Common Sensing Partners with Flex on Injector Pen Design, Manufacture

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Common Sensing has signed a design service agreement with Flex Ltd. The health solutions group at Flex will help redesign Gocap, an injectable insulin pen cap that tracks a person's insulin intake, records information and transmits to mobile phones and clinical web applications. Gocap is the first smart cap that can turn existing injector pens into smart injectors.

Flex is contracted to help enhance the industrial design of Gocap for manufacturability, including sourcing components designed to extend battery life and improve measurement accuracy, while also preparing Gocap for high volume manufacturing.

This engagement will directly support the recently announced Common Sensing and Haselmeier collaboration agreement, creating a first-of-its-kind, smart disposable injector pen platform. The first offering of this next-generation, connected, smart injector cap is expected to be available in 2019.

"Our partnership with Flex allows us to develop our feature rich, cost-effective commercial Gocap platform," said Kevin Schmid, chief operating officer of Common Sensing. "We will be working with Flex to utilize their expertise in design and manufacturing to bring our vision and product to market."

John Carlson, president of Health Solutions at Flex, said, "With our experience designing and building connected, intelligent products for numerous industries—including medical and consumer—Flex has the expertise to help Common Sensing design the right product for their customers, and produce it at the scale required for the rapidly growing diabetes care market."

The Gocap smart cap automatically generates an insulin logbook that can be wirelessly shared with care providers and family. It tracks, logs and manages injectable dosage, timing and storage information for a complete picture of how people use injectable medicine at home and on-the-go. The system has been clinically validated in studies at the Joslin Diabetes Center and UMass Memorial Medical Center. Gocap's data revolutionizes injector medicine management through data-driven services, including remote disease management, pharmaceutical support, automatic refills, dose titration and caretaker collaboration.


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