ASM to Participate in Productronica India

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ASM Assembly Systems will be showcasing its SMT solutions and the ASM Smart Network at Productronica India, which will be held from September 26–28, 2018 in Bangalore. ASM will be at Booth PA 41 and PB 67.

At the show, ASM will be highlighting its eight different Smart Workflows; the DEK NeoHorizon; the SIPLACE TX and its new enhancements, such as a placement ability of 96,000 cph, and wide component handling capability from 0201m to 8.2 x 8.2mm; and the E by DEK and E by SIPLACE.

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Stencil Printing Techniques for Challenging Heterogeneous Assembly Applications

04/16/2018 | Mark Whitmore and Jeff Schake, ASM Assembly Systems
A new generation of near microscopic size SMT chip capacitors has appeared in the market, known as either 0201 or 008004. This article investigates and characterizes the stencil printing process for compatibility with M0201 capacitor assembly. Effects of circuit board quality, stencil thickness, and stencil nano-coating are evaluated against solder paste volume transfer efficiency and raw-volume print distribution.

The Effect of Area Shape and Area Ratio on Solder Paste Printing Performance

12/28/2017 | Stefan Härter, et al.
The ongoing miniaturization trend in the SMT production induces new challenges and highly integrated systems. In passive components, the miniaturization leads to the introduction of the EIA size 01005 or smaller. Despite numerous publications in this field already addressing the printing of such devices, a defined wholly optimized process remains unsolved and inspires further novel research ideas on this topic.

Technica’s Annual Tech Forum a Success

09/21/2015 | Technica USA
Co-sponsored by ASM Assembly Systems, with active participation from Koh Young Technology and Rehm Thermal Systems, Technica USA's Annual Technology Forum Event held last July 22–23 in San Jose, California, was again a success. The event featured technical presentations and demonstrations on stencil printing, SPI, SMT placement defects, as well as the challenge in complex boards with 03015 parts up to large components.

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