Alpha to Present on LED Products at Lighting Technology Show

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Alpha Assembly Solutions will be presenting information on its LED products for die attach and assembly at the Future Lighting Workshop at the Lighting Technology show on October 10 in Essen, Germany.

Ralph Christ, CTS Manager for DACH Europe for Alpha Assembly Solutions, a MacDermid Performance Solutions Business, will present two topics at the workshop. The first topic, "Thermal and Optical Characterization of LED Die Attach Materials", will focus on the effects of using die attach materials in high-power LEDs.

High-power LEDs generate significant heat, that if not efficiently removed from the assembly, leads to lower luminous flux and lower operating efficiency. As most of the heat is transported through the die attach layer, the thermal resistance of the heat path significantly impacts the overall device performance. Higher thermal conductivity die attach materials significantly decrease the thermal resistance of an LED stack. The presentation will show the results of a laboratory study carried out by Alpha showing the comparative performance of identical LEDs assembled with a variety of die attach materials.

The second topic, "LED Assembly on Flexible Substrates", will provide an insight into the world of LEDs on flexible circuits. The presentation will cover end-applications and drivers for LEDs on flex substrates. These include solder alloys and substrate material selection, details of low to mid temperature alloys and interconnects and both polyimide and PET based substrates. Additionally, the impact and performance of typical solder/substrate material stacks in the form of applications and the evolution of flexible circuitry in new formable factors will be discussed.

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Lighting Technology – Future Lighting Workshops

Date: Tuesday 10 October 2017

Time: 1st Topic: 15:30pm – 16:15pm, 2nd Topic 17:00 – 17:45pm

Venue: Messe Essen, Congress Center South, Entrance Fair South Norbertstraße, 45131 Essen, Germany

1st Topic: Thermal and Optical Characterization of LED Die Attach Materials

Presented by: Ralph Christ, CTS Manager for DACH Europe, Alpha Assembly Solutions

2nd Topic: LED Assembly on Flexible Substrates

Presented by: Ralph Christ, CTS Manager for DACH Europe, Alpha Assembly Solutions

About Alpha Assembly Solutions

Alpha Assembly Solutions, a MacDermid Performance Solutions Business, is the global leader in the development, manufacturing and sales of innovative specialty materials used in a wide range of industry segments, including electronics assembly, power electronics, die attach, LED lighting, photovoltaics, semiconductor packaging, automotive and others.

With a unique global presence in over 30 locations throughout the Asia Pacific, Americas and Europe regions, Alpha supplies a full line of ALPHA electronics assembly material products, including Solder Paste, Exactalloy® Solder Preforms, Cored Solder Wire Solder, Wave Soldering Fluxes, Bar Solder Alloys, and Stencils.  It offers die attach product technologies to the power electronics segment in its Argomax, Atrox and Fortibond brands.

For the LED segment, Alpha offers its Lumet products covering applications from die attach to systems assembly in the LED manufacturing process.  Alpha also offers product technologies for the Photovoltaic segment, including high performance liquid fluxes and solder alloys for producing standard ribbon and bus bar, as well as, solder pastes, cored wire, conductive adhesives and preforms for use in PV module assembly. Also, Alpha’s Advanced Materials unit is the leader in electronic polymers and solder materials for semiconductor packaging applications. 

Since its founding in 1872, Alpha has been committed to developing and manufacturing the highest quality specialty materials.  For more information, click here.


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