Goepel electronic Extends Embedded JTAG Solutions Integration to Digitaltest ICT

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Goepel electronic has extended its portfolio of Embedded JTAG Solutions integration into in-circuit testers (ICT) to the Sparrow MTS30 from Digitaltest. With the fully integrated software package, user will have a comfortable test development with dedicated interfaces for the data exchange of both systems.

The combined test solution can be used in a variety of areas, from the individual diagnosis of single high-quality PCBs to the high-volume production of automotive products. At the same time, so-called "branding" is moving more and more in the focus, meaning the standard hardware is programmed after the ICT with user-specific software and then functionally tested. By using special embedded JTAG technologies and parallelization, the programming and test times can be reduced enormously.

The compact and cost-optimized Sparrow MTS30 ICT module was specially designed by Digitaltest for installation in 19-inch racks, thus offering a supplement for integration into entire test concepts for functional tests. By using Embedded System Access, the UUT (Unit Under Test) can be tested, programmed and functionally evaluated via its native interfaces (JTAG, SWD, BDM or SBW). This closes the circle around the partly individual test concept of a modern electronic assembly.The transceiver card from GOEPEL electronic is based on the SCANFLEX platform, providing 6 test access ports (TAP). Only one slot is required in the Sparrow MTS30.


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