BTU Introduces Profile Guardian Redundant Process Monitor during SMTAI

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BTU International, Inc. introduced its new Profile Guardian redundant process monitor to the North American market during SMTA International at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. This new technology has been developed to support Industry 4.0 at the request of automotive electronics manufacturers.

Profile Guardian pairs a thermocouple probe at product height with software to monitor temperature deviation from baseline – independent from control TCs. The redundant process monitor is aware of oven state (recipe change, energy savings modes, etc.), and monitor data can be included in host communications (MES) from the oven. Additionally, it provides board level traceability when paired with bar code readers, which is a requirement for many large OEM/EMS customers. 

“This product was developed to satisfy customer demand for a truly integrated redundant process monitor,” said Paul Lancaster, director of sales in the Americas.  “The Profile Guardian will account for changes in recipe state or energy savings modes and is already integrated with the factory MES data.”

BTU is responsible for several recent advances that support Industry 4.0. These technologies include line control and communications, recipe development and energy savings software solutions. The company offers many solutions for line control/MES, including REST, MQTT, and PROFIBUS among others. BTU’s latest development solves reflow oven process control and board-level traceability concerns at a competitive price.

About BTU International

BTU International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amtech Group (Nasdaq: ASYS), is a global supplier and technology leader of advanced thermal processing equipment in the electronics manufacturing market.  BTU’s high-performance reflow ovens are used in the production of SMT printed circuit board assemblies and in semiconductor packaging processes. BTU also specializes in precision controlled, high-temperature belt furnaces for a wide range of custom applications, such as brazing, direct bond copper (DBC), diffusion, sintering and advanced solar cell processing. BTU has operations in North Billerica, Massachusetts, and Shanghai, China, with direct sales and service in the U.S.A., Asia.

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