Teknek Launches Auto Adhesive Monitoring for Contact Cleaning

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As industry moves from defect detection to defect elimination, contact cleaning has grown in importance as a process. The effectiveness of the cleaning process relies in part on the adhesive roll which is used to keep the main cleaning roller free of debris. The function of the adhesive roll is to capture and retain the contamination removed from the substrate. However, once the adhesive is saturated with contamination it needs to be refreshed.

Knowing when to refresh the adhesive has until now been something a trial and error process. As a result, many users refresh the adhesive much sooner than required. While this may increase costs marginally, it does offer assurance of effective cleaning.

In line with this, Teknek has developed Auto Adhesive Monitoring System, a system that measures the effectiveness of the adhesive and then clearly displays when it needs to be changed. The system takes into account the different process speeds and the different levels of contamination, which means it will automatically adapt for all applications. Users can set alarm levels so that they can not only secure the most effective cleaning but also ensure it is cost effective.

The new Auto Alarm Adhesive system is being rolled out across the Teknek Sheet and Web cleaning product range. The first product to feature this innovation will be the ACM 55 Sheet cleaning range followed by PCBA 300 and PCB 1. Teknek aims integrate this novel process control system to all its machines.



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