Kitron Fuels Expansion with Universal's Fuzion

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Kitron, a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company with operations in Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Germany, China and USA, has recently expanded its Eastern European presence with the development of an 8,000 square meter state-of-the-art production facility in Grudziadz, Poland, and has installed a Universal Instruments Fuzion® production line and purchased another for that facility. Kitron chose Fuzion due to a high level of satisfaction with multiple Universal SMT lines at Kitron Kaunas in Lithuania, as well as ease of product transfer between sites.

Kitron specializes in complex products and manufacturing processes. The company also has a high level of specialist expertise in the fields of technology and industrialization. Kitron provides services within the entire value chain of electronics production, ranging from development and design, industrialization and manufacturing to service/repair and product upgrades.

One of the new high-speed lines is up and running and includes three Fuzion models combined to address a full range of production requirements. There are two Fuzion4-120™ Platforms, capable of throughputs up to 140,000 cph, to meet higher output demands. The line also includes a Fuzion2-60™ that provides high-speed placement of components up to 30mm square. The final platform anchoring the line is a FuzionXC2-37™, featuring 272 8mm feeder inputs and the ability to support multiple products in a single setup. It also supports virtually any type of feeder and a large component range from 01005 – 150mm square and 25mm tall.

The second Fuzion line consists of a Fuzion4-120 and a FuzionXC2-37, which is the ideal all-in-one high-capacity NPI solution, giving this line the versatility to perform everything from NPI and complex SMT to high-volume production.

“Fuzion was an obvious choice for the new lines, as we have more than 30 Universal Instruments platforms and have been extremely happy with them. We bought our first more than 25 years ago, and they continue to deliver both the performance and agility we need to be successful,” said Kitron Manufacturing Manager, Daumantas Barcas.

Managing Director for the new Kitron Poland plant, Marek Browalski added, “While throughput is a critical metric and the Fuzion lines will definitely deliver in that regard, we expect they will also provide the superior utilization rates and yield we’ve become accustomed to. We’re really looking forward to getting our new facility off to a strong start and our proven success with Fuzion will help drive that.”

“We’ve had a great relationship with Kitron for years and we’re really pleased that they selected a Fuzion solution as the foundation of their new facility,” said Universal Instruments Vice President of Customer Operations, Brad Bennett. “These lines will handle any customer challenges they may be faced with while seamlessly integrating into their production environment with our IQ360™ factory software, which they use in all of their facilities.”



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