JBC Ups Soldering Station Capacity

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JBC, a leading manufacturer of soldering and rework equipment, has increased the capacity of its DME station, which can manage up to four tools simultaneously and is fully compatible with most JBC tools.

Users can now centralize their control of five PSE 4-Tool Power Supply Units in a single DME, meaning they can work with up to 24 tools at the same time. This network allows users to manage a complete working area from a station and thereby increase their production and cut costs.

The new PSE unit can handle up to four tools simultaneously and has no interface. It enables personalization of over 20 parameters, such as the language, and ensures that these settings cannot be modified during the work process, which guarantees quality.

The station can be managed and monitored using a PC or a robot. It can also be connected to the B·Net system via USB-B or LAN (Ethernet) so it can be controlled remotely.

Users can also connect the ports to peripherals, which means each tool can work with a module and a pedal at the same time.



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