Aqueous Technologies Implements Trident’s New Windows 10 Operating System

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Aqueous Technologies has announced the implementation of Windows 10 Professional as the new operating system for all trident automatic cleaning/defluxing systems.

Trident’s new Windows 10 operating system features faster processing speeds, more responsive touch-screen response, faster machine start-up, improved SPC database search functionality, and improved security features.

Trident’s new Windows 10 operating system is the fourth OS upgrade since the introduction of Trident in 2007. Mike Konrad, Aqueous Technologies’ Founder and CEO stated “Aqueous Technologies is committed to constant product improvement. The selection of Windows 10 as Trident’s new operating system involved a complete rewrite of Trident’s software, drivers, and database structures. We are very pleased with Trident’s user interface and its software’s operational performance. The latest OS upgrade has resulted in Trident’s highest level of stability, performance, and security”.

This latest release, which is now standard on all Trident models, is also available as an upgrade to all Trident models dating back to 2007.



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