team up with Bestronics, a local Silicon Valley manufacturer. Its unique, collaborative business model provides full service manufacturing facilities in launching PATHION Power ESS products," said PATHION Chairman and CEO Mike Liddle. "This industry-leading manufacturing company provides services and the expertise to address the enormous potential in the rapidly growing stationary energy storage market. We are particularly impressed with Bestronics' experience and engineering expertise in power and related systems. Better yet, these products will be made in America."

"We are very pleased to partner with PATHION in the development of their game changing energy storage systems," said Ron Menigoz, EVP and Chief Technology Officer of Bestronics. "Our deep process manufacturing experience and ability to scale manufacturing of complex systems from prototype to commercial readiness locally and with a flexible business model offers significant advantages to emerging technology developers. Collaboration and direct access to the myriad of talents available in Silicon Valley are undeniable business accelerators. We strive to offer these advantages to our customers throughout their product’s development and launch cycle. We are very proud to be involved with PATHION as they ramp their unique and powerful energy storage systems to commercial and industrial customers."

PATHION Inc. manufactures, markets, and sells high-performance, safe, and reliable Energy Storage Systems (ESS) under the name "PATHION Power". The product line-up features modular storage platforms with integrated advanced lithium-ion batteries. Its energy storage capacities range from 86 kilowatt-hours in stand-alone systems to over 1 megawatt-hour in containerized units for energy applications extending beyond standard battery back-up to advanced cost savings functions like load leveling, peak shaving, solar firming and frequency regulation.

Unlike other ESS, PATHION Power's patented energy storage operating system (OSE) architecture providing industry-first benefits that include balancing; whereby, each cell is charged to maximum capacity on a dynamic basis – increasing available energy and extending cell life. The system never needs to be taken offline for balancing or requires shutdown to replace expensive banks of cells when one cell fails. PATHION Power's ESS automatically reconfigures around individual problem cells without loss of power and allows the hot-swapping of single cell replacements. In addition, the system allows for the future addition of advanced battery chemistries and applications - enabling a migration path to greater energy capacity and enhanced functionality. The results: fault tolerance with both hardware and software investment protection.

About Bestronics

Bestronics specializes in high-mix, lower-volume manufacturing for high technology companies who require exacting quality with the convenience of local sourcing at a competitive cost. Bestronics offers facilities and trained staff supporting electro-mechanical and system assembly, reliability, precision touch-ups, in-circuit and functional tests, rework and failure analysis, final test, integration and box builds, a wide variety of SMT packaging and new clean room assembly capability. More information regarding Bestronics’ products and services can be found at


PATHION Inc., a privately held Delaware corporation (PATHION) with headquarters in the Silicon Valley and an office in Northville Michigan, is a vertically integrated technology company whose mission is to develop, build and sell safe energetic materials, cells, batteries and intelligent energy storage solutions for commercial, industrial, marine and government customers. PATHION holds the rights to key advanced materials, processes and products including a fire resistant advanced solid state electrolyte. Its unique Energy Storage System (ESS) supported by patented battery management offers the industry a complete solution for energy storage, frequency regulation, peak shaving, load leveling and other power management applications. PATHION Marine’s hybrid energy storage solution delivers the most advanced configuration for vessel propulsion in the maritime industry addressing government, public transportation, patrol and security markets. As a result, PATHION is uniquely positioned to provide critical energy technology for a broad array of products and solutions that change their functional capabilities and their total cost of ownership. For more information please visit



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