Hand Soldering and Rework Championships Results

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The IPC Hand Soldering and Rework Championships took place on the expo floor at IPC APEX EXPO live, January 31, 2019, in San Diego, USA.

The official competition roster boasted twelve competitors from around the globe, and the competition was close indeed. With less than 13 minutes separating all competitors’ raw times, the competition director, IPC’s Kris Roberson commented that much of the final rankings boiled down to work accuracy.

The top three finishers are:

1. Ryosuke Matsunami (Japan)

Completion Time: 1:14:13

Score: 634

2. Wenji Zhang (China)

Completion Time: 1:15:00

Score: 628

3. Le Van Linh (Vietnam)

Completion Time: 1:14:00

Score: 625

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