SEHO Brings the LeanSelect and GoWave to ElectronTechExpo

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SEHO Systems GmbH will exhibit at the ElectronTechExpo, scheduled to take place April 15-17, 2019 in Moscow, Russia. SEHO’s representative Global Engineering will display the LeanSelect and GoWave in Pavilion 3, Hall 13, Booth # B535.

Electronic productions face new manufacturing challenges more and more frequently. In addition to high quality requirements at low production costs, there are an increasing number of product variants and flexible reactions to fluctuation in demand. The SEHO LeanSelect is particularly designed to meet these challenges, featuring the highest flexibility and outstanding return on investment.

The work stations of the LeanSelect are arranged in a counter-clockwise U-shape, thus consistently following the Lean Equipment Design Guidelines. While the entire process is fully automated, loading and unloading of assemblies is done manually on two separate conveyors. This allows processing of up to five carriers at the same time, ensuring highest productivity on a small footprint of only 2.5 m².

Provided with an electro-magnetic soldering unit, the system guarantees perfect and reproducible soldering results. Depending on the application, the LeanSelect can be used for both, flexible miniwave processes and product-specific multiwave soldering processes with high throughput. Quickly exchangeable solder nozzles and multi-nozzle tools ensure short change-over times.

The automatic ultrasonic cleaning function for nozzles is a particular highlight of the system and ensures maximum machine availability. Besides significantly longer lifetime of the solder nozzles, this unique feature provides an absolutely stable soldering process.

Sensors and software tools continuously monitor all process steps, thus providing 100 % automated process control. Depending on the application, even a PowerVision AOI system can be integrated, for solder joint inspection immediately after the soldering process.

The GoWave wave soldering system is a powerful soldering system for those just entering into mass-soldering operations. The system is suited for electronic productions with small or medium-sized volumes and also provides an economic solution for universities, schools and laboratories.

A special feature of this machine is its compact, but performance-oriented design. It therefore allows an economical, automatic wave soldering process at simultaneously low costs.

The design of the GoWave provides the same basic technology found in SEHO’s large wave soldering machines. Offering a fluxing module, an efficient and powerful preheater, an innovative soldering area and an up-to-date control, this system presents the finest soldering technology in its class.



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