Fein-Lines: An Eye-Popping Eureka Park and ShowStoppers at CES 2023

CES 2023 has ended and two of the most interesting areas of probably any trade show I’ve ever attended were Eureka Park and ShowStoppers. Small booths, new and unique products, and new ideas for potential partners—all categorized by country and on full display to potential investors and customers. It’s a unique opportunity to launch a new product, start a new service, or test an idea.

CES23_Eureka_Park_2_700.jpgEntrepreneurs and budding startups come to Eureka Park with the hope of connecting with mentors, investors, and possible corporate partners who help startups launch and succeed. It’s really like a giant “shark tank.”  Investors come to Eureka Park to find their next new product, partner and/or idea. Global media like us come looking for our next story, while corporations come for partnerships and acquisitions.

This year the largest area at Eureka Park was the French segment, but there were also exhibitor segments featuring hundreds of new ideas and startups from other countries, regions and territories, including Japan, Korea, Israel, Italy, Taiwan, Turkey, Hong Kong, Netherlands, U.S., Ukraine and more. It takes at least a half-day to walk the aisles and talk about what you see with the exhibitors. That is exactly what I do when I attend CES, so here are just a few examples of the new ideas that impressed me most.

Kara Water, an innovative air-to-water filtration system that produces clean drinking water from the air., introduced Kara Pure, the CES23_Kara-Water-2.jpgfirst-ever air-to-water dispenser that creates alkaline water from moisture in the air.

“The unit produces and dispenses 9.2+ pH alkaline and mineral-rich water at room temperature. It dispenses up to 2.5 gallons of potable water per day. The item not only functions as a water dispenser but also operates as an air purifier and a dehumidifier.” They claim that it produces clean water even from the most polluted air. Coming in the shape of a refrigerator with a stainless-steel body, it uses a desiccant that absorbs water from the air which then goes through a filtration process. The air passes through this desiccant and the water is extracted and stored in Kara Pure’s storage tank. After converting purified air into water, the rest of the cleaned and purified air is released back into the environment.

Another unique and impressive process I saw (and later used at ShowStoppers) was Anura. It is claimed to be the world’s first and most comprehensive video-based health and wellness measurement app. The application uses the camera on your mobile device to assess your general wellness, providing medical-grade measurements using data gathered from a 30-second video selfie. I had a complete physical exam of sorts by as they took a short video of my face and then waited as the program ran my results. Within minutes I had a report of my heart rate, blood pressure, any irregular heart rate, and also cardiac workload. It examines other areas such as mental stress and anxiety, as well as physical measurements such as body mass index, facial skin, age, body shape, and general risks such as heart attack and stroke risk, hypertension, diabetes risk, A1C levels, etc.


 Automotive and industrial (farming, for example) has been a major focus at CES for years, but this year electric vehicles and autonomous/robotic activity were perhaps the largest areas at the show. For example, the robotic John Deere autonomous tractor received a lot of attention. It is a huge autonomous robot powered by a pure electric drive and is reported to have zero emissions. It is fully integrated and highly maneuverable. It was only a few years ago that John Deere exhibited a prototype and now the tractor is ready and available for use. It takes just an app on a smartphone or table to monitor the tractor’s operations, receive alerts when there are obstacles or mechanical issues, and receive a live camera feed.  Take a look at this amazing device in action here.

Another area of focus included advances in XR (AR, VR, and basically use of the metaverse).


A few years ago the metaverse consisted of 3D visuals and audio enabled by a headset. That was followed by haptic gloves, and now we have complete haptic clothing that allows virtual feelings on most parts of our bodies. For example, if you are in a virtual fight, you can feel the effects on various parts of your body. But now developers have figured out how to add taste and smell to the virtual meta universe. At ShowStoppers, “AromaPlayer” announced the world's first scented video platform. Powered by Aromajoin’s proprietary “Aroma Shooter®” technology, the device can instantly switch between various scents without any delay—and without any residual effect.


There were so many exciting products to see that it’s hard to list all my favorites. Some other cool releases were totally foldable electric bikes, amazingly powerful smartwatches, DIY computer components, medical technology, advanced TVs with superior picture quality, advanced 4D print, and on and on.

If you plan your own trip to CES in the future, be sure to block out at least a half-day—and some good walking shoes—for Eureka Park. Walk, look, ask, and be amazed. I also recommend choosing the categories ahead of time that you want to explore. It will enhance your experience and hopefully not leave you wanting for more.

Dan Feinberg is an I-Connect007 technical editor and founder of Fein-Line Associates.



