PCB Designers: Perfect Your Data Package with New eBook from Prototron

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For PCB designers, producing a comprehensive data package is crucial. If even one important file is missing or output incorrectly, it can cause major delays and potentially ruin the experience for every stakeholder. Learn how to perfect your data package with I-Connect007’s most recent title: The Printed Circuit Designer’s Guide to… Producing the Perfect Data Package.

The Printed Circuit Designer’s Guide to… is an ongoing book series specifically dedicated to educating PCB designers and serves as a valuable resource for people seeking the most relevant design information available. 

Written by Prototron Circuits’ Mark Thompson, an industry veteran with over 38 years of experience, this book describes exactly what a PCB fabricator requires in a design output package and explains the consequences of providing incomplete or inaccurate information. Mark also highlights the importance of earlier communication between the designer and fabricator.

Douglas Brooks, Ph.D., says, “Mark Thompson does an outstanding job detailing what needs to be included in the handoff between the board designer and fabricator. Understanding and following his advice will lead to a smooth transition between these two functions. His new book should be required reading for every designer.”

Readers will learn effective ways to eliminate discrepancies and errors, ensure project success, and reduce costs and wasted time.

Download your free copy today! You can also view other titles in our full library.

We hope you enjoy The Printed Circuit Designer’s Guide to… Producing the Perfect Data Package.


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