Koh Young to Highlight Latest Solutions at IPC APEX EXPO 2018

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Koh Young Technology Inc. will highlight its pioneering Industry 4.0 solutions at the at IPC APEX EXPO 2018, where it will reveal smarter, faster, and innovative technologies integrated with its AI-powered KSMART platform. Koh Young will be in Booth 2733.

Industry 4.0 Solutions 

The latest artificial intelligence technology helps enable the Smart Factory. From statistical process control with SPC@KSMART to instant program refinements with OPO@KSMART (Offline Programming Optimizer), Koh Young will showcase how its new AI Platform intelligently applies real-time data to improve the production process. Beyond its comprehensive KSMART smart factory solution, the company will demonstrate KSMART Process Optimizer (KPO) on an MPM printer from partner ITW EAE. Comprised of four modules, KPO allows the SPI to adjust print process parameters by exercising complex machine-learning algorithms.

IPC Connected Factory Exchange Showcase

In further support of the Industry 4.0 vision, Koh Young is a proud participant in the IPC Connected Factory Exchange (CFX) Initiative. At the expo, the IPC CFX Showcase—a technological demonstration running in real time—will deliver standardized machine data from participating exhibitors through the cloud and onto visitors' mobile phones. Learn more about the CFX Showcase here.   

3D AOI with Auto Programming

At the show, Koh Young Technology will highlight its next-generation 3D Zenith 2 AOI platform, which includes advanced features like Auto Programming and higher throughput. The AI-powered Auto Programming software recommends ideal inspection conditions, which reduces job preparation time up to 70 percent. Koh Young’s 3D AOI promises a leap forward in productivity and quality control. 

High-speed 3D SPI with Enhanced Functionality 

Koh Young will also display enhanced 3D SPI systems, including the KY8030-3, and its high-precision, integrated dispensing system. When configured with the Auto Repair option, the KY8030-3 enhances first pass yield and reduces costs. With this new product, attendees will see how the world's best-selling KY8030 3D SPI platform evolves into an intelligent process optimizer.

New Intelligent Inspection Systems 

Koh Young is expanding its technology beyond the PCB industry. At this year's show, Koh Young will bring superior accuracy to the pin inspection and machining inspection markets with KY-P3 3D Pin Inspection solution and the Infy Machining Optical Inspection (MOI) solution.

At APEX, Koh Young will highlight a broad range of technologies, while taking part in several show activities, including topical roundtable discussions and interviews on the smart factory and inspection process.

About Koh Young Technology, Inc.

Koh Young Technology Inc., the leading 3D measurement-based inspection equipment and solutions provider, performs an essential role for quality control and process optimization across a growing set of industries including printed circuit board assembly, machining and assembly process manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, and various medical fields. In addition to its corporate headquarters in Seoul, Koh Young has sales and support offices in Germany, Japan, Singapore, China, and the United States. These local facilities ensure it maintains close communications with its growing customers base, while providing them with access to a global network of process experts.

If you cannot attend IPC APEX Expo and visit Koh Young at booth 2733, you can learn more its best-in-class inspection solutions here.  


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