Fein-Lines: An Eye-Popping Eureka Park and ShowStoppers at CES 2023


CES 2023 has ended and two of the most interesting areas of probably any trade show I’ve ever attended were Eureka Park and ShowStoppers. Small booths, new and unique products, and new ideas for potential partners—all categorized by country and on full display to potential investors and customers. It’s a unique opportunity to launch a new product, start a new service, or test an idea.

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Fein-Lines: CES Recap—A Full Media Day and AMD Keynote


CES 2023 came and went, and after logging more than 20,000 steps a day, I’m finally sitting down to recap some of the most amazing innovations yet. There’s so much to talk about that I’ve decided to share it in two parts. In this column, I’ll share my impressions of the CES Media Day on Wednesday, Jan. 4, which filled its schedule with more good presentations than I could attend. And that’s not a bad thing when you consider companies such as Panasonic, Brunswick, TCL, and Samsung. I capped off my day across town with an opening keynote from Dr. Lisa Su, CEO of AMD.

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Fein-Lines: CES Pre-Press Day—The Show Before the Show


This is the first real CES in three years and my first post-COVID trip to Las Vegas. Suffice it to say, things have changed. From the extreme traffic heading in and out of the city to the elimination of some of our favorite restaurants, and even many of the people working at the show, not much feels the same. But isn’t that just like technology? Just when you get used to something, another innovation comes along to disrupt what we know and gets us to press forward toward (hopefully) something even better. I took this attitude into the pre-show activities on Tuesday, Jan. 3, where CES and ShowStoppers set up press events to give us a peek into the future.

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Fein-Lines: Packing My Bags for CES 2023


I look forward every year to CES, and it starts tomorrow with a host of media-related events. This massive consumer technology show in Las Vegas has launched some of today’s most exciting technological breakthroughs and I expect the 2023 show to be just as fruitful.

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Fein-Lines: CES 2023—The Focus Is Becoming Clear


If you want to be where the people are—and the action is—you’ll want to be at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. The most recent report I read from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) is that CES 2023 will likely be the largest, in-person, audited business event to take place in the United States since early 2020. In fact, it is on track to exceed the 2022 event by 40%.

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Fein-Lines: CES, IPC APEX EXPO—Excitement for the Two Biggest Shows of the Year


It’s trade show season and I’m excited. In 2023, I’m looking forward to CES, IPC APEX EXPO, and a host of others. There’s a certain energy that comes from meeting together, seeing the latest, most innovative products, and projecting what this technology means for our future. In the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing more about what to expect from these shows and how to make the most of them.

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Fein-Lines: Live in Person—PCEA/Orange County Meets Up Again


If the United States is ever going to regain some of its historically large PCB fab market share, design and fabrication knowhow must play a significant role. “Fabricators are an important part of the design with manufacturing practice,” says Scott McCurdy, president of the Orange County chapter of the Printed Circuit Engineering Association (PCEA), which recently had its first live event in more than two years. “They are advancing their technology and it is incumbent on designers to spend time talking with their fab vendors’ technical people and communicating their needs and concerns. This will ultimately get the best result in yield, cost, performance, and mutual satisfaction in the relationship.”

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Fein-Lines: Virtual Reality is About to Get a Lot More Real—and Fun


While two very interesting technology shows in the past month each had their own focus, I came away from both with the feeling that not only will these industries collide, but we are on the precipice of an explosion in extended reality. Additionally, these shows were just a preview of what we can expect from CES 2023 as developers from around the world demonstrate the next generation of technology. Here are my key takeaways, what’s coming next, and suggestions to see the “reality” for yourselves.

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Fein-Lines: XR—the Future is Near


When virtual reality first appeared on PCs, it was mostly used to create special effects for gaming. There has been huge progress since. What wasn’t clear, though, was how fast the overall technology would evolve and how extended reality would unfold its full potential in both entertainment and business. The upcoming AWE show seeks to highlight the latest in technology. What are you most looking forward to?

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Fein-Lines: Is Windows 11 the Greatest Operating System of All Time?


I held off updating Windows 11 for several months, but finally took the plunge and it has quickly become my favorite operating system of all time. I know that’s a bold statement but let me tell you why I’ve come to this conclusion. Windows 11 was first released to the general user base in October 2021. Since then, there have been 12 previews, updates, and changes. Initially it was only available to the newest computers but is now available on most newer devices. Don’t feel pressured, however, as Windows 10 is still available and will continue to get necessary updates for the next few years.

