Electrolube Appoints Adelec as New Distributor for North Africa

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Electrolube has appointed Adelec International to support and promote its range of conformal coatings, thermal management solutions, encapsulation resins, contact lubricants and service and maintenance aids across North Africa. Based in Tunisia, Adelec is a leading distributor of equipment and consumables for the electronics industry across Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

The new working partnership with Adelec comes at an opportune time for Electrolube, as the company ardently pursues strategic expansion plans. Morocco and Tunisia in particular show the biggest signs of long-term growth opportunities due to their already established manufacturing sectors, good infrastructure and reasonably skilled labour forces. As the second largest supplier of vehicles in Africa after South Africa, Morocco, in particular, has positioned itself as the new regional automotive hub for major global car manufacturers, with numerous benefits and facilities provided by the government to foreign automotive manufacturers.

“Manufacturing sectors in North Africa are expanding and experiencing strong growth predominantly in emerging manufacturing industries, such as aerospace, automotive and electronics manufacturing. These are sectors that Electrolube is thriving in globally and it’s an exciting time to embark on a new working relationship with Adelec,” said Ron Jakeman, managing director of Electrolube. “It’s extremely important for Electrolube to identify a partner that shares the same goals and has the ability to provide our customers with responsive service and first class support. The team at Adelec have attended intensive training on Electrolube products, synergise well with our message as an innovative solutions provider and are technically very strong in consumables. They clearly fit the stringent criteria we look for to promote our range of products effectively and we are looking forward to working with them to expand our business further across North Africa.”



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