Anda’s Selective Conformal Coating Nozzles Allow for High Dispensing Accuracy

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Anda Technologies USA, Inc. announces its comprehensive line of five selective conformal coating nozzles. Using these nozzles makes it possible to apply conformal coating with high dispensing accuracy while preventing clogs and producing a better end product.

The SA-W5 Selective Conformal Coating Spray Valve is the workhorse of the Anda conformal coating nozzles. The cone-shape spray nozzle can coat up to 80-100 percent of circuit boards depending on their complexity. Additionally, the nozzle provides a repeatable, concentrated conformal coating film in a fine, circular pattern with coating widths ranging from 4-8 mm.The DJ-01 needle dispense valve is a versatile dispensing valve for single-component bead, dot, potting, conformal coating or encapsulation projects. The DJ-01 is most commonly used in junction with the SA-W5 to conformal coat complex areas of circuit boards that are hard to reach and require a higher degree of accuracy. The DJ-01 accepts a wide range of tips from 0.2-2 mm.

The DJ-03 Selective Conformal Coating Spray Valve provides a repeatable, concentrated conformal coating film in an ultrafine, circular pattern with coating widths ranging from 3 ~ 5mm.

The LA-W30 Selective Conformal Coating Spray Valve is a fan-shape spray nozzle that provides a repeatable, concentrated coating film with fan pattern widths ranging from 15-30 mm.

The revolutionary FC-4 Selective Film Coating Nozzle combines three nozzles into a single valve. This multifunction film nozzle combines film coating, atomized spray and jet dispensing all rolled into one. Filming width is 6-16 mm, atomized spray is 3-10 mm, and jetting produces small dots or fine lines. 

About Anda

Anda was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Dongguan, China. The company also has offices in Fremont, CA, USA, Hong Kong, Suzhou, Changsha and 20 service centers worldwide. Anda develops high-precision dispensing/coating valve, linear motor, servo linear guide, polymer mineral casting and optical assembly equipment. In the fluid application area, Anda offers unique technology to fabricate high-precision dispensers, coating machines, UV & thermal curing ovens, and plasma cleaning equipment.



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