Altus Adds Innovative UV Drying System to Portfolio

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As the trend toward miniaturization continues, and the demand for increasing production time persists, Altus Group, a leading supplier of capital equipment in the UK and Ireland is looking at equipment to help make the process easier, including providing the most innovative UV drying systems available on the market.

UV coatings and UV adhesives facilitate fast hardening in just seconds, ensure short cycle times and increased production speeds. It also facilitates increased durability and scratch resistance making it an important process in the electronics industry. Declining cycle times during the coating process require faster hardening times, which can be optimized with the help of UV drying systems. Rehm Thermal Systems has responded to this trend by developing the new RDS UV Dryer.

“The new system from Rehm has been specially designed for hardening UV coatings and UV adhesives with very short cycle times,” explains Tony Sweetman, Altus Sales Manager.

“We have received much interest in the system as it is a very flexible and reliable dryer that makes the hardening process for UV coatings straightforward, an important element when producing electronic products quickly.

“It features a reduced heating phase which takes just seconds to complete, making it significantly more efficient than comparable systems in terms of energy use. It also has the added benefit of an optimized three-part transport system helping to achieve reduced cycle times. Two assemblies can be processed in the furnace at the same time with the knowledge of 100% traceability of any circuit board.

“The system was showcased at Productronica by Rehm and it was a popular exhibit. We have since received interest from those looking for an efficient UV drying method.”

RDS UV Dryer is equipped with 4-compartment technology, which guarantees that harmful UV radiation can never escape. The UV process can be equipped with various light sources according to the customer’s wishes. Available options include undoped mercury medium pressure lamps, doped UV lamps, UV LED fields or special lamps with specific light spectrums. This ensures maximum flexibility, as well as efficient and economical production.



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