Electrolube's FPC Gains UL94V-0 Approval

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Electrolube recently formulated and launched the Fluorinated Polymer Coating (FPC) conformal coating product. Specially developed to resolve a number of long-standing problems relating to coverage and connectivity experienced by a specific user of surface modifier materials, the product has been received particularly well and has now just been awarded UL94V-0 approval, further advancing the proposition.   

The potential processing benefits from surface modifier coatings compared to conventional conformal coating arise from the combination of required coating thickness (2µm) and very low film strength (abrasion resistance). Users of surface modifier coatings can completely coat a PCB and connectors without masking as when the male and female contact surfaces are joined, the abrasion forces during insertion should cleanly remove the coating material allowing electrical contact.

During development, Electrolube focused on some key product characteristics that were not only deemed desirable, but essential. The brief was to address the customer’s longstanding issues and develop a non-flammable, ultra-thin coating with an extremely quick touch dry time (1-5 minutes at 20°C), incorporate a UV trace for ease of visibility and overall facilitate a simple coating procedure. Following development, FPC was subjected to a stringent testing regime, (including salt mist, humidity and mixed corrosive gas testing) and passed with flying colors. Extensive connectivity testing was also undertaken to address the connectivity issues and noticeable improvements were recorded. Overall, the new FPC coating resulted in a significant cost saving for the customer. The recent UL940V-0 approval has improved the product yet further.

"The development, testing and recent UL approval for FPC is a prime example of Electrolube's dedicated approach to solving problems," commented Ron Jakeman, managing director of Electrolube. "With a strong emphasis on both research and collaboration, we are continually developing new products, such as the FPC coating and ensuring that they are absolutely the best products for the application required."



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