Qisda May Have New Partners in 2H19

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EMS provider Qisda is likely to have new partners in the fields of smart solution and medical care in the second half of 2019, according to company chairman and CEO Peter Chen.

Qisda began to seek partners in different industries in 2014 to form an ecosystem, with initial seeking process taking pains, Digitimes quoted Chen as saying. As the company has shown achievement in providing operating resources to help the partners in the ecosystem improve business operations, many supply chain makers are keen to form partneships with Qisda.

In 2019, Qisda will keep making stake investment in new partners, strengthening the group's capability of providing operating resources to facilitate cooperation among members in business management, marketing, finance and manufacturing. For example, the ecosystem has helped DFI, a partner, cooperate with Data Image, another partner producing LCD displays used in marine navigation, to seek new business opportunities as well as invest in AEWIN Technologies to step into networking/communication information security.



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