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Fein-Lines: Time to Upgrade to Windows 11?


My friends, family, and clients have asked me, “Should I upgrade to Windows 11? Is now a good time?” If you’re like most PCB designers, you are using Windows 10 for everything you do. It’s true that Windows continues to be the dominant operating global system, with all versions of Windows comprising slightly over 70% of the global market share for desktops and laptops of all types and brands. For mobile phones, however, Android dominates.

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Welcome to 2022, the start of the first year of a new normal where we go back to our pre-pandemic ways but with higher prices, more advanced technology, more acceptance of online meetings and communication, and some initial movement to XR in everyday life. Anyone who follows my column knows I have my favorite topics. So, with that in mind, here’s what I see coming.

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Fein-Lines: Who Will Maintain Control of Global Chip Manufacturing?


Will the U.S. gain back significant share of global chip manufacturing or continue to decline and become less relevant in this critical area? Back in 1990, the U.S. dominated the world in its use of chips, with about 40% of the total global production made in the United States. That number was down from its peak, but it was still significant. Much has changed in 30 years. Today the U.S. supplies approximately 12% of the global chip market, even though U.S.-based companies use a much higher percentage of the chips.

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Fein-Lines: End-User Technology Show Season Ramps Up


There are several technology trade shows on the horizon, including IPC APEX EXPO, AltiumLive, NEPCON Japan, and SEMICON West. There are many others, but the ones coming up primarily focus on end-user technology rather than the design, components, and manufacturing processes used to make the end product. Two of these end-product shows have been of great interest to me, and to many of our readers, for decades: the Consumer Electronics Show 2022 (CES), January 5-8 and Augmented World Expo (AWE), November 9-11.

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With the trade show season looming and with AWE right around the corner followed by CES and then IPC APEX/EXPO just a few months out, we are starting to see announcements regarding new and updated devices.

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Fein-Lines: PCEA Presentation—Latest PCB Fab Processes


As someone who started his career as a PCB fab process engineer in the early '60s I find it interesting that many of the processes for PCB interconnects are still in use today. Yes, we had eyelets then, but, hey, we did start using plated through-holes too.

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Fein-Lines: Who is Your Customer?


Who is your customer? The answer depends on your goal and whether you’re talking about the short term or the long term. Are you in sales or marketing and therefore looking to sell or assist in selling your company’s products? If so, then you might say that your customer is XYZ Circuits or ABC Assembly or even Ace Distribution. But are they really your key customer?

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Fein-Lines: So Much Virtual Reality, So Little Time


It is hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us and that means that it is almost CES time again. CES marks so many new announcements as well as the unveiling of advances for technology that is truly gaining ground, such as autonomous vehicles, drones and augmented/mixed/virtual reality or, in some cases just the opposite, flash-in-the-pan trends such as 3D TV are also evident by their sudde

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Fein-Lines: Virus, Phishing, Ransomware…Oh My!


Malware, the collective name for viruses, Trojan horses and other malicious software that can infect your computer, has been in the news lately, probably more than at any time I can remember. Over the years, malware has evolved; it can affect smartphones and tablets as well as all computers.

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CES: Day One


CES Unveiled is the official media event for CES. It is the first official happening of what promises to be a very busy and fascinating week. At this event, members of the press get to preview a number of innovative startups as well as some new products from a few established global brands.

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Fein-Lines: Computer Security Tips


Many scams are perpetrated on unknowing computer users. They come in all flavors and no one--no matter what type of computer you use--is immune. This month, Columnist Dan Feinberg focuses on the "I am from Windows and I'm calling to fix your computer" scam.

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Dan Feinberg begins a series of interviews, with Michael Carano, Global Business Development Manager of Cleveland, Ohio-based OMG Electronic Chemicals, tackling the topic of copper dissolution with lead-free solder--an issue that is certainly not new to the industry.

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Senta Wong, of WKK Trading Company Ltd., is a man considered to be one of the fathers of the PWB and electronics assembly industry in Hong Kong and China. Dan, who's known Senta since the mid 1970s, discusses how Senta successfully mixes business and friendships--a fact evidenced by his most recent gathering of close friends and associates at APEX in Las Vegas.

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In Dan Feinberg's latest audio column, he joins others in our industry in giving his opinions on the recent IPC Printed Circuits Expo, APEX and the Designers Summit 2008 and Nepcon China. Dan also fesses up about Los Angeles and vents about the growing number of regional shows--are there just too many?

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Listen to Dan Feinberg's newest audio column.

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