U.S. Career Opportunities with Electrolube

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In a recent interview, Julia Vorley, group marketing manager for Electrolube, discusses a career opportunity Electrolube is seeking in the U.S. Read on to hear what they’re looking for in a technical account manager.

Pete Starkey: Julia, you're looking to recruit in the U.S. and seeking our help. Can you tell me about your problem and who are you looking for to resolve it?

Julia Vorley: We're finding that the U.S. is a really prolific, interesting market, but currently, we just don't have sufficient account management resources to cover it as well as we would like. We're looking for a technical account manager to work out there alongside our U.S. general manager, specifically starting with the Midwest area.

Starkey: Whereabouts are you based in the U.S.?

Vorley: We're based in Houston, and we're looking for somebody with a background in technical sales—the chemicals industry would definitely be an advantage—who's used to account management, and understands there are some accounts and distributors that you want to nurture, build on, and expand their work. Those are your key accounts. You also need to get involved with new projects, build the brand, extend the name, and look for new opportunities with the support of the U.S. general manager.

Starkey: Do you have distributors in the U.S.?

Vorley: Yes, we do have distributors—some technical and non-technical—but it's such a huge market with lots of potential that it takes a lot of covering. Besides automotive, there are lots of different areas out there with massive potential. We need additional resources out there, and we're looking for the right person.

Starkey: A person in the first instance rather than a company?

Vorley: Yes, certainly a person in the first instance who must have a technical background and sales skills as well so they know the basics of account management.

Starkey: I'm sure there are lots of people that could fulfill that role; it's just getting in touch with the right ones.

Vorley: Yes, it's about tapping into them! Electrolube as a brand is becoming more widely known in the U.S. We're now selling via Farnell in Newark, and the brand is gaining some real momentum. We also have lots of other distributors. The potential's there—we just want to tap into it. We need feet on the ground to give us local help.

Starkey: Let's see what we can do to put you in touch with the right people.

Vorley: That would be great.

Starkey: We'll do our best.

Vorley: Thank you very much.

Starkey: Thank you.

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