INSPECTIS Launches HD-171 4-Direction Tilt Unit

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INSPECTIS AB announces the introduction of the HD-171 4-DIrection Tilt Unit. The HD-171 tilt unit makes side viewing possible in any direction and is designed to achieve easy and repeatable 30 degree angling of an Inspectis camera in four directions.

It is particularly aimed at users of the highly-praised Inspectis X-Y travel stands, but it can be used with other Inspectis double-boom stand assemblies.

The geometry is  optimized for any of the Inspectis ’S’ series  cameras including the latest 4K U30s,  so that the working distance  remains in the correct  range for the  Auto Focus  to function whatever the zoom value being used.

The unit comes with separate handles for convenient  movement in each axis and the mechanism has discrete stops for positive selection of positions.

This feature provides valuable additional degrees of freedom when performing optical inspection, especially of complex boards. 


INSPECTIS AB is a new line of advanced optical inspection solutions for PCB assembly. INSPECTIS offers a line of plug and play, reliable and cost-effective high definition camera microscopes designed for non-contact optical inspection, quality control, repair and rework, and more.



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