Goepel electronic Achieves Record Sales in Anniversary Year

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In 2016, Jena-based firm Goepel electronic GmbH had the most successful financial year in its history by far. The Thuringian testing technology specialist generated more that €35 million euros in sales in its 25th anniversary year, continuing the trend of annual growth in sales.

With an increase of €5 million compared with the previous year, the company saw the biggest jump in sales to date. The reason for this overall growth is a significant increase in the individual business areas. The Automotive Test Solutions and Inspection Solutions departments posted record values with an increase of 18 percent compared to the previous year. The Embedded JTAG Solutions department also ended the financial year successfully with a rise of four percent. The highest level of demand for the testing and inspection systems "Made in Germany" came from the automotive and industrial electronics sectors. Markets such as medical technology, aerospace engineering and consumer electronics are also becoming increasingly relevant. Customers of Goepel electronic include small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as global corporations. A driving factor in the company's success is that it continues to have a high export rate. More than 40 percent of total sales were generated abroad. Goepel electronic operates internationally, with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, India and China and a global network of partners.

Founded in Jena in 1991, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary in the last financial year. In spring of this year, the company’s fourth building will be inaugurated, providing a space for manufacturing large test systems and machines. The start of the year saw the first changing of the guard in the family business. Manfred Schneider, Managing Director and head of the Automotive Test Solutions department, handed the duties over to his son, Jörg Schneider. He takes his place at the helm of the company alongside Chief Executive Officers Holger Göpel and Thomas Wenzel.



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