Stadium IGT Joins ADS to Advance Opportunities in Aerospace and Defense

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Stadium Group's HMI division Stadium IGT Ltd has joined ADS, the leading trade organization for companies operating in the aerospace, defense, security and space market sectors in the UK.

Stadium IGT has provided expertise in design, manufacture and distribution to the global electronics industry for more than 25 years. It delivers complete human machine interface solutions to major system manufacturers across a wide range of market sectors including marine, aviation, rail, medical, broadcast, industrial and automotive applications.

The division operates a manufacturing facility and a design center for HMI technologies in Eastleigh, UK, which provides expertise in hardware, software and system integration for HMI solutions, and is able to deliver rapid turn-around prototyping and low-cost volume manufacturing. Specific activities include the design and build of fully customized HMI control assemblies, touchscreens, capacitive switching, integral RFI screening and membrane keypads, as well as implementing the latest technology in capacitive touchscreens and capacitive switch control panels with thin-film backlighting and LED illumination.

The ADS trade organization, which has more than 1,000 UK registered businesses within its membership, works upon a number of key areas to support its industries, all of which are significant contributors to the UK economy. The organization’s activities include enhancing the profile of its represented industries and influencing the most important policy debates of interest. The organization also aims to support major business development opportunities, manufacturing in the UK and manufacturer supply chains, as well as encouraging investment in technology and innovation in its target markets.

"Stadium IGT has a long and wide experience in designing and building human machine interface technologies for land, sea and airborne applications," said Terry Moss, sales director. "Joining ADS, which is a highly-regarded trade body within its target industries, will enable us to address new and significant business opportunities, and further our ambitions to compete at the very highest levels in the UK's aerospace and defense sector."


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