Creative Electron Adds AI to TruView Parts Counter

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With all the talk of Industry 4.0 and smart factory over recent years and the recent hype around artificial intelligence, it's exciting to finally see a product that delivers on the promise of these digital building blocks. The software team at Creative Electron, led by CTO Anh Nguyen, has developed a custom AI engine that adds features like incorrect label, missing components and counterfeit detection, making the TruView Parts Counter AI not only the fastest and most accurate, but now the smartest.

"We are delighted to have built an AI platform that will really add value in the inspection process. The TruView Parts Counter has always led the market in speed and accuracy and now it’s ready to take inventory and materials management to the next level," said Creative Electron CEO, Dr. Bill Cardoso.

"We immediately saw the potential of artificial intelligence in the SMT process and with our domain knowledge in x-ray inspection we were quick to develop a solution that proves our leadership in this area. Expect more from Creative Electron's custom AI engine in the future," CTO, Anh Nguyen added.

The USA-developed and manufactured TruView Parts Counter AI is ready to be integrated into any ERP/MRP system and is Industry 4.0 ready, delivering the ability to:

  • Find counterfeit components
  • Find mislabeled reels
  • Find missing components in the reel
  • Count four reels at a time
  • Inspect printed circuit boards

The TruView Parts Counter AI is also the only battery-powered and portable x-ray based parts counter.

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