Firstronic Honored at PowerPlex 2016

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Firstronic recently won the 2016 Plex Impact Award for Leadership. The award was one of three awards presented annually to honor manufacturers for industry leadership, innovation and transformation. Plex Systems presented the award at PowerPlex 2016, the company's annual customer event, where manufacturing and technology leaders came together to collaborate, learn and celebrate the people and companies that make things.

"Our customers are at the core of Plex's business model and we are proud to work with distinctive organizations that are transforming their businesses and driving innovation using the Plex Manufacturing Cloud," said Jason Blessing, CEO of Plex Systems. "We are excited to present Firstronic, with this year’s Plex Impact Award for leadership and share its achievements with the larger Plex ecosystem."

Firstronic's fast implementation of the Plex ERP system was instrumental in its being selected for the award. Just 90 days after their first go-live on Plex, Firstronic launched and went live at its greenfield facility in Mexico. Firstronic was highlighted as achieving industry leadership by delivering new levels of customer collaboration and responsiveness, while growing both its geographic footprint and its production programs.

"We are honored to receive this year’s Leadership award. Our Plex ERP system has been integral to the growth and customer satisfaction levels we’ve been able to achieve. Credit also goes to our team and their strong systems expertise. The primary reason we were able to launch the Plex system so quickly was that our team thoroughly understood the system’s capabilities and exactly what they wanted it to do in support of our operations," said John Sammut, Firstronic's President and CEO.



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