Outsource Electronics Becomes Season Electronics

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Outsource Electronics Ltd, the UK manufacturing arm of Season Group, has renamed itself Season Electronics Ltd.

Speaking about the rebranding, Chris Coldbreath, Managing Director of UK Operations, said, "The Havant site first started working with Season in 2011 and was acquired by the Group in 2013. We initially kept the Outsource branding so that our existing customers would see the benefit of the investment and support of Season in the Havant operation but would be reassured that Season was not looking to make changes in our culture and approach to business in the UK. Those customers have all been pleased with the changes that have taken place and new customers are excited by the opportunities that are open to them through working locally with the Havant site whilst being able to take advantage of the capabilities of Season sister sites in Asia and North America. Therefore, by adopting the Season name at this point in time, and becoming 'Season Electronics Limited', we are able to clearly demonstrate our integration into the Group and ensure that customers looking for the UK arm of the global Group can more easily find us."

Carl Hung, President and CEO of Season Group, added, "We have been delighted at the way that the UK operation has developed since we acquired the business. Changing the name helps to show our commitment to the team in the UK and emphasizes that the UK site is an integral part of our global offering to customers – whether they be UK-based customers looking for UK manufacturing support or those customers outside of UK that are looking for local EMS support in the UK for manufacturing, logistics or after-market services."


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