PDR Enters Strategic Partnership with Pacific X-ray Imaging

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PDR has entered into a formal agreement with Pacific X-ray Imaging (PXI) for the exclusive distribution of industrial X-ray products under the PDR brand name.

The synergies between the two companies significantly address customer needs for high magnification, high resolution X-ray platforms for SMT, PCB manufacturing and non-destructive testing (NDT). PXI’s outstanding image clarity and easy-to-use software coupled with highly competitive prices provides unprecedented value. 

The X-ray image contrast and resolution rivals much higher-end systems, and is easily upgraded in the field to other combinations of X-ray sources, detectors and software features. As a result, customers only need to buy the features they need now, and can upgrade in the future when/if their imaging requirements change.

Both PDR and PXI have more than 30 years of rework system and X-ray system design, manufacturing and customer-focused service experience.

The agreement allows PXI to focus on its core strengths in X-ray system engineering, product development and customer support. PDR’s global distribution network, sales, marketing and customer support focus teams will be in place to serve customers seeking quality X-ray systems.

Made in America, all X-ray systems exceed both North American and European standards for safety as well as providing factory personnel with software to analyze BGAs, QFNs, bond wire sweep, gull wing joint analysis, offset drill measurement, or custom analysis algorithms tailored to customer needs. Motion control can be automated and coupled with a library of custom algorithms to provide very low-cost semi-automated PCB or part inspection.  Systems can be ordered with either a traditional image intensifier or high-resolution flat panel detector.

PXI is a worldwide supplier of X-ray systems and applications services to the electronics manufacturing industry and specialized applications of imaging technology and software analysis. The company was founded in 2003 and consists of the core engineering team from the Nicolet Imaging Systems, GenRad, and Teradyne X-ray divisions.

PDR Rework Systems remains at the forefront of rework technology by providing air nozzle free systems with advanced in-process control features and visible light that takes the guesswork out of rework. PDR X-Ray Solutions was founded in 2012, distributing and supporting X-Ray Solutions for industry under the PDR Brand as well as other well-known X-Ray Brands.

About PDR

PDR is a pioneer in IR rework, test and inspection systems, with its products specified by many of the world’s largest names in electronics manufacturing and repair. PDR’s patented “Focused IR and Thermal Management Technology” is fully vested by leading aerospace, defense, biomedical, telecom, automotive, MRO, R&D, and electronic and manufacturing firms for its highest quality and best performing systems.



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